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To all of you guys marching today, thank you. 💕✨💝

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This has been my (meal) life for the past two weeks. Super easy Isagenix shakes for breakfast. Salads for lunch (good thing greens make me happy 😋). Chicken/rice/veggies for dinner. It was all well and good, but for someone who loves to cook, it kind of took the soul out of the chef in me. So now I'm planning a glorious meal for the weekend--so many possibilities :3 #mealprep #eat #food #breakfast #lunch #dinner #eatwell #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #cleaneating #isagenix #isagenixshakes #homecooking

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Still sort of recovering from the break, I'm opting for making #brunch consisting of #avocadotoast, a #friedegg and an #orange. (Not pictured is the inevitable cup of Croatian style Turkish coffee) For the toast I like to mash half an avocado with plenty of chopped #cilantro and some fresh #limejuice and then season with salt and pepper. This week I'm eating @auntmilliesbread of the Honey & Crunchy Oat variety.

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Questo é solo un assaggio! Tra qualche giorno la ricetta completa dei miei muffin ❤️

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