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Comment from Amber:

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☀️Clean 💎 21 Days 🦋

Comment from ☀️Clean 💎 21 Days 🦋:

beautiful food foodporn oatmal banana 🍌 ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•<•>•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• edfam edrecovery edfamily anorexia ana anorexianervosa bedrecovery bulimiarecovery strong skinny fit diet strength weightloss healthy vegan veganlifestyle healthylife healthyeating balance motivation inspiration thin positivity 2fab4ana

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Alecia Mattsson 🇷🇺

Comment from Alecia Mattsson 🇷🇺:

Förfest på Blerims kontor 😂🎉 click_by_blero party weekend saturday dance club fun friends happiness joy live enjoy life russian girls västerås sweden balance

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Y A S M I N ॐ


Comment from Y A S M I N ॐ:

Some times you just have to let it go Leaving all my fears to burn down Push them all away so I can move on Closer to my dreams Feel it all over my being Close your eyes and see what you believe 🎶❤️ . . . . handstand backyardyoga handstandtransition crowpose bakasana handbalance handbalancing adhomukhavrksasana inversions yogagirls yogapractice yogalove yoga yogi dutchyogis yogafit balance strenght getonyourmat fitness fitdutchies fitgirlsnl fitgoals amsterdam stronggirls girlswholift yogadaily igyoga practiceandalliscoming namaste

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Rocío Gómez


Comment from Rocío Gómez:

Sábado de gym... Fuerza y tonificación con equilibrio y flexibilidad... K parecen dos palabras sin más, pero oye... Al suelo y a probar!!! K yo estoy sólo en ello... Jejeje... sábado dissabte saturday gym fuerza força force tonificación tonificació toning equilibrio equilibri balance flexibilidad flexibilitat flexibility

54 Seconds ago

Lily 📍Cambridge


Comment from Lily 📍Cambridge:

Ribeye steak hotelfelixcambridge for myself and gorgeousretriever 😍 I had no idea this place is dogfriendly and it's so close to my house 😍🐶 Happy Saturday 😘 . . . . cambridge cbgtown foodstagram hotelfelix steak instagood instafood eeeeeats foodiegram foodie nomnom carbs food leanin15 food52 eatingout delicious strongnotskinny foodie yummy foodporn balance foodforfoodies travel wanderlust foodlover hotel

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Comment from balancedbuddhaco:

It's the inside that counts. Eat green today 🍏

1 Minutes ago

Morgan Batts ☆


Comment from Morgan Batts ☆:

Quick lunch break before getting back to work 📦 and the leftovers are comin in clutch 👌🏻 baby spinach topped with baked chicken, 1/4 avocado, radishes & cilantro avocado lime sauce 🌿 Wishing everyone a happy Saturday!

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Comment from Szilvike👸💁:

🙃 smile hungariangirl instamood instapic balance healthy girl blackhair

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Asia Falken


Comment from Asia Falken:

13thskazka_yoga Яна, я не забыла))) Должок за sdy stopdropyoga отдаю верблюдами 😅🐫🐪 kusochek11 Анюта, и тебе верблюд 🐫 как договаривались😘 и ещё бросьвсеийога летит к тебе😁👌 А ещё обожаю эту песню MØ - Dust is gone🖤 yoga asana yogapose camelpose ustrasana ushtrasana backbend balance yogafun yogaholic yogagram yogahome igyoga instayoga igyogacommunity yogacommunity yogaeveryday yogaaddict yogapractice yogavideo yogarussia yogachallenge йогавброс макакасаны🐒

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Ilea Sullivan


Comment from Ilea Sullivan:

"Tantra teaches reverence for the body. Your body is the most complex phenomenon in existence. No moon, no sun, no star has such an evolved mechanism as you have. Your body is your temple. It is the greatest of mysteries." ~ Osho yoga yogaeverydamnday osho honoryourbody loveyourself respect breathe balance strength handstand lotus focus dedication trust

1 Minutes ago

Cris (Verus)


Comment from Cris (Verus):

👏🙏💪 verus verusonline hiphop love rap graffiti picoftheday follow music liberty me dope bornsinner cute outlaw carpediem ufc happy imagine rap rapmusic nevergiveup bushido goodthings nopainnogain friends cute balance positivevibes teamjesus

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Comment from katherine:

Today is an "optional" active rest day on my program. I'm really bad about doing it because I'm really bad about recovery 🙈 (bad, I know! I'm working on it!) But after early morning protein pancakes, some reflection + PD, I was feeling really strong and had a lot of energy so I took my butt to the gym! I hadn't been in weeks and it felt really good to get back in for a little bit and challenge my body differently. These 30 minute at home workouts of saved my life during the week (2.5 hour commutes are the worst) but sometimes you just need to hit the old stomping grounds on the weekend!🙌🏻🏋🏻 Family is coming over for a cookout today so I'm going to enjoy that and then tonight I am making it a point to get in some RECOVERY! 🙏🏻 Happy Memorial Day weekend!! Have fun but don't forget what and THE PEOPLE that Monday is really all about🇺🇸 . . . fitnessjourney girlswholift girlswithmuscle challenge changeyourlife gethealthy memorialdayweekend mdw remember summerbody weightloss motivation weekendworkout flex coffee followyourdreams commuter commuterlife familytime loveyourlife gains smile gym fitness healthylife healthyliving balance activerecovery gapfit

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Melissa Townsend


Comment from Melissa Townsend:

via RiplApp essentialoils wellness health doterraessentialoils doterra natural fresh nontoxic instagram  happy healthy healthyliving healthylifestyle oil diy cleanliving livingnatural healthylife doterrawellnessadvocate wellbeing naturalhealth ylangylang lavender  calming happy  peppermint happycrack balance serenity

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Васильев Виктор


Comment from Васильев Виктор:

vetal_level 🔝 ➖➖➖➖➖ ✔️ tatted_strength barsparta workout_professionals progressive_calisthenics melnikstyle daniels_laizans osvaldo_lugones smallspartan_barsparta badurgovislam eryc_ortiz sls_workout_team sashadidenko98 dima_kuzya workout workout24 workoutstyle sport slsteam style strong streetworkout planche motivation maltese competition justdoit odessa handstands calisthenic calisthenics crossfit athlete спорт горизонт streetstyle dsworkout summer barstarzz baristiworkout balance hardstyle

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carly rae


Comment from carly rae:

this heat donut lie. dying specifically over the miniature cinnamon sugar + powdered sugar vegan donuts I enjoyed. WhenInTexas IFindDonuts

4 Minutes ago

Scottie Stampone Healing Arts


Comment from Scottie Stampone Healing Arts:

indigo doodles witchesofinstagram yoga yinyang balance opposites integrate peace omshanti astrology magic nature motherearth planets 1111 22 masterbuilder queermagic dark light love

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justine maier


Comment from justine maier:

Taking the workout outside today!! It's a beautiful day in Michigan!!!!

18 Minutes ago

☀️Clean 💎 21 Days 🦋

Comment from ☀️Clean 💎 21 Days 🦋:

Homemade muffin 4 my Family! ❤️👩🏼🍰 ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•<•>•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• edfam edrecovery edfamily anorexia ana anorexianervosa bedrecovery bulimiarecovery strong skinny fit diet strength weightloss healthy vegan veganlifestyle healthylife healthyeating balance motivation inspiration thin positivity 2fab4ana

20 Minutes ago

Rebecca Linnea 🌱


Comment from Rebecca Linnea 🌱:

Back in the days I used to drink so damn much caffeine. Both coffee and the energy drink called Celsius. I thought it tasted good and that it gave me energy. But it was not real energy of course, just for a few minutes, and then I went shaky and felt extremly sick. All that caffeine also made my anxiety ALOT worse, I got panic attacks one here, one there and that made me try to escape from the anxiety. I avoided situations that had gave me panic before, be alone at home for example, and then also situations that I thought would give me panic. For example, take the bus. All the coffee also gave me iron deficiency and it was HORRIBLE, but that is another story. I do not think that energy drinks nor coffee is healthy. Well, people say that coffee is healthy but I think that it is a lie because people love coffee so much and want to hear things like that. I do not think that something that make you feel shaky, prevence your body from taking up iron and gives you headache when you do not drink it is good for the body. And energy drinks is just chemicals that will make us feel bad. If not immeditaly after we have drank it, after a couple of years. Drink it if you want anyway, but I want to take care of my body and be kind to it. Instead I drink kombucha when I want to drink something that is not water/tea/plantmilk/smoothie/juice/. It is so yummy (according to me) and very healthy and make me feel so good! Have you tried it? 😍

1 Hours ago