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Liz Brown


Comment from Liz Brown:

Running isn't my strongest suit. But I'm trying! katers83 sweatyselfie crying mybodyiscrying vegains work intervals jog sprint thendie 4milesbeforework buildabooty gymshark nikepresto messyhairdontcare bunday bossladymindset

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Comment from Adamazing:

Looking to lose 60lbs + in the next couple months. Here we go! 💪 motivation weightlifting loseweight fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl aesthetics gym gymlife cardioexercsies ripped shredded fitfam buildabooty buttbuilding igfitnessinspiration igfitness weightlifting motivation progressnotperfection tattoosandmuscles bearded braveandbearded

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Comment from #ArMi:

Special thanks to kateupton for making this the iconic suit & for si_swimsuit for putting some yarn on my body. last night was unexplainable, I wouldn't trade it for the world. The booty ate it up... any one need some floss?! 👙Happy Friday!!! SiSwimSearch SiSwim mj_day darciebaum agray35 siswimweek

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Comment from Ashlé:

Chicken noodle soup 🍜 👅

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Comment from TJ:

♥️☺️ It's Friday 🙌🏽 staystrong believeinyourself Phases2Fit active buildabooty bodybuilding cardio cleaneating dedication determination exercise yogadaily YouCanDoThis health funfit fitness gymlife makechangesnotexcuses

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Rosanna George


Comment from Rosanna George:

The proof is in the results... no matter how minor they appear, over time they are HUGE achievements! P.S. 6 month difference between the 2 photos, same outfit, same shoes, & same pose! Toning up! 💪🏻 It's me against this mirror! ----------------------------------------- fitnessjourney femaleathletes fitnessmotivation glutesfordays gymmemes bodybuilding fitchicks liftingvideos bootyonfleek girlsthatlift dobetter girlswithmuscle positivevibes buildabooty thickwomen fitwomen girlswholift thickfit blackstonelabs strongwomen workoutvideos bootyfordays bootygainz musclesaresexy physique strongissexy athlete womenthatlift flexfriday tgif

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Comment from email💌

待我强大 🍑 毁你天下 ☠️ ᵀᴼ ᴮᴱ ᶜᴼᴺᵀᴵᴺᵁᴱᴰ...... gymlife gymgirl workout buildabooty carryon enjoythemoment workhardplayhard swag bikini ootd sportswear swimwear lifegoals keepgoing keepcalm

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‼️Why squats aren't helping you build a booty🔥🍑 •••••••• I used to think lunges and squats were going to help me but I just kept building my quads and was liiiiike 🤔😤.... so for FitFridayFAQ today, I want to shed some light on glutes. I get an assload (pun intended) of messages about building a butt, losing butt fat and shaping the booty! •••••••••• First of all, stop following the Pinterest flash of "30 day squat challenge" or all other posts. Even Tone It Up girls and Beachbody are misleading girls!!! •••••• Why? 1) you can't build a butt in 30 days (it takes wayyyy longer) 2) you have to be eating in a caloric surplus to build muscle 3) you have to be doing more effective exercises for the than a squat 4) you have to be training with enough volume and progressive overload of weight consistently. •••••••• What this means for most of the females I work with is, first we have to lose body fat which = caloric deficit and can't actually grow. BUT we still train them because it burns a lot of calories (and metabolic boost for the next few days) and it also improves mind muscle connection as we practice it. As body fat drops it APPEARS they have grown because... hellooooo they aren't hiding under fat! •••••••• The link in my bio today provides more insight to effective glute exercises than the squat so peep those! Total game changers!!! •••••••• P.S. this is a great warm up and glute isolation exercise for you to focus on and get that mind muscle connection. I'm on a box so that my hips can't oven up like a traditional kickback. I focus on squeezing my cheeks to shorten them vs thinking of raising my leg. The leg is just along for the ride! •••••••• What other questions do you have in regards to your beautiful booty?! 👇🏼👇🏼

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Comment from Memarfa:

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Comment from 🍍 NAMASLAY 🍍:

Touch the butt 🍑👋🏼 booty bootygoals bumsofinstagram buildabooty goals fitfam firgirl girlswholift smilemore apperciatethelittlethings

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kia campbell


Comment from kia campbell:

Goal for this year is 156lbs 💪🏼exercise motivational fitness buildabooty like4like slimthick thick abs bodyconfidence

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Comment from Allybesaw:

How bad do YOU want abs✨ How bad do YOU want a butt How bad do YOU want to feel confident in your own body ✨ YOU have to put in the work and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Happy Friday everyone !!! fitspo fitnessjourney liftlikeagirl fitmom fitfam hiit happy weightloss booty🍑 buildabooty bootygainz legday summerbody supplements protein camppendleton follow

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Catherine Anderson


Comment from Catherine Anderson:

Time for the hard work to begin. 15pound ⬆️ Calories ⬆️ Time to get my shredz Back 💪🏻 even with a back and glute injury these past 4 weeks letsdothis abs gym gains muscles girlswithmuscle girlsthatlift progress buildabooty sixpack liftheavy girlsthatliftheavy gymlife gymproblems booty🍑 ass

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Tia Reid


Comment from Tia Reid:

No filter although I think I should have whiteasfuck badtan readyforbootcamp gymtime selfie me postpartumbody workouts buildabooty alwaysingymclothes workoutmotivation

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Comment from Christina:

leg day 🏋🏼‍♀️ today! today was more focused on volume than going heavy and my legs honestly feel like jello 🙃 . . tried doing my run right after and i got through 1mi and my legs felt like bricksss 😬 so i'll go back to the gym later today to finish the run and i'll definitely stretch and roll a ton before 💁🏼

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Comment from Anna:

Она не ракета, она - бомба💣💣💣!!! А вот в таком тандеме - это просто космос🌌🎆🌌 sveta.raketa

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Natalia fitness


Comment from Natalia fitness:

💜 !!! VISITA NUESTRA PÁGINA 💟👌👇 GO GO GO !!!!! 💪💜💪 sexystrongmodafitness natalia_fitness cuerpowerbikinibodybuilderbodybuildingsquatslikeforlikemotivationfitnessinstafitnessgymlifemusclesexystrongfitfitnessaddictfitnessgoalsstrengthbootyblasterbuildabootycolombiagirlsinstafollowfitnessgirlsfollowfitnesscolombiastronggirlfollowmef4ffitfam

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Comment from Ciara:

Anyone else got that feeling 😊😊😊😍😍😍🌟🌟🌟Don't forget there's a NEW Blog Recipe UP on The Irish Balance 🌟 Link is in my bio to my CHOCOLATE BALANCE BARS ❤ My best protein bar recipe yet? Maaaaybe ☘☘☘ Also Leg Day was today & genuinely my hammies are still burning from deadlifts 😂😂😂 friday friyay fridayfeels fridayfeeling tgif fitness legday fitfam irishfitfam ukfitfam strongnotskinny girlgains girlswithmuscle girlswholift girlsonbulk instafit instadaily theirishbalance irishbloggers foodbloggers deadlifts buildabooty hellofriday

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ProgressPics fitme_strongme progressnotperfection buildabooty selflove ...almost a year and I already see the gains 💪🏼💪🏼 workoutbuddies fitme_strongme & crazyjackk25

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Melanie Conner Teare


Comment from Melanie Conner Teare:

What do squats, ketones, and Friday have in common? They are ALL amazing! Let's get this weekend started! Amazed buildabooty StrongerEverDay itjustkeepsgettingbetter cantWaitToGoShoppingToday

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