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Comment from Jenn:

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Анастасия✨171см/55кг #пп #ип


Comment from Анастасия✨171см/55кг #пп #ип:

Последний приём пищи на сегодня , большой и сочный киви 🥝 + овсяное печенье 🍪. Необычное сочетание 😅 Перед женскими делами сильно тянет на сладкое, не отказываю себе, ведь организм просит 🙌🏼. 🔹Киви (60 ккал). 🔹Печенье овсяное (80 ккал). ✔️ВСЕГО 1️⃣8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ККАЛ✔️. instagood instatag followback food foodporn диета дневникпохудения дневникпитания пп ип кп рпп советыпп правильноепитание худею худеемвместе жирная жирубой завтракпп like4like follow анорексия москва breakfast рецептыпп похудение здоровье ппголовногомозга dinner f4f

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Comment from NiDa.Express:

تجربه طعم لذيذ غذاهاي آسيايي در ‼️breakfast breakfastlover sushi🍣 seafood sushilover sushitime asianfood party partypack steak luxury luxurylife lux unique delicious dinnertime seafoods meatfood noodles delivery partytime koja_chi_bokhorim kojaberim

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Comment from Claudius:

food foodporn yum instafood TagsForLikes yummy amazing instagood photooftheday sweet dinner lunch breakfast fresh tasty foodie delish delicious eating foodpic foodpics eat hungry foodgasm hot foods

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Comment from Amy:

Nothing like having home grown tomatoes with yummy food 🥘 😋breakfast homegrown cooking homecooking yummy

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tib photo

Comment from tib photo:

Bowls Tableware Breakfast Cereals Dining tables raspberries Spoon fresh fruits

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Comment from Saar:

Dit was m'n ontbijtje, de ramadan is voorbij dus we gaan weer regelmatig eten en lekker trainen 💪🏽😍. afvallen backontrack cleaneats dedication eathealthy eattherainbow fitfamnl fitnessmotivation getfit healthyfood healthylifestyle instafit loseweight motivation weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation granola quark ontbijtje breakfast

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FOOD in progress


Comment from FOOD in progress:

delicious mom's biscuits (completely invented with some of her creativity) 😀😲😊: 300g of semi-whole wheat flour, 2 medium eggs, 100g of butter, 100g of brown sugar, 70g of coconut flour, 70g of diced hazenul, 50g of skimmed milk, 7g of baking powder, natural vanilla bean extract - bake for 12-15 minutes at 180 °C biscuit butterbiscuits cookies homebaking bakingathome handmade sweetmoment foodscience maillardreaction ovencooked cooking cleanlabel breakfast colazione biscotti bizcocho cocinacasera coconut cocco vaniglia burro foodtaste

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Bayfair Shopping Centre


Comment from Bayfair Shopping Centre:

This is our kind of fruit toast (with chocolate) - Tap that! Up early to cheer on emiratesteamnewzealand as they won the Americas Cup

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Comment from Campbell:

Fish tacos!! • • • breakfastandbaking baking breakfast dessert foodporn foodie nemacolin fishtacos eastcoastfoodies

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Comment from Scrumdiddlyumptious😋😋🤤:

Tiramisu pancakes🙊👅food foodporn yum instafood TagsForLikes yummy amazing instagood photooftheday sweet dinner lunch breakfast fresh tasty foodie delish delicious eating foodpic foodpics eat hungry foodgasm hot foods

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Comment from Lisa:


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Nina Strasser


Comment from Nina Strasser:

Euch scheinen meine fruchtigen Quarkschnitten zu schmecken!! 🙈 Seht mal diese leckeren Kreationen an, die nachgebacken wurden!! 😍 Auf meinem Blog findet Ihr das REZEPT dazu: 😘 Ich freue mich übrigens wie eine Verrückte wenn Ihr auf meinem Blog einen Kommentar hinterlässt! 😇😍

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sara rosario


Comment from sara rosario:

low-key breakfast after an amazing weekend with fam 🍳 blessed thankful breakfast brunch drinks summer summertime love fam family portland oregon portlandoregon pdx pnw

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Cody Xeru


Comment from Cody Xeru:

mornings ☕️ coffee imadethis crema killercoffee milk flatwhite cafe coffeelove coffeeart cappuccino freepourart arabica beans coffeecup sydneytravel killercoffeeco barista muscle speedo barista breakfast instacoffee coffeebreak coffeeholic coffeelove coffeegram workout vanilla speedo budgiesmugglers wega

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Francesca D.


Comment from Francesca D.:

Filetto di tonno e lattughino conditi con olio di cocco, limone, aceto balsamico e sale rosa dell'Himalaya

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Comment from Sana:

Готовила недавно на ужин Родителям понравилось) ★ перекус 요기 диета 다이어트 ужин 저녁식사 обед 점심 eat еда 음식 diary diet ta дневникпитания instasize instafood непп пп ип дневникпохудения худею худеювинста lunch 40kg eatstagram dailyfood breakfast 아침

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Edward Hoadley


Comment from Edward Hoadley:

🗣Eating foods that contain sugar isn't going to make you fat 👨‍🔬 • Fat cells won't just appear around your waist from having a slice of cake 🍰in your coffee break or eating some biscuits when you get in from work before dinner🍪 • You put on fat when you consume to much of something too often 🤦‍♂️ • Will cutting back on your sugar intake help with weight loss? For sure, most excess calories tend to come from stuff that contains a lot of sugar ⛔️ • Work on all areas of your diet like portion control, consuming enough water 💦 & protein targets. This will allow you to enjoy 🍩 like this 😬

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Salma!south Africa!


Comment from Salma!south Africa!:

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Comment from San🌸:

Una como que no se da cuenta! Mamá gracias por siempre estar para mí, por escucharme y apoyarme en cualquier problema, te amo con todo ❤😘😍 . . .

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