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Comment from sorina:

Got this new bodysuit, I think Einstein approves. πŸ‘½πŸ‘. . . . . . . . statigram iphonesia selfie selfiequeen bodysuit obsessed iloveit buildabooty girlswholift instafit instagood instadaily happy girl ass positivevibes tatted einsteinapproved

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Rosanna George


Comment from Rosanna George:

Awkward move moment BUT this is a killer for the Glutes!! Back at it tomorrow! Today was volleyball! Try this Glute workout!! . Done on the leg Curl machine! This is a very small movement! Really Squeeze the Glutes!! 5 sets of 12! . πŸ’Š blackstonelabs fitchicksforlife femaleathletes liftingladies glutesfordays nopainnogain lifting gainzweremade πŸ‘ doitforthegains fitspiration fitchicksdoitbetter girlswhotrain superset goldsgym getfitgirls girlswithmuscle beastmodeon buildabooty watchmework girlswholift thickfit strongwomen workoutwithme trainharderthanme ruleyourself bodybuilding musclesaresexy gluteguide glutesfordays Song: Virus by Martin Garrix

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Comment from Annie:

Never miss a Monday yo. notsoperfectstorm fitgirlsguide kettlebell squats buildabooty

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Comment from Ainjel:

Life doesn't stop just because you're sad. Chin up, buttercup, go make booty gains. πŸ’‹ β€’ β€’ β€’ tmnt ninjaturtles fitmom fitfam legday bootygains buildabooty glutes lululemon comeatmebro quads fitchick fitgirl gymrat quadgains shesquats gymootd fitnessmotivation gymmotivation gains gainz girlswholift girlswithtattoos progress mondaymotivation braid fitlife workoutmotivation

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Delaina Torrez


Comment from Delaina Torrez:

gottosquat buildabooty squats heavyweights buildmucles feedyourmuscles weightsareforgirls

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Lydia Erin


Comment from Lydia Erin:

Quick dinner tonight! Cubed sweet potatoes with a chicken thigh! 😊 I had to include the pups since they looked so cute begging for my sweet potatoes!πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

40 Minutes ago

Janae Garcia


Comment from Janae Garcia:

Hello hello!!!! The weekend won AGAIN! But I am back at it today because no matta wat gotta keep goin! I rocked leg day!!!! And finished with some hiit cardio at campcrunch crunchnorcal . A great whole body cardio workout! Now time for a shake!!!! What did you work today?!?!? workout weightloss neverfail teamjonnystraws shakeyhands shoulderpump cardio girlswholift weights cleaneating diet exercise believeinyourself slimmingworld buildabooty strongsmartcapableworthy motivationmonday

1 Hours ago

Amanda Uch


Comment from Amanda Uch:

I've been on the same body system for a year now and what I've come to learn is that bodies are made in the kitchen. You cannot expect to crash diet your way to skinny. Your body is a temple and you should treat it as such. I run into the common issue with my clients where they think that they need to eat like a squirrel to lose weight. Umm negative red Ryder. You didn't gain this weight in two weeks so you bet your bottom that you're not going lose it in two weeks either. This is dinner for me. I eat real food, I'm aided by a body system and I don't suffer. Stop suffering. Stop treating yourselves like you aren't worth it because you are worth it.

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Comment from marabella_fitness:

2+ year difference between these two photos ...I can't believe how tiny I looked in the left pic ! Little did I know there were many gains in my future and I would fall in love with weight lifting πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ’ͺ🏼bootygainz legday glutegains gains girlswholift buildabooty

1 Hours ago

Sarah Littleton


Comment from Sarah Littleton:

I'm following suit with one of my badass momma friends and saying buh-bye πŸ‘‹πŸ» to some of the 'softer' areas on my body. NOT because someone else said I should. NOT because I'm self conscious. NOT because I want to look like a magazine cover. But because I want to feel energetic. But because I want to feel sexier. But because I want to feel stronger. But because I want to. Period. My plan is in place, and the best part is that I don't even have to wait until my new fitness training facility is up and running, or get an expensive gym membership because I basically have Netflix for fitness and I can just fire up whatever I want to do that day! And that's what YOU can do with me, whether you're local or all the way in Canada 😁 And I'm feeling so thankful for all the people who helped move some heavy equipment that I want to give back & give a gift to one lady who is READY to say POOCH BYE with me πŸ‘‹πŸ» The next person who joins me for my mission starting May 8 will receive a special Fire Starter Kit from me to help jumpstart your weight loss πŸ™ŒπŸ»you'll get a box of some of my favorite products and supplements and resources for fat burning to get you started! Comment or holla! BuildABooty BurnSomeFat LoveYourBody DoItForYOU πŸ’‹allergymom allergy detroit farmington farmingtonhills goodvibes momswhorun momswholift recovery bye

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Carol 🎢


Comment from Carol 🎢:

"EstΓ‘ permitido Fallar, pero No Rendirse" bootcampworkout lifedoesntgeteasier yougetoughest getupmoveon buildabooty buildselfconfidence

1 Hours ago

Savannah Lucero


Comment from Savannah Lucero:

Never stop moving forward!! When you don't feel like working out is when you should the most!! Get 10% off some cute workoutclothes from bejuststrong using savvy10 at checkout! juststrong juststrongclothing strongisbeautiful liftlikeagirl barbellsandcoffee cardio fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation fitness fitmom healthylifestyle cleaneating changes sunsoutgunsout buildabooty squats deadlifts workhard lookinthemirror thatsyourcompetition beyourownmotivation pushit

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Christina Bitonti


Comment from Christina Bitonti:

buildabooty bootyfordays natural bΓΆΓΆty glutes jumpsquats pushups nike shoes itsmytemplenow no effort no results yesyoucan believeinyourself healthyfood strength dedication ambition workout thickwhitegirl all real

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Alice McCarty


Comment from Alice McCarty:

This is what Building a Booty is about. Those beautiful MURVES πŸ‘πŸ”₯ And we are only getting started on these mASSive ASSets. 😜 Week one, Day one. Love these booty scrunch leggings? Check out abs2bfitnessapparel πŸ―πŸ’‹ - ironkitten ironbellz bootybuilder buildabooty murves fitmom wakeprayslay goals bootyb3llz swolebabe bootyful assets

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Comment from J A Z M I N F O R D:

Couldn't get to the gym tonight but here's some of my favorite leg and booty exercises. You can thank me later 😊

1 Hours ago

Jessica Lee MS, RD, CDN


Comment from Jessica Lee MS, RD, CDN:

shakeshack, I've missed you! Let's never go more than a week without seeing each other, okay?! Okay!! πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” Double shack burger on a gluten free bun after..dun dun dun...leg day. Duh! πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏼

1 Hours ago

Unleashed Fitness


Comment from Unleashed Fitness:

unleashwithnesh wearing the absolute most comfortable don't cross me leggings in navy blue. Get your online today ! fitness fitnessvideos bodybuilding fitnessapparel workoutleggings leggings yoga yogapants workoutclothes fitspo fitnessguru gymrat gymjunkie georgiasouthern statesboro raclife fitspo healthy weightloss healthyliving healthylifestyle squatgoals squAtsnotshots squats buildabooty fitthick

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Christina Bitonti


Comment from Christina Bitonti:

buildabooty bigger glutes yes its possible itsmytemplenow workout fitness is for life eat clean no effort no results healthyfood healthybody sculpting nike

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Amie Landis


Comment from Amie Landis:

Happy Birthday to the most incredible man I know! kamfit has been the greatest blessing in my life and I can't believe how lucky I am to call him mine! πŸ€—β€οΈ β€’ Seriously, guys... you don't understand how INCREDIBLE this guy is!! He is 100% self made - he was homeless, living out of his car with barely enough money for food. He went out and got a job right away so that he could get a place as soon as he got paid. He worked his ass off until he became his own boss and eventually moved into a house in LA. I challenge anyone to question this man with his goals because I have yet to see him miss the mark on ANY of his goals. No matter what it is, if he wants something, he goes out and he TAKES IT!! There is nothing Kamil can't do if he wants it! β€’ So here's to another year with the love of my life, my inspiration, and biggest motivation πŸ₯‚ happy 24th my love 😘❀️

2 Hours ago

Kelly Ann


Comment from Kelly Ann:

Find it and keep it. Feeling better and got a good workout in . findyourfire fuelyourfire noexcuses goals strongwomen strongmama fitlifeactive fitfam fitmom fitlife inspiration jillianmichaels extrmeshedandshred shaunt flex buildabooty girlswithmuscle girlswholift postworkout beastmode teammamaswag

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