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Gabby O'Connor


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Saying goodbye to datadaysandstudioantarctica otagomuseum . It's on till Sunday but I'm heading back to wellingtonnz tonight sciart antarctica artxscience studioantarctica

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Science at ANU


Comment from Science at ANU:

“There were always special moments: when a penguin waddled directly over to me and just checked me out for a minute, or when whales drifted past, scooping up krill, so close you could hear them sing.” Biology PhD student Nina McLean travelled to Antarctica on the Homeward Bound Expedition. Photos: Nina McLean womeninstem homewardbound antarctica ouranu phd university penguin biology

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Comment from Pia-Maria:

Is there any other animal in the world as cute?! crabeaterseal smile antarctica

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Yahweh Magazine Music Group


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Comment from Tomahawk:

Orca Orca's, better known as the killer whale live in the Pacific Ocean, near the antarctic continent. While they are nicknamed the killer whale they are actually the largest member of the dolphin family. They are on average between 23 to 32 feet and weight up to 6 tons. In the wild they can live up to to 80 years.A group or family of orcas is called a pod. A pod can consist between 5 and 30 orcas. Strangely enough the diet of an orca depends on the culture of the Pod. Depending on the culture an Orca can eat fish,squid,seals and sometimes sharks. Orcas are sociable creatures and sometimes are seen helping each other hunt down their meal. Every culture has a different diet to avoid a mass competition for food. They share similar dialects and calls than those of other clans. An orca is in pregnancy for roughly 17 months. Mothers get help raising the calf by other females in the pod. Females give birth once every 3-10 years. ----- Just an FYI the floppy dorsal fins you see at Seaworld isn't natural or healthy. Collapsed fin only occurs in 5% of wild orcas and most cases it occurs in captured orcas. orcas orca orcawhale orcawhales orcawhalephotography killerwhale killerwhales seaworld animals animalkingdom whale ocean dolphin marinebio antarctica antarctic pod blackfish

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Drew Spacht


Comment from Drew Spacht:

Moving is exhausting, even if it's only across town. My life is boxes and tape right now, and I can't wait to see less of those things. In all of this chaos, I try to bring myself back to moments like this: early morning clouds dancing up and down the slopes of Mount William in Antarctica. Through the madness, peace. Through the chaos, order. These sights and memories ground me in the grand scheme.

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🇭🇹 K.J-Baptiste 🇭🇹


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Nicolas Turchi


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Braggin' Rights Guns


Comment from Braggin' Rights Guns:

Not a lot of projects come back to me. But this one did and it is a special one. This was one of the first jobs I did, before I was even certified and it was down in Antarctica being used for the Weddell Seal population research. They told me that usually the pliers would be pretty badly rusted up after just one summer. After two seasons of rough abuse, they still look good and have no rust. Pretty awesome. I am going to recoat them and hopefully they will hold up even better for another 2 years. weddellseal msu montanastateuniversity bozeman montana research tagging pliers cerakote cerakoteslayer safetyorange Antarctica

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Danielle & John


Comment from Danielle & John:

It's a fact. A trip to Antarctica is no 'mini-break'. We spent years debating the pros and cons of making this momentous travel decision. We finally made a call. We didn’t want to wait until we were retired. And there would never be a time when Antarctica felt 'budget friendly' for us. So we started researching. And researching. Antarctica is probably the most heavily researched trip we've ever made. There was so much thinking, debating, weighing-it-all-up, that we decided to compile all our big questions into one post. Read about it at the link in our bio. We hope it might help you get that iceberg floating. Because believe us, it's the best travel decision you'll ever make. bucketlistseries

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Comment from Laureen:

Pancake ice in Antarctica antarctica ice trip mountains ocean beautiful

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Sen Woo


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Grillo Smart


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Laura Trotta -Environmentalist


Comment from Laura Trotta -Environmentalist:

I’m sharing an interview that, retail strategist and host of the Bringing Business to Retail Podcast, Salena Knight (thesalenaknight) did with me last week about my upcoming trip to Antarctica. You can check it out here>> You will understand a lot more about me, what’s coming up for me, and why I’m so excited to be chosen in Homeward Bound to head to Antarctica in February/March next year. If you haven’t already pledged on my crowdfunding campaign please click here to show your support (link also in bio) >> If you have already pledged, thank you so much! Be sure to share the campaign with your friends to help us get over the line. Your support means the world to me.

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Comment from Zydler:

Iceberg Number 47, oil on muslin, 16"x24"icebergs ice Arctic Antarctica Greenland globalwarming oilpainting pleinairpainting art artist artonboard artinthearctic arcticcruising antarcticcruising arcticcouncil artforyachts arctictravel Labrador NewfoundlandandLabrador worldoceansday northernsailing UNWorldOceansConference highlatitudes swoop/Antarctica polarart

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R&B Doces & Bolos


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Nancy Zydler


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Iceberg Number 47, oil on muslin, 16"x24"icebergs ice Arctic Antarctica Greenland globalwarming oilpainting pleinairpainting art artist artonboard artinthearctic arcticcruising antarcticcruising arcticcouncil artforyachts arctictravel Labrador NewfoundlandandLabrador worldoceansday northernsailing UNWorldOceansConference highlatitudes swoop/Antarctica polarart

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C'est La Vie Photography


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A N T A R C T I C A | Iceberg Alley, near Pleneau Island, Antarctica... The view took my breath away! travel Antarctica photographytrip adventure photographer nature naturephotography ice southernhemisphere landscape photography wild natural tripofalifetime

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Zach Gray

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These things are alllllllll ribcage . . . penguin penguins animal animals arctic antarctica sketch study pen pensketch artist artistsoninstagram art

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