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Comment from whyhellothere30:

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Courtney Meringer ❤️


Comment from Courtney Meringer ❤️:

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Willow Madison Spears


Comment from Willow Madison Spears:

Don't hate, blame, or be ride to others. Everyone learns new things everyday, and sometimes that person needs guidance. Help them and encourage them, and they will look up to you for your kindness. Always be grateful for these moments, and always treat them well. Building others up is important. It is important that you can help others, and they want to seek your kindness. Be nice, be grateful, be the best version of you, and always building others up. Spread positivity and kindness, because we need that more in this world. encourage help begrateful letgodshowyoutheway kindness bestrong beateam positivity healthylife

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Comment from Steffi:

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Comment from Sarah - ILOVEMYSELF:

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Picture from maelgoffin 📷 strong strongwoman bestrong photography positivity positivequote positivity qotd igquote belgianblogger blogueusebelge igphoto igptg pligfr likeforlike photoshoot fitgirl fitbody goals loveyourself

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Ammar Dorara


Comment from Ammar Dorara:

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Comment from Amanda-Lynn:

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has come over it." - John 1:5

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Ashtanga with Olivier David


Comment from Ashtanga with Olivier David:

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Dwi Pada Sirsasana has always been a struggle for me. From my experience the practice teaches us not to perfect every posture but to accept and embrace our obstacles and weaknesses. The struggle it takes to work through them and to never stop working and learning. Lastly it teaches us to stay humble about our strengths by knocking us down every once in while, don't let it get you down it's all part of the process 😊. Embrace the daily practice and the journey of life, there is no end goal. Only to accept, embrace and enjoy the path of our sadhana in life! Be present, slow down,embrace, accept and enjoy your practice and life today 😊🙏🏽❤️. . . . . . . . yoga yogi ashtanga ashtangayoga yogapose yogalove yogachallenge yogadaily yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogaeverywhere mysorestyle sharathtour2017 bestrong beinspired loveyoga yogalife practicepracticepractice menofyoga

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Comment from Joni:

Build a strong body and increase arm strength 💪💪💪 handstand adhomukhavrksasana strong yoga asana yogapractice yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere yogachallenge yogainspiration yogalover yogi mensyoga bestrong motivation inversion iloveyoga masterclass เครนะ ตามนั้น

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Comment from ➳Terpsichore_photography:

Je l nam nešto teško u životu? Više ne... 🌨🌬🌪 __________ race ultratrail traulrunning hard mountain fog rain peak bestrong goon goout outdoor love smile 24k

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Raffaelli Snackers // RS


Comment from Raffaelli Snackers // RS:

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Kathi 🇩🇪 bbg ❤️


Comment from Kathi 🇩🇪 bbg ❤️:

Nicht ohne meinen hoddie 😅 🐳💦 alter war das warm... Jetzt Sonne, Strand und See 🙌 schönen Sonntag euch ✌️ reeboknikestartyourdayrightfitgymtomtom sportfitnesssportsbodypumppowernoexcuses motivationbefitbestrongstrongworkoutpump pushpullkaylaitsinesbbgmachdichwahrmcfit sundayfunworkhardtraintraining

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Call me TASH ⚕


Comment from Call me TASH ⚕:

Le hasard n'a pas sa place dans mon alimentation. 😉 Un menu très facile à réaliser et 100% Paléo : Une bonne grosse salade du marché, du poulet Bio, des tomates, des œufs, quelques pommes de terre (oui les pommes de terre sont PALÉO!) et une cuillère à soupe d'huile d'olive. Sans oublier le piment, le curry, le poivre et les herbes. Bon appétit ! 🌳 eatyourgreens / / TASH KnowbetterDobetter🔑 WELIFTWEIGHTS.WORDPRESS.COM (Sciences de la Santé, Nutrition, CrossFit! Lien en Biographie).

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Lauren Boorer


Comment from Lauren Boorer:

🙌🏻 words to live by at the mo. Bad times always end!! bestrong badtimeswillend keepheadup

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Anusha Khan


Comment from Anusha Khan:

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🦁Nas Umar🦁


Comment from 🦁Nas Umar🦁:

Sabar & Solat itu kuncinya... Salam 2 Ramadhan . . lofattah bestrong neelofa fattahamin doadansolat sabardansolat lofattahkamimahu

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Susana Isabel


Comment from Susana Isabel:

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anwar ozza


Comment from anwar ozza:

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Claudia J Giblin Enright


Comment from Claudia J Giblin Enright:

Stop the voices in your head Mom's "You are enough" countrymusic Don't let anyone keep you small. Gone country and I am ok with it. bestronggetupsylvesterstallonedrinkthoseraweggs.fightforyourlife

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Emanuele Rud Di Mario


Comment from Emanuele Rud Di Mario:

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