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Comment from Yoga4Mama: Go with the soul! yoga myyogafam namaste yogaoutside yogalife asana yogalove yogagirl yogaposes yogajunkie fityoga_inspiration yogapractice yogaeverywhere yogafam yogadaily couplegoals yogafun yogaeverydamnday yogapassion yogainspiration yogalikealady yogajourney yogafit yoga4mama yogaonthebeach yogascapes yogalovers yogajournal yogaphotos

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Catherine KY Cheng


Comment from Catherine KY Cheng:

selfpractice chairyoga aumyogahk in wanchai 🐶 upwardfacingdog urdhvamukhasvanasana . . . yoga yogahk ryt500 yogateachertraining yogaasana yogapose asana selfie yogagirl

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Akifumi Kinoshita


Comment from Akifumi Kinoshita:

俺の"ロングボード" 先週日曜日のfree yog葛西臨海公園。海に向かってなだらかな傾斜の芝生の上で行いました。芝生の部分を波にしたらサーフィンしてるみたい🏄 で、俺が使ってるヨガマット、正式にはヨグマット。born to yog用のマットで、通常のマットより縦が30cmほど長いロングボードなのだ😁 yoga asana mensyoga parkyoga ヨガ アサナ メンズヨガ マッチョヨガ 戦士のポーズ2 warrior2 virabhadrasana2 ヴィラバドラーサナ2 俺のシリーズ freeyog outdooryoga 外ヨガ borntoyog bty yogmat ヨグマット パークヨガ 葛西臨海公園 横幅が狭い 陸サーファー サーフィンやったことないけどね

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PranaYoga Institute


Comment from PranaYoga Institute:

jaijuice may be closed but we have you covered on this gloomy Monday! Come by for a class and receive 20% off your juice at our downtown location only! . Downtown schedule: 12 PM Hot Yoga 5:15 PM All Levels 5:30 PM Sattva Restorative 6:30 PM Intermediate 7 PM Yoga Basics . Art by katherinela

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Laura Large


Comment from Laura Large:

For Day 8 of BodyMudras Josephine yoga_mami has given us forwardfold & I went with a floating variation 🌸 It occurred to me a bit too late that it's kinda tricky to use a mudra in this variation 😂 So, I thought I would just write about a Fire Mudra, seeing as this is definitely a pose that builds heat! Agni Mudra or Fire Gesture helps to balance the heat within your body, & enhances your willpower & self-confidence. In yoga, it is valued for meditation & centres your energy while filling you with enthusiasm & vitality (result!).... It's kinda cool that it mimics the thumbs-up gesture used in the West as a sign of approval... It's origins are said to lie in the Roman era, when crowds at gladiator battles voted with their thumbs on whether the winning gladiator should kill his opponent: thumbs-up signified continued life.... Something you may need after trying this pose.... 😋 To practice Agni Mudra use your right hand to make a fist with the thumb pointing straight up. Have your left hand open with the palm upwards & place your right hand on top of the left. A demonstration of this Mudra is up in my stories if anyone fancies trying it out 👍🌸 . Please don't forget to also check in with my beautiful co-hosts for their variations & to spread some love in the gallery 💓 . Hosts: shiniyogi benditlikebay yoga_mami omniyogagirl 🌸 Sponsors: werkshop mymalanecklace rockingvibe 🌸 Hosts in posting order & poses: 1. shiniyogi - Lunge✔️ 2. - Goddess✔️ 3. yoga_mami - Warrior✔️ 4. omniyogagirl - Camel✔️ 5. benditlikebay - Lizard✔️ 6. shiniyogi - Toestand✔️ 7. - Lotus✔️ 8. yoga_mami - Forward Fold✔️ 9. omniyogagirl - Side Lunge 10. benditlikebay - Reclined Pose . Suit: werkshop team Choker: rockingvibe Mat: liforme . . . . . yogaaddict yogafitness yoga myyogalife yogagram yogastrong yogapractice yogalife yogalove yogaeverydamnday yogi yogaeveryday igyoga instayoga asana igfitness yogapose yogagirl yogisofinstagram instayoga yogafit yogainspiration fitness yogachallenge strength flexibility

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Zhong Argentina


Comment from Zhong Argentina:

Lista para la práctica. 😃 Ready for practice 😍 Shop on line⬇️⬇️📲💳📫🎁 yoga yogadaily yogajourney yogagirl yogawear yogaclothes yogaaddict yogagram yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday yogi yogalove yogainspiration yogaeverywhere yogini yogisofinstagram yogafit yogapose yogajourney zhongargentina asana athleisure wellness healthyliving yogapants tiedye ohm top

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Kasia Kwaśniewicz


Comment from Kasia Kwaśniewicz:

Balance is when your mind and body live in harmony ❤️ 📸katarzyna_milewska muuvapparel muuvcontortionstairsstretchingfashionfitspirationdanceposeawesomepositivesmilecircusaerialnationflexibilityyogayogaposeasanabendygirlgirlwithmusclesharmonyyogayogainspirationballerinaprojectballetrhytmicsgymnastics

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Comment from Kristen:

yoga yogaeverywhere yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogaaddict yogalove yogalife yogapose yogamom yogateacher igyoga instayoga yogi yogini namaste asana fitnessmotivation fitness fitgirl fitmom fit fitfam dance yogainspiration yogateacher freespirit gypsy dancer zen ballet

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Comment from 김경민:

🌌 요가사랑 요가러브창원요기니 일상 데일리 아사나 몸 마음 호흡 수련 셀피 셀카 요가스타그램 yoga love korean yogini daily asana yogapose body mind breath practiceselfieselcayogastagram

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Yogaion Retreats


Comment from Yogaion Retreats:

The light in me think the light in you is freaking awesome 😊❤️ freakingawesome namaste consciousculture connect consciousness yoga asana yogasurf yogasurfretreat yogini costavicentina surfholiday surftravel surfgirl portugal explore travel

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ॐ Katia


Comment from ॐ Katia:

"Ame e aceite a sua natureza. É aí onde a jornada começa." 🦋 Osho yoga yogalover yogalife yogagirl asana meditation yogalove yogaeverywhere yogaeverywhere yogadaily yogalifestyle yogaeveryday yogainspiration yogateacher yogavibes yogatime hathayoga instayoga sadhana

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Comment from Ashley:


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BreatheNyoga with Mercy


Comment from BreatheNyoga with Mercy:

Catching up with Day 20 🙌 AshtangaYogaChallenge 💥 suptakurmasana kurmasana Hosts: kinoyoga Sponsor: omstarsofficial sleepingtortoise regrann Breathenyoga bodyart patience bepositive asana igyoga armbalance igyogachallenge igyogacommunity yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday yogapants yogajourney yogainspiration yogagram Namaste balance yogapractice yogachallenge blackgirlyoga yogainspiration yogamotivation colorsofyoga love yoga blackyogaSuperstar

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Dennis Abry

Comment from Dennis Abry:

*** "Keep your finger on important issues; With crocodile tears and a pocket full of tissues." ElvisCostelloLyrics *** ashtangayogachallenge omstarsofficial kinoyoga - Day 24 *** yoga yogadudes yogaeverydamnday vinyasa ashtangayoga instayogi yogapractice iloveyoga yogalife yogagram asana igyogi namaste yogaprogress ashtanga

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Comment from Becky:

Baggy pants, fresh air and yoga 🍃that's all we really need... well, that and chocolate. . Love this picture, beautifully snapped by reissadams_sportstherapy 💛 yoga yogaeverydamnday yogaphotography blackandwhite yogaliving yogalife simplelife srilanka yogapractice asana yogaoffthemat yogaforlife

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rebecca bryson


Comment from rebecca bryson:

That relatable moment when your partying in the woods and end up with duct tape on your mouth 😂🙃🤐 festivalvibes secretgardenparty

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Comment from M C L A I N:

Hello hello! It's finally day 7 of the SummerInversionImmersion challenge! 🤸🏼‍♀️☀️ today we are bringing you one of my absolute favorite poses! WheelPose | UrdhvaDhanurasana 💘 Here's a step by step for those of you whom need it: 1️⃣ lie supine on the floor. Bend your knees and set your feet on the floor, heels as close to the sit bones as possible. Bend your elbows and spread your palms on the floor beside your head, forearms relatively perpendicular to the floor, fingers pointing toward your shoulders. 2️⃣ pressing your inner feet into the floor, exhale and push your tail bone up toward the pubis, firming your butt and lifting it off of the floor. Keep your thighs and inner feet parallel. Take a few breaths here and press your shoulder blades against the back and lift up onto the crown of your head. 3️⃣ press your feet and hands into the floor, tailbone and shoulder blades against your back, and with an exhalation, lift your head off the floor and straighten your arms. Take the upper thighs slightly inward and firm the outer thighs. Narrow the hip points and lengthen the tailbone toward the backs of the knees, lifting the pubis toward the navel. 4️⃣ turn the upper arms outward but keep weight on the bases of the index fingers. Spread the shoulder blades across the back and let the head hang or lift and slightly look down at the floor. ❕support yourself with blocks if you need to, or a wheel of a friend for support! 💘🤸🏼‍♀️ honor your body! 💘🤸🏼‍♀️ Check in with my cohost for their variations: elliegriffinyoga mclainyoga yogiaubrey breeanayoga SPONSORS montielactivewear (beautiful outfit) jalaclothing earthwovencrystals recoveringbeauties ☀️🤸🏻‍♂️ ✨ Follow all hosts and sponsors and tag daily! ✨ Make sure your profile is set to public and use the SummerInversionImmersion tag so we can see your beautiful posts every day! 👍🏼😍

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Comment from harlemyogastudio:

Our Manipura Chakra ignites our inner fire and governs our will. It is the center of our self-esteem, self-discipline, and warmth. The Manipura Chakra allows us to transform inertia into action and is the key to changing a fixed pattern that isn't serving us, or creating a new behavior that will. The challenge and focus for our manipura chakra is how to use our power consciously, choosing how we harness and direct our energy to use it positively and proactively. • • angela_dawn_yoga shows us how to activate our manipura chakra - our core strength - in plank pose. Catch Angela's classes every Monday and Sunday at HYS.

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Comment from chii:

beach & sup yoga サザンビーチ + 昨日のサザンビーチ⛱は晴れてて風が吹いてて気持ちよかったー🌈🌈 リピートで来てくれる方、インスタ見て来てくれる方、スタジオのお客様も来てくれて、いっぱい喋って、楽しくレッスンさせて頂きました♡♡ 次も晴れますように👍👍 + + 海空太陽サップヨガサップパドルボードヨガビーチヨガトレーニングボディメイクタルイサザンビーチ日焼けsupyogasuppaddleboardsurfyogaasanastanduppaddletrainingworkoutbodymakebeachseasunskysunsetgoprochiiyoga

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Rinat Ben Yosef🌸


Comment from Rinat Ben Yosef🌸:

(:Tree pose:) blackandwhiteasanatreeforestupsidedownmeyogaomgirlwoodtattoospoledance

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