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Eric Banks


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Philosophy Friday Good 😊 Folks Is Good Folks! Live From ESPM Hair Zone With A Good Friend To The Shop And Fashionable, Fly, And Funny Black Diva 👨‍🎤 And Mother La La With Her Firstborn! familyfirst kidsneedparents ittakesavillagetoraiseachild spreadlove beamotherfirst beafathertoyourchild blacklivesmatter respectwomen

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FAT chick gettin' FIT(-107lbs)


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Comment from Devon:

This Tuesday come and celebrate Black History Month with the Modern Foreign Language Department at Morehouse and the AUC Spanish Club NEXT TUESDAY 6 PM, as we honor black lives across the diaspora. Discuss with Afro-Latin and Caribbean panelists about their experience being black in America. There, we will also serve free food for those who come. BlackHistoryMonth HispanicHeritage Afrolatino Caribbean AllBlacklivesMatter BlackLivesMatter ✊🏾😎 You will not want to miss this!

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The Meme That Sold The World


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Franklin Davids


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hot4hillaryclinton REBUTTED: How come you all care when Trump did didn't allow certain news sites to enter yet turn a blind eye when Obama did the same... . . . . . trump undocumented illegal news cnn fucktrump dumptrump hillary notmeus bernie trump blackhistory melanin Hispanic mexican politics liberal conservative democrat donald Republican laws blacklivesmatter

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This is definitely me. School+life putting me thru some CRAP. Its taking all I got not to fall apart😧 femisim whiteprivilege whitetears liberal womanist womanism intersectionalfeminism woc blackgirlsrock poc blackhistorymonth blackgirlmagic lgbt lgbtq blackgirls equality naturalhair blackhistorymonth peace trending bodypostive poltical conservative policebrutality equality blacklivesmatter donaldtrump notmypresident schoolmemes anxiety

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Hannah ❤|Destiny 😍|📎


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What a shame | blacklivesmatter blackgirl blackboy blackwomen blackmen handsupdontshoot stopracism racist nojusticenopeace racismblackhistorymonth blacklives melanin myblackisbeautiful policebrutality  blacklivesmattermovement nodapl culturalappropriation growingupblack naturalhair shoutout feminism poc woc lgbt blacklove blmopinionated

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Rashidi Kweli, Pan Africanist🌍


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Dear BlackWomen Sincerely, BlackMen who know your worth PanAfricanism BlackNationalism BlackEmpowerment AfricanEmpowerment AfricanAndProud BlackAndProud BlackPride BlackPower BlackLivesMatter Amerikkka UnapologeticallyBlack UnapologeticallyAfrican BlackInAmerica BlackIsBeautiful KnowThySelf KnowledgeOfSelf KnowledgeOfSelfIsANationality EconomicEmpowerment IntegrationFailed WhiteLiesMatter Education AfricanUnification AfricanUnity BlackLove JusticeOrElse ProBlack

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Comment from israelite._queen:

I already said this is Yellowstone which means this is Miley which means this is all the baby boys and baby girls who are highly sensitive and people are threatening them with starvation and no medical care which means it is time for the build-up The Fallout then back to sleep blacklivesmatter

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De'quan Gayden


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Emma Snowdon-Jones


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Writer • Womanist • PanAfrican

Comment from Writer • Womanist • PanAfrican:

Put your money where your mouth is this weekend. I have been divesting from xenophobic White Supremacist cis-heteropatriarchy since the election, an easy way to start is by watching where you put your disposable income and reallocating it to marginalized groups, businesses owned by those groups and causes that benefit those groups. You can also drop a lil dool dool 💵💵💵 in someone's bank account particularly people who are at the forefront of human rights theory and work but often have their effort plagiarized by institutions or go unappre$iated. If environmentalists can change their entire mode of being to reduce their teeny tiny carbon footprint in an increasingly polluted world. We can stop paying our money to fund structures that seek to destroy us. divest waterislife nodapl nobannowall blacklivesmatter putyourmoneywhereyourmouthis protecttranskids handsupdontshoot anaheim dontshootpdx notmypresident

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Hannah ❤|Destiny 😍|📎


Comment from Hannah ❤|Destiny 😍|📎:

Is this true or false? | blacklivesmatter blackgirl blackboy blackwomen blackmen handsupdontshoot stopracism racist nojusticenopeace racismblackhistorymonth blacklives melanin myblackisbeautiful policebrutality  blacklivesmattermovement nodapl culturalappropriation growingupblack naturalhair shoutout feminism poc woc lgbt blacklove blmopinionated

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Keyser Söze


Comment from Keyser Söze:

Fuck the police. acab alllivesmatter bluelivesmatter thinblueline allcopsarebastards blacklivesmatter

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Comment from Natalye:

RepostBy stylelikeu: "“I do a lot of signaling with my clothes and my style. Clothing is a way to let people in, and a way to put up walls. Generally, I wrap my hair because I like how it looks. It makes it easy to deal with my hair, but it also connects back to my culture and family history. The wrapping of hair has a really pointed and unique history of gender and race resistance in New Orleans. Governor Miró introduced a set of laws with sartorial codes. One of the laws was, any woman of color in public had to cover their hair, as a way to take away their beauty and agency and mark them as a non-person. I think the government expected black woman to just wrap burlap and sackcloths around their heads and look stupid, but these bitches were so fly. They imported beautiful silks and calicoes, to the point where even white women started to try and wear it. Miró was just like, ‘You guys, we did this whole thing and now y'all just want to be niggers, it's totally not okay.’ I like wrapping my hair for multiple reasons, but one of them is definitely that I am doing the same thing my ancestors, whose name I will never know, did. I am being fly in a way that pushes back on these larger structures.” - Terri Coleman in the newest episode of WhatsUnderneathNOLA. To watch her full episode, tap the link in our bio, and join the movement IAmWhatsUnderneath blacklivesmatter blackhistorymonth bhm" (via InstaRepost AppsKottage)

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No Gun Zone Philadelphia™


Comment from No Gun Zone Philadelphia™:

MISSING BODY PARTS CONNECTED TO ATLANTA CHILD MURDERS???? Dick Gregory revealed in an interview, “The undertaker that dealt with Kendrick Johnson is the same undertaker from Miami that was used to deal with TrayvonMartin. You mean to tell me as close as Atlanta is, you’re going to call a black undertaker from Florida?”Gregory believes Martin’s organs (like Kendrick's) were harvested. “The biggest money maker in the country is organs,” he added.Modern-day body snatchers provide bones, tendons and body parts other than transplantable organs to tissue banks, research facilities and other buyers. What they get paid: $600 for a brain, as much as $850 for an elbow, up to $850 for a hand, according to an analysis of market prices for fresh or frozen body parts used for research and education that was conducted by Annie Cheney, author of "Body Brokers: Inside America’s Underground Trade in Human Remains."The conspiracy theory of blacks being murdered for organs is now being linked to the string of murders that happened in Atlanta during the late 1970s to the early 1980s. It’s known as the "AtlantaChildMurders." 28 young victims, who were mostly AfricanAmerican males, were murdered from 1979 to 1981; at the time of these murders, there were whispers of organ harvesting. Some think Wayne Williams' was forced into confessing. Conspiracy theorists say: "Harvesting organs from black males may have started with the Atlanta Child Murders. And the practice passed down to recent generations, today's victims: Trayvon Martin , KendrickJohnson and Ryan Singleton. USA Today wrote an article about the trafficking of illegally harvested body parts and tissue from the dead. At the time of the article, more than 16,000 families had been represented in lawsuits claiming that their loved ones body parts had been stolen. In 2008, a former NewJersey dentist named Michael Mastromarino was sentenced to 18-54 years in prison after he made millions from selling human organs and tissue. According to reports, he secretly robbed thousands of corpses from funeral homes in NewYork, New Jersey and Philadelphia. Repost BlackLivesMatter GetOut

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