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매주 월요일마다 열리는 슈퍼스타&유니트미팅~~^^ 이곳에서 메리케이 비지니스의 지식과 문화를 배울수 있습니다. 출퇴근이 없는 메리케이지만 일주일 하루 두시간 투자는 기본^^ 소소한것 하나하나 인정받고 체계적인 교육을 통해 성장할수 있는 멋진 시스템이 살아있습니다. 이번주는 오랜만에 하는 제품교육. 많이 준비했지만 이런저런 아쉬움이 남는.... 부족함을 많이 느낀 하루였다.. 언제나. 다름을 인정하는것은 쉬운일이 아닌듯... 😁😁😁😁 #메리케이 #동안피부 #데일리베네핏 #항산화 #비타민 #코엔자임큐텐 #울산 #세일즈디렉터 #뷰티컨설턴트 #피부상담 #메이크업 #메이크업강사 #뷰티클래스 #단체선물 #문화센터 #롯데마트 #이마트 #워킹맘 #소통 #일상 #데일리 #투잡 #부업 #ceo #상담 #문의 #다이렉트 #카톡 #mkcarmen

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I don't need you to believe in me. I believe in me.👍💰 • 📸 by Unknown

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READ BELOW - LIFE TIP #118 Don't be so quick to judge - nobody is perfect, including you. Empathy is a very important trait. It's more than simply being "nice" to others, or trying to understand others' situations; it's about FEELING what others feel and truly putting yourself in their situation. When we're empathetic, it's very hard to judge others, this is a great thing. The next time you feel compelled to criticize someone else, look in the mirror and analyze some of the shortfalls in your own life. Then work to empathize with that other person and take the higher road. Comment below 👇 Much love to all

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This goes for trading and many aspects of life. Like if you agree! 💯

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Comment from Wade K. Wicks:

🌞Good Morning New York🌞 I'm here in the office making some big announcements for this week. 💣 Tonight I will return to stage for some Improv comedy live on stage.🎬 This week my gym is offering special prices for anyone who comes in to enter our Team Contest!! 🔩 I also have some incredible opportunities to announce later this week. Just sorting out some little details before I let em rip! 🔥 Hope you're all having a vibrant, awesome morning. Wherever you are, there is always Now. There is always the present.⌚ This is your time!

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