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Simon Lucas


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For somewhere as harsh and isolated as Antarctica, I was blown away by the amount of wildlife. It was everywhere! humpback adventure inspiringexplorers lumixnz lumixphotos sitkanz gh5 antarcticheritage oneoceanexp Antarctica

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Stuart Fisher


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If you don't know, now you know....Already dreaming of round ✌🏻with petfish25 antarctica frozencontinent travel explore different unknown trumanshow

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Comment from information_overload2017:

antarctica exopolitics disclosure 2017

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Mark Vogler


Comment from Mark Vogler:

It's like a flying dream, gliding over slaps of frozen ocean in the Ross Sea, headed for the driest place on earth, Taylor Valley, in The Dry Valleys. TheOtherSide with oceanwideexp gopro screengrab

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Linda's Favourite


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Solar Eclipse over Antarctica solar eclipse antarctica universe picoftheday planet universe planetearth milkyway instadaily bestoftheday space space instafollow lovely iaminlove love photooftheday instalike fromspace igers amazing like4like earth Credits: Nasa

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Comment from Crùbag:

New R.A.E. Collection Turquoise silk scarf. Colours and designs inspired by amazing women in science, barnacles and icebergs in Antarctica. Want to know more? Go to our new Facebook shop 🐧🌎🌊🇦🇶 📸studio4images . . . oceansofinspiration silkscarf marinescienceisbeautiful fashion turquoise seaice beautiful accessories sustainablefashion luxury climatechange ourclimatechange womeninstem craftmanship womeninscience silk antarctica iceberg barnacles

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Kєℓѕєу Vιnѕσn


Comment from Kєℓѕєу Vιnѕσn:

Now that's one big iceberg... It had shifted over the 2 weeks since the captain had been in the Lamaire Channel last, which caused the closest encounter to an iceberg hitting the ship that the crew had ever seen. It's was quite a sight ❄️ ANTARCTICA Icebergs 🇦🇶

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🐧 Reggie Jr. & Benjamin 😎


Comment from 🐧 Reggie Jr. & Benjamin 😎:

Conference room time. Watching videos from my boss's vacation to Antarctica. Someday..... penguin antarctica vacationintheory wednesday

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Comment from Crùbag:

Breathtaking Antarctica 🇦🇶 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ our inspiration this is our home our gorgeous blue planet 🌎 ❤️❤️❤️our reason to be. Our oceans are filled with fascinating secrets and stories. We want to share these with you! 😘 📸raegmiller . . . breathtaking awe love inspiration antarctica antarctic iceberg seaice polar climate oceans climatechange ourclimatechange blue turquoise voyage nature majestic

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Comment from Katalicious🐱:

Brown skuas warning intruders to stay away from their nests in Antarctica bird birdwatching skua brownskua antarctica polar polarexpedition quarkexpeditions nature animal animals birds photo photography animalphotography animalphoto travel traveling

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Scuba Dan


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Do you wanna build a snowman ⛄️ ✈️ Clear skies folks neeeeeowm journeyhome indonesia sulawesi tolitoli sulawesitengah asia antarctica artic emirates exploretheskies boeing

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Stanislav Sedov


Comment from Stanislav Sedov:

Antarctic Biennale 2017 О совершенно чумовом мероприятии, прошедшем на берегах Антарктиды, я расскажу чуть позже, когда вернусь домой. antarcticbiennale antarctica airpano фигзнаеткудалечу

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Comment from salsa_antarctica:

In order to access Subglacial Lake Mercer, SALSA will tow roughly 1,000,000 lbs of equipment across an approx. 650 mi stretch of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. The traverse, which begins its first stage in Dec. 2017 is meticulously planned to avoid crevasses and other hazards. This photo taken by lead driller Dennis Duling, shows two of WISSARD'S winches that were used in 2013 to lower science instruments into Subglacial Lake Whillans. antarctica explore science southpole scientific discover usantarcticprogram adventure geology biology

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Mission Blue


Comment from Mission Blue:

Celebrating the success of young people around the world. Last week xiuhtezcatl_tonatiuh, earthguardians, made history in the youth group's court win against fracking in the United States. The unfoundation for WorldWildlifeDay took the theme "Listen to the Young Voices," where onemoregenerationorg's Olivia and Carter Ries, spoke on behalf of endangered species following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The San Francisco youth group heirstoouroceans_oc, are taking the ocean crisis into their own hands, and have expanded their mission to as far away as Palau. Photographed here, students in Hobart, Australia joined forces with antarcticoceanalliance to advocate for the first ever international treaty to create the largest marine protected area in the world- The Ross Sea Hope Spot. Seeing this rising tide of young leaders become the future they wish to see, inspires our work here at Mission Blue daily. "For the children of today, for tomorrow's child, as never again, now is the time." Sylvia Earle MissionBlue HopeSpots NoBlueNoGreen OceanOptimism Beautiful RossSea Antarctica CCAMLR MPAs WildForLife SanFrancisco Palau DestinationEverywhere GenerationRyse WaterisLife Colorado GulfofMexico OilSpill ActNow FollowMe ListenToTheYoungVoices Instagood PhotooftheDay

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Vanguard Historical


Comment from Vanguard Historical:

March 29, 1912 - Robert Scott, Royal Naval Officer and Antarctic Explorer . . . . . Scott was born June 6, 1868, in Plymouth, England. He became a British Royal Naval officer and Antarctic explorer. He led two  expeditions to the Antarctic: the Discovery Expedition, 1901-04; and the final Terra Nova Expedition, 1910-13. On the first expedition he and his team discovered the Polar Plateau, on which the South Pole is located. The second expedition was even more important, from a scientific perspective, but unfortunately Scott and his entire team would perish. During the last expedition, Scott had hoped he and his team would be the first ever to reach the South Pole, they reached it, but only to discover that Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen, beat them by five weeks. On their return journey, however, Scott’s party made an extremely important discovery. They found plant fossils which proved that Antarctica was once forested and was joined to other continents. Unfortunately, it was their last discovery and last journey, it was fraught with a series of unfortunate events that led to their deaths. When the bodies were discovered on November 12, 1912, his journal was also found.  It is surmised, by the position of the bodies, that Scott died last.  His last journal entry was telling: “The end cannot be far.” Scott and his team were honored for their courage, and for their scientific discoveries. vanguardhistoricalconsulting vanguardhistorical vgh robertscott explorer antarctica antarctic tragedy discovery

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Evan Grothjan


Comment from Evan Grothjan:

One of four videos from our upcoming nytvr series on Antarctica, premiering this April at the TribeCa Film Festival. Explore under the ice with a group of scientists and see some of the most amazing blues. nyt vr

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Comment from Amandaparkerphotography:

Ice crystals naturephotography iceberg antarctica antarcticaphotography photography nature naturephoto ice travelphotography

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Alex Shmarin


Comment from Alex Shmarin:

"White and black together... and whatever else..." See cat. Antarctica photo

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Comment from Lauren:

abstract digital retro grid pink coloraesthetics fade antarctica synthwave edge synth retrowave neon wallpaper digitalart background gradient glowinthedark ice mountains iceberg wednesday abstractart the80s thegrid

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Alex Shmarin


Comment from Alex Shmarin:

"Anyway, it's been itching like crazy..." See cat. King George isl. Antarctica photo

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