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Angela Thomas


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Let me be your Cupid this Pisces season 💘 💘 Astrology Dating Tips dating101 cancer cancerlife cancergang cancernation cancerbelike cancerfacts cancerproblems astrologer astrologymemes astrologyreading astrologyposts losangeles zodiac

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Josh Iturbide


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Diabetes Duck Fettish

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Garden ObGyn


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Our staff is dedicated to your health and wellbeing! GARDENOBGYN healthcare healthylifestyle healthyliving pregnancy top pcos weightloss fitness nurse Mom women purple art artwork network wow now tgif friends friday newyorkusa friendship endometriosis cancer breastcancer nyc workout

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Its Chang Chin Not Ching Chong


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Hitler's Suckulant Urethra


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This is one reason Jetty is the best! Monthly donations to California Cancer Patients! 👩🏽‍⚕️❤️ fuckcancer ⚡REQUEST IN YOUR DISPENSARY ⚡ . . . . repost jettyextracts with app ・・・ Love getting these messages from our Shelter Project patients, "This high quality medicine from Jetty Extracts makes taking THIS a whole lot more tolerable"-Keryn. whywedoit shelterfromthestorm jettyextracts allaboutthepatients jettyisthenest oneforone jettygirlla cbd cannabis cannabiscommunity cannabisheals cancer california la

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Erin Danielle


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Blessed to be celebrating 3 years cancer free! cancer grateful blessed cancerfree inspirational celebrate goodvibes godisgood alive joy love journey believe support overcome encouragement happy

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Let us know how "secretive" our followers are😏 pisces aries aquarius gemini taurus scorpio sagittarius capricon cancer leo libra virgo like4like follow4follow gaintrain horoscope astrology zodiacsign sunsign wacky_sign

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god cant forgive me


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Shrek 5

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Nina 💋 #teamzalma


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Tday marks 3 yrs! February 24, 2014 was the day i heard them telling me, "You have cancer!" The day my life changed dramatically. I lost my boobs, my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. Including looking like a poster child. I've also gone through hell...36 chemos, 25 radiations, 36 bone marrow transplants & 12 surgeries, which I'll b having my 13th this month coming up! This journey has also taught me many things, such as to love life. It's made me a stronger person & my FAITH has extremely grown. I can honestly say im a better person now! Nvr would have i imagined to still b here, to make it this far! I sometimes glance through my pictures & cry! Not of sadness but of disbelief!! I dnt look ill anymore, but cancer remains. The fight continues, i will NOT let this cancer win! I may have cancer but cancer doesnt have me!! I do believe in miracles!! On another note...look at my hair!! flawlesscurls!! Thank u lord for continuing to hold my hand & thank u teamzalma for the love & support!! fuckcancer cancer pinkisnotalwayspretty findacure noonefightsalone warrior spreadawareness lifeofacancerpatient battleborn

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Spent my morning with Radiation (YAY done with week THREE) then a few follow up appointments and then discussing with my social worker about options for my hair. I've made the choice to shave my head tomorrow night - I'm terrified. It's become so real and being a woman and accepting the fact that something so small can mean something so big. Sitting over my lunch lost in thoughts about how far I have to still go but still reminding my self how far I've come and how much strength I've gained... and that I WILL get through this. StandUpToCancer GoGrey BTSM Fight Inspiration Believe Cancer Radiation Chemo FightLikeAGirl Empowerment Encouragement YouCanDoThis BrainCancer BrainTumor Oligodendroglioma CancerChat

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El Haws


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Ayy lmao


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many are original🔥🔥


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