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Fitness for Life


Comment from Fitness for Life:

Protein is the key for a strong body and weight loss. This breakfast is ➡️357 calories ⬅️ and very rich in protein and vitamin C Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 cup cauliflower pearls 1 tomato, cut in cubes 4 oz 93% ground turkey 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 Eat without fear! It's filling, nutritious and delicious! eatright feelright fitnessforlife eatwhatyouneed chalengeyourself bewhatyouwanttobe

1 Days ago

Francisco A.


Comment from Francisco A.:

Cada dia tienes q ser mejor. metas goals challengeaccepted chalengeyourself colombia miami cartagena garmin garminvivoactive garminchallenge

1 Days ago

Barbora Wittichová


Comment from Barbora Wittichová:

mirrormirror yogatime relax evening thursday relaxyourmind blueyogamat redhair chalengeyourself balance toestand breathe balance inked tattoos youcandoit motivation change tomorrowisfriday yoga blue relaxyoga

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Comment from Terri:

So Very humid southflorida noexcuses

2 Days ago

Kristīne Rudzinska


Comment from Kristīne Rudzinska:

Tas mirklis, kad Tava studente ir wellatrendvision2017 uzvarētāja un zelta balvas Colour Vision ieguvēja 👏🏻🙈🏆❤️ with natalija.rivonenko jelena_hlebnova createinriga teacherandstudent summerholidays exams fashionstylist chalengeyourself military lamifadress hermes selfietime Veiksmīgi nokārtotu pēceksāmenu selfijs - repost karpova_hair greeneyes afterexams

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Comment from nithalia:

do what you've got to do to be happy 😊 freedom chalengeyourself tochangeyourlife mindfulnessmeditation

2 Days ago

Azéva Gabon Officiel 🇬🇦🕎®


Comment from Azéva Gabon Officiel 🇬🇦🕎®:

Retour aux sources Gabon🇬🇦❤ J'aime mon pays 🇬🇦 je participe Azéva Gabon officiel 🇬🇦 Facebook : Retour Aux Sources Gabon officiel _ Azéva Gabon 241 (Musique Azéva , AKENDEGUE .P) _Intro by Pascale Ariane Lembet _❤🙏 Merci à une de nos ambassadrices, Dieu te bénisse nehira13 LyonFrance diasporaGabonaise tagtesamis 😄 gabomadefala team241 ilovegabon africanmusic azevagabonofficiel weloveGabon gabomapower love motivation music langue traduction chalengeyourself proudtobeafrican africanmusic courage culture instamusic facebook retourauxsourcesgabon 🇬🇦🎼🎶

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Ivana Matovic wellness coach


Comment from Ivana Matovic wellness coach:

Gymtime🏋🏋💪💪❤ gym trening bezizgovora Herbalife chalengeyourself fitmom

2 Days ago

Ivana Matovic wellness coach


Comment from Ivana Matovic wellness coach:

Koji je tvoj izgovor??? 80%ishrana +20%trening=100%rezultat Ako zelis i ti rezultat pisi 📥📥📥 Powerdbyherbalife planishrane chalengeyourself rezultati bezizgovora fitchallenge fitmom

3 Days ago

Marjolaine Chapon


Comment from Marjolaine Chapon:

Nice little run this morning !! running chalengeyourself sportgirl sport nike nikefrance sunnyday

5 Days ago

debs 🌹


Comment from debs 🌹:

We all have a “comfort zone” which, more than an actual place, is a psychological/emotional/ behavioral construct that defines the routine of our daily life. Stepping out of our comfort zone is when the change happens. I have found stepping out of my comfort zone trying these beachbody workouts for the last 2 1/2 years has not only changed me physically on the outside but has changed me emotionally on the inside as well. I was one of those who was afraid to step out of my comfort zone because I thought oh no I can't do that but not anymore. I just finished day 7 of Shaun week today, and loved it. I did follow the modifier in some of the workouts, I'll be honest some of his moves were a bit hard and challenging. But did that stop and give up nope not this girl I did the best I could to my abilities and finished the week a little stronger. I'm excited to try the sneak peak of shift shop which is only for tomorrow.. which is on Bod on demand you have access to all the new and old workouts which is so awesome to have.

5 Days ago



Comment from Roberto:

My only concern and better everyday... stronger than yesterday...💪 focusedchalengeyourselfblessedbeyourselfmotivationstrongergetmusclesmusclesnoshortcutsfitnessfunfitnessenjoyingwayoflifeeatcleantrainmeanheavyliftingacademiafodaseopadraoeveryinchcountsexercise

7 Days ago

Jelena Vesic


Comment from Jelena Vesic:

Snatch only 45kg.. but I'm getting better :) snatchcrossfitemproveyourselffeelingbetterchalengeyourselfworkonyourweaknesses nevergiveupbascelikcrossfitbehappyalwayssmile

8 Days ago

Galina LA


Comment from Galina LA:

Once you become fearless, life become limitless livelife nofear challenge chalengeyourself lifeisbeautiful lifestory bodyandsoul passion feellife dontbescared lesson opportunity fearless strongmind fighter nevergiveup dontfear

8 Days ago

Jelena Vesic


Comment from Jelena Vesic:

Ready for day 6 :) fridayworkoutmotivationcrossfitdietbacktoshapebestrongerbereadychalengeyourselfnevergiveupalwayssmilebehappy

8 Days ago

Ilona Bleiere


Comment from Ilona Bleiere:

Jauns izaicinājums 🖤🎹 piano pianosheet edithpiaf chalengeyourself

9 Days ago

Jelena Vesic


Comment from Jelena Vesic:

Just my 4th day on diet :) dietbacktoshapeworkoutchalengeyourselfcrossfitworkoutmoveyourlimitsbestrongerbebetterbereadybehappysmile

10 Days ago

Sue_Valentino_Amelie 🎀


Comment from Sue_Valentino_Amelie 🎀:

Sky full of clouds. ❤🌏 ova nasa planeta Zemlja je jedno uistinu veliko preedivno cudo. Koliko razlicitih ljudi seta ovim podnebljem i onda se osvrnem oko sebe kako svi žure negdje , puno njih ljutito i u svom svemiru a zivot im prolazi ispod nosa. Poklonite danas nekome osmijeh i vidjet cete kako ce vam cijeli dan biti drugaciji. koristiti zivot punim plucima 🏖 Zelim vam svima najbolji dan ikad. lifeisbeautiful livelife lovelife smile besexy behappy chalengeyourself

11 Days ago

Detonate Fitness


Comment from Detonate Fitness:

The long weekend is now over and with winter upon us Its the best time to hit the gym and get your body ready for summer. Make sure YOU don't fall into these Myths. fitnessmyths detonatefitness gym summerbody

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Comment from WallSpace_Yoga:

Treading on uneven ground can be difficult, but it can also provide an opportunity to soar above the challenge. yoga armbalance natureyoga chalengeyourself

17 Days ago