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Comment from Jennilee:

Correction: dog is a WOMAN's best friend 💕 . firelogpose for day 7️⃣ PetsAndPoses - my tight hips mean I need to do an easier variation of this pose, where the ankles aren't quite stacked over the knees, but I'm still able to get a deep stretch, especially when leaning forward like this. If you're like me & regular firelog can be excruciating, try this modification! . . 🐶❤🐱❤🐶❤🐱❤🐶❤🐱❤🐶 . . Hosts: 🌟 jbreton22 - ft Olive 🌟 livinleggings - ft Benny 🌟 salty_hair_yogi - ft Rino 🌟 yogi_goddess - ft Jasmin, Glennwood, Lily & Lucky . Sponsors: 🎁 aloyoga 🎁 infinitystrap 🎁 yogapaws . . . pitbull pitbulls pitbullsofinstagram hipopener yoga yogagirl yogi yogini yogalove yogafun yogapractice yogalife asana yogisofinstagram yogaeverydamnday practiceandalliscoming blissbandits practicenotperfection yogachallenge igyogachallenge namaste

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Comment from Ilse:

Day 8 of springintosplits2017 is standingsplit . I'm not very good at getting my leg up but with the help from a pole this is where I am at.  Hosts: awesomebodyrevolution beahappyamy lancuks_yoga pink.yogi.mama - - Sponsors: azendea mayyouknowjoy pogamat pranamat shaktiactivewear - -  yoga yogagirl yogadaily yogamakesmehappy yogapractice igyoga yogalife yogafun asana instayoga yogaeverywhere practiceandalliscoming yogaaddict

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Tesa Velesa


Comment from Tesa Velesa:

It is already day 11 of the wildbloomingyogis challenge 🌼🌼 aaaand we have a sugarcanepose 😆 🌼 hosts 🌼 yogielena moonyogini saltwaterheartyogini 🌸 sponsors 🌸 dharmabumsactive iamseed_ yoga_democracy livesankalpa earthrunners picassojasper samudrakala myinnerfire yoga myyogalife yoga everywhere outdoors lake beautifulnature challenge everydamnday fit balance balancing pose asana asanas yogisofinstagram yogi yogini stretch strongwoman tonedgirls sports sportygirl workhardplayhard fit girl challenges

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ken 😂


Comment from ken 😂:

😘😘😘 . . . . . . . . . bae smile me cute tbt dance vsco gym selfie couple girls inspire billionaire asana fit money millionaire happy fametags ambition yoga workout android happy lovely fitness 2016 cash goals business fametags

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fabiola ma


Comment from fabiola ma:

Ardha Ustrasana - Medio Camello Ardha = Medio Ustra = Camello Esta es una variación de Ustrasana, o el camello. Estando de rodillas, dobla una pierna y coloca tus dedos del pie contra tu brazo, que irá apoyado al piso. Abre tu pecho y lleva tu otro brazo hacia atrás. -Beneficios Abre el pecho Mejora funciones respiratorias Estira el abdomen, estimulando órganos Mejora el sistema digestivo e indocrino Crea espacio en la espalda -Contraindicaciones Si tienes hernias de discos, discos fusionados, o deshidratados, no intentar. yoga yogi yogini yogagirl yogawoman shakti casashakti backbends ardha ustrasana ardhaustrasana variation openheart nofilter lululemon camelpose asana halfcamel yogapractice yogapose practice yogateacher yogainstructor shakti mandala openheart yogamat yogaeveryday yogalife yogalove

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Denise Payne


Comment from Denise Payne:

Multi tasking 😉✌

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Comment from joelongophotography:

No need to be able to do this to join us on our nature yoga photo walk. But if you can it's ok. Click the link in my profile for more info and to get your tix for our June 24th event! - - - - yoga philadelphiaphotographer dowhatyoulove naturallightphotography philadelphia phillyphotog asana nature handstand asanaart

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Comment from Sheila:

Only a few cm to the glory🙈👏🏽👏🏽❣️Day 🔟of FoldandFly Challenge is for hanumanasana split GOOD NIGHT MY SWEET YOGIS!!!❤❤❤❤ _________________________ yoga yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogafam yoga popsters yogadaily IGyogafam yogagirl asana yogapractice dailypractice practicenotperfection yogini igyoga fitfam strongwomen yogainspiration yogafit fitfam yogachallenge yogalove instayoga funenge folds marchchallenge forwardfold armbalance ____________________________ Hosts: shiziks vythathin omniyogagirl marastina Sponsors: infinitystrap myinnerfire pawpawyogawear opal_octopus_jewelry shaktiyogawheelbyjess neroapparel

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Nathyog lovelightconsciousness


Comment from Nathyog lovelightconsciousness:

Na varna, na varnasramachara dharma, Na me dharana dhyana yogadhayopi, Anathmasrayo aham mamadhya sahanath, Thadekovasishta Shiva kevaloham. "I am neither caste nor the rules of caste, society & the stages of life, nor for me concentration, meditation, yoga & other practices, for all this illusion of 'I' and 'mine' is rooted I'm not the knowledge of self. I'm the self for this remains even in sleep, when everything else is gone. I'm the pure conciousness.. Shivohm shivohm.. I'm shiva. Yogaeveryday yogafam yogaeverydamnday hathayoga yogafamily vinyasa yoga asana stopdropandpose yogacommunity yogalife yogachallenge yogainspiration yogapants yogateacher yogajourney yogadaily yogaforlife yogaretreat yogaaddict yogafun yogagram yogafit yogalover theindianyogi nathyog beinyog bearded mahadev consciousness

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Annie Cheadle - Yoga Teacher


Comment from Annie Cheadle - Yoga Teacher:

We don't use our body to understand the poses, but instead uses the poses to understand our body.

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☆ Yoga Vedanā ☆


Comment from ☆ Yoga Vedanā ☆:

Namastê =D . . . yogavedana yoga sanskrit samsara samadhi relax asana yogabook love smile happy hathayoga pranayama yamas niyamas patanjali namaste tantra flower yogateacher meditation yogavedanaday yogaeverytime yogaeverywhere

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Comment from Laura-lee:

Happy stretch day 😊🙏💕yogabeginneryogaeverdayyogaloveyogalifepracticeandalliscominginspiredbreathepeaceofmindnamasteigyogaletsstartyogailoveyogayogachallengeonemorebreathyogacommunity asana getstretchybreathethechangeyogachallengeyogafam

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Yoga with Kassandra


Comment from Yoga with Kassandra:

How's your upper body feeling? All those chaturangas can leave a yogi feeling super strong 💪 but also super stiff 😥 Let's fix that, shall we? I've got a brand new yoga class on my youtube channel (link in bio) and it's all about releasing your neck, shoulders, chest and upper back! 🙌 Take 30 minutes to stretch and improve flexibility in your upper body with this slow flow class suitable for all levels. This class felt soooo good while filming I didn't want it to end 😍 You'll need 2 blocks and possibly a strap if your shoulders are very tight! Click the link in my bio 👆 to try it out for yourself and remember to hit that ✔ subscribe button to share the love 💖💖💖💖

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Raha SMI


Comment from Raha SMI:

. ملیحه عزیزم بدون مکمل یا چربی سوز با وجود آسیب شدید ناحیه کمر از قویترین هنرجوهایی هست که دارم. باعث افتخاره استاد ژیمناستیک و نائب رئیس هیئت هنرجوی من باشه.🌷🌺🌻🌼💎 موفق باشی عزیز دلم.

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Comment from jessicag100:

Finding serenity in simplicity ✨ yogaeverydamnday yoga yogaplay yoginilife yogateacherlife yogalove love breath yvryogini asana moves movements bikram bikramyoga ghoshyoga samelineage mindbodybreath justbreathe andbtwiloveyou

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Comment from rarwsbo:

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations 🎀

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aerialashtangayoga aerialyoga antigravityyoga flyyoga yogi yogini napoli yoganapoli salonemargherita instayoga inversion instalove yogaeveryday aeriallove aerialdance aerialfitness asana

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Comment from Laura-lee:

Practising kingpigeonpose 💜 yogabeginneryogaeverdayyogaloveyogalifepracticeandalliscominginspiredbreathepeaceofmindnamasteigyogaletsstartyogailoveyogayogachallengeonemorebreathyogacommunity asana getstretchybreathethechangeyogachallengeyogafam

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Comment from 👑R5ComeToRomania💎:

😋🙉💋r5cometoromania bae smile me cute tbt dance vsco gym selfie couple girls inspire billionaire asana fit money millionaire happy fametags ambition yoga workout android happy lovely fitness 2016 cash goals business fametags

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weSPARK Cancer Support Center


Comment from weSPARK Cancer Support Center:

¡Nuevo horario! A partir de abril, el yoga en español se trasladará a los martes a las 11 am! Acompáñenos para esta clase de yoga suave en español! // New Time! Starting in April, Spanish yoga will be moved to Tuesdays at 11 AM! Join us for this gentle yoga class in spanish!

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