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Comment from DAVE HANNAH:

Regrann from grynd - The Peruvian Necktie taught by angelaleemma. This choke is called the Peruvian Necktie because it was first developed by Peruvian wrestler/MMA fighter/Nova Uniao BJJ Team fighter, Tony DeSouza. The first time I saw it used was in 2003, by Paragon BJJ fighter Tyrone Glover on Andy Wang, at an invitation only tournament at the Gracie Academy in Torrance. It has also been used by CB Dollaway in the UFC. I think this choke is highly underutilized! Opportunity is there after a failed shot & few drill the escape, which I've seen on a keithrowen instructional DVD. ufc mma bjj bjjlifestyle peruviannecktie submission grappling judo sambo catchwrestling bjjgirls femalefighter jiujitsu tonydesouza cbdollaway choke

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Comment from 🔴⚫:

Ha ha hmmm ... f4f moodtho currentmood startedwithafollownowwehere choking facedownassup tatts inkedupguys tattooedmen choke sydney australia dm snapchat sc dmmëgirls dmme kinkyshit

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Brave Woman


Comment from Brave Woman:

stellafromhella leah_taylor_sbg bravewoman bjjgirls ufc mma kickboxing follow karate bjjgirlsmag jiujitsu wrestling muaythai judo martialarts graciemagazine grappling brazilianjiujitsu grrrl graciebjj bjjlifestyle bjjproblems jiujitsu4life choke sjjif bjjstyle womanwarrior armbar

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Old Deity (Pisces)😇🕝🎸🎶


Comment from Old Deity (Pisces)😇🕝🎸🎶:

Burn for raspy vocals and more 💀 afterlife before lived killed wipeout riches belief goodness freed take away locked chains breed us famelife famouspeople sake art model choke burn

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Aaron Deane


Comment from Aaron Deane:

Belfast as always was the best. Brilliant performances from every one from Cork and from Belfast too, my opponent had brilliant reach and kicks so I was lucky I finished it when I did. The ring girls had lovely bottoms...they all had lovely bottoms 😑 belfast is the best ireland sbg cork mma jitz choke the cunt cage win out drink drank drunk lovely squats future blue team can't beat that feeling

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Artist•Poet•Creative ~Andleeb


Comment from Artist•Poet•Creative ~Andleeb:

Life.. words thoughts wordporn thoughtoftheday breaths choke death worth life poet poetsofinstagram poetscommunity poetry poetryisnotdead poetrycommunity instapoetry poemporn spilledink sayings lyrics writer writersofinstagram writersnetwork writersuniverse writingcommunity typography andleebmushtaq pesnik_a

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courtney lynn


Comment from courtney lynn:

. . . 💦 💦 💦 . . . youtakemybreathaway restrictmyairflowpatriarchalfigure choke smartgirlsdoitbetter

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Horace Wallace


Comment from Horace Wallace:

Was a pretty heavy bud...(key word) WAS earthsmedicine paka smoke toke choke healingofthenation 420 hawaii🌺

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Comment from dxwn_dxsk:

One day just wait! • • -Follow me dxwn_dxsk lmaodeadlmafololrelatemoodtumblrtextpostsdankmemesmemesfunnyshmoodquotesWSHHlovequtoesrelationshipquotes2k162k17basicmakeupfollow4followlikeschoolshitfuckdamntalkshittalkchoke

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Marc Bearpark


Comment from Marc Bearpark:

Back to the grind today with these animals. Each one try's to break me in their own way. Choke me, tap me, bend things. but I have a closer bond with these people who beat me daily than I do people ive known most of my life. nasalgangateam teammates bond fighters thickastheives jiujitsu jiujitsufamily jiujitsulifestyle bjjfighters bjj bjjlifestyle grappling tap crack snap choke lock submissionfighter

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Brave Woman


Comment from Brave Woman:

Repost chabycake (get_repost) ・・・ No me gusta mucho subir fotos entrenando pero de vez en cuando no viene mal :) bravewoman bjjgirls ufc mma kickboxing follow karate bjjgirlsmag jiujitsu wrestling muaythai judo martialarts graciemagazine grappling brazilianjiujitsu grrrl graciebjj bjjlifestyle bjjproblems jiujitsu4life choke sjjif bjjstyle womanwarrior armbar

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Comment from LeDixDix:

ledixdix : it's all about ... Show!! 📷 yannrenoard ⚡️ fredomacro 🙌🏽 ledixdix blackbelt strength superman goldbjj wonderwoman girlz bjjparis bjjlifestyle paris jiujistu bjj grappling nogi lutte mma wrestling smile gbparis jiujitsubresilien choke ttwd monkeytape serousgrips choke bjjlifestyle bjj paris jiujistu byanymeans nocreonte Rendez vous Le 6 Juillet pour la prochaine édition du ledixdix

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Edgard Neto (Matjj)💣🎧


Comment from Edgard Neto (Matjj)💣🎧:

jiujitsu bjj jiujitsulifestyle bjjlifestyle jiujitsuraiz jiu bjjfighters grappling graciejiujitsu gracie ednetobjj jiujitsuoldschool choke surfjiu carlsongracie cbjj mma mmafighter combate figthers fight grapplers submission warriors gladiadores jiujitsunaveia oss jiujitsuforlife ibjjf jiujitsucompetitions VIA 📸 osirishunterbjj

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Comment from Noelle:

warpedtour2017 gwar yas choke whynot fun silly loveit before they soaked me in fakeblood 😂😂gwar colorado denver

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Canvas Conversations


Comment from Canvas Conversations:

motownphenom Winner by Submission via RNC, early stoppage? ufcfightnight ufcfightnight112 ufc ufcnews ufcokc ufcfightpass fightnight fightnews mmanews mma mixedmartialarts KevinLee michaelchiesa marioyamasaki lightweight ufconfox ufcoklahoma ufcoklahomacity bjj jiujitsu rearnakedchoke rnc grappling choke ccmmanews

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Fre D


Comment from Fre D:

Kevin Lee wins by RNC 1st round kevinlee michaelchiesa ufc mma rearnakedchoke jiujitsu boxing muaythai fightnight fs1 choke jits fights

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Giovani James


Comment from Giovani James:

Hoy que llueve el cielo copia de mis ojos no es cuestion de ego  es para advertirle  que tu amor no es un juego  hoy que ya te has ido  hoy que ya no estas conmigo quiero que la vida te conceda siempre  ser feliz sin mi en tu mente... 😊 ...hoy que ya te has ido... monaco holidays spain usa france korea mexico followforfollow follow4follow gayBear gay beach brasil summer icecream photographer moments catalunya England christianlouboutin worldwideshipping fun friends magic yolo pride justsaying fashion lgbtq choke

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k R i S t i • b R O w N


Comment from k R i S t i • b R O w N:

Here are some interesting facts about weeeeed! One of my favorite things in this tragic life that we all endure. love weed weedporn maryjane marijuana mary smoke blaze toke choke smoker stoner blazed blowed lit turnt fun happy stoned 420 facts iloveweed imastoner sowhat lol haha funny laugh smile iloveit

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Comment from CK FIGHTLIFE:

bjjvibe keeping it cool at the LAOPEN | ckfightlife Over 2000 competitors compete at the LA Open!! Come by and say hello! New products,Event specials and Prize giveaways on tap!! LA OPEN | CKFIGHTLIFE | Prepare for war Like | Share | Follow | Tag bjj jiujitsu artesuave ckfightlife Ckfamily contractkiller livethefightlife nogi nabjjf sjjif jiujitsulife fightlife armedtotheteeth choke jiujitsuGI triangle armbar train compete roots RNC sandiegobjj kidsbjj jjwl ibjjf hawaiibjj LABJJ ckoutthere womensbjj girlsingis

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Random Fighting Shit


Comment from Random Fighting Shit:

The Truths Coming Out 😂😂😂 Chael took his soul for a moment titotapped bellator nyc titoortiz scottcoker blood chaelpsonnen wrestling bjj boxing ufc mcgregor fighting choke muaythai silva

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