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The hardest part about making myself do the stretches I need to do in order to help my hip flexors is that it's just fricking painful ☹️ also going to start making myself use the adductor machine aka "good girl" machine (I prefer the "bad girl" one 😋) as apparently this can help so we shall see..... wish I could have someone yell at me at least every other day to do my stretches because I'm terrible at making time for it 👎🏼 ----------------------------------------- #Gymshark #GymsharkWomen #Mobility #Squats #SquatDay #GlutePump #BootyPump #BootyWorkout #BootyBuilding #Booty #LegDay #BuildABooty #BootyGains #Glutes #Quads #FitnessJourney #FitSpo #FitFam #FatToFit #GirlsWhoLift #GirlsWithMuscle #BodyBuilding #GirlGains #StrongNotSkinny #GymBooty #Powerlifting #GirlsWhoPowerlift #BootyGains #HipFlexors #Stretching

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[ANGLES] . The body doesn't grow only on vertical & horizontal planes. It grows in diagonals ... angles ... our muscles wrap. So in order to develop these connective tissues - we work the angles. . Yesterday was a full lower body workout killin the diagonals. . • Curtsy Lunges / side • Diagonal Leg Press / side • Donkey Kicks • Side Plank with Oblique Crunch • ... & then some! . "it is a part of the human experience to feel pain do not be afraid open yourself to it - evolving" . The fitness game is not easy. There is no magic pill that creates motivation, strength & dedication. That comes from you digging deep & finding the courage to make a difference in your life. . I have been there ... low ... so I honestly know how it feels to be unsure, lost or not ready. I was 19 & 216lbs lying to myself that I was healthy even tho I couldn't jog 100 yards without puking. I thought eating 1 meal a day was healthy. . Far from it. . I had to make the change ... I had to dig deep. For MY health. For MY future. For ME. . Now I am a licensed trainer in fitness & nutrition. 9 years later I am a consultant for Holistic Health teaching people like you reading this healthier options. Real options that work for them individually. . Interested? Let's chat!! 7808681093 . Want to know more feel free to call / text the above or msg me here!! . #lifestyle #choices #fitness #nutrition #holistic #living #future #yeg #love #happiness #healthy #strong #weights #angles #diagonals #cheers #buildabooty . 🏋🏽‍♀️😁💕🥒🌎

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Hard work isn't just made in the gym it's what happens outside that will get you results. Been working so hard on leaning up my lower body and it wasn't till I got my nutrition on point that my body started to go the direction I wanted it. Not where I want to be yet but getting closer. On a good note Thank God It's Monday 🤗 #tgim 🍑

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Snippets of today's leg day & cardio shenanigans! Tried to mix it up a bit with the cardio-- have a significant other that loves basketball? & you suck at basketball?? lol basketball suicides & some side hop ball pass things. it's at the end of the video. Enjoy 😝😝

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Just look at the legs , muscles are coming in and I couldn't be anymore happier ☺️ now that I got the hang of it I can start focusing on upper body too and getting these arms bigger as well 🙌🏽💪🏽 Putting on size has always been hard for me but the gym and eating the right kinds of foods are doing me justice. #buildabooty #girlswholift #fitfam #bulking

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Touch that booty😂😂😂

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