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Comment from adriane pulhin:

im just fraxia branca but... i thought slamming is illegal? the ref though?? 😑😑😑 repost via @instarepost20 from @bjjcamp 🇺🇸First day of Europe. # 🇧🇷Primeiro dia do Europeu foi assim! lol Tenso.  #instarepost20

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Comment from BJJ Globetrotters:

After a day of surfing lessons, here is what our joiners looked like while sunset-watching in El Salvador! Our Feb 2017 Beach Camp is now sold-out, but to make sure you don't miss the next, sign up for our free newsletter and you'll be the first to receive our future announcements!

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Comment from BjjCamp:

🇺🇸First day of Europe. #bjjcamp 🇧🇷Primeiro dia do Europeu foi assim! lol Tenso.

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Comment from Wesley "Lelinho":

Variação da guarda fechada utilizando a lapela do oponente! Estrangulamento / Arm lock / pegada de Costa / triângulo / chave de panturrilha - derivado dessa posição! Espero que gostem Osss' #CTA #Lelinhoteam #bjjcamp #inteligente #oss'

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Comment from Jeff Curran:

TRAIN JIU-JITSU?? Join me for my first ever BJJ NORTHWOODS RETREAT! DATE: Mar 3-5, 2017 5:00 PM
COST: $175
VENUE: Great Northern Hotel 5070 US 51 Mercer, Wisconsin 54547 Participants are responsible for contacting The Great Northern Motel to make reservations at 715-476-2440.  They have graciously offered a negotiated rate of $49/night for seminar attendees, so be sure to mention you are with the Jeff Curran group when booking.  Also, keep in mind attendees are responsible for their meals. ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Thursday 6-8pm NoGi class (Not Mandatory – Just an extra session) Friday 6-8pm Official First Class Saturday Session 1 10-12; Session 2 2-4pm Dinner 6pm UFC After Party immediately following Sunday 11am-1pm Final Class *There will be open mat after every session* #bigfrogbjj #jeffcurran #bjj #bjjcamp #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsulifestyle #midwestbjj #grappling #bjjseminars

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Comment from ct_ajr:

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Comment from Shakira:

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Rolling with these two on the beach in less than 4 weeks! #kitesurfandroll #bjjcamp #martialarts #Repost @kitdale_bjj with @repostapp ・・・ So I wanted to keep this a secret! but, stuff that! I'm way too excited about this! 3 years ago Jiu jitsu extraordinaire Nic Gregoriades came to Australia and we filmed Beyond Technique. And it was an great hit! We got amazing reviews and it was probably the most sought out product we both had made. Last month after weeks of preparation we travelled to Japan and filmed Beyond Technique 2!! The first one we opened minds.. This time we are going to blow minds!!! BEYOND TECHNIQUE 2... coming soon! #bjj #beyondtechnique2 #jiujitsu #grappling #submission #studio540 #kitdale #nicgregoriades #metamoris #polaris #copapodio #braus

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Comment from Claudio de paula:

É mais facil comprar ingressos para o jogo do que preparar se para o jogo, é mais facíl passar um tempo com seus amigos , do que passar uma hora nas escadarias .é mais dormi ate tarde , do que acordar para fazer 100 tiros de corrida . É mais facil ir a uma festa do que fazer agachamentos .É mais facil assistir atletas do sofá do que ser o cara atrás da vitoria . Mas tambem é muito mais facil olhar para o passado e saber que você fez o maxino , do que viver com arrepedimentos pelo resto da vida #bjj #jiujiteiro #jiujitsu #jiu_life_style #lifejj #teamfuinha #jiugirls #jiulife #jiulifestyle #jiu_jitsu #jiujitsugirls #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsumaromba #jiujitsuforlife #sdvtodos #rt #rtb #marombajiujitsu #ufc #ufc207 #jiujitsuviciados #bjjcamp #jiu_jitsu_lifestyle #marrentasbjj #bjjgirl #bjjgirls #oss #rolex #roll #rola

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Comment from pb950:

@Regrann from @bjjcamp - 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Follow @ladies.bjj everything abt Bjj Girls and looking for partner! Oss #bjjcamp #regrann

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Comment from australiangirlsingi:

We're getting crazy with excitement for Camp next week. The line up is outstanding. Australia's finest sharing the mats together for 4 days. "Just over one week to go!!!! 2016 was huge for Aussie women's BJJ, and I am absolutely thrilled and excited to see what will be brought to the mats by the epic line up of coaches at this year's AGIG camp. 2016 was busy for me too! Amongst other ventures, I spent a few solid months training at Cicero Costha in Brazil and refining my game. Cicero is amazing! He has produced several of the best BJJ athletes in in the world (such as Leandro Lo and the Miyao bros, to name a few), and I am very excited to share some of the things that i learnt from Cicero and his students at AGIG camp. I will be sharing some of my guard game , and looking forward to rolling with all the girls so they can feel my game. I will also be available for private lessons each day. Send me a message ♡. See you all at camp!" ~ Hope Douglass @hopebjj @brausfight #bjj #bjjgirls #bjjcamp #bjjcampaustralia #australia

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