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Comment from ChiyoPlays:

Yes! Here it is guys^_^ I meant to post this earlier but I've been so busy these last few days! newbuild pcupgrade computer somuchbetter beautiful sohappy asus nvidia intel fractal new newpcbuild neatandtidy wireorganization mytech gamingpc organized tidy clean gamerhappiness soquiet nomoreoverheating improvement bigimprovement gaming gamer pcgaming happiness

2 Days ago

18 | Carpenter & Roof Plumber


Comment from 18 | Carpenter & Roof Plumber:

Back to when the cruiser was a deadset farm truck and I was a broke first year 😂 throwbackbigimprovement

2 Days ago

Marci Mangham


Comment from Marci Mangham:

I love doing makeovers bannonmakeover bigimprovement stillacreep byebye idomakeovers sendmeapic ineedahobby

3 Days ago

Dandy Lines


Comment from Dandy Lines:

WE ARE OPEN! Getting things set up to do some painting on our store front! But don't let the scaffolding scare you away!! Louise and I are here til 5:30 today..... come say HI! and see what's cooking at the shoppe today.... Some new product has arrived and we will post some of the new arrivals today as well! renovations paint facade storefront lovedowntownpg smallshop smallbusiness BIGimprovement

3 Days ago

Kevin Lindsay


Comment from Kevin Lindsay:

First selfie with my new phone. God this makes me happy. newphone iphone7 quality bigimprovement

4 Days ago



Comment from AndrewsWeldingFab:

Just thought I'd share a recent purchase of a set of Hercules drill bits that I picked up a couple of weeks ago from Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight has stepped up their game with a new line of tools under the Hercules nameplate. The quality and how rigid they are is night and day difference in comparison to the previous generation drill bit sets. The case is similar to Milwaukee brand and they are split points with a 135* angle rather than the weak 118* that doesn't work that well for metal drilling. The black oxide bit in the first picture is for comparison of the flute length which doesn't produce as round of a hole in comparison due to flex while drilling. I have put them through the paces drilling multiple holes including some 1" plate steel. Extremely quick cutting while ejecting chips in smaller pieces. Most have 3 flats on the shank for a firm bite in the drill chuck. So for $20, you can't go wrong being 135* and titanium coated. I don't get compensation for my two cents on this just to be clear. andrewsweldingfab metalworking welding fabrication herculestools drillbit splitpoint tools tooljunkie toolsofthetrade &toolreview harborfreight bigimprovement dealoftheday

5 Days ago

Robyn Boswell


Comment from Robyn Boswell:

Smashed 5k in the best time so far 🙌🏻💪🏻bigimprovement fitness goals

5 Days ago

Tommy Youn


Comment from Tommy Youn:


7 Days ago

Mitch Henderson


Comment from Mitch Henderson:

Here's a short video to follow up the one I posted earlier. This is after multiple steps of block sanding and one step of polishing. It is by no means perfect, but it's a huge improvement over what it was. progress bigimprovement chevelle oldpaint mobetta

7 Days ago

Carl Johnston


Comment from Carl Johnston:

Another day in the gym today 35 min spin and then into upper body and chest day I'm in a zone now can c big improvements coming on 💪💪💪 mondaymotivation gettingstronger workout chestday bigimprovement inthezone

7 Days ago

Layne Clark


Comment from Layne Clark:

Thanks Grandpa John for filling in the old basement and for coming to our rescue when we got a flat tire towing home the cutter. imgoingtomissthe12footweeds justkidding bigimprovement

8 Days ago

Calum Bennett


Comment from Calum Bennett:

🚨Progress Alert🚨this may not seem like much to some people but this is a massive step for rebeccaann8830 a few weeks ago she struggled to do one or two of these but after a lot of hard work (and a little bit of moaning 🤓) she has made some really impressive gains in strength and now has managed multiple sets of multiple reps 💪🏼💪🏼 onwards and upwards and I look forward to see what progress we WILL keep making!! Great work!! priority6 bythepowerofgrayskull personaltrainer b3pt boom pb p6 functional getfit behealthy smashedit dips gains onwardsanupwards dontmissout alwaysimproving alwaysworkshard bigimprovement crushingit positivemindset makeitahabit

10 Days ago

Jusitn Wenzel


Comment from Jusitn Wenzel:

Fresh white cabinets thewoodentoolbox subwaytile agedbronze 1ststep clean brightenuparoom bigimprovement last pic was the before!

11 Days ago

Christy Veitch Nevel


Comment from Christy Veitch Nevel:

Stressing the importance of make up!!! makeup nomakeup girlproblems betterwithmascara bigimprovement redheads blah gettingoldsucks smile selfie wednesday humpday lulasarah lularoe lularoecarly kidstolemymakeupbag

12 Days ago



Comment from Cortni:

I'm no joannagaines and I could definately use my own chipgaines ,but I did my best at my homeimprovement . 👩🏻‍🔧 bathroommakeover beforeandafter loveit bigimprovement hgtv hereicome theregoesthesecuritydeposit 😂

15 Days ago



Comment from IsH3R3aL:

bigimprovement from yesterday mija wanted to hit all the parks today

15 Days ago

Ally of House VioletSkyBlue


Comment from Ally of House VioletSkyBlue:

Nuvolino and Steve are non human-friendly rescued budgies but are slowly coming around :) So proud of my 2 babies bigimprovement budgiesofinstagram budgies parakeets rescuedpets sspca budgietraining

16 Days ago



Comment from ross_kelk:

Looking good at the Stirzakerwedding 😂😂 weddingday lads bigimprovement

16 Days ago



Comment from Jessica:

Flexibility! Bam! This could be you! I can help! flexible yoga kickingbutt jessgettininshape bigimprovement 21dayfix gettingthere

17 Days ago

Faith Girard


Comment from Faith Girard:

workingongettingalongbigimprovementpennylanecleomyfamiliar catsofinstagram

17 Days ago