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Daniya ⚡️


Comment from Daniya ⚡️:

Nice little workout from earlier today 😊 promised you I would give you details of exactly what I did today so here it is 😘😘 Mondays = leg days 🔥🍑🔥 . Three part workout: 😊👇🏼 - Warm up and glutes activation: 1. Stair master 2. Kick backs 3. Side leg raises 4. Booty touch bench squat 5. Glute bridges on bench - Main workout: 1. Superset 1: 4 sets 1. Dumbbell squats transition good mornings --> 8 reps each set 2. Split squat --> 10 reps each leg 2. Superset 2: 4 sets 1. Squats --> 10 reps 2. Curtesy lunges --> 8 reps each leg 3. Superset 3: 4 sets 1. Cable deadlifts (idk if I'm doing those right, I'll be totally honest with you 🤔🤤): 12 reps 2. Single leg deadlift: 8 reps each leg 4. Leg curls: 3 sets, 20 reps (start with a really low weight if it's your first time trying this because it's tricky) 5. Glute bridges: 4 sets, 12 reps and with your last rep stay at the top and pulse thrust until you cry of pain 🔥🔥🔥🔥 - Stretch 🙃 . . legday squatguide squatgirl booty bootybuilding bodybuilding fitchick workout gym workoutvideos freeworkout fitspo bootyworkout hardwork determination motivation fitfam hustle shred bootygoals bootygains workoutmotivation fitnessmotivation gains mealprep health videos Monday mondaymotivation

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John Victa 🇵🇭 | Body By Chosen


Comment from John Victa 🇵🇭 | Body By Chosen:

Special Booty Bootcamp this Tuesday bodybychosen Come and join sylvie.d_chosen for a killer lower body workout and meet our special guests of the day ryu_apparel coming with amazing surprises ! ($20 drop in) . . . bodybychosen teamchosen bootybootcamp legday bootyworkout squats squatsfordays bootygoals bodygoals morethanfitness ltma fitnessgoals fitfam buildthatbooty bodybuilding workout assworkout

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Comment from SarahRuth:

What's harder, spending 2 hours a week planning/prepping food, and 30 mins a day working out? Or feeling lethargic, insecure, uncomfortable & unhappy?🤔 I've been both of those people, and let me tell you, the latter is harder. It's harder on your spirit, it's harder on your health & body, it's harder on your heart.💔 So invest a little time and money on your health now, or you will have to spend time and money on disease later. Taking care of yourself now will make you happier and healthier NOW and for years to come....the best investment you can make is in your health, because if you're not around how will you enjoy the other things in life?👊🏼 Think about's what keeps me going everyday. (Plus I don't mind the mini-abs that come with taking care of myself.😅) For a limited time You can save $40 on my all-access pack...a little gift so I can help YOU get started on your healthier lifestyle! Who's in?!🙋🏼🙋🏼 My friend Alexis featured here picked her hard and is SOoooooo glad she did! stopwaitingstartdoing liveintentionally

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Comment from ℱernanda:

TURN UP THE VOLUME, TRAIN AND LET THE MUSIC TAKE OVER YOUR SOUL💪🏼😎🎧😘🍑 blessed workoutdone bootybuilding bootyworkout getstrong fitnessgirl gains beats musicfortraining gym

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Stephanie Johnson


Comment from Stephanie Johnson:

Started the week right with leg day. Fewer exercises this time, but more sets of each: Heavy squats, step-up lunges, lying hamstring curls, cable hip abductions, machine hip adductions. legday legs legworkout girlswhosquat girlswholift girlswithmuscle strongnotskinny strongisthenewskinny glutes booty bootybuilder bootyworkout bodybuilding pushyourself motivation fitspo fitness fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation

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Sara Omvig (McKenzie)


Comment from Sara Omvig (McKenzie):

Quads, hamstrings and glute workout tonight!!! Post workout shake yellowstonenutra. check them out, link in my bio 💪🏽 use my discount code to save some $$$ nevermissamonday workoutmotivation workoutgrind fitnessjourney fitchicks fitlife bootyworkout getthatbooty glutes🍑 hamstrings quads gymrat itsalifestyle notahobby positivevibes girlswholift babysteps onedayatatime keeponkeepingon

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Dice Feathers Feng


Comment from Dice Feathers Feng:

Thanks zhenmaster91 for getting the close up on my butt. . . . deadlift backworkout workout fitness gym sweat strong strength bodybuilding goals ass closeup bootyworkout booty sizeistheprize swoleisthegoal gains weights powerlifting power exercise bunsofsteel

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Rachel Tairyoku 体力


Comment from Rachel Tairyoku 体力:

I'm still sooo full from all the food I had over the weekend!🐽 It's so hard to fit my belt now😂 didn't adjust it, since I'm already planning to loose weight! So here goes💪🏼💁🏻 Pin Squats☠️ Worked up to 135 x 5 reps 7RPE Strength Coach: monkaycrak gabriel_aseron 830crewcheckin Monkaymethod roadtonationals

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Caroline Emmons Young


Comment from Caroline Emmons Young:

Two hours of butt-kicking workout!! bootyworkout running bike fortesfortunaadiuvat ironman ironmandreams roadtodream abs summerbody

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Melissa Urbina


Comment from Melissa Urbina:

I struggled a little in the beginning trying to keep my balance straight but eventually I got the hang of it 😂🍑 some booty action today! bootyaction glutesworkout gluteworkout gluteaction legday bootyday gym fitness fitnessmotivation workoutvideos fitnessvideos bootyworkout gymrat instafit teamtatted fitnessmodels bootybuilding bodybuilding bootygainz bootygoals motivation inspiration bootyburner girlswithmuscle slimfitchick fitgirls fitchicks gainz girlswholift girlswhosquat

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Fit Girls


Comment from Fit Girls:

Get the top 10 weight loss resources by clicking my bio link!!!

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Sabrina St Rose


Comment from Sabrina St Rose:

Good night working out Coach Sabrina St.Rose GrandMaster Bikini Bodybuilder Champ 50+ bikinilifenpccalvesbootyworkoutbikiniatlaspersonaltrainingcurvesBaltimoresmallbusinessfitmomsfitfamtransformationonlinechallenge onlinetrainer

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Brianna Taylor


Comment from Brianna Taylor:

Today's chest day was brutal! I really hit it hard today since McKay and I spent all day traveling yesterday and we missed the gym the day before. I am holding on to a little bit of water from the trip, which is expected, but I'm making sure I don't make my carbs too high so I lean up faster! You have to make sure you aren't too hard on yourself when traveling. I am loving my new reebok sports bra! 😍 abs fitness health healthy npcbikini npc bootygainz glutenfree dairyfree nike justdoit fitnessmotivation Bodybuilding bodybuilder npcprep eatclean chestday fitspo protein bootyworkout gohard fitforlife bootyfordays bikinibod fitgirls transformation muscles toned gains swole

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Carlos Coria


Comment from Carlos Coria:

245 for 5 by 3s, before this I hit 225 for a good 7 reps 🚀 - legdaysquatsbodybuildingpowerbuildingpowerliftingliftworkoutbootyworkoutfocusfitnessgymgoalsgohardorgohomenoexcusesnopainnogainmusclemeinstafitinstagoodmotivationmondaydedicatedmotivationmondayfollowjourneyexercisehomelovechicagonaturalyeahbuddy

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Shweta Rathore


Comment from Shweta Rathore:

Benefits of dumbbell deadlifts 🍑👍🏻😍 Among the main muscles worked when performing dumbbell deadlifts are your glutes. The glutes are your butt muscles and the muscle group includes your gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. They work to extend your hips and keep your back straight. If you're feeling dumbbell deadlifts in your lower back, it's probably a sign you aren't activating your glutes, try to sit back a little more and keep the weight on your heels🍑As well as it's work on your hamstring and core 👌🏻👌🏻💪🏻✌️😍 motivationtuesday . . . fitnessicon MissIndiaWorld fitnessforever ShwetaRathore . . Facebook page:- Shwetarathorefanclub 👈👈👈 link in bio 👆👆👆 . . inspire class lifestyle hattrick champion MISSINDIA Missworld K11 fitfreak HealthyLifestyle fitfam youthicon prideofindia fitnessgirl gymmotivation fitnessmotivation bloggers class sixpack bootyworkout gymlifestyle coreworkouts fitnessexpert fitnessscience

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Просто Сказка#Frau Sana


Comment from Просто Сказка#Frau Sana:

Boot Camp, I am loving it! After chocolate and M&M 🙄😊☺️💃🍗🥜👊🤘путешествия follow bootcamp bootyworkout workout sportlife sports chocolate m&

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Comment from elise:

hipthrust strongwomen feeltheburn strongnotskinny bootyworkout

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Callory Twerkshop


Comment from Callory Twerkshop:

Hey, Nashville!!! Check out all the CalTwerk class offerings this week and come dance with us if you feel like it! 😎 nashville nashvilledance nashvillefitness nashvillezumba dancefitness caltwerk callorytwerkshop danceblast danceblastmidtnymca moveatgracenaz sevierpark sevierparkcommunitycenter 12thsouth eastnashville eastnasty eastnash donelson donelsonY donelsonYMCA hipd hipdonelson hiphop hiphopdance twerk bootyworkout bootyshake twerkout

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Delilah EDGE


Comment from Delilah EDGE:

I aspire to be greater then I was the day before. Each day I awake is a new day, yesterday's mistakes are in my past they are behind me and all that remains is the lesson that will keep me from repeating my past. Each day I awake and return to the field of battel I have conquered the odds, I control my destiny I am the author of my fate. weights weightloss weightlossjourney fit Fitmotivation fitnessmotivation fitinspiration fitnessinspiration curves fitthick slimthick likeforlike realbooty bootyworkout bootygainz bootybuilding melanin instafit Fitspo ABS aesthetic shredded gym FitFam WSHH Shredded_Academy nayfit legday model mondaymotivation

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Angelica & Jaxon


Comment from Angelica & Jaxon:

🍍✨"be like a pineapple; stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside" ✨🍍 • • • First time to do a BARRE class! Working out is fun when you can hop from studio to studio! 🙃✨🙌🏼 If you're in Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Austin, or San Antonio look into getting a studiohopfit membership! Why get a membership to only 1 studio when you can have a membership to SEVERAL!? If you sign up using my referral link, you’ll get a discount off your first month! Code- 0b0de4 🐰

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