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Comment from SophyZu:

It's all about the choises we make every day. Today I chose healthy again. This is my way to help the planet and myself to become better person tastycraving for work instaed of chips oranges and carrots yum socialchange SophyZu

3 Hours ago

Dave Starley


Comment from Dave Starley:

Thank goodness for your travelpack when you find out your overnight lodgings don't have craftbeer in stock ..! 😜😁👊🏻 . . Choices, choices but great choises they are too. . . andunion capebrewingco innisandgunnsa unfilteredlager paleale ipa Only the best to travel with and all in cans . . craftbeers craftbeerporn craftnotcrap craftbeerlover beer beers beersnob beerporn can cans beercan tastingleague leagueofbeers ipmay aquarius platinum mine kroondal

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Comment from Nadia:

I want magic✨ magic goals girls traveller living choises selfie 😜

4 Hours ago

Elisa Liliana Locatelli


Comment from Elisa Liliana Locatelli:

And then, it comes a moment when you have to made a choice: going out or relaxing at home. Well... I think you imagine what I choose. And trust me: best choice ever. choises relax relaxing relaxtime swimmingpool evening bestchoiseever chips candles panorama piscina instagood instapic italiangirl aup aupairing aupairlife aupairjob aupairs aupairyear aupairworld nanny nannylife havingfun fun happy peace

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Comment from Isy_Bianca91:

Choose a master ♥️ passeggiando roma rhome live life love choises

6 Hours ago



Comment from Choiceschoices:

choises what to Do🤔vurderer denne spotten?😳🤔🤔spotlightlyslyskildenyboligscandinavianhome scandinavianstyle scandinaviandesigndesign

7 Hours ago

sara iversen


Comment from sara iversen:

The choice is yours! maketherightchoice choises chasingdreams dreams onlyonelife alanya antalya turkey

7 Hours ago

Nadyezhda Voronova


Comment from Nadyezhda Voronova:

You are born to win. Instruments are available within you. Lets see them. Follow your unique aspects. Reality is changing up to you. Just let this belief work. And you will see the magic........🔮🌍💛💫🐘 realitybelivelifemotivationtalentsuniqenessonlyoneuniversumvariantspersonapectsbravewildtakeachancechoisesspaceofvariantslotoffunmiraclesamazinglifejustgoaheadyouarelovedyouareenoughwithinyou

8 Hours ago

Rene Verheijen


Comment from Rene Verheijen:

Left or right today 28 degrees easy choise 😂✌️ mercedesbenz audi summer luxe choises goodlife workhard life love sun weekend convertible instapic

10 Hours ago

Impero Cattery


Comment from Impero Cattery:

VOTE FOR THE NEW WIZZ AMBASSADOR 👏👏👏 My friends I'll be very grateful if U spend a little of your time and VOTE for YULIIA 👯 ON - OR thanks a LOT who give a VOTE 👍 wizz wizzair cabincrew flight aviation flightattendant aircraft aircraftlovers travel aviationlovers flying cabincrewlife WIZZAmbassador wizzambassadors voted vote2017 makethechoice choiseunghyun choises

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Comment from ilBigliettone:

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13 Hours ago

Patty Valentino


Comment from Patty Valentino:

Ognuno sceglie per la sua vita. passion nurse hospitallife choises pocostanca occhiettigonfi oggistoconlinfermiere patient siena 💩😷👩🏻‍⚕️💉

17 Hours ago

Angela Maria Carlucci


Comment from Angela Maria Carlucci:

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️1150 steps - Yay! 🏃🏃🏃 . . rudeboxx88 thecubcase fitness 1000er 1000 1000steps running legday justdoit youcandoit runnersofinstagram cardio ripped gym exercise beachbody friends weighttrainning blonde bodystyling choises stronggirl bikinibody fitchick goals motivation achievetheimpossible nevergiveup staircase switzerland igersoftheday ig_switzerland

1 Days ago

Andreea Maria Mihalache


Comment from Andreea Maria Mihalache:

choises positivevibes anythingispossible

1 Days ago



Comment from Evie:

A few days ago we made fresh pizza's in our BBQ💕 ofcourse trying to keep it healthy by picking the right ingredients. For example this one with tuna😍 but still.. have to call it a half-cheat because of the carbs on the bottom😢 pizza foodie foodporn healthy tasty delicious choises dinner cheatday cheatmeal yummie tuna protein macros diet food instafood foodgasm fitgirl fitness bodybuilding gains progression motivation muscle physique girlswholift fitnessaddict fitspo healthylifestyle

1 Days ago



Comment from Daniela:

🙎🏽🐯🌎 phraseoftheday consapevolezza choises bebrave bepositive quotes🖋 bestquote eyesneverlie milano italy

1 Days ago



Comment from Silvia:

urban graphic impattozerozeroimpactgreenyellow heartzebragraphicmassaisolaecologicainvasivoinvadenteimbrattarestreetnoisenoartgeometrychoisesstripesitalyigersmassacarraratuscanyfeetfoot

1 Days ago

Carine Celedonio


Comment from Carine Celedonio:

Repost senhortorresmo ・・・ ❌❌❌❌Os 10 piores alimentos para comer de manhã: 1-Pão 2-Panquecas e waffles 3-Margarina 4-Muffin/cupcake 5-Suco de fruta 6-Cream Cracker 7-Geleias 8-Biscoitos 9-Granola 10-Cereais 👉🏻👉🏻O café da manhã tem o potencial de lhe preparar para um dia com ótimo nível de energia, sem oscilações da insulina e com controle sobre seu apetite. . 👉🏻👉🏻Por outro lado, escolher os alimentos errados no café da manhã pode deixar você com fome e fadigado o resto do dia. . 👉🏻👉🏻De modo geral, os alimentos listados contém quantidades absurdas de açúcares, farinha de trigo, frutose, conservantes, gorduras trans e hidrogendas, e muitas outras substâncias com potencial nocivo à saúde. . Caso você não seja adepto do jejum intermitente na parte da manhã, opte por um café da manhã com proteínas, gorduras saudáveis e fibras, ou seja, alimente-se de comida de verdade. alimentacaointeligente healthy eatclean exercise choises fitness carinefit saude yoga training pilates

1 Days ago



Comment from Lizelle:

Attitude is altitude! 🎯🏄. thoughts findyourway directions attitude lifestyle bebold experienceit tryit itsnevertoolate quotes quotestags quotesonwalls success mindset keepgoing wisewords choises goodvibes

1 Days ago

Wanda Fraga Sánchez de la C.


Comment from Wanda Fraga Sánchez de la C.:

TITLE: "I don't want to be cool" artcollageself portraitPopArtMinimalArtwomansexpowercontrolchoises

93 Days ago