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David Bowie


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• A New Career in a new Town • Photo Credits : bowiebrilliance davidbowie davidrobertjones bowie 70s rocknroll rockmusic classicrock artrock synthrock berlintrilogy berlinera berlinbowie berlinyears anewcareerinanewtown bowievinyl low heroes lodger isolarII stage scarymonsters andsupercreeps ashestoashes pierrot theinsanepoet fashion bowielegacy vocalist

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Comment from Juho:

Ziggy said he will be right back. Meanwhile, I'm looking after his drink davidbowie berlin haupsstrasse 155 159 ziggystardust berlintrilogy legend idol rolemodel

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Comment from Juho:

There's a starman waiting in the sky He'd like to come and meet us But he thinks he'd blow our minds davidbowie ziggystardust thinwhiteduke rocknrollsuicide berlintrilogy myidol ziggywentbackhome

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★ David Bowie Blackstar ★

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Repost saracaptain ・・・ 'I AM NOT A ROCK STAR, YOU SEE' (DETAIL) gouache, acrylic inks, Berol Prismacolor pencils on plywood davidbowieportrait davidbowieart berlintrilogy heroes berlinbowie bowie1977 davidrobertjones davidbowieheroes contemporaryart davidbowie bowie

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Sara Captain


Comment from Sara Captain:

'I AM NOT A ROCK STAR, YOU SEE' (DETAIL) gouache, acrylic inks, Berol Prismacolor pencils on plywood davidbowieportrait davidbowieart berlintrilogy heroes berlinbowie bowie1977 davidrobertjones davidbowieheroes contemporaryart saracaptain

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Comment from Joaquim:

Berlin series II - We could be heroes

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Comment from 🌟STARMAN🌟:

⭐⭐⭐⭐ "AT NINETEEN I THOUGHT I HAD SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO I find it important to communicate with myself..I haven't met DAVID JONES for such a long time...that I have to get to know him all over again." ~DAVID BOWIE~ On shedding his personas and getting "real" During the Berlin Era...PHOTO BOWIE ISOLAR II...⚡⭐🎶🎸 QUESTION: What BOWIE era do you prefer? davidrobertjones davidbowie berlintrilogy berlinbowie IsolarII bowiefreak_73

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STUDIO 1f. Matthias K. Heschl


Comment from STUDIO 1f. Matthias K. Heschl:

Interbau 1957.

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Comment from Berni:

Bowie pilgrimage! BerlinTrilogy

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Filip Wójtowicz


Comment from Filip Wójtowicz:

we can be heroes forever and ever (umrę spełniony, skompletowałem winylową berlintrilogy) jeszcze z francuskim

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Rubin Kodheli


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Comment from 🌟STARMAN🌟:

⭐⭐⭐⭐ "MY MOTHER WAS father was Protestant...there was always this debate going on...I think those days we called them arguments about who was right...and who was wrong." ~DAVID BOWIE~ I don't think it matters the matters the relationship...Photo of BOWIE 1978..LAST POST FOR ME...Have a great Day...☺🌹⭐ davidrobertjones davidbowie berlinbowie berlintrilogy rockicons rocklegends bowiefreak_73

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Camille Aboudaram


Comment from Camille Aboudaram:

👨🏻‍🎤 Floor tiles of David Bowie and Iggy Pop's apartments' building, Berlin. . . davidbowie bowie iggy iggypop berlin berlintrilogy fandom fan schöneberg floor tiles patterns photooftheday memoria pilgrimage rocknroll personalproject iggypopofficial

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BeatMix App

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BeatMix of randy.cano and davidbowie // bowie berlintrilogy low speedoflife 70sbowie videoart videoartist motioncapture muppets dancing 3danimation danceparty edits videoapp bigeyeball

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Vinyl Records


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David Bowie - "Heroes" 🇬🇧 1977. RCA Victor Records. davidbowie heroes berlintrilogy eno rcavictor artpop classicalbum vinyl vinyljunkie vinylcollection recordcollection instavinyl mysticriverman

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Icon By: @stickerylbbh


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I haven't posted in awhile what even??? Ahh I've been so busy. I might be moving so I've got packing and cleaning up to do! I love this picture of David. He looks like he's either trying to hide or play peek a boo. He's adorable. I went to the mall today and seen the new Spider-Man movie. It was great. I loved it. Then I went to the cd store to get the Scary Monsters album but they didn't have it so I had order it, they said it should be in next week. I did go to hot topic and get a Bowie shirt. I'll post pictures on my story. I was so happy. I had a good day. I hope everyone is having a good day too. davidbowie lyrics music scarymonstersandsupercreeps davidbowielove musiclove bowie⚡️ love davidjones majortom ziggystardust thinwhiteduke stationtostation berlintrilogy

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Giacomo Pepe


Comment from Giacomo Pepe:

David Bowie, Low - 1977 davidbowie bowie berlintrilogy popvinyl vinyl popvinylatic instamusic jam listentothis love lovethissong music myjam newsong photooftheday pop song songs hifi vintage lp 45rpm 33rpm vinile dance disco record vinylcollectionpost

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Comment from 366songs:

David Bowie smolders Saturday with "African Night Flight" • 8/12/17 • 1979 • Click link in bio to find and listen listentomusic music musicblog musicblogger minimalist songoftheday daily instadaily rocknroll rocknrollmusic 1979 davidbowie bowie lodger africanightflight postpunk punk postpunkrock artrock world worldrock avantart avantpop 70smusic 70srock tonyvisconti brianeno berlin berlintrilogy

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Rachel Carfoot


Comment from Rachel Carfoot:

We could be heroes ❤️ DavidBowie davidbowieberlinyears wecouldbeheroes davidbowiememorial berlin berlintrilogy seventies davidbowiemyhero bowie bowielove bowieforever emotional germany

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Darren Rogers Shaper


Comment from Darren Rogers Shaper:

Another tough little guy in my backyard, or lounge room as I prefer to call it...hear my Bowie playing in the background.. album is Low . echidna tough dontmesswithme davidbowie low lovebowie berlintrilogy

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