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Comment from Joe:

每當我找不到存在的意義,每當我迷失在黑夜裡,夜空中最亮的星,請照亮我前行 Whenever I can't find the meaning of existence Whenever I lose myself in the dark night The brightest star in the night sky Please light my way as I progress 2017 throwback holiday vietnam hoian travel learning life brighteststar light myway goahead 夜空中最亮的星 逃跑計劃

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Comment from the_jimmy_experience:

Ever felt being blessed?

1 Days ago



Comment from Chels:

The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius... the Dog Star. I love my Whiskey!!❤💗💘🐶🐾 whiskey sirius thedogstar furbaby mybaby puppy puppylove puppyears puppyface puppyeyes puppyoftheday iloveher shesmyworld brighteststar lucky love instadaily

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Comment from DesertSocialMediaExchange:

DSME ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Love celebrating and connecting with powerful women and entrepreneurs around the world! 🌎Congratulations on your well deserved recognition for being one of the Most Influential Leader in San Bernardino! We are so proud of you. ♥️ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Collaboration over competition!!✨ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Thank you for the fanatic Castaway Restaurant for hosting the annual W.I.N. luncheon and for having us! 🙏🏻What a wonderful restaurant!

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Dancewise Studios


Comment from Dancewise Studios:

Anyone can be good when everything is going to plan.....but to nail it when things are difficult? That takes a star. difficulttimes difficultsituation darkestnight brighteststar passion positivity dancewisefamily dancewiselove

1 Days ago

Joana Oliveira


Comment from Joana Oliveira:

A candle for my star in haven <3 alwaysonmymind willneverforgetyou brighteststar SéLisboa

2 Days ago

Abigail Muronzi 👟


Comment from Abigail Muronzi 👟:

Even the people you think can't do it know they can .......neverstopdreaming quotesforlife star beyou 😍😘 darkandtwisted brighteststar justdoit lovequotes prefectday betterdays .. .. .. .. valzy_ndondo ......blessed bestieforlife ... Love you lots

2 Days ago

Vero A. Ramos Calleri


Comment from Vero A. Ramos Calleri:

Sending you a little box of sunshine to brighten your day. ✨☀️ sunshine sun sunporn sky skyporn clouds cloudporn sinfiltro nofilterneeded lotsofhastags oslo norway norge noruega sol rayodesol rayodeluz bluesky beautiful nature natureporn naturelovers photography summer summertime brightsun brighteststar thesunisalsoastar almostninepm

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Sarah Tario


Comment from Sarah Tario:

Fight for what you believe in and hold on to your dreams., you need a strong heart and prepared mind to turn it into reality ... -Queen P 👑 Even the brightest star shines when the darkness came, its just a matter of timing... 💕💕 "Brightest Star" Acrylic on paper SMarts2017 acrylicpaint brighteststar

3 Days ago

Rox Garcia 🌺


Comment from Rox Garcia 🌺:

:) the darkest nights stars loveit brighteststar quote followme random

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Comment from bubblybritt79:

22 years today ... I got to watch you open your eyes for the first time and close them for the last ... Tyler Joseph you are my brightest star in the sky and the unbearable heartache in my chest. 🌟💔 I love you my man. Happy 22nd. We'll have a few together in spirit. 💙 angel tylerjoseph happybirthday

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Comment from varnjan:

Brightest stars ✨ brighteststar awakening iwishyouwerehere ppttkeepondancingmylove

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Comment from MĒLÂNïĒ 🌙⭐:

I recieved a call last night from my best friend that literally brought me to my knees & tore my heart into a million pieces.. I still am unable to process what has happened. But I do know that the world is a lot darker now & someone who shed so much light, joy, postivity, love & kindness has been abruptly taken from the lives of SO many people! My heart is so heavy .. I Love You Egypt :: prayers to the Covington family love you all so much.. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am -- ** cherish every second of your life & always remind your loved ones & family how much they mean to you ** agirlnamedegypt 💔

3 Days ago

Bodizs Veronika


Comment from Bodizs Veronika:

brighteststar 😍💋

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Comment from margarita:

Rest in paradise our little angel greatesttragedy heavensangel brighteststar

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Comment from EmmaAndrews26:


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Johanna Barrios


Comment from Johanna Barrios:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner....🌮 you me us life family aboveall god stargazing brighteststar abreathoffreshair alove unique freefromthematerialworld lostinyoursoul lostintime iloveme iloveyou iloveus ilovemyfamily smallorbig justright treeoflife mylove mylife myjourney htown houston texas sarahdoughty artist

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🇵🇭Miho Gutierrez 💍🇯🇵


Comment from 🇵🇭Miho Gutierrez 💍🇯🇵:

darkestnight brighteststar

5 Days ago

Cindy Gaillard


Comment from Cindy Gaillard:

It's been 3 years today 💔 and I remember it like it was yesterday 😞 the pain never fully goes away 💔💔 RIPMazie ILoveYou BrightestStar

5 Days ago

Owen Wang


Comment from Owen Wang:

天空中最亮的星 sunset sun brighteststar

5 Days ago