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Fernanda M. Carilao N.⚡


Comment from Fernanda M. Carilao N.⚡:

Una cosa es lo que soy y otra tan solo lo que muestro🎶. instaconce instachile chilegram baddays

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Frases Motivacionais


Comment from Frases Motivacionais:

Tudo passa! goodnightlike4likefollow4followamazingbeatifulbaddaysgooddayspeace

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Comment from Disasterpiece:

pill sad sadgirl baddays

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Anxiously Awesome


Comment from Anxiously Awesome:

On good days, take it all in. On bad days, please don't give up.

1 Hours ago

Sophie Handsaker


Comment from Sophie Handsaker:

You can't always have good days, so train as hard as you can when your motivated so when that bad day comes along you train for as long as you need! There is always the option of not turning up, but if you continue to do that you will always be left on the sideline as a spectator! Enter the arena of life on the good and bad days! asn_fuelled asnhunter anbasiapacific 6th session done for the week, that's credit to my gain train bank account 👌enterthearena gooddays baddays fitnessmodel anb asnfuelled athlete intraining asthetics selfie fitfemale puma fierce hustler fitspo abstacker abstackerteam

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Shirley Bowman


Comment from Shirley Bowman:

Your girl has had a day; my stubborn behind finally decided to make an appointment with my doc due to the pain I've been experiencing over the past few days. So, I guess I was so enthusiastic that I decided to show up an entire day early. 😖 Thankful, I woke up this morning, with some sweet soul food waiting on me. Thank you Ashley! 😘 Then while searching for a spot (which took 32 mins), I played some 5 Second Rule.... y'all this was just building me up, to find out I didn't have my appointment today. I almost cried out of frustration, BUT I stopped myself because I'm not wearing water proof mascara! 🤣 Then I got a spiritual gut punch 🤛🏾 to really set things into motion, and really think about my passion and drive for what I'm doing. 💓 Emotionally, I'm okay, and I can smile and laugh at the situation, but at the time, I'm not gonna lie... I flipped out a little bit. 🙈But, I'm thankful that I found personal development since starting this journey, and really started to focus on getting it in first thing in the morning! Because without it, I'd still be the crazy, a bit psychotic girl, pissed over what happened at 11am this morning. 😒 Now, that I'm FULL of hope, energy and positivity again, I can be the thankful, grateful, and the joyous me again. 💓 I know bad things happen in our days, but we can't let them take full control of the entire day and roll into the week. ✌🏾💕

2 Hours ago

Jess Melillo 💕


Comment from Jess Melillo 💕:

Bad moods happen. Bad days happen. LIFE happens. Usually when you aren't ready and usually when you aren't expecting it. Know that it's okay; that YOU'RE okay. That you will survive this mood, this day, this life - even if it feels like hell and even if it doesn't feel worth it. Take a break, take a breath. Have some coffee. Sit outside, enjoy the sunshine. Reflect on the days you've made it through, the moments that seemed so unliveable. Recognize and celebrate your strength - you have earned it. Take good care of YOU. ☕🌳☀️🌻

2 Hours ago

Alain Roy


Comment from Alain Roy:

😕😕 baddays hardweek hardday

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Kerry Cooley


Comment from Kerry Cooley:

Two years ago, jaaemm6 and I competed at the semi-final of scale_the_heights in Reading. Today, both of us hit a PR on our back squat. After 9 months and three squat cycles from tbc_total_body_conditioning we have both increased by an impressive 15kg each... The past few months have been tough and my training has been pretty sporadic - plus I have a love hate relationship with squats (please can I now Deadlift??) but this one believed in us both, week in week out and got us through it to the end. No more pipe cleaner legs for us!!!! timetorest wedidit noexcuses crossfit tbc totalbodyconditioning support baddays gooddays believeinyourself nomorepipecleaners thanksellenforthesupport theprogrammingworks whowantsathighgapanyway teamcooley

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Sephora Halifax


Comment from Sephora Halifax:

There's always a silver lining 💄 • lipstick humpday beauty beautyquotes baddays baddayquotes sephora

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Fashion Deals


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Comment from Tobi:

sad baddays

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Comment from ژرفا:

. Hating this routine.. badpicture baddays

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Kasia Kachouille


Comment from Kasia Kachouille:

All you need is some flexing and a heavy barbell to feel better. baddays liftingismytherapy strongisbeautiful fitfam crossfit

4 Hours ago

Shannon Loveless


Comment from Shannon Loveless:

A constant struggle between fear and confidence in everything I do fear anxiety baddays throwbacktothegooddays strength cope believe mental selfimprovement noonesaidthiswouldbeeasy

5 Hours ago

Justin Jacobs


Comment from Justin Jacobs:

Like this quote: . .. ... quote qoutes life gooddays baddays love lesson lifelesson enjoylife photo photography photographer

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Michael kasendorf

Comment from Michael kasendorf:

A domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. The term is best known as a mechanical effect, and is used as an analogy to a falling row of dominoes. You can stear which way you want the fall to go. Just because it started bad, doesn't mean it has to end that way. It's up to you. Dominoeffect abundance thechoiceisyours changeyourlife motivation goals baddays younglivingessentialoils youngliving domino mentalhealth health healthandwellness healthylifestyle life enjoy luck makeitcount makeachange changeisgood crisis

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Comment from Luci:

Když ti je nejhůř, poznáš, kdo je tvůj pravý přítel❤ fakesmilenamalovanamakeupnejlepšíkosmetičkacopaneksummerfreetimebesttimewithher❤baddaysbadgirl

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José Oliveira


Comment from José Oliveira:

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Andrea Dávila


Comment from Andrea Dávila:

Sometimes life has a better course for you🙌🏻🌈 life bestrong baddays butalwayssmiling wendnesday lastweeks mybrainhurts imdone

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