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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He is an ENFJ like me.  We are one of the rarer of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.  ENFJs can be great leaders of people like MLK. You can see by the traits listed below how he fits the ENFJ personality. . "The ENFJ is the people organizer, warm, harmonious and an enthusiastic champion of people who just wants to ‘do good.’ They make sure the needs of the people are paramount, placed in pole position on the agenda, and taken care of. They are excellent networkers who tune into what others want and are generally well-liked and popular among their colleagues. They have an innate sense of what is required and can genuinely make others feel really special. They can generally be found at the emotional heart of a group or body and will be the one making sure things get done." . #enfj #myersbriggs #personalitytypes #16 #rare #leaders #networkers #charismatic #peoplechampions #optimistic #enthusiastic #passionate #mediators #helpers #givers #sages #teachers #supporters #organizers #communicators #languageskills #altruistic #peopleskills #Introspective #pedagoguesofhumanity #interpersonalskills #decisive #seethebigpicture #loyal #energetic

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|------------| چشم هاي سياه تو خاورميانه ي دوم است يك دنيا برايش نقشه ميكشند و من..... سرباز بيچاره اي كه در مرز پلك هاي تو جان ميدهم _____________ #Old_pic #Soldier #Charismatic #Mousio_Fallah

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Charismatic shot!

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Padre's World: On this MLK Day where we celebrate the legacy of Dr King who in the footsteps of saints and mystics and epecially in the footsteps of Jesus who was lynched on a cross gave his life for a cause and a dream. A dream that reflects the heart of the Kingdom of God: I too, have a dream that is rooted in the Kingdom for the Beloved Community of Skid Row. I have a dream for a ministry center and worship sanctuary where Hiphop, Hipster, and Homeless can come together to pray, worship and do the work of the Kingdom for the common good and the betterment of the Community. I have a dream where every homeless person has a place to stay along with the resources that change the mindset of poverty to a mindset of abundance and overflow. I have a dream where all those who are sufferin' with mental disorders, spiritual disease, and addictions are set free by the power of the Spirit. I have a dream of folks who have been despised as animals and outcasts will be renamed as truly human and restored to the Image and Likeness of God as revealed in Jesus; where the Wilderness of Exile becomes a Garden of Eden! I have a dream, will you help St Michaels and I to make this dream a reality! If you are interested DM me on FB or Instagram. #padresworld #padrepower #gangstapriest #kingdomofgod #god #jesus #holyspirit #vicarofskidrow #mystic #charismatic #contemplation #inspiration #intergrated #intuition #imagination #recovery #addiction #homeless #transformation #fitspiration #shalom #wholeness #realignment #eucharisticcommunity #stmichaelsinthecity #MLK #skidrow #poor #urbanfather

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CONCUSSION is a solid and compelling #dramamovie about a serious #reallife issue; which was heightened by a great, incredibly #charming and #charismatic performance by #WillSmith. It does go hard at the NFL and their maniacal and twisted actions upon hearing about the whole #CTE announcement, and it does raise my already present resentment towards the #NFL. Nevertheless, it doesn't go as hard as anyone whose aware about the story knows it can go, and it doesn't attack enough the broader issues of institutional conaivance & conspiracy that's at the heart of this whole pathological problem. Part of that reason is the studios' pleasing to lawyers about antagonizing the too hard--altering the script and whatnot; regardless of what studio heads say, there's talks & articles (surprisingly flying under the radar) about script changes that took place. Despite that, #Concussion still hits a nerve in regards to the #healthissue, it'll still has you debating if you want your child or future child playing football at a young age or at all. The #film still tells an #inspiring story with a solid dramatic core, impressively embraces spirituality/religion with science, explains extremely well how the #humanbrain can't take as many hits that #football gives them, and raises awareness to a serious health issue linked to a sport so popular in #America that (to quote Albert brooks in the film) "it owns a day of the week." It effectively enough raises the question of: how many lives can be ruined before any significant changes can fully take its course? Will Smith is at his best here (reminding audiences of the immense talent he carries amongst his #elite star status), and he's surrounded by a good supporting cast, including a impressive turn by #AlbertBrooks.

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