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Comment from Sophieboo:

Yoga is journey of self discovery. Still long journey my handstand. yogayogaforlifeyogainspirationlovemyjobhandstandstrengthbalancehappyupsidedownmindfulnesshealthylifestyledubaidubaiyogadubaiyogiskorealondonuae요가두바이홍대런던핸즈스탠드해피라이프스타일건강

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James Pickering


Comment from James Pickering:

Romanian Deadlifts are a great pulling exercise for the development of your glutes and hamstrings. Whilst training legs one should not forget the importance of muscle balance. Ensuring you do enough pulling movements to counteract your pushing movements is crucial in developing a strong and balanced lower body. personaltrainerdubai dubai legs workout bodybuilding hamstrings dubaimarina posteriorchain glutes balance instafit fit fitness personaltrainer

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Taylor Valentine


Comment from Taylor Valentine:

Day 4 of Ashtanga2pointO Pose: Frog Hosts: laraliam lightfulyogini lesliestorms missyogagirl Sponsors: aloyoga bhufoods

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Cassandra Zangas Vallery


Comment from Cassandra Zangas Vallery:

People like to think I'm always off traveling, doing something interesting... But I just spent an hour and a 1/2 cleaning my bathtub/shower, legit. 😏 detailoriented possiblyocd travel gemini balance sparkle home dontjudgeme

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george pellegrino


Comment from george pellegrino:

Missing this studio... balance darhmayogawheel yogilife yogaonacliff yogisofinstagram toomanyhashtags dailypractice dailymeditation takeitoffthemat lululemon

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Jessica ferriolo


Comment from Jessica ferriolo:

It's been a while since I posted but I love these products. Greens everyday help alkalize balance and detoxify your body while also supplying all your nutrients for the day! Get yours for just $1 a day. greens balance detoxify nutrition vitamins minerals fit health healthyliving healthylifestyle

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Comment from JACLYN BAKER 🐻⬇️:

ENOUGH SAID 👊🤷‍♀️😬🏆 Repost swanndelarosa with repostapp ・・・ mattjansen8 posted this today and I found this message EXCELLENT!! neverhopeforitmorethanyouworkforit

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PNWOCR Training Insights


Comment from PNWOCR Training Insights:

munrapoint - an unkept beast of a trail in oregon that tests the balance, endurance and mentalgrit of an ocr enthusiast. ocrtraining at its best when you tackle the 8 miles of scramble, beautiful views and the epic elowahfalls.

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Comment from Jasmine:

Become a priority in your life ✨ ____ nails peach treatyourself fashion stylist loveyourself stylist balance lifestyle sassy spring nailart levi

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Jolita Seredaite


Comment from Jolita Seredaite:

Moksha. It means liberation of the soul. Freedom from the death and birth cycle. Freedom from ignorance. Self realization. That's why we came to this world. Remember this in every single second of your existence 🙏🌷 Thank you audimas_lt for such an amazing outfits! yoga audimas lteam

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Kirk Wongk


Comment from Kirk Wongk:

Just playing around lol.. squat everyday boredom lol. Setting myself up for a gymfail 😂😂😂😂 . . . . whynot fun squats squateverday legs legday deadlifts dead powerlifting powerbuilding bodybuilding balance calisthenics fitness goals journey

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Michelle Weinhofen


Comment from Michelle Weinhofen:

Get into nature and let the mind reflect its beauty and space 🙌🏼✨snow camo from aloyoga

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Jair RYT


Comment from Jair RYT:

🔝Turn sound on 🔊The more I practice, the more I rock this!❤️ I love challenging myself🙏🏼🤗🙏🏼 Opening my heart and my back🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 The wall can be of great help! Just make sure to warm up a bit before trying this:) jairyogi handstands backbends aloyoga balance gratitude odesza love appreciation yogaflow upsidedown shoulderworkout lettinggo god journey hawaii boston salem balispiritfestival 9gag yogachallenge ashtanga2pointO thailand yogaaddict yogalover yogainspiration

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Jepun Spa


Comment from Jepun Spa:

Bent u vermoeid, heeft u een lange werkdag achter de rug of wilt u gewoon even lekker ontspannen? Bij Jepun in Genk besteden we alle aandacht en tijd die nodig is om u als herboren te laten voelen🌺💆🏼 jepun jepungenk jepunbelgie belgium belgie genk herboren luxe sfeer yoga sauna massage balance happy happiness relax relaxtime hardwork wellness body soul

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Brianne Freeman (👽😽💕🔮)


Comment from Brianne Freeman (👽😽💕🔮):

I think these are the keys to oahs strength and obliques 🤔. Well I think I should keep working these on both sides. 💁🏼😜👊🏼. . • • • Core Play. Handstand Everyday. Balance Play. InversionsMakeYouHot . . BeautyAndTheBeastMode . . • • • handstand balance yogastrong yogavideo puppypress straddle inversionjunkie

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Chioma A Nwosu💋


Comment from Chioma A Nwosu💋:

Day 23: Boat Pose or Paripurna Navasana 🤸🏾‍♂️ Often strenuous at first, this pose requires (and helps further develop) concentration and stamina. Practicing Navasana regularly will increase your ability to stay focused, internally aware, and emotionally calm. StretchRevolution navasana attune center breathe calm stillness balance tone strengthen expand practice focus equanimity nonattactment concentration stamina benefits yoga yogalife yogaeverydamnday yogini mindfulness meditation action joy love naijababe💋

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👑pxtto jimenez🍕🍔


Comment from 👑pxtto jimenez🍕🍔:

*TRANSFORMACIÓN RADICAL Atención personal (vía whatsapp) *GUÍA DE ENTRENAMIENTO COMPLETO PARA GYMNASIO Asesoría nutricional y de suplementación *REDUCCIÓN DE PESO Y DESARROLLO DE MASA MUSCULAR (HOMBRES Y MUJERES ) losresultadosson100%NATURALES. IMBOX 📲 +593959491811 .. running run instarunner trailrunner halfmarathon ultramarathon 5k10k6 yoga handstand yogapose soul spirituality meditate trueself balance meditation Igyoga quote quotes inspiring motivation fitnessquote youcandoit justbringit dreambig success quote quotes inspiring motivation fitnessquote

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Comment from GRACE:

Beautiful morning of quiet contemplation while the birds were waking up. Grateful to be alone with my breath and wonder. Now off to a special foot doctor because bunionlife ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Third Coast Birth Services


Comment from Third Coast Birth Services:

It's World Doula Week, today's photo challenge is a picture of a Doula who has made a difference in my life. This group of women has had a huge impact. I have learned so much from working beside them. Because of them, I can show up, not only for my clients, but also for my family. I can do this work that I love, in a way that's sustainable. In a way that provides our clients with the best care possible. Thankmmv1023 laurenfranzen and mayraelisab ! teamworkmakesthedreamwork worlddoulaweek2017 sustainableliving

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家長 - 젊은 왕


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