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фото и видеосьемка Костанай


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предложение руки и сердца, она просто не могла устоять!) Всё, как учил мой тренер varakin_28.07 , в жизни пригодилось🤙😂 кольцо турция кемер джиуджитсу bjj bjjlife jiujitsu jiujitsubrasil jiu brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle bjjlifestyle shaka борец поймал армбар armbar оделКольцо

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Sergio Cayuela García


Comment from Sergio Cayuela García:

Competition feeling bjj competition

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Inoue Kazuhiro


Comment from Inoue Kazuhiro:

東日本マスター柔術選手権 優勝‼️ 優勝着 G1 3.0 Peach vhtsjp vhts 茨城ブラジリアン柔術 MMA strappleibaraki 格闘技jiu-jitu bjj茨城キックボクシング茨城MMAbjjlife bjj4life bjjlifestyle bjjfighter bjjclub bjjstyle vhtsny 柔術衣 柔術 格闘家 柔術新聞

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Gabriella Romero


Comment from Gabriella Romero:

Too many nights of me not being able to sleep - just tossing and turning. 😭 Seriously about to start taking applications for people in every town I visit often, to just scratch my back for 20min so I will pass out! 😩 It does the trick if memory serves me correctly. singlelife athleteslife thebackstratch nosleep bjjlifestyle mmalife bjj jiujitsu mma wmma bjjwomen travel takingapplications onlythingineed

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Chris Mcnally


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god doesn't always give us what we ask for because he always knows what is best for us because most of the time we don't makeachange make changeyourlife changes money earnit start noexcuses workout motivation mondaymotivation monday morning bjjlifestyle jiujitsu fightdancefitness beachbody insanity grind timeisnow riseandshine jesuschrist praise love faith hope

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Neil Harries


Comment from Neil Harries:

Enjoying a coffee in the sun! coffee caffeinefix caffeineaddict bjj bjjlife bjjlifestyle beards beard saturday weekend graft grafter beardoils beardgame brawbeardoils morning gentstyle gentlemen gentlemensemporium beardedgentlemen beardgame beardsofinstagram coffeeculture coffeelover coffeetime

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Mykhail Komar


Comment from Mykhail Komar:

Коротко про те, як пройшов мій чемпіонат України по Бразильському Джиу Джитсу в розділі No Gi bjj bjjlifestyle running

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J.W. Seo


Comment from J.W. Seo:

Day 43: boston_sushi_roll visits Korea! bjj 주짓수 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle bjjlifestyle health healthylifestyle jiujitsu jiujiteiro fitness workout training getfit oss seoul korea travel bjjglobetrotters 운동 운동하는남자 주짓떼로 여행 서울 strong grappling

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Silas Garrotti


Comment from Silas Garrotti:

9km Corrida Esquenta do arraial ! run corridaderua corrida treino bjjlifestyle bjj judo judolifestyle foco

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Comment from EmilyCheyenne:

Amsterdam 🔜 Long Beach! Only a 16hour flight 😣 bjj👊 bjjforlife bjjlifestyle brazilianjiujitsu grappling nsbrotherhood teamverschuur teamicon flight schiphol airport travel pasport artesuave world2017ibjjf ibjjf worlds2017 guardeira gi europeans2017 athlete

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Дмитрий Мудрый


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Gi chokes 🥋bjjbluebeltstrial bjjlifestyle gi kimono chokes tournament moskow motivation skadovsk

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Comment from Ayesha:

Fun morning of footlocks and sparring. PlumPetalsFight jiujitsu

11 Minutes ago

Inoue Kazuhiro


Comment from Inoue Kazuhiro:

東日本マスターズ選手権‼️ ストライプル茨城メンバー集合‼️ vhtsjp vhts 茨城ブラジリアン柔術 MMA strappleibaraki 格闘技jiu-jitu bjj茨城キックボクシング茨城MMAbjjlife bjj4life bjjlifestyle bjjfighter bjjclub bjjstyle vhtsny 柔術衣 柔術 格闘家 柔術新聞

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Osiris Hunter (BJJ Flow) 🔫👊💣


Comment from Osiris Hunter (BJJ Flow) 🔫👊💣:

🇧🇷 "Eu não luto com raiva, eu luto com coração." || 🇺🇸 "I don't fight with anger, I fight with heart." (Matt Serra) 📷 Via damadotatame

14 Minutes ago

Mimmo Ciaccia


Comment from Mimmo Ciaccia:

💪😁jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle bjj bjjlifestyle brazilianjiujitsulifestyle brazilianjiujitsu grappling uijj ibjjf lutador lutadoresdejiujitsu blubelt faixaazul grappling goldmedal bronzemedal napoli bluebelt master absoluto napolichallengeopenclass doublemedal

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🖒jiujitsu운동하는 여자~ 예쁠레!!!


Comment from 🖒jiujitsu운동하는 여자~ 예쁠레!!!:

춘천홍천강빠지수상스키 좋은날즐거운시간주말캠핑여행 jiujitsu운동하는여자예쁠레daliy . .. ... 성신여대속눈썹왁싱beautyshoplifestylejiujitsufamilybjjbjjlifestylejiujitsulifestyle여행그램

14 Minutes ago

Ron Amosa


Comment from Ron Amosa:

Recap of the weekend's training activities.... Saturday training session at tukahabjj wish professor Sime taking us through single & single to double leg takedowns. I'm privy to the blast double probably because its more "bull in a China shop" which sorta suits me ... But good to sharpen up the single leg attack and other angles from there. Energy levels weren't the greatest and my sparring was pretty lackluster. Need to get the rest/sleep I need and get my head back in the game this week, no time to lose and lots to work on. Starring in this weekends video shawn_pillaynz davidjamesfitz tiny_ape . . . . . . . bjj bjj👊 workoutmotivation workout discipline technique jiujitsuforeveryone jiujitsulifestyle lesmills gi bjjlifestyle brazilianjiujitsu grappling needsleep

14 Minutes ago

Madelein Larsson Wollnik


Comment from Madelein Larsson Wollnik:

Condegirls with maggaaase after todays class 10.30-12.30 126/300 jentecamp bjj bjjlifestyle

16 Minutes ago

Mara Kelly


Comment from Mara Kelly:

gunsnroses blowing up the stage last night at Slane Castle! The last time they played this savage venue was the year I was born, and it was amazing to be there with lionairdmicheal watching them put on a great show in a valley with kayaks floating down the river and a castle beside the stage. Definitely worth missing training for. gunsnroses rock gig bjjlifestyle bjjgirls bjj jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu jiujitsugirls girls training instafitfam instafit irishfitfam Ireland travel tourism fireworks

16 Minutes ago

Edson Costa


Comment from Edson Costa:

Repost cobrinhacharles (get_repost) ・・・ 🇺🇸Capoeira warm up before BJJ. 🇧🇷Aquecimento de capoeira antes do Jiu jitsu. fabiogurgel michaellanghi gabrielgoulartbjj moniqueelias andresacorrea caioquilombola marioreisjiujitsu tayaneporfiriobjj fabiopassosbjj marioreisjiujitsu cobrinhabjj cobrinhaonline cobrinhabjjfamily cobrinhabjjlv alliancelosangeles cobrinhabjjkids lilcobras nevergiveup alliancela championsmadebychampions hardworkpaysoff cobrinhawestside cobrinhavancouver cobrinhatoronto cobrinhacorea cobrinhasandiego cobrinhamedelin stormkimonos cobrinhafitness fitness training bjj healthylifestyle bjjlifestyle stormteam whatisyourmission missionsubmission stormkimonos melquigalvaobjj

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