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🔴Menelik peters


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Getting the chest pump up 💪🏽foxgymfam bodybuilding fitanddutch fitdutchies dutchbodybuilding NBBF motivation contestprep posing art IFBB muscle xxlnutrition progress linethemup gymlife proud notsatisfied hardwork readyforoffseason motivated beyou livelife lovewhatyoudo workhard whysettleformediocre genetics chest prepdotcoach

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Comment from E V E L Y N "I PITTY THE FOOL":

Ayyyeeeee almost show time adelagarciaclassic austintx bodybuilding lifestyle classicphysique figurecompetitor contestprep coach personaltrainer npctexas

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Amy Ehinger


Comment from Amy Ehinger:

Sitting at 9.5 weeks out from North Americans..gotta keep grinding 😓preplife selfie progressnotperfection bikiniprep contestprep gymlife fitfam bikini bikinicompetitor npcbikini npcbikinicompetitor npcbikiniathlete grind

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5% Nutrition Sponsored Athlete


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This is what meal 1 looks like everyday. I don't waiver, I don't change, I don't cheat. The plan is in place, and it's my job to follow that plan. bettereveryday . . thankyou for the coffee babe traumarn25_ifbbpro loveyou TeamParadis BigPaul62 warroomnutrition teamwarroom 5percent 5percenters 5percenter 5percentnutrition eatcleantraindirty breakfast eggs toast eggwhites spinach food foodporn foodie diet contestprep iifym lol consistency eatclean eat saturday havingthetimeofmylife 1dayumay 5percentnutrition warroomnutrition eggwhitesint

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Comment from Vanessa💋:

️⃣1️⃣6️⃣👙💚💪🏼🌸 so proud of my girl right here!!! You've come such a long way & have worked your ass off for this!! Blood, sweat, & tears & whatever it took! Words cannot describe how much I love you and how proud of I am of you!! We will be screaming our lungs out in just a little bit! You're gonna effin slay it!! You've got me fueled up with soo much motivation to smash my prep!! Stay tuned guys bc I'll be going live on Facebook!!!! Let's gooo!!!! bikinicompetitor npcbikini goals bestie contestprep bikiniprep booty abs npc

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Andreea Mihailescu


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BeFirstAiM 💎:" I can't tell if this day of working out killed me or made me stronger🤔🤔🙏🙏" - - - fitnessmodel motivation fit model bikini justdoit contestprep contest bossbitches strongnotskinny bossgirls girlswholift booty squat fitnessmotivation instalike romanianaesthetics personaltrainer personaltraining gymaddict gymmotivation gymposer picoftheday inspiration perfectphisyque naturalbody gohardorgohome eattogrow alexfitenssromania 🏆🔝💎 andrei_marius_maxfit 🏆🔝💎 daydreamerkris 🏆🔝💎

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IFBB Pro May Strickland


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🏋Conditioning program this morning started out warming up on my bike. Then a descending HIIT ladder with just body weight exercises, lastly finished off with my freestyle jumprope to cool down. This completes Round 1. I'll get some sprints in later today for Round 2 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Natural energy with ScimeraBio E2 Essential Energy💊🔹Scimera BioScience provides quality supplements for overall health and wellness. Check out the website at and use my promo code ♦️ MAY10 ♦️at check out for a 10% discount on your entire order. scimerabioscience HealthandWellness scimerasponsoredathlete tadthedietcoach positivemuscle teampositivemuscle IFBB NPC figure bodybuilding fitfam aesthetics fitness powerlifting strength strengthtraining squat benchpress deadlift gainz jumprope crossfit cycling roadbike duathlon triathlon contestprep cyclinglife tadthedietcoach Scimera_bioscience

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Comment from _silgetsfit:

When he notices your gains😂

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Heinz Senior IFBB PRO


Comment from Heinz Senior IFBB PRO:

Leg Workout with premierpharmaceutical athletes frailefabiola and beatriz.bravo Leg Extensions: 3 Warm up sets of 20 reps each 1️⃣ Squats: 10 Sets of 15 reps each (rest only 40 seconds between sets) 2️⃣ Dead Lift: 5 Sets of 15 reps each (rest only 40 seconds between sets) 3️⃣ Hypertensions: 5 Sets of 15 reps each (rest only 40 seconds between sets) strong bodybuilder bodybuilder npc npcmiami npcflorida ifbb ifbbpro personaltrainer onlinecoach fitness fitgirl fitness fitgirls fitnesscoach miamitrainer contestprep npcphysique ifbbphysique ifbbclassicphysique npcclassicphysique

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Comment from J-Perk:

Consistent repetition overcomes all plateaus on this journey. Spending more time addressing my back this time, as I feel it is one of my problem areas! I've found that capturing videos helps me make corrections to my form and focus on proper muscle recruitment. •Need products to help take things to the next level •Use code RSPJPERK for 30% off your entire order at RSPNUTRITION.COM teamrsp rspnutrition brandambassador athlete training contestprep gains hardwork motivation dedication inspiration progress npc mensphysique strengthtraining contestprep healthy southflorida fitness fitlife ifbb gym gymjunkie fitnessaddict fit vids instavids muscle

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Comment from TeamTDF:

Good luck to teamtdf bikini athlete meganjuedes at Brew City today! 💪 Lots of hard work went into this prep, she's been making improvements and I can't wait to see her grow as a competitor over the rest of the season. Slay the stage Megan! 💚 teamdrewfitness npcbikini npcwisconsin bodybuilding bikiniprep contestprep physique flexatthefair proudcoach abs goals progress flexibledieting balance npcbrewcity

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Frances Santero


Comment from Frances Santero:

In honor of today's Garden State Championships, my first show of last season! Good luck to everyone competing today!!! All of the hard work You have put into prep and now it's your time! Kill it! Watching these videos gives me chills! I can't wait to start prep.......but first MEXICO laposer danaa_michellee glam_girl_nic gardenstatechampionships nj npc bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation figure bodybuilder physique bikini girlswithmuscle girlswholift girlswithtattoos follow watch mylife myjourney competitor contestprep muscle fisantero teamcardone

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Comment from Vanessa💋:

beautyfit en la casa at the NPC Maryland State East Coast Classic Championships! ❤️ prejudging here we go! 👙💪🏼🏆💚 strong team teambombshell npcbikini bodybuilding bikiniprep bikinicompetitor contestprep girlonamission npcsoutherntoc

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Victoria Rotella


Comment from Victoria Rotella:

2 weeks out • • progress fitchicks fitfam bikini bodybuilding ifbb cbbf npc weightlifting weightlosstransformation weigtloss obsessed prep preplife onseason contestprep bcs2017 roadtobcs vanfitfam vanpro vancouverproshow mpfitness keto happy

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Jacob Mullner


Comment from Jacob Mullner:

Good luck today to my wife donna_fewell in her pro debut at the greatergulfstates 👏🏼 and to my friend and coach brettkahn at the dexterjacksonclassic 💪🏽

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Julien Geoffrion


Comment from Julien Geoffrion:

1 week post contesr, up 13lbs.. nothing alarming and i'm happy about this.. but feeling so full that this pose is hard to hit LOL! 224.4lbs this morning

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Repost justinyurko ・・・ Current pre workout and intra goodness used year round. 1-scoop Celluvol-preworkout (stim free true pump agent), 1 -scoop cortisol- preworkout- dry into mouth Bc it taste that good and helps me from craving peanut butter or chocolate every waking minute (Lowers cortisol into healthy ranges without blocking the corticosteroid receptor) 2-scoops pharmagrade- Intraworkout (THE ULTIMATE ANABOLIC AMINO PULSING & INTRA-WORKOUT FORMULA) and just recently added in 1-scoop NEW Ketoxygen- preworkout (enhance mental focus & acuity without stimulants) You can hope you take the best products with correct dosage and that have the listed ingredients without fillers or you can KNOW you are taking the best with true clinically dosed products that are hand selected with only pure pharmagrade quality ingredients. I rather KNOW and that's why I use mpasupps mattporterapproved mpaapproved mpa preworkout intraworkout cortisol bodybuilding fitfam fitspo contestprep pumpchasers stimfree onlythebest supplements npc flex gymlife workout warhammer bestofthebest supplementsthatwork supplementstack trainharderthanme donthopeworkhard

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#1 Rated Waist Trainers ⌛️


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Are you following all of our athletes ?! If not them your missing out on all flash sale alerts‼️ NOW-Sunday night take 20% off with any athlete code at checkout. HURRY, SALE ENDS SOON. Follow the link in our bio to shop now 🔝Benefits of waist training include 🔥 fat burning of the mid section By increasing thermogenesis and raising the body's core temperate. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ✔️Posture Don't only train your waist but train your muscles too. Muscle memory kicks in even when the trainer is not being worn 🙌🏼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💁Back support Just by wearing your trainer you remove tension from your lower back ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ⌛️ shaping Stop letting gravity pull you down! By wearing your trainer your are defeating gravity. Shaping your body in to the perfect hourglass figure. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ waisttrainer waistshaper waistcincher whatwaistk npc npcbikini ifbb ifbbbikini contestprep motivation dedication waisted snached fitness fitfam colombianwaistiner

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August Theodore


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Back at it in another jed_north sleeveless for a big titty day this morning.. pumps are getting better every single day blessed elevateyourself

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Anthony Spencer


Comment from Anthony Spencer:

Finished our musclemania Fitness Universe Prep with back and arms miamiirongym kinetixperformancetraining athlete is feeling confident and ready to hit the stage today. aspencerfitness physiquecompetitor mensphysique musclemania npcphysique jaycutlerclassicva kinetixperformancetraining traintoconquer privatepersonaltraining contestprep rvafitness

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