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Shahrizai Alpacas


Comment from Shahrizai Alpacas:

The exceptional Harlequin makin' appy cria at the sensational Ambersun Alpaca Stud in Mt Compass, South Australia. The Appaloosa Program is the country's best! ambersun shahrizaialpacas appaloosa appaloosasofinstagram

3 Minutes ago

Samantha Gehrmann


Comment from Samantha Gehrmann:

Headed out to Nanango today to give this guy some love 💕 Viking has been in my family for 20 years (he is 26 and is currently fighting a nasty infection in a bone of his jaw. He is getting dosed up on antibiotics to get him strong enough for surgery next week to remove all of the infected area (including some now dead bone) in the meantime all cuddles possible are being squeezed in just in case his outcome isn't good 🙁 he is the biggest teddy bear... so gentle even my sister with angelmans syndrome can get around on him bareback with nothing but a lead rope 💕

20 Minutes ago

We are Family 👧👸🐴🐶🐶


Comment from We are Family 👧👸🐴🐶🐶:

Herzpferd ❤️ instaframe instagood instadaily instagram instahorse appaloosa appaloosasnowflake appaloosahorse appaloosasofinstagram horse horsephotography horsesofinstagram pferd pferdeschönheiten pferdeliebe pferdefreunde_post equine equinesofinstagram equinephotography picoftheday pictureoftheday

46 Minutes ago



Comment from Morgan.:

Duke when I got him, then Duke the other week 😌 he's grown up so much. Love my pony 😍 backseatdriver turnbacktime oneyearlater progress lovinglife happyhippo hardwork appaloosasofinstagram appaloosa irishdraft chestnut spotted allrounder gettingthereslowly equine equestrian equinephotography lovemyhorse oneinamillion

1 Hours ago



Comment from canica2016:

Proud little pien free in the forest appaloosa appaloosahorse appaloosasofinstagram pony horse horselove happyhorse

2 Hours ago



Comment from Heather:

Despite a little tiff in the beginning, our ride went very well in our trainers circleysaddles saddle, and her profchoice boots. We will ride in our lesson tomorrow in our pessoausaofficial saddle and I can wait to see how she does after taking a slight week break from english. Then the barn family is all heading up to leid's saddlery, which it will be my first time going 😊 I'm so excited! latenightriding western westernpleasure twistedwire skysblueboy appaloosasofinstagram aphc appaloosa equs equestrian equestriansofinstagram showseasonprep showseason2017 circley circleysaddle pessoa englishpleasure

3 Hours ago

star stable


Comment from star stable:

The chalky appy brand new in box will be listed for $70 .. What a steal! . . . breyermodel breyers breyer modelhorse modelhorses forsale buy ebay rear rearing rearinghorse ebaystore bay horse horses appy chalkybreyer chalky appaloosasofinstagram appaloosahorse indian nativeamerican

3 Hours ago

Nikola Nikka Ozdinová


Comment from Nikola Nikka Ozdinová:

emerblackjack appaloosahaflingermix appaloosahorse appaloosa appaloosasofinstagram sorrel spottedhorse lovehim beautiful freedom freerunning gallop horseriding horses_of_instagram horse horses horsesofinstagram horsesofinsta horsesofig horsesoninstagram equestrian

3 Hours ago



Comment from Judy:

📷helmet jump cam📷 Jumping Freckles for the first time in 3 weeks! He was really good he did refuse a few times because he got nervous but once he got over it he was good. We need to really get our jumping legs back for our first show of the season! Had so much fun with equestrian.hannah_ and madisynchristensen y'all did great tonight!!✨ <><><><><><><><> horse horses instahorse horsey horseback horsecrazy horselife horsesofig horsestagram horsebackriding horses_of_instagram gelding horsesofinstagram instahorses appy appaloosa appaloosasofinstagram hunterjumper showjumping equine equestrianism equestrianlife equestrian equestrians

3 Hours ago

Dani Montandon


Comment from Dani Montandon:

Surrounded in darkness horse appaloosa horsesofinstagram horselove darkness appaloosasofinstagram mare waitingpatiently

6 Hours ago

Angela Robertson


Comment from Angela Robertson:

Mr. Tyson chicken nugget in all of his glory! 😁 Okay I have to finally share the story behind how he got the nickname- emilyshea11 girl you don't know what you started when you out of the blue began calling him Tyson all of those years ago! 😂 Now the occasional Tyson when he's being cute, or being a punk, or Mike Tyson when he's being a badass, completely transformed into Tyson meaning the brand of chicken nuggets, which then turned into Tyson chicken nug, Tyson chicken, just plain ol' nug, nugget, or even the occasional Tyson chicken tender (from my boyfriend) when when he's especially contradictingly adorable (or also a punk)! 😂🍗🐔 tripdownmemorylane ifyoudontknownowyouknow tysonchickennugget greatestnicknameofalltime waymorefittingforhimanyways ty realnamestycho liketheastronomer andontopofitalllookatthoseears appaloosasofinstagram leopardappaloosa

6 Hours ago

Lynzy Morris


Comment from Lynzy Morris:

Just me and my girl ❤ pollypocket spotty appaloosasofinstagram appaloosa horsesofinstagram mygirl

8 Hours ago



Comment from ☆BBR☆NBHA☆IRUC☆SkyHighAngels☆:

"Don't ever let anyone tell you your dreams are to big"☆☆☆☆☆ • Commanche rocking his cheetah tail bag from turnin_tailbags ♡♡♡ ☆You can use code RACHEL2017 for 15% off your order. cheetah tailbag turnintailbags chestnut appaloosasofinstagram barrelhorse drillhorse polehorse barrelhorsesofinstagram equine equinesofinstagram equinesofig horses horsesofinstagram horsesofig horsestagram equinesofig

8 Hours ago

Kate McBurney


Comment from Kate McBurney:

His tail really has filled in, lol.😂 appaloosasofinstagram appys

8 Hours ago

Kate McBurney


Comment from Kate McBurney:

Apache ❤🐴❤ appaloosasofinstagram appys

8 Hours ago

Tiffany George


Comment from Tiffany George:

ImaFrostyColida appaloosasofinstagram appaloosas cowpony

9 Hours ago

Tylir Penton


Comment from Tylir Penton:

Drop dead diva 💕 otherhalf twohearts horsestagram horsesofinstagram ponyproblems pony ponygram poniesofinstagram poniesforever appaloosa appaloosasofinstagram appypony sportpony redheadedmare

11 Hours ago



Comment from Equestrian🏆:

I have some great pictures from barley lands coming soon! 😜🎉 winner cscindianlakota appaloosasofinstagram bestappaloosaever barleylands pics photography talent horse equine rider riding

12 Hours ago



Comment from Orla:

Little clip of Coco from a few weeks ago. This was the first time she was calm and listening from the beginning of the session right through to the end, was so happy with her! We've had a few rocky days lately but after a bit of a break I'm hoping she'll be ready to get back to it ☺️ appaloosa appaloosasofinstagram horse horsesofinstagram canter coco

12 Hours ago

Lynzy Morris


Comment from Lynzy Morris:

Quick lunge before bedtime timetogetfitagain pollypocket springisintheair appaloosasofinstagram appaloosa horsesofinstagram

15 Hours ago