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C Wolf


Comment from C Wolf:

Effective straight to the point bodyweight strength training to get you strong and powerful. Custom training plans available. thursday bodyweight calisthenics boise boisefitness workout fitfam gethealthy gymflow motivation fitnessbody personaltrainer trainhard fitnessgoals fitspo cardio fitness

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Theo Gioles


Comment from Theo Gioles:

Two bodyweight exercises I would like to see more often.. 1) Eccentric Single Leg Squat to Box (5 to 7 seconds on the way down -- choose a box that is a challenge but allows you to sit onto the box slowly rather than collapsing) 2) Pushup with Instability (controlled reps -- too many people benchpress. A pushup is way more functional and forces you to stabilize your scapula, spine, and pelvis. People are quick to add weight to an exercise and then sacrifice efficiency of movement. Move properly, and add weight when it is appropriate. For the general population bodyweight will be sufficient until it is mastered. . . . functional fitness functionaltraining strength core pushup squat singleleg unstable stability veganathlete power speed quickness agility tennistraining hockey movement efficient workout routine fst fascialstretchtherapy eccentric calisthenics bodyweight

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Sarah-Sinead Fahy-Serne


Comment from Sarah-Sinead Fahy-Serne:

"Life is all about perspective " 😘❤😍💪💯 . . . yoga yogamum yogaeverydamnday wheel wheelpose yogaaddict Namaste believe trust humble love headstandlover yogalove fitness motivation fitfam feeltheyogahigh stretch strength strongmum prince mummysworld practiceandalliscoming workout progressnotperfection training balance bodyweight dailypractice yogapose

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Comment from Skwalisthenic:

I'm injured for the moment 😡 But I'm training mentally while continuing to follow you.. 😆 You are my motivation 👊 ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ workout streetworkout calisthenic calisthenics calisthenicsmovement calisthenicsworkout socalisthenics calisthenicsaroundtheworld barbrothers barstarzz bodyweight bodyweighttraining bodyweightworkout gym fitness fitfam fitfamily fitfrenchies fitbelgium nopainnogain nevergiveup pullups pushups muscleup humanflag frontlever frankmedrano hannibalforking

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Jay Chris - UK - LONDON


Comment from Jay Chris - UK - LONDON:

🔥SUPER SET🔥 TAG A FRIEND THAT LOVES BODYWEIGHT TRAINING 👀 - - 🔥4 Strict Muscle Ups - 10 Straight Bar Dips - 10 Pullups - 5 Advanced Tuck Front Lever Pullups🔥 REPEAT X5 - - TRACKSUIT BY - manieredevoir 👌 - - calisthenics shredded ripped muscleups pullups mdv dips frontlever core coreworkout workout exercise gym pullup fitness fit health london uk kengurupro barsparta fitlife fitnessmodel fitmodel bodyweight training streetworkout baristiworkout workout24 baristiworkout shredded.union getbsf outdoor.workouts the_best_of_street_workout

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Comment from Michel.Casoria.Calisthenics:

😍 I’m in love with the shape of you 😍 - 💥- optigura_it usa il codice "KOSA5" per il 5% di sconto! 💥- Use code "KOSA5" for 5% discount! - - calisthenicscagliari burningate barbrothers barstarzz barworkout calisthenics streetworkout kengurupro workout wco barwork baristi frontlever strenght handstand peopleareawesome baristiworkout bodyweight muscleup barbars wswcf balance dsworkout madbarz athletic barzquad barsparta WORKOUT24 imuscleup Planche

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Bahar Uykan Ukič


Comment from Bahar Uykan Ukič:

fitintime fitness fit mihabodytec denemedenbilemezsin ems personaltrainer sagliklibeslenme saglıklıyasam beslenme cardio crunch bodyweight total functional traning exercise egzersiz spor postur trx 4dpro bosu eatclean insta instalike bahcesehir studio candanbanuaktas fitintimebahcesehirr Uzungiller 🎈🙋😊

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TheLab Strength


Comment from TheLab Strength:

Getting a little workout in before reading increases cognitive function, making you retain more information and connect to more abstract thoughts. Plus (a little woo woo) being barefoot and by the river can let your body become grounded and collect some ions! I workout with weights 3 days a week and do recovery workouts the day after every weight lifting day. The video was sped up 2x. TheLabStrength handstand pullups nature outdoors grounding ions flow flowstate naturesgym outdoorgym fitness fit bodyweight barefoot river sunnyday fun offday gym workout exercise consistancy progressnotperfection experiment brainfuel smtx hillcountry upperbody move

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Pat Costello


Comment from Pat Costello:

Today's straight arm strength session: Planche negatives + tuck planche hold progress planche explorethemovement tumblerja

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Comment from Basti:

Dear Friends of Freeletics and sports 😎right now my new clip is online and I hope you like it, feel free to give me a feedback 💥💥 ▪️Noexcuses ▪️ freeletics freeathlete fl transformation clapclap anytimeanywhere hiit abs streetworkout calisthenics fitness motivation nopainnogain healthy todayigetstronger werunfrankfurt werunkassel crossfit fitinspo bodyweight freeleticsnutrition freeleticswear

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Ralph Bou Zeid


Comment from Ralph Bou Zeid:

4 core exercises that you can do anywhere!! 40s on 20s off 3-6 rounds Rest 1 min between each round For the hallow body hold, hold as much as u can. Beginners can start with a 20s on 40s off and work there way up. Enjoyy!!🤡🤡 bodyweight bodyweighttraining core abs sports training workout personaltrainer

9 Minutes ago

Urmi Kothari- Energy Coach


Comment from Urmi Kothari- Energy Coach:

More than two years ago I could hold this pose for a few moments. But over the years I had lost the ability to lift my feet up. But in the last five months, I have consciously worked on my Mobility, flexibility, bodyweight strength ... and most importantly, belief that I can do it again. Thank you raju_yoga for helping me get there again. The only person stopping you is you. Not the boss, not time, not meetings or deadlines. What's making you slack is the ability or lack of it,to prioritise. So who do you prioritise? functionaltraining personaltrainer mastertrainer kalaripayattu yoga armbalances pilates mayurasana goals smallvictories

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Michael Kitchener


Comment from Michael Kitchener:

Legs, chalk and deadlifts!!! 150kg 5x1 . powerlifting bodybuilding fitness workout vegan goals pr deadlift squat bench bdfpa competition 60kg bodyweight strong dreams success beast gains whatveganslift veganuscle muscle hypertrophy optimumnutrition summer lifestyle sumo flex best

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Comment from Jennifer:

bester Uni/Lern/Klausuren-Ausgleich 😊🏃🌞 freeleticsfemme freeletics bodyweight selfie frühlingsgefühle ungeschminktewahrheit

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Andrew Kapitonov


Comment from Andrew Kapitonov:

Today i had "rest day", but i tried to do 12 muscle ups after 15 pull ups. This attempt is cleaner than previous one. On video- 15 pullups - 12 muscleups -12 bar dips calisthenics calisthenicslifestyle crossfis calisthenicstime calisthenicsmovement bodyweight training sport sportsmen men sportmotivation sporttime workoutrussia workout streetworkout fitness fit fitnesstime instafit instasport strong power followme barbrothers barbarians baristiworkout barstarzz workout24

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Healthy, Fun, Fit, Lifestyle


Comment from Healthy, Fun, Fit, Lifestyle:

Run for a good cause....yourself! • 5k run done! • Although I'm only getting out once a week, it's better then not going out at all!

14 Minutes ago

Fernando Arazo


Comment from Fernando Arazo:

Muy baby 😍😍😍 StreetWorkout🙏💪 streetworkout calisthenics progressive_calisthenics wswcf baristiworkout workout24 workout_professionals barstarzz calisthenicscanada handstand aesthetics imuscleup rawmovement yoga wco lifebehindbarzz gymnastics workout bodyweight train fit fitness shredded fitnessmodel lifestyle barbrothers justdoit motivation determination beast_of_freestyle

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Comment from H E A T H E R C O O P E R:

Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned. Nyla was awake with us this morning so I rolled with it. Did what I could and still got a good sweat in. This is her wanting to drink my hydrate 😂

14 Minutes ago

Greg Perlaki


Comment from Greg Perlaki:

The options are endless with dvrt core strap. ⠀ Here's a Sprinter Good Morning with a thoracic rotation.⠀ This is an excellent core exercise that is actually a hip hinge movement primarily. I know that this might sound confusing for first but if you try it you will instantly feel how the core is actually connected to the hips. It's all about that connection. Using a core strap with a resistance band just takes things to a whole new level.⠀ trainingunity togetherstronger functionaltraining ultimatesandbag functionalexercises fitness metcon core hipmobility corestrength golf dedication pt uk bishamabbey better beyourself strengthtraining athlete fitness bodyweight instafit corestrength movement running crossfit rehab instadaily sport

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Excced Your Limits


Comment from Excced Your Limits:

-Today is a day of rest, but we take the opportunity to rest actively. musculation SWATTEAM streetworkout motivation calisthenics determination beastmode hardtraining fit bodyweight training fitness workout nopainnogain crosstraining nevergiveup heavyweight lifestyle crossfit

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