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art comics genericerror blackandwhite

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Marvel DC Nerd


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Check out these Spiderman 2099 pics i think they're frikin savage... popart art wallpaper screensaver jlaavengers marveluniverse mcu marvelcomics marvel dccomics dcuniverse dc gameofthrones comics comic geeksquad nerdsquad instageek superhero fan hero trend trending instafollow followforfollow followourpage followus marvel_dc_nerd Checkout My

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Pinship I am the law. "The Law" pin available now, link in Pinship bio. . . . pinship judgedredd dredd comics pin pins lapelpin lapelpins enamelpin judge enamelpins pinsofig jury pinstagram hatpin hatpins pingame softenamel law hardenamel patchgame 儭

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×PunkAss Gremlin Motherfucker×


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I got the new update and I love it so much, I wanted to announce that I'm gonna do some pilots for a comic im making and this is basically the perfect format for a short 10 panel little thing. Now I'm like super psyched. Really good for art projects and now im like super motivated!! _____ ff ps4 sony finalfantasy finalfantasyXV ffxv art nes nintendo nintendoart digital game gaming gamer games videogame smash anime manga ike marth zelda fireemblem webcomic comics earthbound pokemon NOTAGAIN wacom digitalart

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Marvel and DC Comics ∴


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Guy Gardener Green Lantern

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A Nightmare on Elm Street ~ Comics anightmareonelmstreet nightmareonelmstreet freddykrueger robertenglund onetwofreddyscomingforyou horrorcomics horrorcomic comics comicbooks horrorfan horroraddict horrorlife horrorlover horrorgeek horrornerd horrorclassic horrorcollection horrorcollection

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A Sea of Ghosts. Part of hackmurphy's private collection. konfused konfusedink thekonfused konfusedclothing art artlife artwork painting canvas acrylic colors comics newsprint ghost layers mixedmedia collage streetart streetartist creative graffiti losangeles painter laart laartist artsdistrict tbt throwback thereisonlyone

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Fiyer Media


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The cosplayers were amazing this year at longbeach_cc! longbeach longbeachcomicexpo comiccon superhero heroes anime manga convention flash comic comics dc marvel press totoro romulus art korra geek nerd comicbooks bb8 lbcc expo convention fantasy superhero cosplay batman joker harleyquinn

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Find someone who treats you as well as Thor treats mjolnir. thor mjolnir themightythor comics comicbooks comicbook comic marvel marvelcomics mcu marvelcinematicuniverse disney lol lolz lols haha hahaha hahahaha

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Brian Keith Kearse Jr.


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brothersclan vanna2 characterdesign comics drawing illustration art adobeideas photoshop

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Movie Brawl


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A few weeks ago, Guillermo del Toro took to Twitter to gauge interest for a Hellboy 3 and after reaching 100,000 votes on Twitter, agreed to arrange a sit-down with star Ron Perlman and comic creator Mike Mingola to discuss a potential sequel. Now it appears that meeting happened, and the outcome is not exactly what fans expected. Taking to twitter with an update, del Toro relayed the news. "Hellboy 3 Sorry to report: Spoke w all parties. Must report that 100% the sequel will not happen. And that is to be the final thing about it" . Its unclear why, exactly, Hellboy 3 is now officially dead, but the project was always a longshot. For one, Hellboy and Hellboy II were both distributed by different studios (Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures, respectively), so that was an obstacle. And secondly, neither film made an insane amount of money that would make a third Hellboy movie an easy greenlight for a studio. . . . hellboy hellboy3 dead guillermodeltoro colombia universal paramount ronperlman twitter comic comics comicbook comicbookmovies cbm movie movienews movies 2017

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So due to a shift in my life, the way I buy comics is weird so I get massive loads at once including the amazing shittywatchmen from proteinpress supportindependentcomics image sexcriminals walkingdead southernbastards wickedandivine wicdiv killorbekilled motorcrush blackscience greenvalley papergirls nailbiter saga reborn imagecomics comics comicbooks

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Nerd Evolution


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( 矷簞 矷簞)aquela carinha marvel dccomics marvelcomics dc comics suicidesquad batmanvssuperman batman superman wonderwoman justiceleague dawnofjustice harleyquinn superhero superhomem ligadajusti癟a thedarkknight thejoker theflash manofsteel dcuniverse darkknight coringa mulhermaravilha bvs batmanvsuperman batfleck robin brucewayne batmanday

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Kevin Vidinha


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mailcall another win win win!!! Highest graded comic I own. ASM 300 9.4!!! Wicked stoked, don't even know what to do. The comic is wife approved. Lol asm300 venom firstappearance spiderman igcomicfamily comics cgc cgccomics nearmint comicbooks theamazingspiderman

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Federico Avella


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Comics Long time no see. comics illustration colorpencil layout sketchbook sketch editorial

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Tanuki 貊唬葉 Tanaka


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祿avage beauty 賅 illustration digitalart graphicdesign pink woman sexy nature savage beauty japanese japan artist art girls graffiti cartoon comics blackandwhite aesthetics nude free hippy forest lake

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Priori Gabriele


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Old sketch Logan logan marvel blackandwhite fumetti comics wolverine

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Emma Jayne Lavin


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disney comics wigan photoshoot photgrapher editorial edit Manchester amazing mehron bruisewheel batman dccomics dc work workhard edit characters bodyart fantasy fantasycharacter cruella 101dialmations villain mua ilovemyjob 狂aston beautyandthebeast beautyandthebeastfilm

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Steve Long


Comment from Steve Long:

Close up of center spread for Loathsome Tales first issue. TALES HASHTAGS - - - - loathsomecomics originalcharacter loathsomeentertainment original loathing comics comicbooks vigilante vigilante midnightmemories chicago midnight chicagobulls comicart ink inkdrawing inkstagram escape exit justice scary scarycomics parasite insomnia

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