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the mind is the opium


Comment from the mind is the opium:

I live in the solitude. wich is sour in youth, and in thoes who need, but delicious for thoes who feel in the years of maturity.. . . "Solitude, silence and fasting. Embracing the three most essential spiritual disciplines opens us to the deepest kind of risk: the risk of discovering who we really are, in all our flaws and confusion. Solitude forces us to step away from the continual affirmation of our authority by others; silence compels us to practice quietness rather than noisy self-assertion; fasting exposes our dependence on food and other good things to prop up our sense of agency and capacity. All of them, practiced regularly, will humble us, bringing us up against our own limits and our own foolishness. Without solitude, silence and fasting, we have no true authority -we are captives of others’ approval, addicted to our personal soundtracks and chained to our pleasures. But on the other side of this vulnerability is true authority, grounded in something deeper than our circumstances. — Andy Crouch, Strong and Weak Therefore. I like being alone. I know who I am, And I know what I want. So in order to win me over, as in for me to fully be connected with you in a divinely way!! your presence has to be greater or equal to mine.

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Mike Martin PT


Comment from Mike Martin PT:

It's Monday so you know what that means! It's chestday! Want to try out something new and target the upper chest? Try this superset out! 15 reps of reverse grip press with 15 reps of normal grip press. Studies have shown that reverse grip press activates the upper pectoral muscles 30% more than incline pressing alone! chest gains mondaymotivation cutting cardiff personaltrainer fitfam

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reehal saurabh


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bodybuildingfitprorehalsaurabhmondaycheckafterworkoutflexchestlatshowsitlovingit😍😘 bwastwithrippingondedicationboy💪💪💪💪

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Lano Sumovic


Comment from Lano Sumovic:

Back at it again with the handstands, I still suck handstands isuck practicemakesperfect bodybuilder bodybuilding mensphysique grow work anytimefitness gymjunkie gymrat flex muscles chest shoulders delts veins motivation obsession inspiration mealprep swelfie gains ripped shredded bulking

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Chrabo 🇵🇱🏋🏻‍♀️🎸👊🏻


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Rampampam ☑️🔥🔜 rockstar fame iphone hardrock metalhead pump pompa fit healthy diet zdrowie muscle reduction dieta redukcja beard tattoos biceps triceps chest klubowo black white

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Sarah Myers ⬇181 lbs


Comment from Sarah Myers ⬇181 lbs:

chest day finisher. Try the chin/dip machine to finish your workout. Powered by magnum and popeyessupplements popeyes_edmonton chestday fitmom fitchick yegfit yegfitness fitfam weightloss fitness transformation bodybuilding fitnessmotivation fitfam gym gymrat workout lift

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Andonios Kouninis


Comment from Andonios Kouninis:

Uh, kilos? Some bench with minimal arch, just trying to get back into the swing. Loving the atmosphere at the gym here in Thessaloniki. powerlifting benchpress bench chest powerbuilder fitnessaddict fitfam exercise gym weightlifting bodybuilding musclemass strong greece travels

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Comment from 🔘Musa🔘:

Damals noch ohne Bart. Das Bild ist ca. 1 Jahr alt, ich hoffe ich bekomme heute ein gutes Bild hin damit ich meine aktuelle Form mal zeigen kann💪🏽 auf diesem Foto waren es genau 80kg, momentan bewege ich mich in Richtung 90kg aber leider auch mit mehr Kfa;(. Aber wie heißt es so schön: um zu wachsen muss man essen essen essen😤😤😤 muscle pump 2016 mcfit no beard chest followme like shredz shredded massive 80kg classic bodybuilding aesthetic dreams passion success pain pride gym sport love cologne solingen like4like follow4follow natural progress

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Christopher Louis


Comment from Christopher Louis:

The passion in the details reveals your world of quality to the public -CL 📷 : officialjl Onelace love fashionatleisure nofilter exclusive luxury afterhours fit fitness sneakerhead style mcm lifestyle lovefashion workout uniquestyle chest spring nyc unique bts exclusivebrands design edgy work nike trendsetter art lace

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Laura Bou Molins


Comment from Laura Bou Molins:

Iris quiere mimos!😍😍

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Marvin - 21 years old


Comment from Marvin - 21 years old:

daily workout shot chest leg bizeps trizeps healthy life

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Juan Pablo de Alzáa


Comment from Juan Pablo de Alzáa:

Monday legs trainning! Hardest of all but the pne i want the most! attack activated boom balance energy exercise eat fit food gym gymrat gymtime hard healthly happyness letsdothis london pump power training uk workout gymlife chest workout summeriscoming protein proteinshake carbs

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Nikolay Kondov


Comment from Nikolay Kondov:

My reaction to : How can I lose MY BELLY FAT wthout a Diet ? 😂😂😂😜😇 biceps bicepsworkout curls pump exercise arms armsworkout forearm shoulders shoulderworkout boulders delts deltoids pecs chest chestworkout upperbodyworkout veins contestprep mensphysique muscle picoftheday obsession healthy bodybuidingcom athlete competitor gymclothes gymlife lovegym

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Matthew Obilor


Comment from Matthew Obilor:

Training motovation ft unstoppable_ro Click the link in my bio to go to view the full video, and make sure you subcribe. Vlogs and my workout series coming very soon. motivation bodybuilding physique fitnessmodel musclemodel aesthetics muscle shredz ripped gainz progress future fitwithmatt consistency fitness lats chest fitnesschannel inspiration motivation motivational ukfitfam trustintheprocess dedication forareasonnotforaseason work nodaysoff noexcuses results

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Dollard leger


Comment from Dollard leger:

workout fitness leangains fitnessaddict gymlife lift gainz gym pump motivation dedication Mealplan arms bicep getfit chest weights ironweights muscle active body leangains gymtime gymrat fitover leangains fitnessaddict gymlife lift

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Marius Mihai


Comment from Marius Mihai:

When you reach gyms max weight dumbbells 🏋🏻! gym workout chestday chest fitness aesthetic dumbbells hardwork gains monday mondaymotivation

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Tolga Akgül


Comment from Tolga Akgül:

➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖bodybuilding fitness fit instafit instafitness gym gymlife motivation trainhard eatclean lifestyle muscle shredded fitnessgear flex focus ripped strength grow chest arm back shoulder abs

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Comment from Masakin26:

今日は肩トレ!手稲のジムへGO!って感じです👍あんたいつ仕事してんの🤣 ・ ・ gym fitness workout benchpress Weight training Chest 筋トレ 筋肉 フィットネス ジム fitness スポーツジム Weight_training Bodybuilder UNDER_ARMOUR ワークアウト 肉体改造 ダイエット ボディーメイク モチベーション

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Reklam ve işbirliği için DM


Comment from Reklam ve işbirliği için DM:

Bu iş yaşa bakmıyor 💪 fitnessmotivationfitnessmodelbodybuildingbodybodybuildersportsporsportsfitchestfitnessgirlarmgymgymlifelifefitnesspowerbicepstricepstrapezeabskarınkasımotivationcoolcutebilekkas

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🔸29 🔸Fitness 🔸Rdam🔸DJ


Comment from 🔸29 🔸Fitness 🔸Rdam🔸DJ:

Stay tuned! Chest day with my man beast_c visuals by 5dmotionpictures Marlon v. Wijngaarden. Make sure you follow him for more dope stuff!

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