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#vitapapier #alphabeteofmylife #ambition #blog #society #people #life #calligraphy @50wordsongrey # #likeme #like4like #inspiration #news #read #todat #vita #paper #evening #notws #happiness Welcome to the world of Vita Papier! I am starting a project, which is called "Alphabet of my life". First series of posts will be related to our life in general. Each post is about one word/term/thing/place. One day-one post-one letter-one word. Let's start! A. Ambition(s) Ambitions. How often do you hear this word? Did you know, that the first meaning of word "ambition" was an act of soliciting for votes, from ambire to go around from Latin ambitio? Well it is always very interesting for me how the language develops, same as society does. Nowadays we are mostly using term "ambition" to explain desire to achieve something. As for me, ambition without particular goal is something like building a room without any doors. Idea will be endlessly asking you to go out from this "room", keeping looking for realisation, but there would be no way for it. I've recently found a very nice quote regarding this: Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose(Frank Tyger). We are told to have ambitions at school, universities, work, but not many people are told that ambitions are only the basement of your journey to achievements and that there is a huge way to go ahead. I could say, that ambitions may be even quit dangerous for you, in case if you are sitting and doing nothing. It's just like seeing huge stairs in front of you, which you are not be able to climb unless you stand up and move on. I've thought today, that the highest level of being ambitious is trying your best to make gold out of whatever you do with all your heart, while getting closer and closer to your goal, isn't it?)) Be ambitious and always move on! Have a great day, friends!)

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Il 7 febbraio sarà la prima giornata nazionale contro il #bullismo, lo sapevate? Anche noi vogliamo dire la nostra e per questo stiamo preparando un puntatone con tutte le nostre voci per dire insieme SVITA IL BULLO! La puntata andrà in onda il 7 febbraio, nel frattempo potete leggervi sul nostro #blog una nuova storia raccontata da una nostra speaker (a quanti piace il fumetto caccia bulli disegnato dalla nostra Charlie? 😀) #Cacciabulli

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Hey Camden, you're cute 🌞

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casting a spell on my blog~ 🔥 see you there x

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