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Repost taltacmfg ・・・ TALTAC Pro Series Holster. TALTAC is your premium brand to get the highest quality hand made holsters on the market. We use American materials and American hands to craft every holster. This is one of the most rugged, dependable and comfortable holsters on the market. This holster features some of the most innovative features on the market. This outside the waistband holster is the pinnacle of protection and performance. This holster provides maximum protection for your firearm. Cut down sweat guard allows for a better range of motion when your firearm is drawn. Custom designed to minimize holster wear on your firearm. Built for seamless and smooth drawing and re holstering. Carrying this holster concealed or exposed every day will give you the comfort and performance you are looking for either in civilian or professional life. 30 day test drive. Lifetime warranty. TALTACMFG molonlabe edc ccw guns concealedcarry secondamendment 2a ammo nra iwbholster owbholster beprepared holster camouflage kydexholster kydex pewpew pewpewlife 1911 1911porn springfield1911

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gunsfanatics with repostapp ・・・ ck762⠀ Seven six two by thirty nine ⠀ KalashLife 762x39 Kalashnikov ammo ammunition firearmsdaily firearmsphotography firearms guns kalash kalashnikov aklife akporn ak47 ak74 akm weaponsdaily weaponsfeed

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Shotshells and slugs for 12 gauge shotguns. From left to right: Sellier and Bellot 00 Buckshot 12/70, Baschieri and Pellagri Target Slug 28g 12/65, Sellier and Bellot Super Trap 24 2,4 mm 12/70, Brenneke CleanSpeed Short Slug 28g 12/60. 12gauge | 1oz | slugs | targetslug | Flintenlaufgeschoss | shotshell | schrot | skeet | trap24super | buckshot | baschieriepellagri | baschieriundpellagri | gordonsystem | sellierbellot | sellierundbellot | sellierandbellot | brenneke | competition | ammo | ammoporn | ammunition | gunsdaily | pewpew | thepewpewlife |criticalbullets

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All that gear but it's that beard which makes it badass airsoft Regram: military

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Left or right? Comment below🔽 photo credit tacticalexistence

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Shooters, Guns and Ammo. Puerto Princeasa city. roaminggunsphilippinesammocoolpicgunpicroadpicwalkingonroadcheckingouttheneighborhood

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Repost machinegungirls ・・・ macthewife801 ・・・ gunsundaygunday sundayfunday guns pistol weapon weaponsammo militarycamooutdoors pewpew life defence armed nra gunnut shoot shooting pew bang bangbang gungirl tagtical molonlabe

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✴ FN M249 SAW PARA ✴ .  Military Collector Series ✖

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А енто было потом... Пинок, речка и моя зенитка 😜 history fun lol museum ammo hrodna

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BOM DIA!! Para que você tenha ótimos resultados, VOCÊ terá que CUMPRIR suas METAS!!! Um dia excelente... ammo Ammojoias

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Gun Simulation. weapons weapon guns gun sniper shooting strikeapose medkit airstrike soulja greatday fire firearms gun shootingrange gaminglife chill ammo armed android addiction army f4f followforfollowback followforfollow like4like 2017 instaboy instagamer instagames instagaming gaminglife

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Dad testing out a bipod he just installed on his Ruger 10/22 Takedown. Ruger Rifle 1022 gun ammo shooting range expert

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¿Pueden decir que matamos excursionistas y no pasarles nada? Mientras los dementes del animalismo dan la cara, el mundo de la caza permanece dormido. A nuestra pasividad patología viene a sumarse algo mucho más peligroso, las manifestaciones de cobardía de aquellos cuya vanidad, envidia o arrogancia, invitan al "no-enfrentamiento" con estas sectas como método para salvar la caza...y eso simplemente por no ser ellos los protagonistas. Está claro que es hora de quitarse tanto complejo y plantar batalla, el rival no desaprovecha la oportunidad de vomitar sobre nosotros y está claro que con semejantes energúmenos es imposible el entendimiento. La Federacion Española de Caza debe actuar ya. Manifestaciones como la de los chalados del Santuario de la oveja no pueden quedar impunes. La caza es una actividad legal y quien se atreven a decir semejantes barbaridades debe pagar por ello. Escuche, escuche a los angelitos ¿Puede decirse públicamente que matamos excursionistas y no pasarles nada?...como para andar mirando para otro lado con semejantes chiflados. Avisados estamos, Animalistas y Ecologistas todos a una contra la caza, esconder la cabeza ya no sirve. Todos esos cobardes que quieren mirar para otro lado, que se aparten, que al menos no molesten, muchos estamos dispuestos a darlo todo para salvar nuestra afición. Viva la caza. Long life to hunting. hunt hunter hunting caza jabalí wildboar corzo roedeer venado jagd redstag muflón gamo spanishibex cabrahispánica rifle escopeta bullets calibre guns ammo podenco pointer braco teckel sabueso grifón lobo wolf michelcoya

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Model : UZI Manufacturer : IWI Country of origin : Israel Year of release : 1954 Caliber : 9mm Capacity : 25 rounds Length : 18.5" Barrel length : 10.2" Weight : 3.5 kg --- ballistic_ops --- uzi imiuzi uzi imi 9mm gun guns gunporn gunpics gundaily arms firearms firearmslove weapons cartridge ammo gunzone 365 pewpew pewpewlife boom boomboom tactical gunzone365

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Nice boar shot by my friend west_coast_predator_hunting 🤙🏻💯🐗 ✅join our family Visit Link in bio wildboar boar russianboar hog tactical game sanglier hunt hunter hunting trophy trophyboars allornothing sports mountains camo outdoors wildlife rifle guns ammo camping bowhunting tusks soldier safari forest fall nighthunters texas

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Another stage from the 3/26/17 Tactical 2-Gun Match at the dothan_gun_club came in 1st place all divisions combined. HecklerAndKoch HK NoCompromise P30L hecklerandkoch hkshooting springer_precision geissele aimpointusa lancersystems hogueinc USPSA Guns Firearms Shooting GunRange Tactical 3GunNation Operator Rifle Pistol Ammo Ammunition PewPew ThePewPewLife WeaponsDaily GunsOfInstagram InstaGuns GeisseleAllTheThings

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wedothis allthetime cleaningtime lockandload freedom guns ammo bangbang pewpew 223 556 12gauge 9mm 357magnum shotgun tactical ar15 sd9ve dpms taurus smithandwesson secondamendment gunsofig oregonlife mountainman offgrid provisions supplies prepared

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pastie vodka ammo dart bullseye skittles Working on some pictures a friend wants for a frame

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Zero and Bearcat💪 repost cafsocal ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ pilot warrior war planes aircraft ammo fighter takeoff landing aviation aviators spotter usaf tuaf turaf carrier bomb gun power rocket bullet danger airforce fuel caution explosion air sky army havaakuvvetleriBE

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Συναγερμοι?ακυροοο!παμε βολτα χαχα☝☝Ελλαδα σου ρχομαι😎armylifedriversammogunscyprusarmy

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