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Really solid morning with my brother - couple bluray scores n BestBuy and got the Return To Arkham 2 pack n Gamestop. Beat the Arkham games numerous tmes, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for that seres. So nce I bought em twce! #ArkhamAsylum #ArkhamCty #ReturnToArkham #Batman #Xbox #XboxOne #Gamer #Gamng #VdeoGames #VdeoGame #BatmanBegns #TheDarkKnght #TheDarkKnghtRses #Bane #Joker #TheJoker #Scarecrow #TwoFace #HarveyDent #IBeleveInHarveyDent #BruceWayne #Gotham #GothamCty #TheWorldsGreatestDetectve #Deadpool #Marvel #DCComcs #Comc #Comcs #ComcBooks

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Two of my all-time favorites. Very different works, but in some ways, a similarly poetic way of looking at life.

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How I Found Frank . The first time I saw Frank, it scared me. I was 12 years old and staying with my older cousin, Zuliana, for the weekend. She was a graphic artist living in somewhere deep in #Brooklyn at the time. She exposed me to so many things; tofu, Art in America magazine, Tank Girl, child psychology, the fun of buying random music from street vendors. Her place was also her studio. It smelled like acrylic paint and #art supplies. Books crowded nearly every surface. Somewhere, there were two cats, Romeo and Galen. She took me to some weird underground (literally) #comicbook shop in St. Marks. I couldn't tell you the specific one, it doesn't matter. The inside of the store was a cramped dusty maze. The store and its books were grimy. It had this air of illegality because they sold cartoons with naked titties in them! You remember the Mogwai shop from Gremlins? It was like that, except the clerk was a surly 20-something artist. Somewhere near the back of the store sitting atop a shelf like a shrine to an alien god, was Frank. He is a cartoon character reminiscent of old b&w cartoons of the 30s. His author describes his species as a "generic anthropomorph". His average-ness is one of his defining features. This Frank was different, his eyes and snout were contorted into something unrecognizable. Not exactly decaying but more like transforming. But it was organic, fleshy and symmetrical, an intrusion from an alternate reality. It was grotestque and I felt sick to my stomach. . (continued in comments)

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