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Feminism Feminist IntersectionalFeminism IntersectionalFeminist BLM BlackLivesMatter intersectionality activism equalist politics political activist Egalitarian Egalitarianism Egalitarianist MuslimLivesMatter BlackTransLivesMatter LGBT LGBTQIA TransLivesMatter TransRightsAreHumanRights

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Kumar 💉 Smith, PA-S


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Some do it for the fame....Some do it for the fortune.....Some do it to be different.....But WE all did It for the culture . blacklivesmatter blackdoctors levelup physicianassistant pastudent blackexcellence medicine diversity Melanin migos

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Feminism Feminist IntersectionalFeminism IntersectionalFeminist BLM BlackLivesMatter intersectionality activism equalist politics political activist Egalitarian Egalitarianism Egalitarianist MuslimLivesMatter BlackTransLivesMatter LGBT LGBTQIA TransLivesMatter TransRightsAreHumanRights

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Kingdom Muzik Presents: ||Great Day|| Click the link in my bio to watch the full video. Starring: osokool_nfl oc_stonie andimzae k_.huey ronriley menofgodsheart cents_86 Shot by capture614 Edited by deonsmiff Share, Repost, let me know what you think! goodnight love greatday kingdommuzic goodmorning love follow share blessed blacklivesmatter me thankful grateful summer godisgood music video instagood clickthelinkinmybio rap hiphop gospel columbus asseenincolumbus gospelrap gospelmusic jesus christianmusic jesusmusic family

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Dear Black Women


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DBW's BLACK GIRL JOY SERIES is back at it again with this lovely trio!!! Left to right Marly (moplx), Flo (iflofreely, founder of dearblackwomen) and Kat (thisandthatkat). BlackGirlJoy is EVERYTHING and we at dearblackwomen want to celebrate all the amazing, BlackGirlMagicy (new word alert LMAO!) type ways that Black girls celebrate their joy! Tag us on pics with you and your ladies and we’ll repost you! • • • • DearBlackWomen is an affirmation movement for and by Blackwomen. We share our words and use them to affirm ourselves, because we are worthy of our love now and always. Join us at

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Resist & Stand NOW!

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Repost daphneposh ・・・ 👊 Will ‘BlackOut’ Be the Movement to Shut Down the NFL? 👊 . This should be an interesting football season, and year, for that matter, as many American institutions are messily having their come-to-Jesus moments. For the last two days, a video has been circulating on social media (primarily Facebook) with various black men – shades, ages, professions, geographical locations – covering their favorite NFL jerseys with a black T-shirt. Black0utNFL is part of a burgeoning and increasingly surging stand against the National Football League, whose owners have decided to make an example of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who decided to stand for black lives so callously cut down with regularity and impunity. Pastor DebliareSnell, of the First SDA Church in Huntsville, Ala., spoke openly on why he is behind the BlackOut movement in the video. “In 2016, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick engaged in a silent nonviolent protest,” said Snell. “He did this to raise awareness to the number of brown and black individuals that had been beaten or killed at the hands of law enforcement across this country. Since the end of last season, as a result of this protest, Colin Kaepernick has been unable to find employment in the NFL. I find that strange seeing that the NFL has employed individuals that have been convicted of sexual assault, domestic violence, cruelty to animals, along with driving while under the influence.” Snell goes on to say that he finds it “interesting” that certain NFL owners have come out on the record saying they are not hiring Kaepernick because they feel a “backlash” from a certain segment of their fan base but have no fear of African Americans, which Snell claims are 15 percent of NFL viewers (not to mention a majority of its players). “My belief is simply this—if Colin Kaepernick was willing to take a stand for those of us who are noncelebrities who have to interact with law enforcement on a day to day basis …certainly we can take a stand and stand with him.” . 🔥Watch the video on Facebook🔥 . . . ColinKaepernick BlackLivesMatter WatchThePolice Cops

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Alternative News Media


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You know what to do. Link in BIO resistance charlottesville makeamericagreatagain boston heretostay DonaldTrump sethrich cnn foxnews russia charlottesville feminism climatechange ktla fakenews dumptrump nevertrump resist fucktrump impeachtrump newyork abc7eyewitness notmypresident antifa barcelona healthcare impeach summer lgbtq antifascist blacklivesmatter

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"I don’t want your Diet Support. I want the full-fat. I need all the calories. Give me all the good stuff. Get on your knee; put your fist in the air; wear a Black Lives Matter shirt and when someone whispers “All Lives Matter” take the time to let them know what’s really going on; tell your racist uncle that he’s racist and stop laughing at your co-worker’s racist jokes. Ok?" well written by the homie _summergabrielle_ Check the link in my bio. (I've always wanted to say that 😂😂😂) blm blacklivesmatter colinkaepernick nfl ally

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Scott E Musser


Comment from Scott E Musser:

Obviously she supports Hate Crimes Against Blacks... she sent me this pic after reading my lyrics that I posted on a message board. Black & Blue and Bruised Kunta Kinti on a slave ship and he's heading over here. Draped in chains from head to foot, all  he can do is scream in fear. Over 150 years and it's kinda still the same, whites putting on cuffs, shooting down blacks, like its a game. They say it's not about the color as they mace him in his face,  Put his neck under foot, as the police baton brutally breaks his leg. The screams he releases never heard, as the gunshots ring out loud. He just watch his homie die, some white cop, just sent him to the cloud. chorus:/ "The cops are in their cradles with their silver spoons, Taking aim at all the blacks This won't be ending soon." "When you coming home Philando? He don't know when. Gun down - by a white Minnesota cop, In front - of his girlfriend." :end chorus The force is full of dirty cops - their all strapped in armored gear. They patrol the streets. Sweep for blacks. Gun them down, and then their cleared. How can they look into a mirror, must be blind, or just wont see it. A white assassin in the streets, they all know - act and be it. Take a life so fast, like the way - they all reach for a gun, They are white town cops. No their not. They are scum... chorus:/ "The cops are in their cradles with their silver spoons, taking aim at all the blacks this won't be ending soon." "When you coming home Alton? He don't know when. He was gunned down - by 2 white cops, right in front of his friends. :end chorus To the cops in this world, hey you better listen up. All Lives Matter Is Why We Gather Please Don't Shoot " OUR HANDS ARE UP" Black as in Race Blue as our Officers Bruised From a Nation Torn with Racism and Violence... By: Scott E Musser Sr -------------------------- againsthatecrimes alllivesmatter blacklivesmatter liveloveinspire caringforothers letpeacebeginwithus

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Comment from Juniorthefilm:

An amazing night talking about "Making Black Lives Matter Through Film" with dcblackfilmfest founder, kevinsampson, Cinematographer of the powerful 13thdocumentary , hanscharlz and superhero defense attorney jwyndalgordon. ✨✊🏼✨juniorthefilm Repost dcblackfilmfest (get_repost) ・・・ Another great panel to wrap up this year's festival! Lead by Kevin Sampson, this discussion was focused on making blacklivesmatter through film!

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I pledge allegiance to nothing but myself. Don't stand for the pledge. Don't put your hand over your heart. - .Partners of Liberty: libertariannewyork equinox.rev sykoliptic cottontail_voluntaryist mississippi.ancap dont_tread_on_anyone ancap_movement . . . . . republican democrat christian libertarian liberal conservative blacklivesmatter feminist politics usa america anarchy lgbt transgender dankmemes meme cancer offensive lmao hilarious humor textpost weed like4like

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I will be making the link to my last post (about recognizing alt-right groups as terrorist groups) the link on my instagram profile. Please sign and verify your signature to help address this issue. blm altleft antifa blacklivesmatter equality equalrights civilrights usa lgbt lgbtq petition dumptrump protecttranskids protecttranslives protecttransrights antinazi altright stopthealtright

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Omgg he's so blinded by white privilege. I'm done lmaoo. Guess you can't change stupid 😴😴 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ trump feminism intersectional activism blacklivesmatter girls poc transrights pride gayrights equalrights woman loveislove blackgirlmagic poc makeamericagreatagain lovewins praisintheasian

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ⒶLibertarian Eco-Socialist☭


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Kalief Browder should be alive, today—but he is one of many Americans that the justice system has failed. In 2010, at age 16, he and a friend were falsely accused of stealing a backpack. Kalief was then arrested and charged with second-degree robbery. He was sent to Rikers Island, an infamous adult prison without trial while awaiting his court case which was years away. His family couldn’t afford to post bail and Kalief refused to plead guilty or take any plea deals to a crime that he said he didn’t commit. For the three years he was imprisoned, he was subjected to endless abuse from guards and from the incarcerated adult inmates. Kalief was put in solitary confinement for about 800 days where he attempted suicide five times. In 2013, his case was finally dismissed by a judge and Kalief was sent home, a completely different person. He did everything he could to move on and fulfill his potential. He told his story in the hopes that it would prevent other people from suffering from similar injustices and post traumatic stress. He earned his GED, got a full time job, and studied at the Bronx Community College, where he tutored other students and led study groups. But the trauma had forever affected his physical and mental health. In June of 2015, at the age of 22, Kalief hanged himself, taking his own life in his home. His mother, Venida, died about a year later from what some called a “broken heart.” Since his tragic passing, Kalief’s story has inspired small changes. In 2016, on the federal level, President Barack Obama banned the use of solitary confinement for juveniles for most cases. This year, the state of New York passed a law that will gradually change how juveniles accused of offenses are treated, including housing them separately from adults. What happened to Kalief is unforgivable. We honor his memory and vow to fight to protect the freedom and health of our communities. The prison industrial complex needs to be brought to an end. Rest in power, Kalief, Venida, and justice to all those suffering or who have suffered at the hands of mass incarceration.

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Comment from Modelogs:

I posted this iconic image shot by bydvnlln during the Baltimore uprising. Now he has published a book of his work entitled "A Beautiful Ghetto". Make sure you pick up a copy. Photographer TimeMagazine BlackLivesMatter BaltimoreUprising DevinAllen ABeautifulGhetto PickupaCopy

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Patrick from Spongebob


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Feminism in a nutshell . . . . . . . patricks_edgy_insta_page_2.0 . . . . . memes edgymeme edgy edgymemes offensive offensivememe offensivememes dank dankmeme dankmemes edgycontent lmao stolenmemes filthyfrank bushdid911 cancer autism johncena savage stolenmemes pepethefrog memepage thomasthetank offended triggered blacklivesmatter offensivehumor jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams papafranku vaporwave fidgetspinner

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