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Hadi S Abdullah


Comment from Hadi S Abdullah:

Jika kamu tak bisa melupakan seseorang yang sudah terlebih dahulu melupakanmu. Saatnya kamu untuk mengingat dia. Mengingat luka yang dia sembelihkan. Mengingat nafas yang terbata-bata seiring air mata yang kau leburkan bersama angin. Mengingat di hari ulangtahunnya, dimana kau menunggu hingga tepat pukul 12 malam lengkap dengan lilin dan kue tetapi dia memilih tidak merayakan denganmu. Mengingat bahwa mereka tertawa dan tersenyum, lantas bercumbu di tempat lain, hingga berganti hari. Dan kau meniup dupa kematian hatimu. Mengingat bahwa dia tak ingin menjadi tua bersamamu. Mengingat ketika kau menggigil dalam sendiri. Mengingat janji dia yang tak akan meninggalkanmu. Malah dia menggilir sunyi di hatimu lalu dia pergi, dia pergi begitu saja. Dia memutuskan memperlakukanmu bagai orang asing di jalan ramai. Mengingat dia setiap saat ketika kamu ingin melupakannya, dia pun tak mengingatmu sama sekali. Mengingat bahwa  berjalan dan berlari ke depan membuatmu bahagia. Kau lebih baik sekarang dibandingkan bersamanya. Bahwa kau telah bebas. recoverytime nevergiveup instagood instame followforfollowback gymnastics buildabooty in out tattoos needmore instafamous instafollow instagram instafun mythought boyfriend read realshit reading catalogue boywillbeboys boyreading boyreader forbidden myfeel afterrun gympeople

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Christina Marie


Comment from Christina Marie:

Working on those gains! 😉losing 70 pounds made me lose a lot of booty too and I am working hard on building a better one! ☝️💪😊fitness fitfam fitmom hardwork dedication fitchick booty bootygainz buildabooty workout getfit noexcusemom weightloss weightlossjourney health healthyliving girlswholift nomakeup instafit instagood humpday

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Dianita Fitness Studio®


Comment from Dianita Fitness Studio®:

Dianita Fitness Studio✨ Morning class 9am Come join our fitness party. 🎉👯💪🏼Eat Clean, Train dirty💪🏼🍑💃🏻🙌🏼 Bring a friend to workout with you!!! dianitafitnessstudio instafitness fitmom fitness fitnessgoals drinkwater eatclean Spark advocaredistributor weightlossjourney zumbawithdianita underarmour smile healthychoices beastmode fitnesslifestyle workhardplayhard success noshortcuts workforit squatsfordays buildabooty Omnilife tryit cardio bodybuilding bodyfitness march 2017 challengeaccepted

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Comment from Hailee❣:

Happy hump day 🐫 buildabooty 🍑🍑

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Amy Scragg


Comment from Amy Scragg:

You're an outcome of your environment 💕 • Never give up on your WHY and the vision you have for your life 👊🏼 • bbmovement vnvigor andraathletics scraggssfitvid

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Comment from becky.fitt:

Snack time! The only kinda "salad" I eat 😂 yuck gottaeatright

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Rosanna George


Comment from Rosanna George:

Worked shoulders today and this was the killer warmup! 5 sets of 12-15! . When pressing keep pinkys touching the outside of the EZ Bar. Do NOT lower below the chin to keep tension and pressure on the shoulders, they are on fire!! . 💊 blackstonelabs fitchicksforlife femaleathletes liftingladies glutesfordays nopainnogain lifting gainzweremade 🍑 doitforthegains fitspiration fitchicksdoitbetter girlswhotrain superset goldsgym getfitgirls girlswithmuscle beastmodeon buildabooty watchmework girlswholift thickfit strongwomen workoutwithme trainharderthanme ruleyourself bodybuilding musclesaresexy shoulderboulders press Song: Split by Tiesto

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Comment from DrKristi:

HumpDay 💥 After I did my four sets of fifteen I kept going up til I hit a PR 💥 Because my Coach iamdiannebrown said I need to BuildABooty 🤣🍑🤣Glutes HamHocks ThickUmThighs * * ThereIsNoFinishLine DrKristi * * WholesomeMindsLLC * * * Health Inspire Athlete Motivate Dedication DocsWhoLift WomenWhoLift GirlsWithMuscles WholesomeMinds 💡 LiveWhatYouLove LiveLifeNoRegrets TrainLikeAChampion

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Allie Wyble


Comment from Allie Wyble:

Drop it like it's hot and squats legday buildabooty 🔥

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💪Certified Personal Trainer 💪


Comment from 💪Certified Personal Trainer 💪:

No more wondering how to workout for a curvy, toned shape! ➡️Order your E-guide today! Get the butt you've always wanted! 🍑🍑 Ab workouts, cardio recommendations, booty building foods list & demo videos of all workouts are included! All workouts can be done at home or gym with just a set of Dumbbells! ✅👊🍑 Send email address to order your e-guide today & an invoice will be sent directly to your email. 🍑🍑🍑 brianafit glutecamp glutes buildabooty legday squats fitness wcw wednesday getfit weightloss tone bestoftheday fit fitspo gym girlswhosquat girlswholift exercise 8weektransformation transformation summerbody beforeandafter curvyfit instavideo bootyworkout legworkout gymvideos

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Raquel Jordan


Comment from Raquel Jordan:

Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier and to be the best version of you! makebetterdecisions strongisthenewsexy beyourbest summerscoming healthyeating trainhard upperbody fitness fitspo tone buildabooty bodygoals everyday

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Comment from M:

When you visit your grandma and she's learned her lesson on finally making me healthy food 😅 HAHAHA! She always smothers us with pastries and oil-laden everything and anything 😂😂 Then gets cross when we don't eat it all 😆 ClassicWogGrandparent StillLoveYouThough ChillWithTheOilTho 😆😙 - - - - gym fitness squats tammyhembrowfit bootybuilding weightsbeforedates healthyeating fit bbg thekaylamovement lift fitgirl gymfit buildabooty sweatwithkayla thekaylamovement kaylasarmy bbg kaylaitsines bbgcommunity bbgprogress deathbykayla

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Comment from Florina:

Genetics my a** 😂 literally!! Work for it!... it ain't gonna be easy, the process ain't so pretty & the roller coaster of emotions are annoying but 2 years later, 23lbs heavier and it was all worth it. To each their own ✌ 💞 you don't gotta agree with my goals but apprciate the hardwork and know if I could achieve this. .. you too can achieve your goals 😘

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Ariel Assault


Comment from Ariel Assault:

This one is tough 😔weightgain buildabooty buildabutt thick 15lbs fluffy

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Houston Fit Body Boot Camp


Comment from Houston Fit Body Boot Camp:

Build your confidence everyday and don't stop! Every day is a fit day here at Fit Body 🎯

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Comment from Kate_wbk:

Leg day in my favorite pants 😍 I never want my hair to be light again I love dark hair 😍 favoriteoutfit gymsharkwomen gymshark sweat fitnessjourney fitness journey workout progress womensfitness girlswholift hardwork happy progressnotperfection patience glutes buildabooty fitgirls chicago liftheavy fitfam katyaelisehenry workouts_by_katya positivevibes motivation transformation squats glutes legday bodybuilding carbs protein

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Comment from FiTNESS VIBES:

It's all in your head you must train your mind 😋💪🏽goals weeklygoals killingit fitness fitgirls buildabooty bodybuildingmotivation bodypositivity bodypositivity bopo bopolove pushyourself dontstop hiitworkout abs booty🍑 calfit fitnessmotivation diet fitlife fitlifestyle fitlifestylesofig slowlybutsurely effyourbeautystandards motivated motivation workout summerbody healthybody mealprep mealprepsunday

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Carina King


Comment from Carina King:


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Comment from FiTNESS VIBES:

Eat clean and train harder 👏🏽goals weeklygoals killingit fitness fitgirls buildabooty bodybuildingmotivation bodypositivity bodypositivity bopo bopolove pushyourself dontstop hiitworkout abs booty🍑 calfit fitnessmotivation diet fitlife fitlifestyle fitlifestylesofig slowlybutsurely effyourbeautystandards motivated motivation workout summerbody healthybody mealprep mealprepsunday

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