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Randy Cooke


Comment from Randy Cooke:

430lbs for a 5 x3. The thing I like about deadlifts.. ...i bench the day after. deadlifting deadlifts contestprep powerlifting strongman olympiclifting crossfit powerliftinglife ipf usapl usapowerlifting epf cpu training ifbb ifbbpro training weighttraining backday legday iifym bodybuilding gbpf opa bodybuilder team6pack fervidfitapparel

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Dan Cooper


Comment from Dan Cooper:

Thanks to frontsideapparel for the free vests 🙌🏽 illusive_london stone tracksuit bottoms. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ If you're not pulling ugly faces and grunting in pain, you're not working hard enough! ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ Side lateral raise drop set no rest: • 10kg - 10 reps • 8kg - 10 reps • 6kg - 10 reps • Resistance Band to failure

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Joaquin "Bundy" Herrera


Comment from Joaquin "Bundy" Herrera:

Decisions Decisions Im Coming For You stayhungry badgermilk curbyourenthusiasm dontbelievethehype npc ifbb texasbodybuilding physique classicphysique mastersphysique fitfam fitfamsa txbodybuilding bodybuilding fitnessmotivation fitspo fitsporation weightlifting grinditout giantkiller gymlife getcutordietrying cuttingseason contestseason contestprep prep mondaymotivation

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Cassandra Jolliff


Comment from Cassandra Jolliff:

I definitely enjoyed myself this weekend, But great food just goes hand-in-hand with great company right 🤷🏼‍♀️ Now I'm feeling the lack of water and over indulgences 🤦🏼‍♀️😬 this is my "go to" I guess to bounce back on track 🙌🏼🙌🏼 💦 1 gallon with lemon and green tea 🍋🌱 Hydration is the key 🔑🔑 to de-bloating! 🍓 Fresh fruit 🍇 makes my body feel better, ensures I get necessary fiber and it helps curve my sweet tooth 🍊🍒 I don't want this to sound like a "detox" because that's what your liver is for. This is just what helps my mind & body get back to it 👌🏼👌🏼

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Comment from DJL:

BRING IT ON LEG DAY!!!!! I'M COMING FOR YA! 😤😡😠 wnbf ukdfba natty naturalbodybuilding wbff transformation wbffpro ukbff bodybuilding bodybuilder mensphysique musclemodel physique fitnessmodel fitfam fitness fitspo fitspiration shredded aesthetics iifym contestprep ukfitfam transformationtuesday instafit gains squats crossfit powerlifting deadlift

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Brandon Kannemann


Comment from Brandon Kannemann:

Two posts in one day? Why not? Just wanted to show how the delt's are looking 12daysout gnc crushcancer crushcancerclassic2017 opa ontariophysiqueassociation cbbf junior welterweight mensphysique mensbodybuilding classicphysique classicbodybuilding bouldershoulders contestprep constantimprovement sleeponme lowcarbliving veintrain lean shredded aesthetic

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IFBB PRO Ryan Hinton


Comment from IFBB PRO Ryan Hinton:

Stage pics of TeamLegacy IFBBPRO bikini competitor Wanda Mayeux 👌🏾at the OptimumClassic! She's made some great improvements since earning her pro card last year. Her posing and stage presence has definitely reached new heights!! I'm very impressed with the consistency she's maintained throughout the offseason and all her hard work shows on stage. onlinecoaching, contestprep, hamstrings, glutes, conditioning

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Tyler Breedwell


Comment from Tyler Breedwell:

Just tryna make some money to feed my daughter 😜 a few houses then off to shoot national level classic physique competitor shomoshotime! biggie notorious realestate ifbb npc classicphysique bodybuilding muscle fitnessmodel fit fitness shredded aesthetic contestprep motivation nikon tbreedphoto tylerbreedwellphotography

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IFBB PRO Devon Lindner


Comment from IFBB PRO Devon Lindner:

My first show of the year is over and I'm really happy with what I brought to the stage. I didn't win, but I feel I made improvements and in such a subjective sport where the best physique doesn't always win, that's all I can control. If I bring my best every single time, it's a win in my book. Now back on the grind. Time to get ready for the Miami Pro. The grind never stops.

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Comment from Clayton:

"Just good genetics" 😂😂😏😏 mikobrickey fitness npc npccompetitor physique florida fitlife fitfam gym beastmode goals contestprep pcb gains fitlife 30a bodybuilding mensphysique igfit instafit training 850 fitspiration ifbb fitspo classicphysique auburn instafitness igfitness lifting fit

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Karlyn Laszkiewicz


Comment from Karlyn Laszkiewicz:

When you're younger you bounce around ideas of what you want to be when you grow up. I realize now that all the things I wanted to be had something in common, helping people. I know that's what I've always wanted to do. As I sit and reflect on my weight loss journey thus far, my main goal is to motivate others through showing discipline and hard work. I post photos with a message and having a positive impact on someone because of the message you share, now that's an amazing feeling. I can't explain the difference I feel from getting these comments vs. just a "looking good" comment. A compliment based on your body is nice, yeah you feel good, but having a positive impact on someone because of the messages you share, now that just feels amazing. Not everyone will get it, some will get annoyed with my posts and that's ok. My goal is to have a positive impact on people. Those people are the ones I care about. Those people are the reason why I post photos.

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Lucie Daňková


Comment from Lucie Daňková:

Tak jsem se na soutezi dozvedela, ze jsem pry psychopatka😬😀 mira_krajicek_powerlifting arnasvogel Byla jsem v kategorii s 9 dalsimi zenami ve vekovem rozmezi 16 (ja😀) az 46let a nedavala jsem si vubec zadnou nadeji na umisteni.. Ale co se nestalo, mile deti..🔮 Podle vysledku to vypadalo, ze muzu byt 3.!😍 ALE musela jsem potahnout na mrtvy tah o 5kg vic, nez byla pred tydnem ma maximalka.😅 Pustila jsem si pisnicky na plne pecky, vyslechla si par nadavek abych byla poradne nasrana, dala jsem si facku😀👋 a sla na to.💣 Technika hruza, ale par hodin predtim jsem neverila, ze bych 122,5kg vubec odlepila od zeme.😀 Dekuji za hecovacku a podporu!💪 A nebojte, za normalnich okolnosti jsem hodna a mila.😀🎀 Ale tohle byl boj a do toho je potreba dat vse!!💪💪killerface stayprincezna neasi somDaňkováLucia😀

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Nate Liebermann


Comment from Nate Liebermann:


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Upcoming Womanphysique Athlete


Comment from Upcoming Womanphysique Athlete:

I dag stod på forkælelse ☺️ har fået lavet de flotteste negle af den dygtige fitnessbabydoll 👌🏼💎 de passer bare perfekt til min bikini, tusind tak 🙏🏼 jeg er så vild med dem 🙌🏼❤️ fitfamdk fitfam fitspo fit behumble nails contestprep competition competitor nc17 bodybuilding bodybuilding stayhungry staylean stayfocused stayhungry dreambig keepsmiling doitwithpassion teamlarsen teamlarsenphysiques nutramino

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Nygel Satterfield


Comment from Nygel Satterfield:

Unofficial Competition Comparison Photos. On the Left was this weekend//Right was in previous competition I definitely improved on my side chest pose. Hand placement is different outlining my waist and better flex on the Chest and Biceps! Better leg positioning, more growth, and a bit leaner. Lighting is a bit different but I loved the musclejuice spray I used this time compared to PAM cooking spray lmao! Gotta love the improvements regardless of the outcome. Look at the Sunny side.

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Flawless Beauty


Comment from Flawless Beauty:

Repost monica_ellis_ ・・・ Limitation live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations our possibilities become limitless. Let go of the people & things in your life that hold you back. ifbb ifbbpro ifbbbikini ifbbbikinipro bodybuilding workout bikini liquidsunrayz tameemariesuits fitness fit flex faith gym workout motivation motivationmonday monday igfitness spectrumfitnessproductions contestprep prep bikiniprep

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Kassidy Watts


Comment from Kassidy Watts:

Practice makes perfect. Practicing posing every morning to make sure I can showcase my my best physique possible. 💪💯👊 12weeksout roadtoprovincials teamkaboam

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simo el azzouzi


Comment from simo el azzouzi:

For my back_day_motivation!👊💪 remember that my friends and stay focus on your goals!!✖ mondaymotivation backmotivation motivation model mensphysique mensphysiquepic classicphysique bodybuilding ifbb ifbbpro aesthetic hardwork contestprep cardio diet npc npccompetitor physique muscle fitnessaddict fitnessmodel fitness sixpack shredded abs workout train mrolympia

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Comment from ValerieAnne❤:

Check in photos just prior to my most recent show...this is my motivation. Motivated to improve and beat this girl. And more so, motivating to look at what I've worked so hard to build and realize I have come SO far. motivationmonday

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Comment from Teamalldayeveryday:

Mondaymotivation Figure europagamesexpo IFBB TeamAlvarez Instafit Fitfam aesthetics Physique FitnessAddict Gains Fitspo NPC classicphysique mensphysique bodybuilding TheDedicatedInstagramBodybuilding Bodybuilder fitness gym shredded ripped Fit Getfit TrainHarderThanMe TrainInsane ContestPrep motivation up next: ‼️NOW INDOORS‼️September 9, 2017 NPC Outdoor Classic!!!!!!!! ‼️NOW INDOORS!!!‼️ 6/3 ifbbpro_billwilmore 6/4 tgflex 6/10 fitlife_productions geobannypaula tonesetter 6/16-17 pam_betz 6/24 frankdalto

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