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Comment from Go Big Emma:

This was our camp spot this morning. Sometimes you find an awesome place in the middle of nowhere, sometimes it's just by the side of the road. But at least it's a pretty roadside spot! - After spending a few days relaxing with friends in the Bay area, we are now on our way back south, but not before making a stop at Sequoia NP. Anybody around there right now and up for a campout? Let us know!

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Comment from Natalie:

The last couple days we both have been tackling the van hard--currently on a race against yet another 5 days of forecasted rain. 😐 While I love rain & CA needs puts a dead stop on progress and we are seriously so so sooo close to being done. #vanlifediaries #projectvanlife

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Comment from Lexy & Drew:

Here's a quick clip of Lexy going off trail. We're just beginning our season here at Mammoth, and we are getting positively spoiled. Mammoth has more snow than anywhere in the country, and as if the fresh powder wasn't enough, Lexy's dad let us enjoy the use of his Mammoth #blackpass for our first couple of days here. We went hard yesterday, took it easy today, and are ready to go hard again tomorrow. Stand by for adventure, love, danger, and excitement! #vanlife #van #campervan #mountaincollective #ski #skiing #skibum #snowboard #snowboarding #shredding #girlswhoshred #snowbunny

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Comment from H L FAZZA:

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Comment from ayelet bitton 🌅:

All three of our ridiculous vehicles from this trip in a row: our van, @marcomunizaga's van, and of course the truck. Decided to hop on the #vanlife bandwagon and make an account for our van, Betty. Follow @bettywhitethesprinter if you like!

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Comment from Lucas BH:

Better than coffee

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Comment from brenda:

Next stop: not Auckland! Excited to realize my high school dream of living out of a van. Also, I'm again so impressed with the Nav family that made buying this car ridiculously simple. I could trust the sellers and agreed to buying it without a test drive, they gave me a great deal and they let me take it away before I arranged the money transfer. Love those Navigators #goals #campervan #allaboard! #justkiddingtheresonlyroomforone

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Comment from Native Campervans:

"Snack break!" We use that as an excuse to pull over way more than we should. #nativevanlife

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Comment from Sarah Côté:

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So the base of our bed is done! All we need now is a mattress and we can tick another box!. . . . . . . We decided to make the frame out of lightweight steel to save us weight and space. A rectangular frame which fits in between the back door and side door will be the main component then the drawers underneath will slide out to make an extension on the end giving us a full size double at night but also walking space during the day!

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Comment from Vegan Travellers:

Our first YouTube video is up! Head to our channel to check out some highlights of our vegan travels in Australia, including a giant rescue pig, wild dolphin encounters, all the vegan eating, sausage dogs, oceans, mountains and more! A like and a subscribe would mean the world 💕 Link in the description!

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