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These boys did great at this morning's Strength and Conditioning session. Here's @parker_jasper3 and @dayton_bh doing Farmer Walks with over 100lbs, superset with pull ups. Strong Back = Strong Athlete

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Comment from Keith:

LETS CONTINUE THE MUSCLE UP THEME In crossfit there are really three different ways to do a muscle up each with different things to key on. 1⃣you have the strict muscle up. This is what a gymnast would call a muscle up. Start in a false grip, hollow and let feet go slightly in front, pull to your chest as your hips slightly rock back and sit up over the rings and push down 2⃣the false grip kipping muscle up (I know my arms aren't straight on bottom I'm old) is an exaggeration of the hips coming in front and rocking back motion. Instead of just pulling to a hollow you have a small swing to get your feet in front, you pull to your chest and force your hips back so you roll up the rings. 3⃣the kipping muscle up is more like a front uprise in gymnastics. It's all built on having a good swing. The key is Keeping pressure back on the rings on the front swing and aggressively driving your feet down to turn over on top of the rings. It's the most technical of the three muscle ups but the most efficient. If you want a detailed tutorial with videos and explanations for your muscle up or other gymnastics strength skill, go to #crossfit #cfgymnastics #muscleup #rings #gymnasty #bodyweight #calisthenics #fitness #ringstrength #dips #crosfitter #barbrothers

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This was my last set so i was struggling a bit. 😂 . So today I managed to train myself other than rehearse and teach. 😍 I'm so greatful i get extra time like this for myself.

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Sun and nature makes something to handstand. Deeply enjoying. #handstand

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