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Manuel Reinhart


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Jared A Forestieri


Comment from Jared A Forestieri:

My type of cardio! EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) 1️⃣Sled Pushes 2️⃣10 Kettlebell Swings 3️⃣Farmers Carries. cardio cardioworkout cardio✔️ cardiostrength cardiostrengthtraining training work workout personaltrainer trainer coach fitness fitpro sled kettlebell swings farmerwalks farmerscarry performbetter strength strong strengthtraining aerobic anaerobic richnextgeneration perform_better

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Duane Blackman


Comment from Duane Blackman:

Fashion meets Fitness! Had fun last night, heard great poetry and saw up and coming designers doing their spring show. Good look guys. blaqfitapparel comingsoon freshswag upearly hottboxxclub sundaymorning funday cardiostrength

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Workout Videos


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CARDIO: with a little strength added to it by using a dumbbell. Dumbbell is optional. Jack can be modified to a step out. Knee pull can be increased by adding a little hop when switching out the knees. Do 30 seconds of each move, rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 more times. cardio dumbbell cardiostrength heartrate increase bloodpumping sweatsdripping jumpingjacks kneepulls gregi fitness fitwomen fitmoms obsessedwithfitness wemake workoutvideos foryou men women alllevels variety newexercises several weekly gains results fitfam trainer

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Comment from Wendy:

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Sandy Caraballo


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Benefits of battle ropes improves strength and endurance by engaging the muscle of the entire body including the hands,forearms,shoulders,back,legs,abs and core.garageworkoutsbattleropeslossweightenduraceworkoutanytimeropeburncardiostrengthimprovesstrengthenjoyeveryworkoutbepacientwithyourself4lifesandyfitnesskissimmeefloridagetfit💪🏼

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Erin Dawn Dawson


Comment from Erin Dawn Dawson:

Throw out the step aerobics of the 80s and move into today! Take the steps and the boxes and combine the concepts for one HECK OF A GOOD cardio workout. Take a look at your routine. Do you need to improve athleticism? I know I do. When I do these workouts I start with 5 to 10 reps. I increase the next time around to 15. Then I'll jump to 25. But remember: A GOOD WORKOUT COUNTS REPS ON ONE SIDE (PER LEG/ARM). So, 20 = 40. Don't doom yourself when you first start. But push yourself a little more each time. Think. JUST ONE MORE REP! noexcusesllc Limitless pushyourself justonemorerep fitmom cardiostrength boxjumps newagestep improvement mswarrior strongwomen pushyourself

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Comment from coco:

Happy Easter ××× und so geht das lange Osterwochenende vorbei. Mit einem schönen Spaziergang am elbstrand mit prinzbosse - wir haben unseren Umzug übrigens dank ganz toller Freunde hinter uns gebracht🙌😍 und alle Kisten sind ausgepackt.📦 Jetzt heißt es einleben in der neuen Bude und Gegend. Genießt den letzten Oster Abend! Ich gehe jetzt aufs Sofa kuscheln. 🐶hamburg hamburgerdeern moving hamburg elbstrand umzug fitnessblogger jointhemovement stadium runnershigh hiit bodyinprogress bodyweightworkout strength cardiostrength trainhard strength fitchick fitnessjunky instafit fitnessblogger freeathlete girlswithabs abs motivation healthylifestyle noregrets noexcuses workout progress fitspo fitfam personaltrainer

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Shannon-elise Tietz


Comment from Shannon-elise Tietz:

Strike was awesome AGAIN! I was overwhelmed with delight being I thought the rain and holiday wknd would keep people away. No way, strike athletes are all fighters! strike PlymouthLTF Ltemployee plymouthlifetimefitness shannonelise fitness cardiostrength daveysmama fitmama strengthtraining cardiotraining fitmodel 8monthspostpartumbody

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Fitz N Giggles


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If you don't have a lot of time - try some 2 n 1 moves like this one. Resistance bands are so handy if you're on holiday or travelling for work. This move also gets the heart rate up too.

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Victory Fitness Wilson


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Repost rhyanbreen cardiostrength TRisthebest god_guns_glory jessicambreen victoryfitnesswilson

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Rhyan Breen


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Shopping for balanced ratios of ALL aminos? 💥Want concentrated NATURAL Peptide protein? 💥Tested pure? 💕Yes, buy futurepeptides and get completeprotein that's wonderfully effective💕small servings 💕Future Peptides has heme, which helps increase and maintain blood oxygen levels 💪💕organiciron heme buildyourbestfutureself feedyourbrain naturalfood naturalprotein healthydiet energyfood pureprotein serumalbumin cardiostrength predigestedprotein glutenfreefood lowcalorie sugarfreediet bioavailable resultsmatter

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Comment from Simon_Barzaddict:

This Thursday evening = WOD ! 1h30 of set & reps with barzaddict Here is one last workout of the day setandreps muscleups dipsonstraightbar neckpullups tukfrontlever barzfamily freeathlete cardiostrength fitness fitfam calisthenics streetworkout wod dontstop

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Comment from FIT-FORM-PLACE:

Rien de tel qu'un mini WOD crossfit en guise de cardio pour finir cette séance Force Format du circuit: AMRAP 10minutes ✓ Exercices: - Arraché d'haltères au sol en alternant les bras - Variantes Burpees combinés aux Jack + pompes ✓ Faire le maximum de tours sans s'arrêter pendant 10minutes ✓ Points d'attention: - garder le tronc bien gainé et respirer normalement - Pousser sur les talons pendant l'arraché d'haltères et garder une légère cambrure au niveau du dos pour ne pas stresser les dorsaux ✓ Bilan: Travail cardiovasculaire intense, gros boost métabolique ✌ On a mérité un bon dodo 😏 nopainnogains burpees pushupbra dumbellsnatch cardiostrength teaminstafit 💪crossfit openwod openwod172

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Lucie Pfaendler


Comment from Lucie Pfaendler:

Love me a slow motion high 5 with chalk - and partner deadlifts with my strong wod partner in crime. Danke Mätzli alessia_joy für s Filme und für coolis Wodis 😍crossfit partnerwod crossfitgirlsrule crossfitbasel sunkissed training cardiostrength deadlifts synchronized doublepower swissmiss_supergirl

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Bill Lang


Comment from Bill Lang:

A little metabolic conditioning. Or you can call it strength/cardio. 6 sets, 8 repetitions of the following: Hang clean, 100 lbs Standing calf raises, body weight Standing to sitting overhead lift with 25 lb plate Roman Chair sit-up with 25 lb plate. Follow that with a little elliptical time and one mile recovery walk thegrind beatyesterday itswhatido cardiostrength oldmanstrength fenix3 itsgettingbetterallthetime

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Leslie B


Comment from Leslie B:

Day 2 - working off my weekend of overindulgence 🍺🌯 Another hour of HIIT ✔ ifiwantaburritoieataburrito balancedlife sweatitout turbokick hiitworkout highintensityintervaltraining cardiostrength

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