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Charles DC


Comment from Charles DC:

A little Motivation to start the week STRONG! - "Don't Limit your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits" dcfitness setagoal trainhard stayconsistent striveforgreatness swoldiernation nevergiveup bestself fitness fitspo fitspiration fitnessmotivation fit dedication physique faithfullyfit focus optimumnutrition optimumnutritionph goldstandard pinoybodybuilding blessed gainz fitness fitnesswisdom gainpost ripped shredded backday fitnesscoach

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Gauravdeep Singh


Comment from Gauravdeep Singh:

After 3 weeks rest from head injury still manage to lift 180kg at 74kg bodyweight on 1st day. ✌

1 Minutes ago

Karl Wodtke


Comment from Karl Wodtke:

Sunday Funday. gymlife backday fitness fitcouple vanfitfam fitfam goals happiness iphone7 hiking cheatmeal sundayfunday kimberleykangenfit 💪🏻❤️

3 Minutes ago

Chris Harrison


Comment from Chris Harrison:

Double training sessions this week for the last week of tug1986 cut. 5am and 1pm There goes work lunchbreak 😂💪 gym gymaddict gymlife beastmode backday workout gymrat fitness instafitness

6 Minutes ago

Chris Cottingham


Comment from Chris Cottingham:

Heavy barbell rows to start off back day, and a good excuse to try out the new versa grips! backday gymlife fitness gainz officialgxunleashed versagrips motivation bodybuilding aesthetics summershredding

7 Minutes ago

Awesome Possum ♛


Comment from Awesome Possum ♛:

That majestic slow-motion technique analyzation. 😁☠️☠️ LeanBulk  igfitness  fitness wrkharder alphalete iifym fitnessmotivation fitfam igbodybuilding alphaletegymvsco vscocam  thegrinddontstop  armday biceps  fitnessmotivation igfitfam motivation fitnessfreak backday youtube apearmy apeathletics ghostlifestylenthdegreelifestyle legionofboom iam1stphorm 1stphorm  bealegend youtube beseen

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Alex Melchor 🏆


Comment from Alex Melchor 🏆:

Back 💪🏻 back backday pump lats widenthick LA fitness nutrition work

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Comment from Dennis:

need some Kobe ADs on backday nike nikebasketball training sunday grinder tricep rows nikefitness kobe mamba

13 Minutes ago

James Price


Comment from James Price:

Love a day off. Been working and training my ring out and starting to see results come through. Was super tired this even after sleeping in but seeing these results made me get up and get going. Pre workout helps too 🍶💪 Good back sesh. Not deadlifting heavy, max 80kg just so I can get my form and rhythm right. gains gym fitness gymmotivation gymselfie progress aesthetic inspo fitspo backatitagain backday wings lats selfiesforselfworth deadlifts smile cellucor preworkout tradiesgettheladies guyswithbeards mensfitness menshealth fitlife lifestyle

14 Minutes ago

Matt Ds


Comment from Matt Ds:

Doing my best at a back shot selfie. Only guy in the gym problems haha NONE! backday monday fun

14 Minutes ago

Peyton Johnson


Comment from Peyton Johnson:

Sunday evenings when the gym is empty. The best 🙌🏾 * * * * fitlife fitgirl fitgirlsdoitbetter sundayfunday backday shoulders girlswholift girlswithmuscles blackgirlmagic lifestyle health happiness goals behappy behealthy

15 Minutes ago

Michael Henderson


Comment from Michael Henderson:

backattack herbalifenutrition rippedup backday summerbody fitness nutrition thankyou qrinqa

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Shuai Li


Comment from Shuai Li:

Rest day = arm day. New video just uploaded to my channel. pengyilink yiduohe spotterlions_ke nunu_lexi_liu tiger_chiseled 619muscle dedication experience shredded sandiego worldgym backday sharing nogainnopain sportsmanship mensphysique physique bodybuilding beats aestheticrevolution Nmd nike gymfashion legday lastsetbestset neverquit musclecontest bigheart posing gymshark

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Kasper Pheiffer


Comment from Kasper Pheiffer:

Morning shape 👌🏻 morningshape lifting bodybuilding bodyengineers fitness bodybuildingmotivation fitnessrat fitnesslife fitnessmodel fitnessaddicted gains backandbiceps backday lovelife cuteone smile

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Comment from Chuck:

Working on some different poses again After a great back workout tonight. Deadlifts are finally starting to feel good again, not into double digits again yet but hit a solid 9 & 8 reps with 405 on sumo with no pain. deadlift backday classicpose classicphysique classicbodybuilding oldschoolbodybuilding vtaper vascular goldenera biceps bodybuilding savage traininsane powerbuilding powerlifting physique jacked ripped contestprep workout liftallday fitness fitfam instafit beastmode

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Comment from dinotsiokos:


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Hasan Inamul


Comment from Hasan Inamul:

Generation iron backdaysilvergymgymforce irongym ironfamilybeastdietcuttinglegends generationiron malaysian fitmalaysiabodychangebodygoalroadtomrmasjidpuncakalam bandarpuncakalam

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Zoë Brum


Comment from Zoë Brum:

Deeply rooted, I find myself swaying with the wind. Flowing with the energy, But never leaving with it. The earth runs through my veins, And I am one with it. Evolving with each moment, And strengthening my bond With the universe. -From me to You _____________________________________________- - - - ॐ changetheworld positivevibes girlsthatlift behappy health fitfam eatclean legday flourish inspire motivation happiness passion legday booty humpday backday squat art poetry bodybuilding transformation competitionprep

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Comment from elreydelaluz:

POW! Repost emeraldvisions ・・・ back & biceps workout powpreworkout weightlifting wwebig igfitness fitness backday spiderman marvel djhonda mosdef neverquit newlevels wmeraldvisions negativevisions elreydelaluz eboost

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Comment from Q.T., BS, MSIS:

I have always been fascinated with the back muscles. To me, if well developed and properly trained, it resembles a demon face. In fact, it makes up majority of the vertebrae and shouldn't be neglected. Some of my favorite exercises for the back muscles are Deadlifts and hundreds of pull-ups weekly. I am a strong believer of calisthenic exercises if I am targeting the same muscle group for that day. _ dualimpacttraining togetherwestrive founder

2 Days ago