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Comment from ANDREA GOMEZ:

Improving my carving... 🐟🐚 art linocut fish sea create carving creative design drawing painting

1 Minutes ago

ЕВГЕНИЯ-стилист✂ Краснодар


Comment from ЕВГЕНИЯ-стилист✂ Краснодар:

окрашиваниеволос schwarzkopfprofessional olaplex растяжкацвета безфильтров безлампы stylistcolorist krasnodar balayage shatush ombre carving olaplexlove стрижкиукладки прически завивки карвинг уход краснодар

1 Minutes ago

T.A.G. Smith


Comment from T.A.G. Smith:

Closeup of the new steller's sea eagle portrait. See previous post for the full piece eagle birds sculpture fineart contemporaryart new 3d design style detail interiordesign style home decor decoration art handmade woodworking art crafts carving wildlife nature falconry birdsofprey Asia predator

4 Minutes ago

just me a spirit


Comment from just me a spirit:

My father's present for Father's day. boat wood 4days. carving icutmyself

6 Minutes ago


Comment from Kay:

Bahamas nassau bahamas fishing fish carving wood vacation

6 Minutes ago

Michael Hoffman


Comment from Michael Hoffman:

Happy midsummer 😃🍹🍷🍸

7 Minutes ago

Goodlife Foods

Comment from Goodlife Foods:

Tag a friend who's excited for Poldark Season 3 to get them in the mood... You'd butternut miss it! . . . . food butternutsquash poldark tv carving art foodart abs fit fitspo fitness abdominals veg vegetable creative potd

8 Minutes ago



Comment from wolen:

Instag_app halloween oct october 30 scary spooky boo scared costume ghost pumpkin pumpkins pumpkinpatch carving candy orange jackolantern creepy fall trickortreat trick treat instagood party holiday celebrate bestoftheday hauntedhouse haunted

9 Minutes ago

Mudlark Pottery


Comment from Mudlark Pottery:

Small plates! illustration clay fika sgraffito ceramics carving tapas tableware etsy dragonfly

10 Minutes ago

Karen Ipori Lake


Comment from Karen Ipori Lake:

linocut linocutprint printmakinglife reliefprint crafts carving

11 Minutes ago



Comment from INEԼUCԴABԼE®:

I try to post as much pics as possible and finish my Etsy boutique at the same time. But you know guys, being an jewelry entrepreneur isn't my only job. I also work for CARTIER. So I have a double life, and I have to fit two jobs in one day. This is hard guys. Waking up at 4.40am/5am and going to bed between 11pm/midnight is one of the hardest thing I ever made. But I want to succeed so I keep going and cheer up even if psychologically and physically it is difficult... Btw I took this pic yesterday while passing by an antiquarian... Beautiful carved snakes 🐍 INELUCTABLE INELUCTABLEdesign goth gothic witch witchcraft snake snakes snake🐍 snakebites stones carved carving antique antiques antiqueshop paris paris🇫🇷

13 Minutes ago

wood carving


Comment from wood carving:

woodprocess carving handcrafted ingtigeranimalartist art restday tuesday homeshape나무조각이전의 과정작앨범에서 찾음아티스트아빠호랑이저거하고 손아프다 징징옛날에한호랑이 못봐주겠다며복구작업얼마나 멋있는 호랑이로 변신하려나호랑이수술

13 Minutes ago

Widahl Woodcraft


Comment from Widahl Woodcraft:

This is what came of the huge tree burl out front of AB Forest & Garden! widahlwoodcraft albertaforestandgarden chainsawsculpting chainsawart bears carving sikkens stihlca husqvarnacanada makitaoutdoorpowerequipment yyc cochrane powerequipment likenoother bestintheworld burl samsung woodwork

13 Minutes ago

Mudlark Pottery


Comment from Mudlark Pottery:

Small plates are fun! sgraffito ceramics carving illustration clay tapas tableware flowers pottery handmade hygge poterie

15 Minutes ago



Comment from テラピィ:

「やっほ~!みんな、元気〜!?まりは元気だよ!このボーダーのワンピ、めっちゃ涼しいよ」 お気に入りのボーダー柄のノースリーブワンピを着て、陽気におどける夏が待ちきれない女の子、まりの消しゴムはんこです♪ Mari loves a striped sleeveless dress 消しゴムはんこ eraserstamp keshihan stamp eraserprint print rubberstamp rubbercarving carving carvingstamps handcarved モノクロ monochrome blackandwhite art instagood 女の子 girl まり mari 前髪ぱっつん ボーダー stripes stripedess ノースリーブワンピース sleeveless sleevelessdress ribon リボン 2017年制作

16 Minutes ago

Sam~ Stormborn


Comment from Sam~ Stormborn:

Decided to work on something random~ songoku and shenron! Too obsessed to not make a bit of fan art every now and again. Scroll right to see me inking/the full piece! printmaking Dragonball linocut linoblock reliefprinting reliefprint carving goku dragonballsuper Dragonballz shenlong Dragon ink blockprinting Etsy bigcartel get_imprinted fanart

17 Minutes ago

Phoenix Ramsdell


Comment from Phoenix Ramsdell:

And so it begins... . . . . . . art carving foam gold painting handpainted handcarved unusual progress process progresspicture

19 Minutes ago

Alhambra Designs


Comment from Alhambra Designs:

Be different. etsy handcarved alhambrapalace alhambra engraved carving decor muslimhome islamiccarving palace art islamicart intricate interiordesign andalucia ukmuslims britishmuslim islamicart stucco islamicgeometry islamicarchitecture plastercarving arabesque islamicpattern plaster pattern craft geomertry mosque muslim stonemasonry

20 Minutes ago

Woodclans TV


Comment from Woodclans TV:

Amazing treehouse 😍 * Send your woodworking projects to us and we are necessarily going to post them wood woodworking joinery carving woodporn diy handtools woodhouse decoration woodfurniture woodcraft woodworks woodart process handmade handcrafted craftsmanship woodshop treehouse woodentreehouselogcabin

21 Minutes ago

Sculptură Tradițională


Comment from Sculptură Tradițională:

tradiție sibiu carving homemade

5 Hours ago