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Dee Ann


Comment from Dee Ann:

flashbackfriday This was almost 6years ago when I lost 70lbs on my own. I gained 90lbs back before I found this tool that has helped me keep it off. wls LapBand gastricband weightloss banded vsg rny paleo goals gym fitness fit fitfam wlscommunity healthyfood inspirationlive motivation fitnessmotivation gymlife lifestyle amazing keto eatrealfood survivor beastmode instafit

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Gina Rogers


Comment from Gina Rogers:

Tryin' my best to beat the shrinkage effect! Thank you to a curlytwirls video on youtube!! EVERY TIME I braid my hair, as soon as I sleep on it or sweat, the braids go from being sexy, 10" long, Lara Croft braids to 3" long, Wendy's girl kook braids?!😡😡. Well, well, well... Today I showed my hair who's the BOSS! • • banded bandedbraids curlygirl curlygirlsunite noshrinkage noshrinkageallowed naturalhair naturalhairstyles iwonthisbattle

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Dee Ann


Comment from Dee Ann:

Cause I always need more headbands. Lol. pphippierunnergiveaway And bouns is this giveaway is being done by the inspirational phitnessprincess hippierunner wls LapBand gastricband weightloss banded vsg rny paleo goals gym fitness fit fitfam wlscommunity healthyfood inspirationlive motivation fitnessmotivation gymlife lifestyle amazing keto eatrealfood survivor beastmode instafit

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Comment from Anna:

Yeah Boi 💪🏼💪🏼 If you've never done banded deadlifts/pulls I encourage you to give them a try 👍🏼 Don't be fooled by the number on the plates - the resistances on the way up is deceiving 😳 A great compound exercise variation to engage and strengthen those muscles 💪🏼💪🏼 workout gymworkout training trainingprogram weighttraining pulls deadlifts banded resistance weightlifting strength power motivation dedication womenwholift strongwomen fit fitfam ukfitfam fitspo strongnotskinny

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Jersey Waterfowl™


Comment from Jersey Waterfowl™:

Ol' Gale the hunting machine! Send us in pictures of your hunting buddy! Owner: skiffman22 duckblind duckhuntingseaon duckhunting ducksunlimited drakewaterfowl duckdog outdoorphotography waterfowler hunthard banded decoys itsanobsession greenheads alwaysinseason duck outdoorsman waterfowl newjersey camouflage smallbusiness jerseywaterfowl mallards pintail wetlands outdoors photography photoart waterfowlhunting passion wayoflife

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Comment from northamerica_waterfowl:

Dogs love ducks. sportsmansparadise duknutz huntingseason mallards tanglefree limits tagandbag whitetail duckdepression itsinmynature whatgetsyououtdoors straps sickforit campuswaterfowl drake ducksunlimited mossberg cabelas drakewaterfowl banded mossyoak teamcabelas rigemright fowl goosecalls countryboy deltawaterfowl duckboat

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Trophy Hunter | Band Yoda


Comment from Trophy Hunter | Band Yoda:

Like when you see it... flashbackfriday flashback banded bling hunting outdoors california californiahunting crowhunting markedfordeath 24isaweirdnumberforalimit bandedcrow oneoftheseisnotliketheothers firstofthree iwantmore 1800327band bandhunting bandhunter bandcollector bandassassin

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Comment from MIRANDA ✨💥:

{ oh how I enjoy a nice challenge } ~swipe for before colorcorrection endswereblue beautybymiranda

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Richard Harvey


Comment from Richard Harvey:

When the group chat goes all filthy with her straight mates 😂😂😂😂 groupchat banded ladsladslads nohomo instagay glasgow

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Comment from booch_outdoors:

Nothin like finding a little jewelry! Brother pintail banded in Alaska, harvested in Utah! 🦆 banded jewelry duck pintail alaska utah ducklife quack slayem pewpew duckboat boat booch_outdoors booneycaps

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Cory James McLaughlin


Comment from Cory James McLaughlin:

Woodduck remarque No.4 of 10...

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Duck Hunting & More


Comment from Duck Hunting & More:

From our friends lakeside_kennels go check them out!! 👍 👍 Follow dailywaterfowl for more photos!

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Cambered VWLupo /....\🚗💨


Comment from Cambered VWLupo /....\🚗💨:

Got my poke game on 🤘 vw clublupo lupogang lupo steelwheels stretch strictlystatic volkswagen camber banded brokeboys autofinesse cadbury purple deadly fitment sunny poke gameon photography tint 14 coils sunny road scene

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Band Chasers Clothing Co., LLC


Comment from Band Chasers Clothing Co., LLC:

tmnoutdoors with a beautiful banded drake mallard mount. Keep sending in your pics for a chance to be featured. bandchasers limits fowllife fatback folded fowl banded bands bling greenhead duckseason ducks duckhunting tanline bandedmallard bandedgreenhead jewelry mount feetdown bccc

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Comment from GuasNabaluHomestay:

I saw you!!! This banded linsang (endanger species) spotted at night at Guas Nabalu Trails. One of the unique experience offered by Guas Nabalu Homestay is a night walk experience in the jungle . This is just one of the many species that can be spotted. If one is lucky enough, you might encounter Bornean Bear or Leopard etc. wild ,animals ,wildanimals ,endangeredspecies ,beautifulcreatures ,nightwalk ,nightwatch ,borneoforest ,hunting ,catfamily ,guasnabaluhomestay ,banded ,linsang ,bandedlinsang

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Eric Strub


Comment from Eric Strub:

His and her matching bracelets, guy style. hunting thegreatoutdoors hunt valhalla banded bbl honkers canadageese goosehunting geese goose

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Comment from brokenenglishjewelry:

Finest quality of diamonds will dress up any outfit 🙌🏽 anitakojewelry vramjewelry double curve ring with white pave diamonds gold chevron double banded belt bracelet BrokenEnglishJewelry

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Jayden Lovely


Comment from Jayden Lovely:

EDC21 SkyDeck Banded edc2017 undertheelectricsky

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Comment from gemsocean:

Price is $18 for 1 Pieces Banded Onxy Moon flat back cabochon 31MM AAA+ Quality 100% Banded onxy moon Lot num. 1431 Price$ 18 First person to write ME,MINE or SOLD in the comments gets the gems In the image Person claiming this lot should have a PayPal account or western union payment accepted 23/6/2017 rutile labradorite Tigereye rainbowmoonstone moonstone healingcrystals turquoise cabochon jewelry healingstones handmade purplelabradorite bluelabradorite

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Elle Aitch


Comment from Elle Aitch:

Italy as Art: The Double Life ___________________________ Walking towards this beautiful building it looked like a stunning piece of architectural design. Upon arrival it was clear the place had been abandoned before completion and was now graffiti clad. The metal fences and overgrown ground added an air of neglect. There are many such places in Roma and Italy where the money ran out. Such a shame. ____________________________ clouds beauty bandw blackandwhite monochromerome monochrome iphone5 neglect architecture architect modernarchitecture stripes concept art disappointment stunning visual elleaitch therealblondeabroad realblondeabroad northerner londoner roma🇮🇹 rome🇮🇹 italia🇮🇹 italy🇮🇹striped banded

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