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Miracle Maria


Comment from Miracle Maria:

Get A Good Grip On the Rough Edges Working on a barbell as I strengthen my upper body reminded me of one thing - ROUGH EDGES make the best grip. We humans love to talk about everything ‘nice’ and ‘joyful’ and we tend to shy away from the ‘weak’ side of things. Unfortunately though, ignoring something does not make them disappear. They are still there. And if they bothered us the first time. Then they bother us today. Our rough edges - our weaknesses, our pet peeves,our trigger points - are part of what makes us unique. They support us in mastering our core, our essence, our magic. They help us get a better sense of who we are and what we are destined to do. They pave way to a smoother road. Because light does not exist without darkness. Missions don’t exist without challenges. Blessings don’t come without burdens. It is in the way we master the rough edges that make us anchor more to our inner magic and power. And from there, the magnitude of what we can create will surpass even our wildest imagination. Get a good grip of your rough edges. Befriend them and don’t ignore them. They WILL help you MASTER all your gifts. Come join me in my group of Movers, Shaker and Miracle Makers - focuswithin upleveling catalyst transformationcatalyst transformation miraclemaria miracles miracleshappen grip roughedges imperfections nothingisperfect astepatatime

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The Refinement Project


Comment from The Refinement Project:

success perception mindset goals become happiness refinement therefinementproject mindsetiseverything discipline reward hardwork doyourbest ambition successquotes habits freedom bethebestyou achieve catalyst desire choice choices excellence think thoughts effort successful habits emotionalintelligence personalexcellence

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The Refinement Project


Comment from The Refinement Project:

success perception mindset goals become happiness refinement therefinementproject mindsetiseverything discipline reward hardwork doyourbest ambition successquotes habits freedom bethebestyou achieve catalyst desire choice choices excellence think thoughts effort successful habits emotionalintelligence personalexcellence

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Catalyst x Femvee x Seribella


Comment from Catalyst x Femvee x Seribella:

Kebaikan SERIBELLA : . . 🍅 Anti penuaan & menaikkan seri kulit . . 🍅 Memberi tenaga sepanjang hari . . 🍅 Diperkaya dengan Vitamin, Mineral & Antioksida/ Detox . . vco seribella femvee supplement jamumoden vcoantioksidan agentvco agentseribella agentfemvee sayajual catalyst bellaammara bellealyahya supplementcantik supplementkulit trustedagent dropship srteam chewabletablet agentkapar agentbukitkapar agentmeru agentsetiaalam

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Antonia Tootill


Comment from Antonia Tootill:

Quick bit of scriptwork bts for catalystfilm. You can tell that I know what I'm doing because I have a pencil behind my ear. I'm very professional that way 😛 catalyst film indiefilm actorslife actinghour filmmaking

1 Hours ago

Dee Sanders


Comment from Dee Sanders:

Love summer flavor pineapple 🍍 coconut 🌴 now I'm adding probiotics to my daily routine.

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D'Artagnan Mayes


Comment from D'Artagnan Mayes:

Would you rather live 70years as a lamb or 30years as a lion? As harsh as it is your won't get a second chance, if you waste your life it is on no one else but you. Work so hard that everyone that ever told you that you can't do it or you will never be anything just look down at the floor in when you walk by because of how wrong they were. catalysthealthfitness thesupergym evancentopani ifbbprochristuttle artemusdolgin liamkelly1987 craig_swole1 sergioolivajr dallasmccarver mrolympiallc npcnewsonlineofficialpage kaigreene goldenaestheticsofficial cedricmcmillan bodybuildingcom thegoldendays oldschoolphysiques arash_rahbar sadikhadzovic patriotnutritionllc tlmresearch thedorianyates bodybuilding teenbodybuilding teennpc personaltrainer catalyst gains workout motavation exercise buildingmuscles coaching ifbb goldenaesthetics oldschool arnoldschwarzenegger mrolympia weightlifting fitness fitnessmodel strongman powerlifting ripped contestprep npc2017 gymmotavation lifequotes hardcoretraining classicphysique inspiration classicbodybuilding

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Nella Chikwe


Comment from Nella Chikwe:

✅Enhance your life through incredible insight concerning your life. ✅Create new opportunities to experience more joy and fulfilment. ✅Revive your personal life through healing and right connections & collaborations. It's TIME to unleash your Greatness! YOU are all you need to WIN. Go out there and make SHIFT HAPPEN! Be the change you want to see. Maximise, Optimise and Capitalise on the last half on EpicELEVATION2017. Make it COUNT! TheUnstoppableWomanOfPurpose TUWOP2017 CEO catalyst GlobalMovement visionary differencemaker entrepreneur

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Sirius El Bey


Comment from Sirius El Bey:

Get your nutritional supplements here! catalyst strengthtraining strength fitness health healthandfitness menshealth womenshealth womensfitness mensfitness supplements whey protein casein gains yoga exercise train doyouevenlift

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Comment from ✨STEPHA✨:

Word 🙌🏾 You are evolving dahling, let no one and nothing stand in your way ❤️ • • Wise words from liananaima

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Raul Solis /"Sharky" BBoySB


Comment from Raul Solis /"Sharky" BBoySB:

The end of 5am wrestling practice today!!! Although Open mat breaking is how i always close up shop, monday Wednesday friday. drilling a move ive been chasing this last 2 weeks windmills powermove comingsoon journeyof10000kicks testimentsofaBBoy breakéfome bboy bgirl dance Practice glorytogod faith impossibleispossiblewithgod leapoffaith priceofglory wefalltopickourselvesbackupagain Catalyst WestPalmBeach cardio movement workout fit dreamer followme followyourheart push BBoySB shark creativity

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Comment from Catalyst:

Leaders, you are chosen and appointed for a purpose greater than yourselves. Let our focus be on the fruit that will last and the God who has called us! - Check out the CatalystApp for the latest encouragement and Catalyst Tracks.

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Chemical Academy


Comment from Chemical Academy:

He was graduated from his MSc Chemistry :) ________________ chemistry chimie science kimya research biochemistry organic analytical lab laboratory ilovescience ilovechemistry phyical spectroscopy nmr ir massspectroscopy uv aromatic pharmacology engineering chemicalengineering distillation separation catalyst

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Allen Ozier


Comment from Allen Ozier:

Sick sandbar in Spanish Wells catalyst spanishwells

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Comment from CATALYST:

How long until it's gone? change recycle saynototrash zerowaste catalyst future planet world climatechange june 2017

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sanni oluwadamilola johnson


Comment from sanni oluwadamilola johnson:

Ask those who are already in Christ... You re missing a lot if ure not He loosens u from the captivity of the enemy which is tight No devil can toss u back n forth All this, he does with his might Destroying devil's agenda and plot Accept him today and he will lead u aright Or go the broad way whose end is hot.. inchristalone catalyst chemistdoitperiodically

4 Hours ago

Hannah Lengyel


Comment from Hannah Lengyel:

Got to the the gym few days ago and it felt so good😌 I need to really get into some sort of routine keep this toning thing up cause when my muscles flair up it looks pretty damn good 😂 and stay away from the damn pizza 🙄 fitness tattoos sweat tone muscle catalyst healthy routine workout sweatfest pizza definition glisten

5 Hours ago

Tonya Hutchinson


Comment from Tonya Hutchinson:

coffeeshop sunsets travel songs people love invitation believer betterthings showlove livelove catalyst invitation realauthenticraw

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Comment from wanieshifu:

Ketiga-tiga VCO ni VCO Antioksida 😉 . 🌷VCO Delima : VCO Delima memang famous dikalangan ibu menyusu dan wanita hamil. Sesuai juga untuk mencantikkan kulit, anti penuaan, boleh kawal kolestrol dan rawat sengugut ya 😉 . 🌷VCO Argan : VCO Argan ni mesti diamalkan kalau korang nk kulit cantik, bersih, bebas dr jerawat, klu ada ekzema, senang kata kalau nak fokuskan utk kulit, better ambil VCO Argan ni. Nak bagi kuku cantik, rambut cantik dan merawat kuku supaya tak patah makan la VCO Argan secara konsisten! The best part is VCO Argan buat muka kite glowing tau . 🌷VCO Aprikot : VCO Aprikot ni memang sangat2 sesuai diamalkan utk sesiapa yang lenguh2 sendi. Amalkan sebagai supplement harian utk kecantikkan kulit. Disamping tu aprikot juga terkenal sebagai antikanser. Elok kita cegah dulu kan? The best part mengurangkan kedutan dan melembapkan kulit. vcocatalyst vco periodpain senggugut rambutgugur catalyst virgincoconutoil vcosoftgel stokiscatalyst vcodelima vcoargan vcoaprikot minyakkelapadara vcofluid vcoliquidcatalyst

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Comment from wanieshifu:

Ibu² mengandung wajib amalkan VCO DELIMA ni tau!!! Sebab apa? Khasiat buah delima yang baik utk elakkan morning sickness, imunisasi baby, melembabkan kulit & utk mengawal kandungan gula dalam darah. VCO DELIMA 60biji/500mg Sekotak RM65 exc pos WHATSAP 014 2937658 vcocatalyst vco catalyst virgincoconutoilcatalyst vcosoftgel stokiscatalyst vcodelima resdung minyakkelapadara cholesterolfree minyakkelapadaracatalyst pregnant

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