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Shawna 🎉🍻


Comment from Shawna 🎉🍻:

First picture in months where we're both smiling 💭☺️ roughcoupleofmonths capturedararemoment baddays gooddays longroadtorecovery leekennedy20815

32 Minutes ago

Carla Brauders


Comment from Carla Brauders:

When you wake up and your tummy is being good to you 🙏🏽 fitmom fitlife gymlife pilates aerobics girlswholift girlswhotrain strongnotskinny I suffer really bad with my stomach and bloating today I felt great and wasn't in pain bloating gets you so down especially when I train so hard consistently....sometimes feel like I put all this work in and some days I look in the mirror and it is discouraging but then I've days like this where I'm not cramping and I feel great and it's these days I look in the mirror and my body shows me how far I've come and where I want to go and so I KEEP GOING 🙏🏽 you should too gooddays baddays

34 Minutes ago

ADR • Taylor Colson Horton


Comment from ADR • Taylor Colson Horton:

"And...scene." // Today is one of those days. After we survived a quick tornado touch down this morning where I physically herded my cats into our shelter, my email server crashed, I had a big ole problem with a huge job, and then to top it off - I split my pants at lunch. BUT we have sunny skies now, our house is in tact and life is going on. Have the bad day and then move on. That's my pep talk... for myself & maybe you too.

39 Minutes ago



Comment from Leonie:

Pretty Much 🤗🤗🤗 gooddays baddays change forthebetter feelingbetter

41 Minutes ago

Aniaa T.


Comment from Aniaa T.:


44 Minutes ago

Daughter of the High King👑


Comment from Daughter of the High King👑:

Thank you God i made it to march hellomarch dailydevotional ..Today marks 6months of the lifechangingexperience heartbreaking time for me never ever did i thought i would go through something like this..but I have learnedalot criedalot smile😊 becourageous brokedown healead wounds forgave & loved .. But god you have never left my side...Through my gooddays & my baddays when i feel hopeless or feel like i dont want to you, you never left my side😞💯 & even though I'm still in the eyeofthestorm .. I'm pushing through and surrendering it to you! I cant do this anymore on my own!

1 Hours ago

Stacie Davis 😘


Comment from Stacie Davis 😘:

~ When You Just Can't & Everything, Including Your Eyelashes, Hurt. ~ Rain, Most of the Time I Love You, but Sometimes I Really Really Hate You. Todays a Hate You Day. ~ 📱❤️⛈😭 ~ RAProblems GoodDays BadDays EveryThingHurts PressureInTheAir = PressureEveryWhere SickChick ChronicIllness InvisibleIllness ManDown AreYourFingerNailsThrobbing Regram PinterestGram

1 Hours ago

Luke Murphy


Comment from Luke Murphy:

Cool shot from Plywood Masters boulder_uk last weekend. This comp didn't go as well I had hoped but you have to have bad days to have good days I guess. Still had fun tho! . . roktclimbinggym beta_climbing tenayaclimbing climbonproducts climbing bouldering competition PlywoodMasters BadDays climbing_pictures_of_instagram climbing_is_my_passion klettern l'escalade

1 Hours ago

P α n α g i o t α🌸


Comment from P α n α g i o t α🌸:

SMILE • Bad days never come to an end 🐼

1 Hours ago

Lynlonsdale Chumtreenok


Comment from Lynlonsdale Chumtreenok:

If I walked from a toxic,negative,abusive,one-sided,dead-end low vibrational relationship or friendship~ I won.🙂🙃🌫🍂✌🏻🕯⌛️⚰️🖤🕳nnuttaphotographersomethingdifferentncxbk blackpurlblackworldphotoshootphotosharingsometimesboredworsefeelingeverworsebehaviorbadmoodbaddaysbadgirl

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Comment from [BrandalCrew]:

Proses latian single pertama kami. Sekaligus prepare menyambut diesnatalis sma muhammadiyah kediri 👊 baddays kedirilagi dhaniideot ariftengkek rizkykader jejecopt cesaycho anggapkamiada brandalcrew bandareot cbk kediripunkrock punkrock punk

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Comment from Geninstagram:

Càng trải qua thời gian dài, quá khứ. Những mong muốn càng lúc càng nhỏ bé hơn. Nhưng khát khao lại càng lớn lên từng ngày, từng giờ, từng phút. Không còn là những nụ hôn, những lần ôm em chặt cứng không muốn rời hay quấn quýt bên em quên hết cuộc đời, giữa bộn bề đắng cay của xã hội. Giờ với tôi, chỉ cần chạm vào em có lẽ là khát khao cháy bỏng cuối cùng mà tôi muốn. Tôi không biết làm thế nào để mọi thứ có thể quay trở lại hay làm thế nào để tiếp tục cuộc sống. Chỉ biết khắc khoải trong nỗi khát khao được ôm em nhưng không thể nào chạm tay tới baddays

1 Hours ago

sad person


Comment from sad person:

Feel really bad... Nobody Cate about me... I always would be alone 😭😭

2 Hours ago

Barbora Lovecka


Comment from Barbora Lovecka:

baddays day busy day chicago illinois road work trafik

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Comment from Katherine:

For someone who fights a chronicillness (or two) I have mostly good days... I have been working out and doing yoga and hiking and all that lately. Unfortunately the gooddays sometimes have to come to an end and I have a few baddays .I hurt my back some how yesterday so no yoga or working out today. Sigh... so it's meditation day for me.. the pain Is so strong it's making me sick. So I made homemade chickennoodlesoup

2 Hours ago

Άνια Κ.


Comment from Άνια Κ.:

🎵Because you had a bad day...🎵 traditionalart sketch fanart manga anime aph hetalia axispowershetalia aphoasis Egypt trnc Cyprus Greece Turkey baddays sadness sorrow

2 Hours ago

Lena Krzywańska


Comment from Lena Krzywańska:

wednesday chorobamęczy dopadła mnie preczchorobo badgirls baddays oldphoto instaphoto intame polishgirl polishme udanego wieczoru beng ✌😁

2 Hours ago

C a t a l i n a O p a z o 🌞


Comment from C a t a l i n a O p a z o 🌞:

🔫 . . . . . me likes instalike baddays lxl lfl l4l likexlike likeforlike like4like mgxmg likesforlikes

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❤Pinklady Tonia❤🦄


Comment from ❤Pinklady Tonia❤🦄:

baddays darkdays neversaiditwouldbeeasy instamood instagram

2 Hours ago



Comment from bizzless_:

"Nie połączyły nas słowa, przypadkowa okoliczność, trzymając Ciebie w ramionach, biegłem w obcą rzeczywistość" polishgirl sad baddays baddayssuck love miss broken 🙊

2 Hours ago