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Repost @9thand9thpilates with @repostapp ・・・ Need to switch up your workout routine?Join Tash for Velo Spin on Tuesdays @6:30pm, and heat it up with a workout sure to burn your booty and spice things up in this cold weather! Sign up for next week's class online now!! 🔥| 📷PC: @lindseyvrivera #bootyworkout

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Some clips from back and biceps last night!! 💦💦 if you're looking to build a wider back for the appearance of a smaller waist, these are some exercise ideas to incorporate 🤗 - wide grip pull downs Wide grip row Back cable crossover Dumbbell bicep curl Single arm cable side curl Cable side curl - These movements are to be slow and controlled, the video is sped up! 😋

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Nothing makes me happier than a client perfecting the #squat! Having the right form is a #majorkey Feet shoulder width apart Chest up Shoulders down and back Core engaged Weight in heels!! (Imagine there is a chair behind you that you want to place your butt on) If you are not seeing results from your squat (stronger legs, more definition in butt,quads, hams) OR your knees hurt while performing a squat, consult your nearest certified personal trainer or come see me @ffc_chicago 😃 #globetsquat #squats #squatguide #bodybuilding #sundays #sundayfunday #flex #dumbellworkout #form #technique #legday #legworkout #buttworkout #bootyfordays #bootyworkout #stronglegs #fitfam #chicago #traningforlife #personaltrainer #womenwholift

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