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Kamille Stanger


Comment from Kamille Stanger:

Day 16 - Europe by Rail in 47 days. We learn from failure, Not from success. The journey to get to Dracula’s castle was not as simple as i planned in my head. Got on the wrong bus 5 times, ran a mile through Brasov (in the rain), and then got on the wrong train afterwards...😂 {Bran Transylvania, Romania - May 16, 2015}

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Comment from DONNA M BEE 🌏:

Bran Castle. AKA Dracula's crib. Yeah, of course I waited for the sun to set 🦇💀👻. . . brancastle blurry dracula draculacastle brasov bran transylvania romania sunset castle roadtrip europe love travel adventure wanderlust landscape dusk twighlight vampire fun neverstopexploring neverwanttoleave

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Jorge Ramguti


Comment from Jorge Ramguti:

Bran-Castle. castellodidracula castillo transilvania bran nomad amazing photography cool dracula castello brasov beast beautiful instagood vampire brancastle

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Claire LegoWitch


Comment from Claire LegoWitch:

Summer in Croatia hurts my gothic skin so let's just remember how amazing was spending New Year's eve of 2013 in Transylvania. goth gothgirl countdracula brancastle transylvania vampire cruelsummer

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Comment from Kanoa:

BRAN CASTELUL Il Castello di Dracula transilvania brancastelul castellodracula vacanzeromania transilvania2017 bucarest2017 brancastle

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Comment from DONNA M BEE 🌏:

Today, i fulfilled a dream I've had since I was old enough to watch my first horror movie... (yay mum, thanks so much for making me a neurotic adult who checks the locks and closes cupboard doors before bed, you're a champ. 🤣😍) Anyyyyyway....went to Dracula's Castle today and all I got was this sad attempt at a selfie. Well, I went to Bran Castle in Transylvania, build in 1382 and inhabited by Vlad the Impaler. Vladster was a man of historic importance in Romania and is believed to have been Bram Stoker's inspiration for the character of Dracula. (because of the way he defeated his enemies by impaling them on wooden stakes.) So gross! YEAH, I know, I know, Vampires aren't real.. well.... not the sparkly-douchbag Edward Cullen kind anyway... right? 😜🇷🇴🦇👻💀. brancastle bringmeasalvatore dracula lukeevansismyfavedracula vladtheimpaler brasov castle transylvania romania roadtrip europe history love vampire travel travelgram adventure wanderlust

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Warda Abdullahi


Comment from Warda Abdullahi:

Bran's castle brancastle dracula transylvania romania balkans instatravel somalinomad

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Lorna Viggers


Comment from Lorna Viggers:

brancastle romania castle draculascastle branstoker travel travelbug wanderlust

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My nice Romania


Comment from My nice Romania:

nenúfares transilvania brancastle castillodebran romania🇹🇩

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Stint Magazine


Comment from Stint Magazine:

V12 peek-a-boo in Romania. 📸 Hardy Mutschler bmw 8series 850csi mpower bmwrepost bmwclassic bmwclassicroadtour brancastle draculascastle

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George Georgiou 🇨🇾


Comment from George Georgiou 🇨🇾:

Trying to reach the Dracula's castle! Sonacary 😨dracula castle bran brancastle🏰 brancastle carpathian transylvania romania romania🇹🇩

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Kristina Mazakova


Comment from Kristina Mazakova:

👻 vyhladik chill brancastle romania transylvania dracula

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Karin Events

Comment from Karin Events:

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Karim Sie


Comment from Karim Sie:

With Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula. Where is The Dracula story begin ⚰️😈🇷🇴bramstoker brancastle draculacastle romania

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Alexander Benko


Comment from Alexander Benko:

Dancing vampire dracula transylvania brancastle romania herewecome alergia vreckovky sopeleverywhere nozirtec

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Dalila Țuțu


Comment from Dalila Țuțu:

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Bianca Andreea


Comment from Bianca Andreea:

holiday brancastle romania draculascastle transilvania

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Comment from MikhailShevelev:

brancastle dracula Romania eurotrip travel f4f l4l castle

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Chris Elechosa


Comment from Chris Elechosa:

Eurotrip 2017 - día 18: Brasov dracula brancastle vladtheimpaler transilvania romania

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George Georgiou 🇨🇾


Comment from George Georgiou 🇨🇾:

Only 45 minutes from Brașov city, the Bran castle, or mostly known as the Dracula's castle, in Transylvania consists an impressive castle with a lot of history and... horror!! bran brancastle transylvania brancastle🏰 romania🇹🇩 romania carpathian dracula horror

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