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Thomas Tourville


Comment from Thomas Tourville:

ChestDay . Chest & shoulders today! More chest focused, later on in the week ill have a workout more shoulder focused! Workout listed below! Pump brought to you by integritydriven pre performance stack! Get 10% off your order using code Thomas10 at checkout! . Incline Barbell Bench 4 working sets of 5 after warmups . Flat dumbbell bench superset with lateral db raises 4 sets . Slight incline db fly superset with front delt raises 4 sets . Machine chest fly superset with seated lateral delt machine 4 sets

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Kearson Petruzzi

Comment from Kearson Petruzzi:

I'M BACK AT IT.❤❤🏋️‍♀️ - - - - First workout in 10 days because of the flu and strep throat and it feels so good to train again.😍😍😍 I was honestly so lost without it. The only thing that sucks though is that I PR'd on deadlifts the day before I got sick and today 135 was hard 🙄☹️☹️☹️ I'm gonna push extra hard to get back on track with my strength. It was definitely a very happy Monday.😊 - - - - MyFitnessPal: kearsonbree BodySpace: kearsonbreefit - - - gymshark gymsharkwomen beavisionary iifym iifymgirls flexibledieting girlswithmuscle girlswholift fitteen motivation inspiration nutrition foodaddict powerlifting bodybuilding powerbuilding gym strong fitfam bodybuilder carbs foodie healthy gains macros weightlifting dedication neversatisfied gainingweightiscool

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Christian Davis


Comment from Christian Davis:

Fun back/shoulder workout for everybody to try. 4x8-12 seated row 3x15x12x8 t-bar row 4x15 rope Lat pull down 5x10x8x8x6x5 Db Arnold press Superset 4x15 lateral raise w/ front raises Superset 3x12 Behind the back shrugs w/ shrugs

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Caitlyn Block


Comment from Caitlyn Block:

Stop wishing for shit to happen. _ Stop waiting for some "sign" to tell you to do something. _ Stop waiting for tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. _ Stop waiting for the approval of other people. _ Start doing doing what you want and start NOW. _ Remain where you have been for months/years or do something about it. _ Need help getting started? Feel free to DM me or email me ➡️

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Meghan Clark


Comment from Meghan Clark:

Today begins national eating disorder awareness week. So for the next few days (maybe not everyday, maybe every other, maybe the next 3 or 4 idk) I'm going to talk about a different aspect of it each day and share a little bit of my story. Today I want to talk about fear foods. We grow up without a care in the world. Not caring about what kind of food we eat or how bad it is for us. But part of disordered eating is needing to feel a sense of control. So with any disordered eating patterns comes a fear of certain foods, even ones that we love. Even ones that may not be bad for us. Some of mine were pop tarts, donuts, peanut butter, pizza, crackers, and cheese. I saw these foods as "bad" back then because of their density. Because of their fat content and media popular trend of "fat is bad for you" and "carbs are bad for you". I felt that I needed to have a sense of of control over what I ate. I thought if I ate any of these I would instantly gain 10 lbs. So I avoided them like the plague or only ate them in super small amounts. That was my way of having control over my body. None of those foods are bad for you. I don't believe in "bad" foods anymore. Only nutritionally dense and calorically dense. In the right combination you can enjoy both and still be healthy and happy. It took me years to get to that point. And I struggled with it daily until I did. By allowing myself to slowly begin eating them normally again and arguing with my own mind. But IT IS POSSIBLE to work through it. It's possible to get better and enjoy the foods that once caused you to cower away in fear. Never be ashamed of yourself because there's always someone out there who's struggled or is struggling too. And remember that it's more than okay to get help.

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Comment from #BuiltByScience:

...But wait, There's more! Swipe Left ⬅⬅ Shout-out to zaramen stores for having the best lighting in their fitting room ! lol

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Comment from wedmarkoscar:

Really starting to enjoy this working out thing 😃💪🏻🔛🔝

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Comment from eddiefitt:

If you dream it, you can do it! beavisionarylivetoinspirepumpchaserseverforwardteamfluffyalphaleteathleticsapeathleticsmotivationisthekey🔑killeveryworkoutlikeitsyourlast

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Kasey Lee


Comment from Kasey Lee:

Pink and grey gymshark paired with my cherry blossom nike 👌🏻

1 Hours ago

Andrew Yeater


Comment from Andrew Yeater:

Had a pretty solid push workout so I figured a side chest pose was necessary. Thanks str8_flexin31 for being my photographer and catching that sick angle! Peep that killer mustache.

1 Hours ago

Brandon Flores


Comment from Brandon Flores:

Let's get it🎥 BFITNATION alphalete gym teenbodybuilding gains squats mensphysique alphaletegym sixpack cutting aesthetics bodybuilder fitfam nutrition transformation fitnessmodel motivation muscle beavisionary shredded youtube gymshark bodybuilding fitspo

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Jessica Cheyenne


Comment from Jessica Cheyenne:

One thing I hear so much from girls that are just starting to workout or wanting to start is that they're doing it for their significant other; to make him/her happy. Honestly, that breaks my heart. If you want to start, start for YOU! If you want to begin this journey make sure it's for all the right reasons because if it's for all the wrong ones chances are you will not have a healthy mentality during the process or possibly fall off. If you do it for yourself you will learn to love yourself at all stages regardless of what anyone else thinks. When you learn to love and appreciate yourself along the way it's so much easier to keep that fire inside ignited and keep crushing your goals. Be your own motivation. Be your own wonder woman. Do it for your damn self. motivationmonday • • • **winner of the pescience giveaway is xobeautifuljen - DM me your address and the product you want! and I decided to choose a second winner kaileeguti DM your address so I can send you some samplessss ❤ • • quads gains goals dontskiplegday glutepump girlswhosquat legday IIFYM traininsane fitfam khfitfam khwc17 dedicated progress obsessed physique fitness instafit buildabooty grindandbegrateful bestself bodybuilding bepardomas selflove legday igniteyourfire youverusyou lvft beavisionary workout

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Martin Ruste🇳🇴


Comment from Martin Ruste🇳🇴:

Gymshark🐬 Be a visionary!💥💥 gymshark beavisionary

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Brandon Moore


Comment from Brandon Moore:

THEME OF THE WEEK! Have a ROLE MODEL!! Role models are more than just a picture of someone you hang on your wall. They stand for a set of beliefs, express those beliefs through their actions, and inspire others in the process. I strive to be a role model for fitness, optimism, and consistency. Who are your role models?? Today for leg day mine was the Captain!! He sure didn't fail cause I hit a new PR of 265 lbs on squat! Progression little by little!!!!

1 Hours ago

Cayla Conforti 🐳


Comment from Cayla Conforti 🐳:

On Wednesdays (mondays) we wear pink🐷

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Comment from Lau:

Tiniest hint of an ab 👀 I've just had an epic game of Lego Harry Potter on the PS4 with the brother 😁 with yummy chilli and homemade guac (which may or may not have been followed by cheesecake 😉) Safe to say this hint-of-ab has gone into hibernation for the evening 😂 Hope you've all had a fab start to the week! P.S. it's officially my birthday week 😀😀😀😀 esssssited doesn't even cover it!! HermionieAtHeart HarryPotterIsLife avocadolove foodbaby

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Spam/Backup ~ Active Though 💥


Comment from Spam/Backup ~ Active Though 💥:

Go follow my fitness instagrams cameronmatthis cameronmatthis __________________________ gymshark gymsharkwomen muscles natural fitnessmodel abs vascularity aesthetic gainz fitness transformation lift workout chestday legs back halfnatty bulking cutting shredded leanbulk beavisionary physique fitfam bodybuilding powerbuilding powerlifting

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Meghan Clark


Comment from Meghan Clark:

A little chest and delt superset for y'all from my workout this morning. ELEVATED PUSH UPS & PLATE PRESS. Both are chest dominant movements, but did you know your delts are an assistant muscle to your pecs? My delts were on fire after this. For push-ups your back should be flat and your entire body should like it's in line (I know I stray a little here but I'm still getting my strength back). For plate press your arms should remain close to your body when at your sides and you should be squeezing the plate together in your hands as much as possible and focusing on the mind muscle connection so that you feel it in your chest. Try 4 sets of 10 each. ---------------------------------- YouTube: Meghan Clark For help with training or nutrition: ------------------------------- Don't forget your daily votes for the mshealthandfitness 2017 contest! Just click the link in my bio. Thank you for your support! 💙💙

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Matt Campion


Comment from Matt Campion:

After the defeat decided to back down and hit a PR of 145kg for 5x5! squats legday squat strengthtraining strength strong powerlifting powerlifter power gymshark gymlife gym beavisionary fitnessaddict fitfam fitspo fitness fit instafitness instafit bodybuilding matthechampion aesthetics alphalete lifestyle inspire goals dedication motivation progress

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Matt Campion


Comment from Matt Campion:

Not quite sure what happened tonight was aiming for a 170kg 3x1 but just didn't have it! Putting it down to being ill at the back end of last week! squats squat legday strengthtraining strength strong powerlifting powerlifter power gymshark gymlife gym beavisionary fitnessaddict fitfam fitspo fitness fit bodybuilding matthechampion aesthetics motivation dedication goals inspire alphalete lifestyle

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