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Buy A Country Mile


Comment from Buy A Country Mile:

The main bathroom Top photo before I painted to get some light in there...after 3 coats of paint I love how it came up buyacountrymile bathroom white diy farmhouse farmhousehappy bigimprovement jojomademedoit

7 Hours ago

Ben mason


Comment from Ben mason:

5 months later and I'd say he's ready for the season to start. golf lesson bigimprovement

1 Days ago

Abbey Douglas


Comment from Abbey Douglas:

Love my new hair 💇🏼🌈🦄 newhaircut sidefringe thickhair 2017 bigimprovement lol

1 Days ago

Cole Graczyk


Comment from Cole Graczyk:

I will never be satisfied! When I look back and see what iv done so far it makes me so damn proud of myself I roughly put on 35lbs in the last 2 years. Am I where I want to be?? Heck NO! But thank God I'm not where I use to be! determination mindset makinggains gains bigimprovement bodybuildinglifestyle bodybuilding bodybuilder fitnessgoals fitness fitnessmotivation fit beastmode mindovermatter beast nevergiveup reachforthestars gettingit abetterme

1 Days ago

Wizard Of Loz


Comment from Wizard Of Loz:

Today's workout. Knocked it up a notch! BAM! New PB on energy saved and calories burned. Totally can have pizza for the second night in the row now right? RIGHT?! Seriously these machines are the greatest weight loss inspiration. lifestylefitness stationarybike cadio workout feltthisone excercise push tired bigimprovement fitness

3 Days ago

Vision Landscape, LLC


Comment from Vision Landscape, LLC:

Minor pruning, added a few bloom-a-thon azaleas and spread black platinum mulch. ftthomaslandscape lowbudgetbigimprovement donein30min

4 Days ago

Shades of Soho


Comment from Shades of Soho:

I didn't get to take the cellophane off the new lampshade we did. They came in the store to pick up, with the lamp & old shade. I just happened to be there, seeing the old & new so I asked to take a beforeandafter photo. The lamp & shade on the left is how the shades on those lamps all come in- mushroom pleated and plastic on the inside. Usually they're some version of cream color and sometimes they're black and/or faded. Plastic cracks so they realize it's time but really it was time 20 years ago! They also realize you can't just find that short oval shade on the shelf somewhere. This isn't something you can just stick a madeinchina hardback linen drum on. We had to custom make a frame that size and shape to fit that dual candle lamp. We made it in our copper fabric with trim. bigimprovement lampdoctor refinishing homedecor interiordesign antique sentimental elegant richer shadesofsoho

4 Days ago



Comment from lizzienew22:

selfie shamelessselfie timetodomymakeup valencia loveafilter bigimprovement

4 Days ago

Bridget Fox


Comment from Bridget Fox:

Yep... 👍The infamous giffongrip rocks! No more fiddling around with clay wads. Took a little while for my brain to decipher the assembly instructions😜 trimmingtool newtools newtoolsarecooltools toolingup potterytool pottrimming potterymaking speedinguptheprocess wip potterylife bigimprovement efficiency gooddesign

6 Days ago

Bridget Fox


Comment from Bridget Fox:

Tooling up! Super excited to try my new giffingrip ...the Cadillac of trimming tools. Love the smart packaging! Being primarily a hand builder with a frugal mind I could never justify getting one. Now that I'm mixing a lot more wheel throwing in the time had come to indulge in one🙌 newtool toolingup trimmingtool potterytool justifiedpurchase gooddesign studiolife speedinguptheprocess potterylife smartpackaging bigimprovement newtoolsarecooltools

6 Days ago

Mrs. Charliebeen 👸🏼


Comment from Mrs. Charliebeen 👸🏼:

First time cooking shrimp for one one 💕 he's eating so well lately 👍🏻 keep it up son! 一媽周末廚房 一媽煮飯仔 煮給寶寶小心意 homemade blw bigimprovement cookingfor mylovelyboy babyboy son

6 Days ago

Wizard Of Loz


Comment from Wizard Of Loz:

corbyd is really getting onboard with songs. This is him singing his favourite. songs sing toddler cure accent doodoodoodoodoodo shark mummyshark daddyshark learning bigimprovement

7 Days ago

Kayla Butterworth


Comment from Kayla Butterworth:

I think I look rather cute. 😂. bigimprovement cute halfdoghalfhuman

8 Days ago

Lauren Bruce Wodicka


Comment from Lauren Bruce Wodicka:

Painting cabinets the perfect shade of gray gave this client's kitchen a quick overhaul to put on the market! puritangray benjaminmoore We also added subwaytile and new counters. Ripping out old microwave for a stainless hood and refinishing floors did the trick too! . . . . . . simplechanges kitchenreno laurenbrucestudio gray home bigimprovement design

9 Days ago

Tyler H


Comment from Tyler H:

What a difference a haircut and beard trim makes, 2017 is a year for improvement and a whole new me p. Learned a lot in 2016 selfsuccess bigimprovement

9 Days ago

Reflective Design


Comment from Reflective Design:

We are in love with our transformstiontuesday this week! This guest likes to take care of her own roots in between services with box color. 😤 It is always a struggle to get her highlights to pull even because of that. We are happy with this result. . . . . hair beforeandafter haircolor haircut bigimprovement highlights colorcorrection utahhair utahsalon utahhairstylist stylistshelpingstylists licensedtocreate behindthechair

11 Days ago

Jason Coghill


Comment from Jason Coghill:

newkiln bigimprovement paragonkilns mountainglass 710life boro borolifestyle glassblower canadaglass canadianglassblowers 420 420🍁 timetomelt

11 Days ago

Crystal Griffin


Comment from Crystal Griffin:

I'm so proud of my daughter Abigail. Congratulations sweetie. proudmom honorroll bigimprovement iknewyoucoulddoit loveyou

11 Days ago

Jon Wagstaff


Comment from Jon Wagstaff:

Love this girl ESS agility classes bigimprovement

11 Days ago

The Beauty Barn


Comment from The Beauty Barn:

Before and After Brow tint and Re-shape, client still needs to grow her eyebrows slightly to achieve the desired shape, but work in progress!! eyebrows bigimprovement mummytime bourtononthewater cotwolds cotswoldlife cotswoldwedding beauty stowonthewold bourtononthewater newmum workinprogress 07907024364

13 Days ago