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Zsanett k olah


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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start" - John Bingham medalmonday race tri run triathlete triwoman womenwhoride racehappy multirace athlete beginnertriathlete runner cycling cyclingglife cyclingshots medal 10krun tourdecure raceweekend race bling racebling medalmondays european cyclinggirl cyclist

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Comment from E-Rock:

Motivational Monday "Focus on what you CAN do, instead of what you cant" Thats been the common theme of my life the past 2 months or so, with that said....see anything NEW? INTRIGUING? Starting THIS week I will be refocusing & improving my Instagram. BIG things on the way so keep an eye on my IG stories!😉 Any guesses on what some of that could be? Comment below with your thoughts! 👇 motivationalmonday entrepreneur dedication positivevibes focus martialarts athlete personaltrainer ocr training functionalfitness

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Rafael & Liz


Comment from Rafael & Liz:

17.5 open crossfit workout done! Kept a good pace and felt really good tru all the rounds! Workout details 10 round of 9 thrusters w/ 35 double unders Total 440 reps done in 14:02 min For me very happy overall with my 5 week performance, this is my first ever competition of crossfitworkouts so I'm very excited for the future! Florida open is next! Let's get it herbalife24 athlete herbapower

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👉 Get excited about your life! Love it, live it to the fullest. Don't waste your time putting energy into anything that doesn't fulfill you. You can't wait for the perfect moment, you must create it. ✅Follow us ✅⠀⠀⠀⠀ thefearlessfit⠀⠀⠀⠀ thefearlessfit⠀⠀⠀⠀ thefearlessfit⠀ ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💪 Heath & Fitness Motivation! ⠀💪⠀

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tracy curry


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620x2 stiff bar deadlifts ✊✊✊ . Train and motivate 💯tcurry nbsfitness liftlife memphisfitness getstrong powerlifting innerstrength getbig getstrong memphisfitness trainharderthanme trainharderthanme liftweights ironaddicts ironsavage gymmotivation gymrat grind choose901 nbs_fitness trainharderthanme innerstrength physical getstrong athlete apemanstrong 22ndstbarbell ironaddictsgym thekilocartel knights.gym gymgangcorp

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Comment from Rich:

I love this kid...But I wouldn't be too happy if he got his dirty foot prints on my walls...And why are they sticking tennis balls up near their ceiling?! fetch climb gogetit spiderboy spiderkid climber wallclimber superboy strongboy athlete kidbecrazy iwishiwashim imjealous iwannaclimbwalls fitness fit cardio stength training gym workout backflip

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LionHeart Radio


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BELIEVE IN MONDAYS via LionHeartRadio episode 22 guest tara.nicole1

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Drew Walsh M.S, P.E.S, C.E.S


Comment from Drew Walsh M.S, P.E.S, C.E.S:

Here we have a hip mobility series inspired and starred by non-other than oblye20. Hip mobility is crucial for efficient movement patterns. Adequate hip mobility paves the way for more stability and enhanced ground force production! As well as relieving lower back pain and improving posture! Hip mobility is the 🔑 preventing injured and creating power! Try these Fire Hydrants out ! FASTdevlopment StrongerThenBefore SportsPerformance MovementEducation Movement Mobility Fitness Fit FitFam Fitspo FitnessLifestyle fitnessmotivation crossfit Lacrosse Athlete Training Strength Gym Gains NYC

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Comment from NATVEathletics:

Leafy Plants 🌿🍃colourpallette plants green white mothernature inspo

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Manos Katakis


Comment from Manos Katakis:

Break Your Comfort Zone And Go Ahead! nextoutdoortraining personaltraining personaltrainer training fitnessaddict fitness fitnessgear fitnessgirl traininsane functionaltraining functionalmovement trx trxtraining trxlovers trxworkout strong fitnesslife fitnesslove lifestyle sun workout athlete lovemyjob happy

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Lea Wiehl


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Supra Mike Lawrey


Comment from Supra Mike Lawrey:

boxing ufc mma mixedmartialarts combatsports athlete heavyweight training mma sparring gym fitness gymaholic gymrat crossfit bodybuilding gainz gains abs 6pack shreaded manchester london instacool teammagic boxing0161

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Kosta Drak


Comment from Kosta Drak:

THE AFTERMATH! My boy AFL athlete Luke Findikakis smashing his fitness testing 1km result last night by 18secs. Going from 3.38 to 3.10. Luke is fit & strong and ready to go for round 1 in 2 weeks time.Now we slowly taper off his program and work on maintaining his strength & power for his in-season program results performance training testing athlete afl running improvement machine strength speed melbourne victoria

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Justin Latva


Comment from Justin Latva:

The Monday blues are just an illusion! You must overcome your mental state and conquer you dream!

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Trevor Griffith


Comment from Trevor Griffith:

Round 2 complete. tylerpecharo and myself trying to push limits. Focused and working hard. God has blessed us with the passion and ability to push for our dreams, so we are grinding. Thankful for another beautiful day. God blessed everyone and enjoy your evening.

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Mark wade


Comment from Mark wade:

I wanted to try all of the exercises this week for as many reps with body weight 110kg. Benchpress 18 reps with my body weight. It will be interesting how squats and deads go with the same weight. Low intensity and low volume this week to recover before starting a strength program.

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anthonycrouchellifitness welcomes new trainer on staff j.koeiman ! . . W.I.T.S certified personal trainer and avid runner with a penchant for motivating others to surpass any reluctance to be their very best.I live what I believe. Not politically, ust healthy and balanced physically and spiritually. If you are about going hard, staying strong, then oin me to discover the power of your potential. Let’s work smart and make every moment matter. . . GET RIPPED WITH JANET over at . . Trust me, this woman is THE REAL DEAL. . . anthonycrouchellifitness fitness fitfam fitguys vcso nike biink broketographers athlete sports muscle mensfitness broadway fitforbroadway nikemastertrainer nyc nyctrainers barrys barrysbootcamp lifecoach lifecoaches completebodytransformation

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Fanpage‌ 4suprstar REZA GOLZAR


Comment from Fanpage‌ 4suprstar REZA GOLZAR:

مـــن برای هرکاری دلیلی دارم جز خیـــره ماندن به تـــو 🙈❤ . . ۹۶/۱/۸ rezagolzar💙💙 favsongmusicrezagolzarrezagolzarrezzar rezagolzarrezzarmohammadrezagolzargolzarsuperstarstarfashionathletephotomodelmalemodeltopmodelmenstylestylishfashionhairstylefotoğrafinternationalcelebrityactress

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Sina Port


Comment from Sina Port:

Back when I would write and not think about how they receive it, I be tryna manifest the things I needed - champagnepapi Just turned off my laptop after a productive evening with strategic planning, following up on upcoming projects and collaborations (eyy👐💕) but I'm happy to get back on paper and pen. Reading and writing is like a therapy from this media driven world we are all dependent on (y'all see where you reading this right now). Too many windows open? This white light stressin on you? Establish the habit of just turning em off! First and last things your eyes see should be nothing that blinks, scrolls or swipes. Shutdown and grab a book, howbowdah 👌 itsaSinathing MoreLife

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Ben Young (Be More Human)


Comment from Ben Young (Be More Human):

I wrote an article for fitnessfirstmag fitnessfirstau on the technical efficiency of the chin up and how to ascertain the strength to getting your first one. If you want to read the full piece go to or fitnessfirstmag and click on the bio. Alternatively you can pick up your copy of this months fitness first magazine at your nearest fitness first

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