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Min Yoongi's Girlfriend


Comment from Min Yoongi's Girlfriend:

i love this video suga yoongi bts bangtansonyeondan

28 Seconds ago




Look at how they look at eachother πŸ˜­πŸ’•- Chim namjinbangtanbtskpopnamjinisrealλ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨

30 Seconds ago



Comment from BTSβ™₯JIMIN ✨:

BTS SUGA ❀ BTSARMY bangtanboys YOONGI πŸ’œ

31 Seconds ago



Comment from Π“Π°ΡƒΡ…Π°Ρ€πŸ’‹:

BTS πŸ’™β˜€πŸ’™ RMπŸ’” bts bangtanboys btsarmy rapmonster

34 Seconds ago



Comment from #ARMYsWillProtectJimin:

My beautiful singer ❀❀ dont worry Jimin, ARMYs will keep you safe. Always and forever. We will never let anything bad ever happen to you. And thats a promise. Youre our Jimin, our singer, our little mochi. You mean the absolute world to us and hell needs to freeze over before we let anything bad happen to you. I love you Jimin, more than you'll ever know. Youre not just a band member to me. Youre my whole world. And I will never let my world hurt. I promise. ❀ bts army jimin protectjimin armyswillprotectjimin weloveyoujimin

38 Seconds ago

OFFICIAL ISTRI BTS 🐾 | λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨


Comment from OFFICIAL ISTRI BTS 🐾 | λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨:

Mana orang ny ?? Tunjuk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Gatau dia sugar punya tembakan lebih besar πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . . . . ArmysWillProtectJimin suga sugabts agustd λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨ BTS minyoongi yoonggi rapmonsterbts rapmon kimnamjoon jin jinbts kimseokjin jhopebts jhope junghoseok jiminbts JIMIN parkjimin vbts taehyung taetae blanktae jungkookbts jeonjungkook Bangtanboys 남쀀 RM 랩λͺ¬

39 Seconds ago

mochi // πŸ₯


Comment from mochi // πŸ₯:

me bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨ jimin jungkook jin seokjin taehyung v suga yoongi hoseok jhope rapmonster namjoon

45 Seconds ago



Comment from λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨:

170325 [BANGTANTV] This is Hansung of Hwarang πŸ’žfollow if you want moreπŸ’ž bts bangtanboy btssuga btsjin btsjimin btsjungkook btsjhope btsv btsrapmon bangtan taehyung v suga rapmonster jhope jin jimin jungkook bangtansonyeondan kimseokjin kimtaehyung λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨ minyoongi parkjimin jeonjungkook wingstour wings __btsbighitofficial__ -T

46 Seconds ago



Comment from Rione:

0326 πŸ”₯WSπŸ”₯ dance bts sonsungdeuk workshop instalike

46 Seconds ago

β€’ dedicated & devoted ARMY β€’


Comment from β€’ dedicated & devoted ARMY β€’:

πŸ™ŒπŸΌ PETITION TO STOP HOSEOK 2K17 πŸ™ŒπŸΌ . . . . . bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan bulletproofboysscouts kimseokjin jin btsjin minyoongi suga btssuga junghoseok jhope btsjhope kimnamjoon rapmonster btsrapmonster parkjimin jimin btsjimin kimtaehyung v btsv jeonjungkook jungkook btsjungkook cute hot beautiful

46 Seconds ago



Comment from Megan:

Never - kpop kpopmemes bts blockb BAP kard got7 monstax sf9 victon twice snsd blackpink kpopvine kpopedit

48 Seconds ago

spam acc: @galaxynacl


Comment from spam acc: @galaxynacl:

hoseok did THAT - - - jungkook jeonjungkook jimin parkjimin taehyung kimtaehyung v jin seokjin kimseokjin minyoongi yoongi suga jhope hoseok junghoseok rapmonster namjoon kimnamjoon bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan army btsmemes kpop music

48 Seconds ago

Jessica Malavong


Comment from Jessica Malavong:

Bts-JiminπŸ’– bts.bighitofficial thebangtanboys ------------------------------ πŸ’–Follow 4 More ------------------------------ bts jimin chimchim kpop korean sunglasses pink shoes camera flowers like4follow likethis like

53 Seconds ago



Comment from Wolf:

Gente, que isso πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BTSBangtanboys bangtansonyeondan Parkjimin Kimseokjin Kimtaehyung KimnamjoonJunghoseok JeonJungkook Minyoongi

57 Seconds ago

Just another meme page


Comment from Just another meme page:

This meme is so overused tbh πŸ˜‚ - - - bts jimin btsmemes memes

59 Seconds ago

Zoltan van Heyningen


Comment from Zoltan van Heyningen:

Cleaned up and streamlined my website. Pls check it out and let me know what you think. πŸ˜ƒπŸ™πŸΌ. editorial editorialphotography fashion fashionshoot naturallight mua makeupartist dmv dmvmua dmvmodel photography photoshoot photog dmvphotog photoshoot model modeling bts beauty beautyshot beautyshoot dmvphotog website

1 Minutes ago

β˜… β“œβ“€β“›β“£β“˜β“•β“β“β““β“žβ“œ β˜…


Comment from β˜… β“œβ“€β“›β“£β“˜β“•β“β“β““β“žβ“œ β˜…:

Guys these are some of my favourite fan arts! I really want to start doing them! But I don't have a laptop! I broke my old one! And my computer is not set up yet! Looking at these Fanarts are amazing! How these artists come to create these beautiful digital paintings!! - Continue doing what you do to all the amazing artists who drew these! I don't have there ig right now! :( - armywillprotectjimin bts bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys jin suga yoongi rapmonster namjoon jhope hoseok jimin v taehyung jungkook kpop λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨ kimtaehyung btsarmy νƒœν˜• taekook jeonjungkook kookie vkook seokjin btsjungkook you_never_walk_alone btsnottoday btsspringday protectjimin

1 Minutes ago



Comment from λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨:

Hansungggggg πŸ’žfollow if you want moreπŸ’ž bts bangtanboy btssuga btsjin btsjimin btsjungkook btsjhope btsv btsrapmon bangtan taehyung v suga rapmonster jhope jin jimin jungkook bangtansonyeondan kimseokjin kimtaehyung λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨ minyoongi parkjimin jeonjungkook wingstour wings __btsbighitofficial__ -T

1 Minutes ago

Groceries Apparel


Comment from Groceries Apparel:

A little Indigo Dye product testing amidst the blossoms today - New Indigo Tanks coming to the site soon!!

1 Minutes ago

Jade ;))


Comment from Jade ;)):

Who would send death threats to this adorable baby leave him alone and let him live /creds: cupofth\

2 Minutes ago