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Good evening guys,🙋 Today I am back in school after a wonderful, amazing weekend there with @miri_fenske @happy.vegan.laura @jeffrey_kolkman Yesterday we visited after an amazing pancake breakfast the town a bit. We rushed a bit but well I saw beautiful places. This is the am Römer with these wonderful Fachwerkhäuser (I am sorry English people this is typically German so look it up😉). We were also at the Main (a river) and watched the sunset (maybe I will post a picture of that soon). This weekend I had so many insights, it is truly amazing to be inspired by wonderful people. Meeting new people is definitely worth it, especially with meeting people per instagram I had wonderful experiences because I got to know so awesome people! 👪I am really thankful for that! And of course for YOUR support! Thank you, y'all!😍 I am currently working on my blog and soon there will be a new post (my first real post😉) However, good night, sleep well Bella🙋

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