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Comment from Max🇪🇬:

When i saw this.. I love this, And i cut this part and made this. God bless this Man stevenfurtick god jesus bible church love revival pray spiritual breakthrough freedom gospel watch view motivate motivation inspire inspiration love healing throwback tbt followforfollow followme follow like like4like video videoedit

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Romy Wyser


Comment from Romy Wyser:

Major revisit to ideas from 18 months ago! Mercury Retro can be a tonic for helping you look at things anew. What is coming back around for you? Don't ignore the nudges there is something yet to unfold, something that needs to play out. Be open to the inspiration and follow it with wonder and curiosity. Breakthroughs are coming ✨🦋✨ . . . Awakewomen spiritjunkie mercuryretro SootheyourSoul creativehappylife Divinefeminine bepresent Cosmicconnections magiceverydamnday empath becurious breakthrough eclipseenergy soulmedicine lightworker trustthesigns followyourbliss 📸 mindbodygreen

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Elim Franklin Church


Comment from Elim Franklin Church:

What if tomorrow at church you got that answer/encouragement/prayer/friend/breakthrough that you have been waiting for?💡

52 Minutes ago

Babette 🖤


Comment from Babette 🖤:

Hi, I know I posted this already, but this version is better 😂💖 theonlydetox

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Adesina Segun


Comment from Adesina Segun:

Another Breakthrough. Every setback is a setup for a come back. nysc.9ja portharcourt nigeria serve service mostwanted

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Comment from 🎧Dubstep_Audio🎧:

Nasko - Break Through • • • • • • • • • • Dubstep Music Spectrum MusicIsLife Music4Life DubstepIsLife Dubstep4Life GamingMusic BeatDrops BeatDrop Nasko BreakThrough DSG DubstepGutter DubstepGutterRelease

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Comment from Fransiska:

Family Encounter 12-13 August 2017 latepost lifesurvival followchrist breakthrough sisterinchrist💕

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Life Coach & Change Agent 💡🍍🍀


Comment from Life Coach & Change Agent 💡🍍🍀:

Do you know the feeling when some kind of foggy glass ceiling above your head and it seems like you can't push through? 🤔 . . . ✌💕 upperlimit upperlimitproblem productivity empowerment selflove instagood sky hallstadt pink pinkhouse lookup smile pushthrough Austria viennablogger lifecoaching coach ootd howto joy breakthrough

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Faith, Love & Freedom


Comment from Faith, Love & Freedom:

Romans 8: 6 For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Faith FaithinGodsPromises itshallcometopass believe life peace manifestingabundance manifestingmiracles bringtolife receive lawofattraction growthmindset mindsetshift throughchrist faithquotes abundantfaith trustintheLord miracles renewyourthoughts renewyourmind higherpower higherfrequency positiveenergy spiritofpower spiritofGod spiritoflove breakthrough spiritualgrowth spiritualjourney spirituallyminded

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Mathias Hanke


Comment from Mathias Hanke:

Myrafälle_2017-08-18_032 myrafälle waterfall niederösterreich breakthrough strong soschönsonah nature inthewoods naturdenkmal stausee muggendorf

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Faith, Love & Freedom


Comment from Faith, Love & Freedom:

Hebrews 11: 6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him . . Faith FaithinGodsPromises itshallcometopass believe manifest manifestation manifestingabundance manifestingmiracles bringtolife receive lawofattraction createyourownreality mindset growthmindset mindsetshift throughchrist faithquotes abundantfaith trustintheLord miracles renewyourthoughts renewyourmind higherpower higherfrequency positiveenergy spiritofpower spiritofGod spiritoflove believing breakthrough

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Lana M. Hantuli🔱


Comment from Lana M. Hantuli🔱:

One of my favorite speakers from this life changing breakthrough event 😍 paulhart wfg lasvegas

2 Hours ago

J.D. ||✍🏼👠🕶 || ♠️⚔️✨


Comment from J.D. ||✍🏼👠🕶 || ♠️⚔️✨:

Dream | Plan | Work | Fail | Keep Working | Succeed | REPEAT ... 🔥♠️✨⚔️💋👠✌🏼🏴

2 Hours ago

Dorcas Yee


Comment from Dorcas Yee:

lifechangjngevent breakthrough financial nofamiliesleftbehind wfgbreakthrough2017 convention

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Rodan+Fields babe


Comment from Rodan+Fields babe:

“Life improvement begins with self-improvement" 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 LOL I sound corny but it was actually a lot more to it. Just being able to LET GO and move FORWARD can do so much for your life...Google Lifeworks and check them out! Thanks hsuperbaked

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Hannah Williams


Comment from Hannah Williams:

Lol this is so funny, 😂😂😂😂 breakthrough

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Comment from Paul

Hmmmm Pic astonmartinclubspain apocaseminars seeusonyoutube love inspiration taly resonance paulsullivandotie whatmakesyourheartbeatfaster vibrationliveyourdream spontaneous transformation happiness Ferrari dreamcars success astonmartin changeyourlifeuniversalmind ayrtonsenna alfaromeo breakfreefromyourmind bespokepersonalchangeprograms trust biggerpicture lamborghini structureyourlife breakthrough monaco divinefeminine

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Becca Luu


Comment from Becca Luu:

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of life that most people won't so that you can live the rest of your life like most people can't. I was away from my babies since Wednesday. Do you know how hard it was for me? It is hard!!! And I won't be home until Sunday! It's hard!!! But sometimes we have to make sacrifices for a short period of time so our dream of a better life can become a reality. When I look into those 3 beautiful faces, I know that it's worth it. lovemybabies lovemyfamily overcome adversity isellconfidenceiselltime isellconfidenceandtime thetimeisnow areyouready breakthrough

3 Hours ago

Beth Catcher Gallo


Comment from Beth Catcher Gallo:

Sorry I couldn't get to you. sorry couldnt gettoyou breakthrough throwing punches to the wind

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Comment from J E R E M I A S K:

📍 . Don't let the environment catch you! Don't let it defeat you Your only strong in isolation it's not your defeat. Wherever I am is only going to work for where I'm going🔛 . An excellent man is a positive man who Loves and accept themselves. The world would place a ceiling above you that doesn't mean STOP break through it doors will close but OPEN them you are the KEY . Christian Jesus spirit excellence growth believe mindset breakthrough nevertoolate nevergiveup love key

1 Days ago