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Comment from Jessica Tom:

Day 5 of #honorwinterheat is #astavakrasana or #8anglepose with a super advanced variation: a smile 😀. Yoga is about gratitude, and today I'm grateful for my giant head because it's an excellent counterbalance to my hips. This is easier than it looks so def check out @kfann7 @cathymadeo and @honoryogaprinceton for tips. 7 more days in the challenge and things are gonna get extra spicy 🌶💪🙃

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Comment from Bruce:

Yoga practice - a view from the top .:. Be inspired, make the effort !!!! Purify the body and master the thought patterns of the mind with a compassionate practice. Patanjali tells that this is achieved through practice (abhyasa), and non-attachment to the body and mind (vairagya) [Sutra 1:12]. #yoga #yogapractice #yogainspiration #patanjali #inspiration #om #shanti

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Comment from Kaleigh Mulpeter:

📿When we practice the lotus mudra, we help to cultivate our faith that if we stay rooted, even in a dark place, we can move forward towards a more true, bright version of ourselves. . . Join me this week on your mat: . Tuesday: Grounded Flow 5:15-6:15pm at @sanghastudio NORTH . Wednesday: Flow 9-10am at @sanghastudio PINE . Friday: Flow II 12-1pm at NORTH . Saturday: Grounded Flow 9-10am & Flow 12:30-1:30pm both at PINE . Sunday: Flow 10-11:15am at PINE . . #hathayoga #asana #mudra #pranayama #lotus #evolve # #community

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Comment from 5five:

. Day3は🌾穂のポーズ🌾 すでに3日目ですが、時差があるので今からでも参加できます!😌✨ #Day3 of symmetryin2017 is revolved head to knee pose! If you missed the first 2 days, jump on board and join in! #SymmetryIn2017 でタグ付けを! ___________________________________________ 🌟Symmetry; the quality of something that has two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape, and position : the quality of having symmetrical parts🌟 . Your #SummerSymmetryYogis hosts are back to help find that same balance with #SymmetryIn2017! From Jan. 22-31 we have 10 days of poses that will challenge and encourage you to practice BOTH sides of the body. We ALL have that one "good side", more flexible, open, balanced, the one we share most often on social media; but your not so good side needs some love and attention, too, and we want to see BOTH! . 🕉Your hosts: . @momwhatsfordinner @thewovenyogi @ashlynyamayogini @_yogi_dana_ . 🕉Generous Sponsors: . @mylegwearshop @overthewinter @thestickandtheball @happyfishhawaii @llamaste_inc (added sponsor) . Day 1 Splits - @thewovenyogi Day 2 Dancer - @momwhatsfordinner Day 3 Revolved head to knee pose - @_yogi_dana_ Day 4 Pigeon - @ashlynyamayogini Day 5 Side Crow - @thewovenyogi Day 6 Wild Thing - @momwhatsfordinner Day 7 Side Plank - @_yogi_dana- Day 8 Bird Of Paradise - @ashlynyamayogini Day 9 Humble Warrior - @thewovenyogi Day 10 Extended Side Angle - @momwhatsfordinner . 🕉How to participate: . 1. Make sure you are following all hosts and sponsors. . 2. Repost this banner, tag a friend or two or ten to join! . 3. Take a pic or video of your expression of the daily asana, tagging ALL hosts and sponsors and including the tag #SymmetryIn2017. . 4. Have fun! Be creative, encourage your fellow yogis ❤💛 . We can't wait to get Symmetrical with you!

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Nombre en Sánscrito: Virabhadrasana Virabhadra: nombre de un temible guerrero mítico. Asana: Postura. Nivel: Asana intermedia. Beneficios: Fortalece los tobillos y las piernas. Fortalece los hombros y los músculos de la espalda. Tonifica el abdomen. Mejora el equilibrio y la postura. 🙏 🙏 🙏 #virabhadrasana3 #yogaphotography #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #igyoga #yogaeverywhere #instayoga #strength #flexibility #bendyyogis #igyogis #outdooryogis #yogafun #backbend #igyogafamily #igfitness #namaste #practicedaily #yogapose #yogi #yogagirl #yogalove #asana #yogachallenge #yogagram #iloveyoga #yogini #inspiredyogis #crazysexyyoga

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