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A huge Oikawa fan💕


Comment from A huge Oikawa fan💕:

Late night taehyung~ I messed up his jaw/chin and his lips lol. ✨..............................................................✨ taehyung taehyungart taehyungfanart v vart vfanart bts btsart btsfanart traditionalart myart space stars midnightdoodle pencilsketch sketch realism

5 Minutes ago



Comment from John/Jess🍃:

I drew Kim Taehyung from BTS (bangtaaaaan!!!) BTS KimTaehyung taetae V bangtanboysV bangtankimtaehyung btstae btstaehyung btsart btsARMYart Btsfanart btstaehyungart

6 Minutes ago



Comment from baboyeou:

btsart btsfanart taehyung kimtaehyung v

11 Minutes ago



Comment from Myro:

This month's sketchbox was amazing!! There is not one thing I didn't like. Im so happy I can't wait for next month's. So here is my take using only the things that came in the box 😊 I tried using everything in it. . sketchboxjuly bts btsarmy btsfanart btsart yoongi minyoongi suga bangtanboys kpop kpopfanart sketch coloredpencil colouredpencil portrait myart drawingoftheday

32 Minutes ago

A huge Oikawa fan💕


Comment from A huge Oikawa fan💕:

Random midnight vid v vfanart vart taehyung taehyungfanart taehyungart bts btsfanart btsart traditionalart myart wip pencilsketch pencildoodle sketch stars

41 Minutes ago

Khlood A. Hassan


Comment from Khlood A. Hassan:

In progress! Our Mochi, Park Jimin 😄 drawing art portrait sketch draw colors inprogress wip bts bangtansonyeondan jiminbts pinkhair parkjimin chimchim btsart fanart kpopart kpop jimin jiminie bangtanboys bangtan biaswrecker coloredpencils 防弾少年団 えをかく 絵を描く army btsarmy bighit

48 Minutes ago



Comment from ☁️:

A little present for a precious friend of mine, luv ya gio ⭐️ Full pic on tumblr if anyones interested =] yoongiminyoongibts

54 Minutes ago



Comment from 🍓reyolip🍓:

انيو يوروبون رسمه لشيبرس تاي 😍 قريبا حا خلصها 👍✏ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ رسمرسميفان_ارتتايجيمينبنقتانكلنا_رسامينكيبوبmydrawartbtsartfanartkpopbtscolorfullmdrawmangaanimeارمياكسوالاكسوexofanانميanimeanimeforeverotaku

1 Hours ago

♡ 갑🌸준 ♡


Comment from ♡ 갑🌸준 ♡:

❝김 데일리 48❞ ———————————————————— DeviantArt: Tumblr: ———————————————————— I©Please do not repost w/o permission.I I♡ G-A-B-J-O-O-N ♡I ———————————————————— btsfanart btsart namjoonfanart kimdaily 김데일리 kpopfanart namjoon rapmonster rm gabjoon

1 Hours ago

Amanda - 23 - I draw BTS!


Comment from Amanda - 23 - I draw BTS!:

That part in bonvoyage where they're recording themselves jamming to their own songs had my heart ------- bts btsart btsfanart bangtan hoseok junghoseok btshoseok jhope btsjhope art myart adobeillustrator digitalart drawing drawingoftheday sketch sketchoftheday

1 Hours ago



Comment from Mtretytwo:

😜 art artinsta instart instartist btsart draw drawing graphic графика скетч sketch арт рисунок sketchbook btsfanart artwork artoftheday arts artstagram artshow artgallery artpop illustration illustrations illustrate искусство творчество инстаарт mtretytwo

1 Hours ago

Meghan Nichols


Comment from Meghan Nichols:

Smiley Namjoon ^u^ namjoon drawing btsdrawing bts bangtanboys rapmonster rapmon btsart btsvlive

1 Hours ago



Comment from 노리준:

Suga...BTS... in progress✏💖 . suga minyoongi yoongi btsrapper btshyung btssuga bangtanboys bts bangtansonyeondan 방탄소년단 ibighit btsart btsfanart btsartwork btsdrawing portrait sketch pencildrawing illustration inprogress

1 Hours ago



Comment from lu_ibra7:

Hi, I'm awake now You can tell me all the things you're afraid,to do together. مرحبا ؛ أنا مستيقظ الآن بإمكانك إخباري جميع الأمور التي تخشاها لنقوم بها معا . . .drawingartartshelpbysvbtsfanartbtsartwatercolorblackblackandwhitecolordoodlesketchpencilphotographyillustrationرسم摄影미술그림艺术사진카메라写真eyesfacetaehyungjimin

2 Hours ago



Comment from //OWNDY//:

ahh its already wednesday?? greetings from squishy tae tae...

2 Hours ago

Elle 💭


Comment from Elle 💭:

잘생긴 지민이 ✌ Super happy that I managed to colour this in within 1.5 hrs! Quickest coloring ever and I am happy with the results 😄 bts btsfanart 랩몬스터 jin sketch fanart 슈가 민윤기 방탄소년단 방탄 bangtanfanart 그림 digitalart 일러스트 防弾少年団 kpopfanart 드로잉 btsart illustration v artgram taehyung artist illust suga yoongi rapmonster jhope hoseok jimin

2 Hours ago

Annie Regina Bersales


Comment from Annie Regina Bersales:

Cypher Hoseok is my thing 💓 - quick sketch while waiting 😳 junghoseok hoseok jhope cypher cypher4 bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan drawing sketch pen wingstour btswings namjoon rapmonster jungkook yoongi jin jimin taehyung btsv bangtanboysfanart kpopfanart btsfanart btsart jhopefanart ink doodle

2 Hours ago



Comment from 🎨:

Finished version of my beloved Yoongi Lol i think he turned out well 😆I hope you guys like it!! Chalk pastel drawing on white paper by trasheueu Time: 16+ hours . . . . . . . . . art artwork drawing portrait btsart btsdrawing chalkpastel chalk pastel portraitdrawing minyoongi minyoongijjangjjangmanbboongbboong suga minsuga kimnamjoon kimseokjin junghoseok parkjimin kimtaehyung jeonjungkook bts btsfanart fanart mochi

3 Hours ago



Comment from non_gmo_art:

BTS V/Taehyung FA 💕 💕 💕 btsart bts kpop fanart digitalart youngartistsofinstagram art artistsoninstagram taehyung jimin namjoon Yoongi jungkook jin jhope medibangpaint

3 Hours ago



Comment from Hannah:

Practicing can be fun but really exhausting. I had fun with these though. painting digitalart digitalpractice lipdrawing eyedrawing bts btsart digitalartstudy artstudy lipstudy

3 Hours ago