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Hunter Love


Comment from Hunter Love:

Turkey season is a wrap. I believe it wasn't a bad one for hunting land I've never seen turkey on and jumping back into it sorta blind. I've learned a pile of knowledge and to me that's good enough. I wanna thank the guys that are tagged for giving me tips and hearing them argue who's best at it. I can not wait for 2018 season to role around. turkey turkeyfan turkeyseason cluck cluckyeah tom gobble gobbler jobbler cantstoptheflop2017 realtree mosseyoak bottomland canon canonusa iphone7 iphone7plus canon7D kitlens woodlandrootsoutdoors

2 Hours ago

Tom Shay


Comment from Tom Shay:

Welcome to the Great Swamp NC Bottomland Swamp

2 Hours ago



Comment from TFC:

Oh the weather outside is frightful. But dead turkeys are so delightful! 🦃 🦃 ___________________________________________ turkeyhunting turkey hunting springthunder wildturkey nwtf 20ga tss gobbler tomturkey nomad nomadoutdoor bottomland spurs hooks mossyoak camo shotgun wtr17! TFC

3 Hours ago

Kyle LaFerriere

Comment from Kyle LaFerriere:

New Affinity 3 & 3.5 by franchi_usa. A great new gun that looks real nice in mossyoak bottomland. . . duck duckhunting nra nrashow franchi franchiusa benelli benelliusa bottomland camo underarmor mallard mallards ducks duckhunt ducksunlimited buckgardner lacrosse lacrossefootwear timber floodedtimber

3 Hours ago



Comment from TFC:

Tag Team! 🦃 ___________________________________________ turkeyhunting turkey hunting springthunder wildturkey nwtf 20ga tss gobbler tomturkey nomad nomadoutdoor bottomland spurs hooks mossyoak camo shotgun wtr17! TFC

3 Hours ago



Comment from TFC:

Birdman! 🦃 ___________________________________________ turkeyhunting turkey hunting springthunder wildturkey nwtf 20ga tss gobbler tomturkey nomad nomadoutdoor bottomland spurs hooks mossyoak camo shotgun wtr17! TFC

3 Hours ago

Scotty Dowis


Comment from Scotty Dowis:

He finally messed up after giving us the slip countless times since opening day!! turkeyhunting nwtf wtr17 hunting camp turkey springbreak rollinfatties longbeard kickschokes longbeardXR woodhaven gobbler yawtyawt gobblegobble outdoors benelli mossyoak bottomland

3 Hours ago



Comment from anthonywadesc:

Scouting for gobblers with the new whip turkeyseason2017 bottomland scottbikes

6 Hours ago

Jeff Jones


Comment from Jeff Jones:

Last day of the season hunting at home for a wet long beard. End of the season is when the big birds come out. alwaysinseason winchestershotguns exofficio tresamigas nwtf mississippigobbler facefulloffives taggedout nitroammunition codyturkeycalls hooksturkeycalls bottomland mossyoak riverbottomturkey winchester1300 hemovedtomysideoftheslash oltom deadmentellnotales

11 Hours ago



Comment from FlyDown:

jordysummitt just giving his new friend a lift 👌

11 Hours ago

Chad Hodge


Comment from Chad Hodge:

Stay Lit, no matter how much shade there is . . SuckerFreeSunday QBcrew quakerboy TurkeySeason turkeyhunting TurkeyTHUGS bottomland ThermaCELL limbsaver ckfightlife contractkiller bnkrkings Florida WeKillSuckers flogrown royalgunfighters countryboy clenzoilcountry Clenzoil HeShootsWhenHeWants BeardGang beard Hevishotammo turkeytuque WreckEmRed TearingYouApart ChadHodgeLit

12 Hours ago

Landon Harmon


Comment from Landon Harmon:

Hate to see it come to an end made some memory's I'll never forget with friends/fam chasing these jokers for the past 2 months✊🏻 had a blast boys and gal 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 ripturks turkeybefloppin🇺🇸 bottomland itflysby 😭😭😭 SWAMPASSASSIN puteminacasket doublec13 meganleecostley tristencalemitcham gabeharmon02 dylan_harmon54 swampassassin namesduck waldrepcustomcalls

13 Hours ago

Eli Meredith


Comment from Eli Meredith:

Made it happen this morning! Went to two of our farms with no luck then we heard this bird on the third place we tried. Ambush style! Didn't make a single call. He was lonely and gobbling at anything. I never thought holding the decoy and walking towards a bird would work but slurry_life and me have done it twice this season! Once he popped over the hill that's all it took! 10" beard 1 1/8" spurs Awesome morning in the turkey woods. official_nwtf mossyoak bottomland kentucky

14 Hours ago

Garrett Addison


Comment from Garrett Addison:

Yesterday morning was a great time working this bird in and watching him put on a show for you pete_brown45 Beard: 10&1/4" Spurs: 1&1/4" • • • mossyoak gamekeeper bottomland thisiswhy leupold LeupoldCore dsdecoys woodhavencustomcalls sitkagear sickforit dannerboots statehomegrown thermacell cabelas whatgetsyououtdoors itsinmynature benelli yeti oltom hookhungry longbeard jellyhead cantstoptheflop nwtf

15 Hours ago

Drew Kitchens


Comment from Drew Kitchens:

I wish he woulda been a longbeard. Sat down 75 yards from him. oldsouthphotography bottomland mossyoak wtr17 nwtf flydown

15 Hours ago

Brandon Washington


Comment from Brandon Washington:

No birds this morning but spending time with my daughter made it a good hunt. Love You pumpkin mckenziemae__ mossyoakcamo bottomland towaligatomtaker gamekeepers

16 Hours ago

American Strutter®


Comment from American Strutter®:

wills_justin took a beautiful South Dakota Merriamsthis past week. Looks like the hat has brought some good luck to a lot of hunters this year! americanstrutter mossyoak turkeyhunting turkeyseason bottomland NWTF

16 Hours ago

jarm waterfowl


Comment from jarm waterfowl:

Funny hunt today had 6 jakes come right up to my strutter decoy they put on a show so I just had to take one bottomland UAHunt Dirtnap jake 870express cantstoptheflopflextinegamecalls

1 Days ago

Casey Umbarger


Comment from Casey Umbarger:

Can I please live here?? naturereset nature outside outdoors jacksonvillearboretum creek water calm adventure forest trees green plantlife plants bottomland beauty love woods

1 Days ago

Alex Lang


Comment from Alex Lang:

Sometimes you have to sit back and take it all in! grizzlycoolers 737duckcalls duckhunting mossyoak gunnerkennels finalapproachdecoys bottomland

1 Days ago