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Trudy McCrone


Comment from Trudy McCrone:

magiccirclemonday inspired by the beautiful tiffanylaceypilates 😘 I love using the Magic Circle when doing standing side splits; challenges balance, arm strength and helps my clients find correct alignment. . . . pilates monday reformer reformerpilates truepilatesandyoga balance core splits

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Comment from Balance:

Learn from our program how to effectively communicate with family and co-workers! balance

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UMZEROOITO®™ - luiz c. franco


Comment from UMZEROOITO®™ - luiz c. franco:

Pq a CAVEIRA? 📿🔱🙏🏻💀 Símbolo máximo da impermanência (anicca), nos lembra de que estamos aqui de passagem, para um crescimento espiritual e não esquecermos da igualdade de todos os seres humanos. Tudo o que sabemos, tanto no mundo interno quanto no externo, encontra-se em constante estado de mudança. "Muito antes de a Química e a Física haverem descoberto a transitoriedade e instabilidade da matéria/energia, o Buda já se dera conta da impermanência fundamental de todos os fenômenos — inclusive de tudo aquilo que um homem poderia chamar de seu "eu"; o corpo e a mente, as sensações, percepções e sentimentos são instáveis e sujeitos a mudanças. O mesmo pode ser dito de cada e toda célula em cada e toda coisa viva, incluindo o homem. Essas células estão constantemente se modificando. De fato, nada no nosso mundo físico ou mental permanece o mesmo por dois consecutivos instantes. Estabilidade real é uma ilusão. "O universo todo está num estado de fluxo, em incessante mudança. Nada é, tudo acontece. Se existência fosse um estado permanente de ser, ela não seria vida. Nascimento, envelhecimento, adoecimento e morte. 🔱umzerooito tibetan malas🔱 buddha skull prayerbeads sacredstyle malas japamalas tibetanmalas handmade lucky happiness positivethoughts goodvibrations innerpeace balance themiddlepath necklace umzeoroitotibetanmalas acessories fashion meditation yoga

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Happy Healthy Life


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keepinitreal loveyourself yourvibeattractsyourtribe acceptmyself feelhappy feelfree beautiful thankful happylife balance youramazing yourcuphastobefullfirst abundance healthylifestyle befit strongwomen happywoman happyandhealthy happyhealthylife ❤

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👣 AWarmHeartofBOS


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W I T H I N M Y Z E N . balance zen nigiri sushi smile happy iphone7 livelovelaugh life lifestyle boston krave mindfulness

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Food, Fitness & Beauty 🥑💪🏼💅🏼


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Tonight's dinner at college 💚 First time I've tried quorn chicken pieces, I loved them 👌🏼prep dinner wildrice quornchicken spinach protein carbs pesto longday college traineecounsellor healthy balance health fitness food foodie foodpic foodporn foodblogger nutrition wellness fitness weightloss glutenfree

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Derek Pang


Comment from Derek Pang:

charwakeup I'm back in my Canadian lab, here with the Flying Triangle sequence we didn't get a chance to film. You're up 10patx!! What you got?! 🙏🏼👊🏼 _____________________________________________________________ triangle flyingtriangle 10P4L getonnit yoga yogi yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere GFYW nosarayogainstitute canadianfightingcenter roufusport bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu muaythai kickboxing boxing wrestling mma martialarts fitness balance choosemust bethechange onetribe godo Check out the full video on my DEREK PANG YOGA YouTube page at:

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Verónica Vera Dávila


Comment from Verónica Vera Dávila:

Day 5: wheelpose or urdhvadanurasana of RiverYogaSMTX challenge working with the second chakra. I do not usually practice backbends regularly, so I think this pose is the best for the moment. The good thing is that I have realized my mistakes and what I have to improve from now on. I really liked this challenge, and I think I learned a lot of new things. Thanks to the lovely teachers 💞yogi_rafi and southernshantiyoga 💞 and to this amazing yogi community in San Marcos Texas! 😄😺😄😺😄😺 No suelo practicar mucho estás posturas, pero de ahora en adelante me enfrentaré a ellas con otros ojos, con más calma y quietud. Los beneficios son inmensos! Sponsors: felgatec soyoga_sanmarcos altlewbrewco yoga yogaeverywhere yogaeveryday yogachallenge yogadaily chakras balance namaste yogaeverydamnday yogalove yogapose progressnotperfection love happy inhale exhale backbend yogaenespaña yogaenespañol yogaenmalaga

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Adrianna Smallwood RD


Comment from Adrianna Smallwood RD:

Horrible dietitian confession. I have not stepped foot in the kitchen for 2 weeks...nausea, stomach sickness and all the other wonderful things that go along with pregnancy have made it almost impossible to prep or think about food without getting sick. Today...the sun is out and the fresh air is crisp so I got in the kitchen to throw together a little bbq meal of burgers, salad and some watermelon for dessert. It was amazing and mouthwatering and it didn't make me sick! Yes! Dietitian pro tip: use rolled oats and ground flax in your burgers instead of bread crumbs for more fibre! rdtips dietitiantips bbqseason burgers bbqseasoniseveryseason tastethefreshness yum getinmybelly getyourfruitsandveggies instafood foodporn balance glutenfree glutenfreeliving happyceliac wellness nutrition healthymomma

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Barre Body


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Pigeon pose perfection from empowerhealthfitness We're running a special Anzac Day timetable at most studios today so make sure you check our website or app for times.

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Matteo Maestri 🌊


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Eccolo qui il ponte del 25 aprile! closingtime fitness fitfam fitspo fitspiration gym fitnessaddict motivation balance plank planks plankvariation core corestability corestrength corestrengthening planking fitball gymworkout abs fitball swissball focus fitnation gymlife gymtime coreworkout

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Comment from lady__bugg:

I have a thing for that thing called rose_gold. golden sun earth moon balance glowup mondaymotivation sampha livemusic freebies daydate

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Samantha Gadd


Comment from Samantha Gadd:

Loving the saladbar at the visitthemarket - soo much choice 👌🏻 healthychoices sanfrancisco salad solotravel balance travellingforwork awayforwork

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Petunia 🌺


Comment from Petunia 🌺:

When your friend tells you that you look like a long fish....😂😂😂 HEADSTAND! headstand pole poledancing polefitness polegym polegymnastics strength corestrength balance curves upsidedown tattoo bodytattoo sidetattoo legtattoo ink girlswithtattoos girlswithcurves fitness

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Comment from health_mind_and_body:

Love it 😂

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Natalie Kaczmarczyk


Comment from Natalie Kaczmarczyk:

Not only did I down all this raw goodness after working all morning and then taking an incredible rejuvenating cycle class at harnesscycle, but also downed a PB protein orb from beetjar the size of my fist 😳 Sorry not sorry. When the hunger is REAL, you answer. 🤤🤤🤤 I rekindled my love with TheLand by simply being a tourist in the place where I grew up. So many things have changed (for the better) and it just brought me back to all the things I remember and have been missing lately - the lake, the energy and pride for the town and family 💕 Even if it was for just one day, the city warmed my heart and surprised me AGAIN, like it usually does ✌🏽 Never forget where you came from 💜 bc no matter how far away we may venture, where you started is always the place that steers your direction ⚓️🚗✈️ wanderlust homegrown fitnfreelife

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Mirepoix Wellness Studio


Comment from Mirepoix Wellness Studio:

✨Lovely mention of our studio on the stile.foto.cibo blog. We love seeing students find a teacher they click with and continuously show up ready to share their inspiring energy with others at the studio. Repost stile.foto.cibo ・・・ It's finally live! The ultimate blogger's guide to health and wellness is up on the blog. Designed to help you find your zen and keep fit and chill even when life gets super stressful.

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