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Rachel R.


Comment from Rachel R.:

Who said runnings for wimps? cardio crosstraining bjjgirls bjj bjjlifestyle mma👊 redemptionbjjgirls redemptionmmagirls

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Comment from GOD1st.BELIVE.FAITH,WORK.:

仁, Courage 勇, Honesty 誠, Honour 名誉, Loyalty 忠実, Respect 礼(禮), and Rectitude 義.  godislove bjjlifestyle capoeira mma ralphgraciesf martialarts bjj4life bjjgirls bjj fighter fitness healthy martialartslife bushidofightteam ibjjf samurai ufc nogigrappler worldteamusa nogigrappler brasilianjiujitsu fairtex muaythaigirlsrule bjjblackbelt lutalivre overcome muaythaigirlsrule boxing moveoftheday selfdefense csagym hardworkpaysoff

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Comment from the.jedi.jitsu.master:

Today's hike may get wet.. . bjj mma muaythai fitness boxing grappling wrestling kickboxing martialarts judo blackbelt nogi training bjjlife crossfit gym lifestyle fight ibjjf workout fighter motivation fit bjjgirls graciebarra submission jits adcc bodybuilding

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Comment from Kierra:

❤️💜❤️💜✌️👊🏻 benice awesome bekindfornoreason smile positiveenergy positivelife motivation mindbodysoul mindsetiseverything gratitude bjjgirls mmagirls believetoachieve chasingdreams hustle meditate breathe reset smash fighterslife strongwomen

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Zed Alexandra


Comment from Zed Alexandra:

🙏Seoi Nage 🙏 Last week I was training with Coach Mike, working grips and different lapel grabs. I went in for a throw but couldn't get him off the ground. We reset and he gave me a single detail about a grip, I went for it meaning to just bring him up and lift. However...that attempt ended up being the perfect example of what pure technique can do. Without exerting any strength, he ended up flying over me so quickly I was shocked and unable to stop it. He just levitated over me like his height and weight difference didn't matter at all. It was such a humbling moment and really, really fun. Well, for one of us, hahah 😜

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Suretta Venter


Comment from Suretta Venter:

Guess its feet up day today for me, my one toe did not agree to training last night sadly, time for the ice bucket in a few 🙈sprainedtoe jiujitsu bjjlifestyle joysofbjj brazilianjiujitsu yesicantakeit addittothelist bjjgirls neverquit

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Magnus Cederblad


Comment from Magnus Cederblad:

Hanna Bengtsson is attracted to a flower bouquet for her engagement with the martialarts kids. magnuscederblad suginoharyu judosweden svenskjudo älskajudo vigillarjudo jiujitsufamily jujitsufamily bjjfamily dojo dojô dynamixfightingsports tatami tatami bjjgirl bjjgirls jiujitsugirl jiujitsugirls jujitsugirl jiujitsugirls tatamigirls blombukett judoka judokas judogirl bjjsweden bjjlife bjjlifestyle judogirl kampsport feminism duktigatjejer tjejerkan

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Dkains Fight World 👊🏻🌎


Comment from Dkains Fight World 👊🏻🌎:

That's it golden ticket to the ufcmiddleweightchampionship yoelromeromma and robwhittakermma interimtitle whosnext YoelRomero soldierofgod mma wmma wrestling robertwhittaker olympicwrestler sambo boxing kickboxing ufcgold ufccuba easymoney makeufcgreatagain Yoel romero muythai karate bjj jiujitsu jitsu brazilianjiujitsu bjjgirls womensmma judo ufcaustralia grappling

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Heather Raftery


Comment from Heather Raftery:

Happy birthday to the beautiful and inspiring angelicagalvao!!! 💛💛💛Repost crystalg_in_a_gi ・・・ Successful surprise birthday dinner for a very special woman. angelicagalvao is an amazing role model for all of us girls here at Atos HQ as well as girls around the world. We're incredibly lucky to have you lead us through our journey in jiu jitsu and also be there for us in our daily lives. You definitely have shown us the power we have when we come together and lift eachother up, because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER! 🛡⚔️💕 AtosWomensTeam BossLadysBirthday atosladies atosladyninjas bjjgirls bjj jiujitsu

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Ronda Rousey❤

Comment from Ronda Rousey❤:

👏👏30% OFF ALL T-SHIRTS TODAY!!!! Use code: sunnysavings. • rondarousey conormcgregor bjjgirls instagood girlpower instadaily judo like4like jiujitsu bjj boxing photooftheday girlswholift healthy mma gym motivation beautiful gains wwe instamood fitspo photography photo love fight ufc fitness gym

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Brave Woman


Comment from Brave Woman:

akirabua bravewoman bjjgirls ufc mma kickboxing follow karate bjjgirlsmag jiujitsu wrestling muaythai bringitbjj martialarts graciemagazine grappling brazilianjiujitsu grrrl graciebjj bjjlifestyle bjjproblems jiujitsu4life choke sjjif bjjstyle jiujitsuparamulheres armbar

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Brave Woman


Comment from Brave Woman:

dorytuohey bravewoman bjjgirls ufc mma kickboxing follow karate bjjgirlsmag jiujitsu wrestling muaythai bringitbjj martialarts graciemagazine grappling brazilianjiujitsu grrrl graciebjj bjjlifestyle bjjproblems jiujitsu4life choke sjjif bjjstyle jiujitsuparamulheres armbar

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Atos Orlando


Comment from Atos Orlando:

Belts in jiu jitsu bjj atosorlando jiujitsu bjjkids bjjgirls orlando florida usa lifestyle belt oss

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Comment from Sarah:

Then she realized those that accepted her for her flaws and imperfections when she was struggling were deserving of her happiness and joys during the best times ❤️

55 Minutes ago

Clint Diekema


Comment from Clint Diekema:

Great to see so many new people on the mat. We now offer 9 brazilianjiujitsu classes a week with one of them being a bjjgirls only class at diekemamartialarts in saskatoon sask yxe. We also teach bootcamps. kickboxing womensonlykickboxing and taekwondo ages 3 and up. FIRST WEEK IS ALWAYS FREE

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Game of Pain ℹ


Comment from Game of Pain ℹ:

Felicidades equipo de MMA serpentepanama leonardo_mma jose_daniel_mma piera_rg themorris27 - Serpente no para!. . . . "Se parte del movimiento GameofPain" . • • • GameofPain gpjjc . bjjgirls sport fitness gym training running workout motivation health lifestyle jiujitsu bjj oss mma grappling muaythai ufc gi nogi blackbelt crossfit wod crossfitgames bodybuilding squats

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God 👼Family💜Humanity


Comment from God 👼Family💜Humanity:

Still not quite where I want to be, however I am exactly where I (and my body) need me to be 💯💪...this abchallenge with faithfamilyflex is NO JOKE!! . enchantedforestgathering is in less than 3 weeks so...don't mind the gold paint on my abs I've been creating with mi tribe 😁 . . . progressnotperfection thetattooedraven faithinaction faithfamilyfitness faithfamilyflex npcprep boxing kickboxing rosevilleca femalefighter mma teamjuicyy fightclub kickboxing girlsfight girlswithmuscle jiujitsugirls jiujitsulifestyle bjjgirls bjjlifestyle npcbikini npcphysique progress gains festivalprep momoffive tattooedfitlife festivalchasers looklikeabeautyliftlikeabeast

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God 👼Family💜Humanity


Comment from God 👼Family💜Humanity:

INDOOR cardioworkout with faithfamilyflex 💪 • NO EXCUSES; JUST RESULTS 💯• I used to be one of those people who felt they needed a gym to get all the gains. I hate going to gyms (especially the ones in my hometown 😣) so I started looking for other ways to get the gains I wanted and that's when faithfamilyflex came into my life! And as a momoffive it has been such a BLESSING 💜 • It has become my passion, desire and purpose to help other women tap into their divine power and thrive in mind, body and spirit 💫💪💜 • joinme and letsgetfit mindbodyspirit • We'll be streaming live workout videos 🎥 soon with . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . thetattooedraven joinmeorwatchme bjjgirls nogymnoproblem noexcusesjustresults noexcusemoms mombody momswholift npcprep npccompetitor divinefeminine lifealtering fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney fitnessfreak fitnesslifestyle instagramfitness fitnessgoals ravenjackson fitnessfirst fitnessphysique fitnesscoach

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God 👼Family💜Humanity


Comment from God 👼Family💜Humanity:

Last night I went to bed wondering if he's thinking about me. This morning I rise thinking about him 💭 ° isthislove 📷: Meek Photography© . . . . . . . . . . . . . thinkingofyou mood currentsituation loveandgratitude love inlove thetattooedraven ink inkedup tattoolove melaninfitness melaninlove tattoos welookgood saturdaychill lovestruck bjjgirls bjjlifestyle

10 Days ago

God 👼Family💜Humanity


Comment from God 👼Family💜Humanity:

🌞+👙= AN AMAZING DAY of Yoga, Meditation, and Gratitude ° I've been reflecting on a lot of things lately and as I was doing so my heart felt so full and a warm sensation began flowing through my body and flashes of scense from my childhood, teenage years, young adulthood, began playing on the walls like a movie. I began to weep. Then I began to laugh uncontrollably. Then I began laughing and weeping uncontrollably at the same time as I saw how EVERY SINGLE STEP of the way Yahweh was with me! Like right there WITH ME!! And remains with me! ° I don't know what tomorrow may bring or if I will even rise to see a tomorrow but what I do know is this: no matter what GODS GOT ME 💯 . . . . . . . faithinaction thetattooedraven faithwalk walkitout yuba yubariver bjjgirls bjjlifestyle attitudeofgratitude theartofslowliving slowingdown lessismore godisfaithful thankful thankyoujesus jesuslovesmeandmytattoos jesusheals tattooedchristian tattooedyogi melaninlove mygodisawesome yogabody npcbabe activerestday faithfamilyflex

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