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Coco Marshall


Comment from Coco Marshall:

Why they call him "Tangles" bjj bjjlifestyle armbar bjjmum bjjfamily bjjmotivation sydneycup

25 Minutes ago

Osiris Hunter (BJJ Flow) 🔫👊💣


Comment from Osiris Hunter (BJJ Flow) 🔫👊💣:

🇧🇷 "Você tem que ser estranho para ser o número 1." || 🇺🇸 "You have to be odd to be number one." 📷 Pic by meerkatsu

51 Minutes ago

Tiffanie Ethington


Comment from Tiffanie Ethington:

Spider-Man pushups.....definitely didn't feel like Spider-Man while doing them 😂 . . . . bjj beast battle bjjgirl bjjgirls bjjlife bjj4life bjjlifestyle bjjmotivation brazilianjiujitsu girlsingis bjjlifestyle fighter instabjj jiujitsu4life jiujitsugirl grappling ilovebjj jiujitsu supportwomensbjj martialarts oss artesuave muaythai strong supportwomensbjj strength training trainhard proudbjjwhitebelt spidermanpushups workout 📷: paulamarie104

2 Hours ago

Abraham Caleb


Comment from Abraham Caleb:

Nunca sabes como te va a tocar en un torneo, siempre aprendiendo. Feliz por todos nuestros compañeros que dieron todo en el mat. A entrenar mañana y no rendirnos nunca. robertozapatateam kotm championships tournament latijeraejecutivasanjemo sundarifoods purplebelt bjjlifestyle sdstudio vamoarodar jiujitsu bjj jiujitsulifestyle faixarosa bjjmonterrey jiujitsumexicano mexico brazilianjiujitsu bjjmotivation monterrey

2 Hours ago

Van Allen Flores


Comment from Van Allen Flores:

Oldie but goodie. Me vs Rick Hawn during Boston Open. Can't wait to get back on the competition scene!! bjjforlife

2 Hours ago

Masterskya / Brooklyn, NY


Comment from Masterskya / Brooklyn, NY:

Starting tomorrow... don't miss it! Well actually, don't miss any month, or any day, really!

2 Hours ago

Adriano Perez


Comment from Adriano Perez:

Once you learn how to listen to your intuition your life will change. You think the next book you read, the next seminar you attend or the next success story you read will change your life, well.... it might give you some sort of direction but the real knowledge, inspiration, motivation comes from within. The oldest cutting edge "technology" is leaning how to listen to your intuition and taking action, it will lead you to your purpose which in most cases will also lead to your passion. Listen carefully cause intuition will whisper very gentle, stay connected. showuporshutup showup staypositive mindset bethankful ayahuasca nopain nature listen freedom bjjlifestyle bjjmotivation bjjlife intuition technology santamonica focus dimensions bodybuilding legs highenergy beastmode connection jiujitsulifestyle personaltraining staystrong stayhigh stayfocused believeinyourself

3 Hours ago

Tammy Crayne


Comment from Tammy Crayne:

The medical Gi taking awhile but looks like we might have a survivor. 4 more hours of waiting. Stains getting lighter and smaller. Don't lose faith...chin up (inner pep talk). bjj bjjlife bjj4life supportwomensbjj bjjfamily bjjforlife bjjgirls bjjgirl oss bjjlifestyle selfdefense strongwomen bjjover40 bjjwomen bjjmotivation bjjgi ilovebjj bjjtraining bjjstretching bjjsavedmylife yycbjj yoga yogi

3 Hours ago

Paul Kolenda


Comment from Paul Kolenda:

Just this.....bjj bjjlifestyle motivation bjjmotivation

3 Hours ago

Magdalena Ziembikiewicz


Comment from Magdalena Ziembikiewicz:

On Friday I had a pleasure to take a part in a wonderful BJJ session with maxcamposbjj ! Thank you 🙏 oss bjj bjj👊 bjjlife bjjfriends bjjfamily bjjlifestyle bjjtraining bjjjourney bjjwhitebelt bjjfighter bjjmotivation bjjmotivation nevergiveup asthetics bjjforeveryone girlsingis oss fallowyourdreams oxford gym brazilianjiujitsu girlsingis

4 Hours ago

Marco Hard


Comment from Marco Hard:

Caraca sem palavras poder conhecer esse mito, lenda do Jiu Jitsu cobrinhacharles muito humilde e um exemplo de atleta!!! Oss Heeeeeeyyy!  bluebelt oss ryangracieteam ryangracie nandaobjj graciejiujitsu gracie jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu4life jiujitsulife jiujitsumylife jiujitsumotivation jiujitsuminhavida jiujitsufamily jiujitsuforever jiujitsuparatodos brazilianjiujitsu bjj bjjlifestyle bjjlife bjjmotivation motivação mylife amooquefaço euvoutemotivar

5 Hours ago

Gustavo Cavalet


Comment from Gustavo Cavalet:

Bad time all the time

5 Hours ago

Espaço Dojo


Comment from Espaço Dojo:

Parabéns ao atleta david.siqueiradealmeida por se destacar no campeonato Panamericano de Judo de veteranos, se qualificando em segundo lugar na categoria🏆Oss CONSTANTINO JUDO. Unidade Jardim Marajoara 📞3881-2798 Oss 👊🏆 CONSTANTINO JIU-JITSU.OSS👊 center_ao 🙏 judo bjjlifestyle jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu bjjstyle bjjmotivation jiujitsumotivation jiujitsulifestyle campeonato motivacao espacodojo jiujitsulife bjjlife bjjforlife grappling jits bjj4life oss martialarts jiujitsuforeveryone ancorkimonos constantinojiujitsu bjjfamilystyle

5 Hours ago

Kalea Carson


Comment from Kalea Carson:

Amazing seminar with a great group of people, thank you to all the black belts for sharing your knowledge with us. 🥋🤙🏼northerncalifornia builttosubmit selfdefense brazilianjiujitsu bjj bjjlife bjjlifestyle bjjmotivation carlsongracie carlsongracieteam teamprado riocombat team bjjforlife california dixon dixonca gracieteam bjjkids bjjgirls fabiopradobjj fabioprado norcalbjj

5 Hours ago

Alex Coleman


Comment from Alex Coleman:

Great training, great conversations 💪😁Repost this_ginja_ninja with repostapp ・・・ Huge shoutout to workplayobsession for doing your podcast after the womens' competition sparring training today! Such positive, encouraging, HARD training with amazing women from academies all over DMV. This area has the toughest ladies out there. Thank you all for coming. Can't wait to do it again! bjjcommunity allaboutthepositive supportwomensbjj dmvbjj bjjchicks girlsingis inspiringwomen bjjlifestyle ladyjits toughchicks podcast bjjinspiration bjjmotivation championmentality

5 Hours ago

Cèsar Carceglia


Comment from Cèsar Carceglia:

Sudadinha con Salva! cesarcarcegliaacademy carcegliateamsalta bjjwayoflife🙏 bjjoldschool bjjsamurais brazilianjiujutsu bjjvideosbjjmotivation

6 Hours ago

Osiris Hunter (BJJ Flow) 🔫👊💣


Comment from Osiris Hunter (BJJ Flow) 🔫👊💣:

🇧🇷 "Não desista, alguém está se inspirando em você." || 🇺🇸 "Do not give up, someone is getting inspired by you." 📷 Pic by graciemag_br

7 Hours ago

Chase 'Caveman' Owen


Comment from Chase 'Caveman' Owen:

Gotta love open mat at bttjax. Can't wait to do it again!

7 Hours ago

Lee Powell / RantWorthy Host


Comment from Lee Powell / RantWorthy Host:

Hit Monday with some momentum! All new episode 004! Probably our crowning achievement. . I talk about being 16 and quitting my first job 4 hours into the shift because Steak & Shake broke the golden rule! . Ryan and I play the Newlywed Game . We break down The Mist serious trailer airing on SPIKE TV . Plus we unpack this weeks fight news

8 Hours ago

Pacific Grappler


Comment from Pacific Grappler:

15 Hours ago