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Nguyễn Thảo Trang


Comment from Nguyễn Thảo Trang:

kute 🎀💓 bts army love kokie

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Comment from BTS SUGA 슈가:

; 방탄소년단 민윤기 ♡ - - ↬ I'm so proud of my babies they always work so hard, They deserve everything in this world. I'm Glad to be an ARMY since their debut ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ↫ - -⠀ jhope jimin taehyung jungkook namjoon jin suga yoongi hoseok f4f lfl followforfollow followers gainpost bangtanboys army kpopf4f black handsome cute guy asthetic love sexy springday spamforspam gainfollowers korean goalreach rapper

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Comment from Jimin's_noona:

So I got JK and JH photocard 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻 . . you_never_walk_alone btsalbum bangtan jhope jungkook army 95army

1 Minutes ago

S V E N J A 💙


Comment from S V E N J A 💙:

about yesterday - Runde Nr. 1 🎉🍾🍻🤡 karneval party cologne flamingoroyal goldfinger happy me army girls fun drunkenmoments drinking

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Comment from bts_wifeu:

170224 soompikpop about BTS (N) BTS 방탄소년단 wings Youngforever Army 아미 피땀눈물 springday YOU_NEVER_WALK_ALONE bangtansonyeondan Jimin Jhope Suga V taehyung Jin jungkook Rapmonster bangtanboys kpop bias vkook taekook Namjin vmin vhope taegi jikook Yoonmin nottoday

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Comment from ~aHOBIHOBI:

comment what country your from - U.S.A🇺🇸

1 Minutes ago

Park Jimin Army TR. 🇹🇷


Comment from Park Jimin Army TR. 🇹🇷:

bangtanboys jimin bts army btsjimin sexyjimin chimchim jimine bangtansonyeondan jiminah btsarmy bangtanboysjimin jiminah kimnamjoon kim taehyung kimseokjin minyoongi junghoseok jeonjungkook parkjimin

1 Minutes ago

➸ U Got No Jams


Comment from ➸ U Got No Jams:

I love namjoon so muchh 💜💜🍇 bts bangtanboys army ynwa you_never_walk_alone kimnamjoon namjoon rapmonster rm

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Comment from A&S:

I want his red hair back again! Correction, I need his red hair back again! ~S . . . . . . . . . . . bts army BTS Bts Army ARMY V v Tae tae Taetae TaeTae Taehyung taehyung Kimtaehyung KimTaehyung awesome cute perfect love obsession

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Comment from BTS:

BTS💕 BTS Bangtan cute V Tae suga minyoongi Jhope Hobi jungkook kookie jin ommajin jimin jiminie rapmonster rapmon 방탄소년단 슈가 Army s fandom

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Comment from OT7 ARMY 💙:

YOU GUYS This is a proud moment for ARMY [Record] BTS 'Spring Days' points is the highest among all 1 winners of Music Bank since the calculation system change from 203.08.30. • • YOU_NEVER_WALK_ALONE BTS thebangtanboys 💙 • • • • BTS btsarmy ARMY bangatanboys wingsalbum jin jungkook jimin suga v kimtaehyung jhope hobi btsships btsinfo yoongi namjoon hoseok seokjin parkjimin kookie 태형 지민 남준 정국 슈가 제이홉 btsmemeindo

1 Minutes ago

Scott Patrick


Comment from Scott Patrick:

Got a great lift in today💪🏼 . . It's Friday, keep that motivation up! . . It's almost over👊🏼 . . soldier army daddy dadbod gymlife fitfam gains fitness sober addiction instadaily motivation physique lift determination pecs igers fitspo swole bruh flex beastmode likeforlike instagood picoftheday

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Comment from JUNG KOOK:

170222 BTS at 6th Gaon Chart KPOP Awards Red Carpet GaonChartAwards Cr.etoiles jungkook jeonjungkook bts bangtan bighit bangtanboys 田柾國 防彈少年團 防弹少年团 kookie kpop army danger jin jimin suga jhope rapmonster bulletproofboyscouts 방탄소년단 정국 전정국 maknae goldenmaknae springday wings youneverwalkalone you_never_walk_alone page: Jungkook's world BTS 방탄소년단 V's world

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Comment from ALL READY silahkan JURAGAN:

ROMPI QUICKSILVER X. Size M. MULUS Detail via BBM n WA WA. 087770956818 BBM. D5AECB20 jacketmurah jackets jacket jacketcowok parka parkacamoflage doreng army jacketarmy secondstuff seconds second secondhand secondbranded secondmurah levis levistadium bomberlevis jaketlevis jaketlevismurah jaketleviscowok jaketlevishoodie gaplove parkagaporiginal parkagapsecond parkagap parkagaporiginalmurah vondutch jaketvondutch tracktopfilasecond

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Comment from Matti:

karneval swat army mouse party friends loveyou ftm

1 Minutes ago

Martin Milstead


Comment from Martin Milstead:

Repost jbarmybrat1981 On Fridays we wear R.E.D. to remember everyone deployed. iammilitarymuscle iammybrotherskeeper red redfridays army marines navy airforce coastguard supportourtroops supportmilitarymuscle fridays familyovereverything lift_4_greatness supportmilitarymuscle tobinatorthemotivator doberman dobermansofinstagram ike igy6

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Baekhyun'un Karısı


Comment from Baekhyun'un Karısı:

[Suga] Cute🖤✨ • • • 아미 wings jimin bangtanboys taehyung minsuga jin kimseokjin jhope bangtan agustd you_never_walk_alone kimtaehyung 민윤기 yoonmin 슈가 parkjimin kimnamjoon jungkook minyoongi jeonjungkook bangtansonyeondan 비티에스 yoongi rapmonster 윤기 junghoseok bts army suga

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Comment from bts_wifeu:

170224 Today's performances on music bank are up in naver (N) BTS 방탄소년단 wings Youngforever Army 아미 피땀눈물 springday YOU_NEVER_WALK_ALONE bangtansonyeondan Jimin Jhope Suga V taehyung Jin jungkook Rapmonster bangtanboys kpop bias vkook taekook Namjin vmin vhope taegi jikook Yoonmin nottoday

2 Minutes ago

Mrs. loyal to bias


Comment from Mrs. loyal to bias:

Cat : hey bunny, look at the camera! spotthedifference Cr. /vkookaddicted

2 Minutes ago



Comment from 민윤기❤:

2017.02.24 場刊跟寫真真的太棒了Q___q 這個也太可愛😂😂😂 朴智旻田柾國尼們的腹肌是怎樣啦😂 bts army suga v jungkook jin jhope rapmonster jimin 방탄소년단 정호석

3 Minutes ago