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Comment from Marlene♡:

Hump day vibes🍑😍. Even though I trained back and biceps 🙃 -oversized hoodie for days alphalete girlswholift alphalete biceps backday dvc6week

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Comment from Natta:

Ibland funderar jag på va jag håller på med? Va har jag gett mig in på? Just nu tycker jag allt är tungt. Träning känns som den går skit, maten är jobbig att få i sig. Att äta 2200 kcal om dagen är kanske lätt som en plätt för vissa men jag tycker det är sjukt drygt att få i sig detta. Känner mig konstant svullen o spyan är nära varje gång jag tränar. Men i slutändan så är det värt allt detta. Man ska inte gnälla o jag försöker verkligen fokusera på det positiva men idag är en sån dag när ryggpasset gick skit o man kände att jag skiter i det här o går hem o lägger mig på soffan istället, vilket jag självklart inte gjorde. Pissdag men i morgon är en ny dag med nya tag! teamironsport coachfredrik onsitespraytan_by_ironsport jan_tana_international ironsportstore backday noexuses blondie tattoo fitnessmom fitness hardwork dontquit

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William Marrero


Comment from William Marrero:


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Adriann Strickland


Comment from Adriann Strickland:

HAPPY HUMPDAY! So after looking at my macros and my progress I noticed some things needed to change, having higher protein wasn't getting me the bulk I wanted so I've changed my macros up slightly (still working with 60-20-20) but I've increased my fat intake to around 70g and since I've done this I'm noticed such a difference in how I look and how I feel, I'm feeling so much better and feel like I'm gaining to size I want to as well as the strength and muscle! Don't stick to one routine! Change it up and find which one works best for you! Don't copy anyone else's macros as we are all different with different goals! • • • • • myprotein gymsupplements protein gym gymlife myproteinaffiliate gymgirl girlswholift girlswithtattoos girlswhosquat girlswhotrain weightlifting weightgain bulk vegetarian backday bootyfordays Nike quads femaleweightlifter bodybuilding messyhair fitness fitgirl macro pr glutes bootygainz biceps bench

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Comment from Tom:

Your only competition is the person you see in the mirror. - Don't let anyone tell you different

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Horváth Kornèl


Comment from Horváth Kornèl:

| Hát-Triceps ✔️ back backday triceps abs summershape workhard gym gymlife gymrat fit fitlife fitness natural naturalbodybuilding bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation motivation workout pécs pécsi personaltrainer trainer edző edzés edzők edzenijó igfit igfitness ikozosseg instagram

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Comment from Tiffany:

Keeping my rack pulls high to overload the traps at the top of the pull without using too much of my hammies today. : : : backday train pull traps girlswholift girlswithmuscle

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Reuben Priddy


Comment from Reuben Priddy:

Deficit Deadlifts today. Higher Reps too. Surprisingly felt pretty natural! Give it a try if your conventional Deadlifts have hit a plateau. 💪 fitnessmotivation deadlifts personaltrainer trainingfun backday back highreps smashtraining londonpersonaltrainer iifym buildmuscle bulking

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Ashley 🦂🇮🇹👸🏻


Comment from Ashley 🦂🇮🇹👸🏻:

Ow ow I can't believe it 🎶🎶 roundone backday favoriteday gymlife goodmorning andgoodmornings humpday

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Hugo Leonardo


Comment from Hugo Leonardo:

Hoje é o seu dia 🔥🔥🔥 throwback tb backday workout lifestyle healthylifestyle gym motivation Todos os dias quando você acordar, olhe pro espelho e não enxergue dificuldades mas sim CAPACIDADE 💪🏻

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William Marrero


Comment from William Marrero:

Are u fucking serious... preworkoutgymmemeslolrpbodybuildingcrossfitpowerliftingbackdaychestdaylegdaysquatsmotivationprogressfitnessfitfamnpctrainingfitfollowfoodporneatcleandbzsupertransformationflexingshreddedgainslikespowerliftingfollowanimeamerica

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Lena 😅


Comment from Lena 😅:

Backday! 👍 workout icaniwill fitness icandothis bodybuilding bodytransformation strongwomen workoutmotivation inspiration backday workoutwomen benice selfietime gymselfie

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Comment from dilly_dillo:

Working on that thickness in the back.. thickness backday backshot bodybuilding dynutritionaus castlsupps eyad_conditioning_coach nxlvfitness

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Snap Fitness North Arlington


Comment from Snap Fitness North Arlington:

The bent over barbell row is a great exercise to ensure max benefit on back day. Make sure and pay attention to his form. Form is🔑

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Comment from superiesh80:

SCORE! When you get your workout in before work...yes yes best way to start the day 👊 . . HumpDay wednesday backday fitgirl fitfam fitspiration fitspo fitness fit girlsthatlift goals instafitness instafit instadaily keepit100

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Angela Michelle Norton


Comment from Angela Michelle Norton:

Back abs and cardio in! 😁 Ignore my nasty peeling forehead 🙄 progress strongnotskinny backday

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Becky Greenwood🌿


Comment from Becky Greenwood🌿:

Hiiiiiiii😊 Go check out my story to see my back session from today - it was a very quick session due to been so sore after yesterday's beast of a session! If you like seeing what sort of things I do in the gym let me know! I train alone a lot and like to focus on my workout - but if it helps and motivates you then let me know and I'll try continue filming!!💪🏻💪🏻 -------------------------------------- ------------looking for an online fitness coach? Fire me an email or DM!!💁🏼😊 ------------------------------------ herculeannutrition for supplements 💪🏻😜

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Michael aka OD


Comment from Michael aka OD:

Give this back workout a try!! Fire 🔥🔥🔥 Definition of a Really Good Workout: When you hate doing it. But you love finishing it. Often we think, I'll do it when I am not so afraid. But in reality, it works the other way round. The 'doing it' comes before the fear goes away. The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it. 😎💪🏿 justdoit coachOD backday doit workout

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Comment from N3:

☠️☠️☠️ sucesso gym armsday backday body life sampa brasil hardcore strenght

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Tanya Bunch


Comment from Tanya Bunch:

The struggle was very real this morning. I woke up sleepy and sluggish. I tried to just see if he was paying attention to my reps and he was. 😂😂😭😭🙄🙄🙄 backday wilsonstraining sleepy tone sculpt healthy

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