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Charlie B


Comment from Charlie B:

What makes this team awesome is that they frequently force you to learn! I hit single legs on my partner here a ton last week. This week? Not at all. It's awesome seeing that because he patched up a hole, I'm forced to evolve. In this case, going to the double leg. It's not pretty, but it works. These folks are awesome! bjj mma grappling jujitsu jiujitsu Toronto mma wrestling 6ixmma

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National Martial Arts


Comment from National Martial Arts:

Good times!!! bjj tntoproller nmaoakridge nmaknoxville bjjlifestyle

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Work hard, but remember that nothing lights up the brain like play. || mindfulliving livekekoa

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Chris Rice-Jones


Comment from Chris Rice-Jones:

Rise and grind people. When you can't find the time you've got to make the time⌚☕. Always look to improve, move foward, today's a fresh start to make it happen MAKE EVERY HOUR COUNT. . . . . . mma getahead motivation books muaythai jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu grappling catchwrestling grappler hustling hustler gym workout fitness motivationalquotes grind fitfam healthy bodybuilding goodvibes goodenergy positivity books positivevibes crjbjj bjj bjj4life mixedmartialarts trading

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Jotham Oliver


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Chilling with jdubpics bjj_united at thisishardcorefest wisdominchains madball bjj bjjunited terrybrothersjiujitsu

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Comment from Oliv:

WAIT MY HOLIDAYS !!!!! brainwashed ultrasmentality ultras beard picoftheday whiterex tattoo job brand tired holidaytime holidays lyon sun cauliflower bjj bjjlifestyle thanksgod

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Nate Ng


Comment from Nate Ng:

Wow, was I shocked to not only see Mike Streit tonight (first time in 11 years), but to find out he trains at viannabrosbjj ! Really happy we could reconnect and drill together! Hope to see you on the mats again soon! jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu bjj iwu illinoiswesleyanuniversity classof2000

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Comment from Rion:

First surgery. Probably more to come with this jiujitsulifestyle. My knee is actually pretty cray. 2 extra bones, stitches and some sort of zip looking thing lol. meniscus fabella injuries allapartofthejourney bjj excitedtoreturn

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John Connors


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Comment from Johnny:

TBT . Back in rio on a visit tomy good friend jorge's academy, congrats with your new academy!:) see you again when i return jorgecarvalhobr !:) bjj gfteamgamboa gfteamnorway bjjscandinavia riodejaneiro bjjlove bjjword sparring blackbelt bluebelt bjjglobetrotters travel train bjjforeveryone friends whitebelts

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Staff Sergeant Majestic


Comment from Staff Sergeant Majestic:

Clark Gracie out here on the mats tonight after some solid techniques taught by master Carlson Gracie Jr. 🔥👊🏽

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Marin MMA


Comment from Marin MMA:

Incredible night with Murilo Bustamante! Thank you so much for your words and positions. We were so honored to have you at our academy. We will always remember your humble way and powerful jiu Jitsu. Real jiu Jitsu. jiujitsu legend hero valetudo brazilianjiujitsu bjj selfdefense jiujitsulifestyle oss bjj4life mma ufc ufcchampion pride shoyoroll graciejiujitsu

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M. Ismail


Comment from M. Ismail:

Kenyan coffee ladies and gents. . . . . . coffee musafirism iphonephotography coffeebean coffeelover lovesmellslikecoffee kenyancoffee gym fitness fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation bjj bjjlovers graciebarra fightingfit blackcoffee mma grapplersplanet

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Roxie De Angelis


Comment from Roxie De Angelis:

The triangle ... what professor was teaching me the last two days. Intimidation and power at the same time. My heart races with excitement every time I go and train. Bjj has given me strength mentally that I never imagined. It has pushed me to a den of loins and I have learned to conquer it. Thank you so much bjj for evolving me to being the person I am becoming. Empowered, positive and strong mentally. bjj bjjchef bjjgirl bjjchangedmylife bjjgivingmementalawareness travelingchef lettinggo underconstruction mindbodysoul bjjmeme mentalandphyscialstrength chefroxie chefcheflife worklifebalanced glutenfreechef glutenfreeandpaleochef ufcgymsauga danyiko1 emiliodarocha lianabdewi arnobbal kumka camti83 chef.panetta chiara522 cheflaura126

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Richie Quan


Comment from Richie Quan:

Work everyday at teamalphamalemma good bjj session with urijahfaber wrestling_jp chad_superman savage_530 tam teamalphamale bjj

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Comment from searching_for_onederland:

Post 3 hour Thursday. I did striking for DAYYYYYS. My arms feel like they are going to fall off lol. But I feel great. weightloss weightlossjourney gethealthy searchingforonederland healthy workout goaldigging noslacking kravmaga krav jujitsu bjj striking martialarts ifeelgood wrestling

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Britani Grundhauser


Comment from Britani Grundhauser:

Women's Jiu Jitsu was AMAZING tonight! Our team is growing and my GOODNESS, these ladies have so much heart! Feeling blessed to be a part of this💪👊 Women's Jiu Jitsu: Thursdays 5pm grindhousebjj bjj femalebjj professorgrundhauser bringit bernardofaria alliance spiderguard champions lovemylife photooftheday instagood

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Comment from ECUBJJ QUEENS:

ECU Queens Thursday Night NoGi Training* Really nice rolls tonight. A few people already retired for the night so we kept on going. ecubjj ecubjjqueens bjj brazilianjiujitsu nogi training bjjlifestyle helthylifestyle sweatylifestyle whitestone whitestoneny queens queensny oss

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Severin Fernandez Diaz


Comment from Severin Fernandez Diaz:

All day on the mat, every day! gfteamgfteamnãoparagftlovefamilybrazilianjiujitsubjjforlifebjjlifestylegrapplingginogibjjseverinfernandezdiazzeetextireszeetexrvcasportrvcaguyswithtattoostattoos

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