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Award Winning Makeup Artistry


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Medical Check day!!! The clinic is very nice, good view! 人間ドックスタート! medical check clinic tokyo 人間ドック 綺麗なクリニック バリウム嫌だな 腹ペコ 美味しいもの食べよ

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Holly Street Physical Therapy


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Post vertimax workout recovery!💪🏼

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VanishInk Laser Tattoo Removal


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Hedding Medical


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Alben Cuevas


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Last thursday was a bowtie kind of day medstudent medschool hospital clinic rotations beard me Bakersfield California CA

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Hassan Ghonim

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Award Winning Makeup Artistry


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Por: Gabriela Rodrigues⚕😷👸🏻


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Hoje foi dia de Endo, bebê! ❤💉

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The Prime Call


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Prime Call gives you the perfect convenience while saving manpower cost!.👌 +639274528100

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Healthy Smiles for Kids of OC


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Today is a momentous occasion for Healthy Smiles! We're celebrating the grand opening of our expanded General Anesthesia Suite, bringing our total number of dental chairs from 7 to 11. We are one of the only nonprofit organizations in Southern CA that offer this crucial service for medically complex cases and children with special needs. Thanks to our expansion we will be able to double our G.A services! Thank you everyone for attending our ribbon cutting ceremony.

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Award Winning Makeup Artistry


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مصنع الحاتم


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Comment from FaceClinik:

This Lovely patient today had 44% bleaching with trays for the first 20mins session. Due to abit of sensitivity after the first 20mins We opted to use the 18% which is applied with a brush. She did another two 20 mins sessions, 3 sittings in total for the full 60mins. This patient has many surface fillings on her front teeth which altered the over all results as the filling will not change colour any lighter then the shade applied. It did change the over all result however her natural teeth took beautifully and whitened up better then we hoped. Pt will be doing one more session of whitening in one weeks time and changing her front fillings which are now darker than natural tooth colour to suit her natural white smile :) * * * * faceclinik fleek healthylifestyle teethwhitening treatment teethjewelry gem headandneck growth whiteaddict wonderland healthyeating diet injectables clinic sydney stmarys penrith profile selfie smile slay

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Ana Invisalign


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Hi invisaligners! I leave a photo of the first two splints, there are few differences but some are appreciated :) In the following lines I tell you how I felt with the splints of the photo: The first one for me was a little shock, I had thought that it would not hurt and I was very excited to the clinic. After a few hours I realized that it was not going to be so easy ... there were teeth in which I hurt a lot, as in the incisors, and I was difficult to eat hard things, so I spent two or three days, but with ibuprofen I could feel the pain and could make a normal life. I went to Google to check if this pain was going to be habitual and fortunately I found it not, that it would hurt the first days of each splint. When I put the second splint on March 10, I found that it was not like that, with the second splint I noticed some discomfort, but it was not necessary to take ibuprofen. On the contrary, it was rare because I took it off and put it easily, and even in the last 2/3 days just pushing with the tongue came out. With these splints NOBODY realized that he had worn them during the 20 days I took them. Nothing could be seen, but the seseo betrayed me, I ran the rs and a little t. A hug to the readers !! Do not forget to comment📝 and I like ❤️ (please) smile ortodonciainvisible ortodoncia invisalign invisible dientes teeth ortodontics orthodontics foro share sharewithme invisaligners orto invisalife dentist clinic stetic beauty itgirl vogue style blog blogger post postoftheday smilemakeover cosmeticdentistry dentistry

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2 spots left!!! Don't miss this once a year great school with top notch instructors , lunch, covered arena, trophy buckle!!! prca rodeo bullfighting school tk tknation bullfighter clinic goals improve

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Health by Gigi


Comment from Health by Gigi:

Are you looking for some extra support with your health? A naturopathic consult may help equip you to smash through those little issues you put up with all the time....Headaches, low energy, low mood, irregular cycles, skin problems, anxiety, bloating, allergies, asthma, pain, cramps, low/weakened immunity and more! Even if it's just some direction and support with your dietary habits 🥕 I'm available for consults at Wellnation Clinics on Tuesdays between 8am - 3pm if you'd like to come and see me! Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions or to find out more ❤️ Call 0282047716 to book an appointment now (ask to see Grace)

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DR.Mohammed Elsayed Abdulhady


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Full mouth rehabilitation for a full edentulose patient using DSD by Dr_Mohammed_Elsayed_Abdulhady حاله اعاده فكين كاملين ورسم ابتسامه من جديد لحالتنا باعلي التقنيات مع د.محمد السيد عبدالهادي اخصائي تجميل وتقويم الأسنان جامعة المنصورة د ماجستير العلاج التحفظي وتجميل الأسنان جامعة المنصورة كوني_انيقه استعيدي_جمالك استعيدي_صحتك groom bright white smile friends workout clinic daily passion cosmetic makeup whiteningteeth 💆👍😎 dentistry dsd smile😊dental VENEERS holywood_Smile celebrities Smile models beauty girl fashion ابتسامتك هتكون مميزه عن الحضور👄 وطبعا ابتسامتك عمرها ماتكون مميزه غير بواسطه خبير التجميل د.محمد السيد عبدالهادي 😎 أخصائي تجميل وتقويم الأسنان جامعة المنصورة د ماجستير العلاج التحفظي وتجميل الأسنان جامعة المنصورة Dr_Mohammed_Elsayed_Abdulhady 01008323983 طلخا برج السهم الاول الدور الاول عالقنطره مباشره من 6 ل 11 مساءا يوميا والحجز بالتليفون

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Broadview Health Centre

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Bananas are brain food! They contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help maintain a healthy and functional brain. Pic readersdigestca brainhealth diet banana vitamins minerals healthy brain ottawa specialized functional neurology clinic

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