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I'm a drawer that holds art


Comment from I'm a drawer that holds art:

Zooming in ruined the quality 😅 but i'm going to make something super cute outta this 😚 | art artwork bts kpop realism semirealism drawing draw doodle illustration army btsart realistic korea korean artist bangtanboys pencil sketch sketchbook pencildrawing btsarmy jimin v jiminpark jin jungkook suga jhope rapmonster |

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Comment from Drawingzz:

MY NEXT DRAWING I work a lot Pleasee share and tag your friends bts btsfanart Jungkook rapmonster Jin jhope jimin parkjimin suga V taehyung bangtanboys btsart Army loveyourself ibighit

2 Minutes ago

Lily Cullen-Jones


Comment from Lily Cullen-Jones:

🦋Here's some beautiful Jimin🦋 * * * * bts art draw drawing edit jimin parkjimin btsfanart btsart lie springday bangtanboys yalikeart ocean redraw sketch

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Comment from emotaecon:

two posts in one day because i love taehyung

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Comment from SaltySinns:

jungkook btsarmy drawings btsart ☆this took a long time☆

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Comment from Liv:

x2 💫 - - - - minyoongi yoongi minsuga suga btsfanart btsart art wip artwork bangtan bts kpopart kpopfanart kpop eyes drawing pencils jungkook taehyung jimin jhope rapmonster seokjin love_yourself loveyourself

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Comment from Lesy_:

Finishhhh Yoongi ~ 🚬 . . sugaminyoongisugabts민윤기 btsbangtanboysbangtansonyeondan방탄소년단sugafanart fanartbtsfanartbtsarmybtsartkpopkpopfanartkpopartdrawdrawingarmyartworkartrapmonsterjimin jinjhopejungkookvsketchloveyourselfinstart

20 Minutes ago

Mini's Trash Account™


Comment from Mini's Trash Account™:

Jungkook W.I.P . . I dont wanna ruin this by shading it and posting it on my main account D;; I dont have any ideas either Welp :((( . . . . . . jungkook jeonjungkook kookie maknae traditional btsjungkook bts btsdrawing btsfanart bangtanboys drawing illustration art btsarmy sketch doodle kpop drawings fanart btsart kpopfanart wip

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Comment from ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:

Sad sketches of bts since I've been not drawing that much recently due to summer work :'^) - btsfanart btsart bts pencils prismacolor taehyung namjoon jimin parkjimin v btsv rapmonster

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Comment from IM SO JUNGSHOOK!! 🍪:

A drawing of Suga, I still need to improve my coloring 😅

44 Minutes ago



Comment from helsxx:

june - august (2017) Taehyung's eye evolution, a big change huh? artprogress taehyungfanart btsart v vfanart drawing asianeyes doodle illustration

59 Minutes ago

击 cecilia 휴전


Comment from 击 cecilia 휴전:


1 Hours ago

(zee-rin) SIERINNE'S NEW ACC!✨


Comment from (zee-rin) SIERINNE'S NEW ACC!✨:

I'm pretty surprised that I've managed to sketch this out today lmao --- drawing sketchbook myart traditionalart artdaily artsupporting artshare amateurartist artistsofinstagram sharearttogether fanart kfanart kpopfanart jeonjungkook jungkookfanart btsjungkook btsart btsarmy btsfanart kookie coloredpencils sketchbook youngartists sketch desenho arte ilustração

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Comment from A.R.M.Y🇫🇷:

Kookie pour ma meilleure amie et pas fini mdr !!! 😆🍪😄💞 andyly97 . . . bts btsart btsfanart kookie jungkook kpop kpopfanart kpopart fanart portrait draw drawing sketch sketching illustration pen pencil art artist dessin army bangtanboys jeonjungkook croquis graphic

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Art ❂


Comment from Art ❂:

A little improvement post. I actually promised to post something like that 2 months ago but everyone forgot anyway ;) Would you be interested seeing more of my old drawings? Let me know in the comments. I think I should redraw some of my older drawings out of curiousity Don't swipe for your own well being! 💕The times when you didn't know that a good paper was needed too :') artimprovement bts bangtanboys drawing btsart btsfanart kpopfanart kpopart btsdrawing kpopdrawing yoongiart yoongidrawing sugaart sugadrawing

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Comment from Lau:

I am so proud of this drawing! I love using more colours than just normal skin tones aw. I want to draw more about the highlight reel and teasers. Let's see if I have time bts btsjimin btsfanart btsart btsdrawing btsfanartistso bangtanfanart kpopfanart jiminfanart loveyourself 방탄소년단

1 Hours ago



Comment from Lamo:

Please don't judge me 🙏🏻😭 I know it's not perfect but I tried my best 😂🤗💖considering that I am rubbish at drawing btsart btsarmy waiting for btscomeback

1 Hours ago

Love Park Jimin


Comment from Love Park Jimin:

Sorry for being inactive lately!!! 💙💙 •army bts bangtan bangtanboys beyondthescene jimin chibi animeted anime art btsart • Cttro•

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Comment from chenrsf:

Kinda done but might finish it up tomorrow ^^ doodle sketch jin painting painttoolsai art artistoninstagram seokjin loveyourself bts bangtanboys army bighit btsloveyourself btscomeback kpop kpopart btsart jinart btshighlightreel

2 Hours ago



Comment from pechenyuha_arts:

Специально для redchilipanda c; bts jimin jungkook jikook jiminart jungkookart jikookart jikookfanart jiminfanart jungkookfanart art fanart btsart btsfanart

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