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Kimura Nova União girls🙅🏼🙅🏼


Comment from Kimura Nova União girls🙅🏼🙅🏼:

Repost coutinhovidaesportiva with repostapp ・・・ E quando você tem uma Irmã que é fã, torcedora, patrocinadora, dupla, parceira, confidente, que te leva pra lutar e ainda se veste igual a você? AMO❤ . . . likeforfollow likestagram like4tags like4like lifestyle bjj bjjmag bjjlife bjjgirls kimura kimuranu kimunual novauniaogirls lovebjj lifestyle

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Kimura Nova União girls🙅🏼🙅🏼


Comment from Kimura Nova União girls🙅🏼🙅🏼:

Repost _gurgelvanessa with repostapp ・・・ ❤️🏅 . . . . kimuragirls novauniaogirls likesforlikes like4follow lifestyle bjjmag bjjlife bjjgirls lifestyle like4like like4tags likestagram likeforfollow

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The Melody In Your Head


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Amazing session with coach maxshank kettlebell rkcdragondoor fitness simpleshouldersolution bjjgirls bjjlifestyle柔術女子

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Jo Anna


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Magic moves by i_mbella and magdalenazm 🥋🤷‍♀️✨bjjgirls bjjseminar jiujitsulifestyle bjjwomen jiujitsugirls jiujitsuparamulheres defesapessoal selfdefense samoobrona defense bjj4life bjjlifestyle martialarts womenempowerment ladiesfitness

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Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu


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The lovely nicolec0608 and jiujitsu_girl_mariah 🤙❤️😎joseiheishijiujitsu femalesoldiersofjiujitsu femalesoldiersofjiujitsuteam bjjgirls bjjladies bjjwomen jiujitsugirls jiujitsuladies jiujitsuwomen femalebjj jitsgirls bjjgirlsrock womenempoweringwomen bjj jiujitsu jitslife oss bjjlifestyle faixabranca faixaazul faixaroxa faixamarrom faixapreta womenempoweringwomen bjjsisterhood irollwithjoseiheishi bjjkids jiujitsukids

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Tá chegando galera !nesta quarta feira dia 26/04 às 20h não percam !ryangraciegranjaviana rogeriomoraes ryangracieteam bjjgirls bjj4life monstronaopara jiujitsuparamulheres jiujitsuiniciantes artesuave labuta iwgranjaviana padariachambery padocadoportuga fepam wolfgripsbr farahstudio oss

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Jenna N


Comment from Jenna N:

Week 19 of meal prepping & starting to grow our own herbs & vegetables! Menu: •Veggies Egg Muffins •Strawberry Chicken Kale Salad •Pork Chops & Brussel Sprouts •Balsamic Steak Rolls •Jackfruits •Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies paleo whole30 mealprep mealprepsunday eatclean glutenfree organic foodblogger crossfit crossfitgirls bjj bjjgirls eatcleantraindirty

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Seu Estilo Jiujitsu


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VAI DIZER QUE VOCÊ NÃO PENSA EM JIUJITSU QUANDO VÊ UMA PLACA DESSAS . . . . . Conheçam: jiujiteiras bjj_style epidemia_bjj bjjnoflag bjjbros triangulo_filmes euvivojiujitsu jiujitsu artemarcial artesuave bjj bjjgirls bjjlifestyle blackbelt brazilianjiujitsu faixapreta gi grappling jiujitsu4life jiujitsulife graciejiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle kidsjiujitsu jiujitsunaveia ufc lutadoresdejiujitsu jiujitsuparatodos jiujiteiros jiujiteiras nopainnogain treinohard apagamasnaobate bjjlifestyle SeuEstiloJiujitsu

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Comment from SakuraBJJ:

We are the best in the state because we train with the best in the world. Ann at the women's only open mat at the MG mothership. sakurabjj marcelogarciaassociation womenonlyopenmat bjjgirls

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Teff Greco


Comment from Teff Greco:

Es viernes y tus tobillos lo saben... teamteamnovauniãoequipofamilianovauniaoargentinanovauniãoossbjjbjjgirlsbjjgirl

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Comment from Vitória:

Somente agradecer 💚 . oss👊 bjjgirls vice-campeão caradeacabadaHAHAH

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Kiowana Phillips


Comment from Kiowana Phillips:

You cannot and will not please everyone. Word of the Day: LOYALTY 🦁

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YorSmoothies and YorBar 🇨🇦


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Sunday is for recovering and preparing for the next week. Making enough of Turmeric tea for a week. The main benefit of turmeric for me is its anti- inflammatory properties which helps with joints inflammation. In addition to that it is an antioxidant, shown to help with depression, help to prevent Alzheimers and treat cancer. It does not taste like a chocolate cake though, but adding lemon, honey and ginger makes it palatable. Mix 4 teaspoon of turmeric with 4 cups of water, add a 2 teaspoons of grated or sliced ginger and boil on low heat for 5 minutes. Add 1 tablespoon of honey, juice of two lemons or limes and 8 cups if cild water. Strain everything though a sieve, pour into containers and store in a fridge, have 1-2 glasses a day. foodprep healthyfood healthyeating turmeric turmerictea antiinflammatory cleaneating healthyeating vegan bodyrepair buzymom fitmom healthymeals vegetarian naturopathic womenathlete bjj bbggirls weigifting weightloss weightwatchers musclerepair musclerecovery joints crossfitt jiujitsu bjjgirls

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Sibyl 🌺


Comment from Sibyl 🌺:

BJJ讓我們每天給對方最多的抱🤙🏾 bijinbun vlikevanilla we love hugging each other everyday. 😜🤼‍♂️🥋❤️thanks for sharing and teaching me a lot! bjjgirls taiwanbjj stronggirl cute sexy smart fun loveya sunday bjjsession welovehugging

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Comment from Kasey:

So thankful for these awesome ladies! bjjgirls girlzilian bjj girlsingis

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Chute Boxe USA


Comment from Chute Boxe USA:

Congratulations to our Bjj Team , all did great and we are proud of you all !!! evan_sawai10 dylans_____ destiny_chuteboxe !! Chute Boxe Lifestyle !! Heyyyyyyy AllGloryToGod chuteboxeusaHQ chuteboxeredondobeach jiujitsu jiujitsugirls bjjgirls bjjlifestyle

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<<< Evokebjj >>>


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RepostSave monsters.bjj Compartilhe nossos POSTS marque um amigo. 👍 . Parcerias ⤵ -- Bjjvibes -- Bjj.com_ -- Bjjnoflag -- Jiujitsupelomundo -- Samuraijiujitsu -- Papodelutador -- Bjj_artesuave -- Bjjarts . Evokebjj jiujitsu selfdefense adcc cbjj ibjjf ufc mma bellator bjjlife bjjgirls brazilianjiujitsu artesuave blackbelt crosfit crossfit ficaforteporra muaythai kickboxing boxeo

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Nyla Harris


Comment from Nyla Harris:

So, I had my second competition yesterday, and I can say I'm honestly happy with my performance. I got silver in no-gi via Rear naked choke (I'll post the video later) and I got bronze in Gi via Americana, but overall I had a great day.This was a pretty awesome week!

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Gracie Yousef


Comment from Gracie Yousef:

Made it through my first body pump class ✅💪🏼🔥 Off to church then a day by the pool. Happy Sunday ✌🏼 ☀️

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Giulia Sophia👑👒👢


Comment from Giulia Sophia👑👒👢:

Lugar de princesa é no tatame jiujitsugirl dbk jiujiteira braziliangirl teamjiujitsu bjjgirls girlpower💪 ragazzi jiujtisukids

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