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ThrowBackThursday to the best 📦 to date. ⠀ Not focused on the stage these days. Getting ready for a photoshoot with ronperronfitography at the end of the month and conquering new goals but i'm still developing a physique that will crush this next time I step on a stage. 💯

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Chris Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN


Comment from Chris Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN:

TBT - Hercules2015 such a good memory! That weekend was when I graduated with my bachelors and athletic training and when my man korey_gunzzz brought home the teams first pro card! It was a damn good feeling and I can't wait to step on that stage this year in 12 weeks! _ That day I got to connect with some great friends as well and catch up with some folks I only see once in a blue moon. _ Harris (nycsuperman) and I were already making moves for his 2016 season, i_am_legend10 came through to show us some love, teddygrams84 was causing trouble like always and pauly_from_brooklyn was flexing his 24 inch arms whenever he had the chance. _ Clement put me to shame with the front double bicep, the ghost baftub made a special guest appearance (dude is OG AF, y'all don't even know 😂), and I got to connect with the Monetti's <3 (anthonymonetti thisisbodhi bodhibreathe ) _ Hercules 2017 going to be littttttt🔥🔥🔥 the amount of support I have is overwhelming and I can literally close my eyes and feel the vibrations from the crowd travel from the hard wood of the stage, up my spine as I battle up there! 💯🙌 I've been DREAMING for this day and working on making the dream a reality for quite sometime. It's almost here! NaturalBodybuilding CompetitiveBreed MyTime BeUndeniable ChampionOfMind Hercules2017

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Alex Costa


Comment from Alex Costa:

My favorite supplement. Amino energy. This one's lemon lime and it tastes just like a Gatorade. This is the perfect pick me up to get me through the day. fit fitness gains iifym physique myfitnesspal fitfam health healthy carbs fats protein muscle weight lift gym workout exercise bodybuilding beast motivation dedication bodybuilder contestprep competitionprep contest 12weekphysique

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Mark Hummel


Comment from Mark Hummel:

teamhammerfit Athlete hannahnicholefit debuting our first version Team Hammer Fit ladies cover up. Watch for these coming soon to a show near you! ⚒💪🏻😊 bikini npc npcbikini physique flex beautiful workout gear girlswithmuscle bodybuilding bodybuilder fitfreak fitfam neversettle noexcuses motivation beastmode contestprep fitlife gymrat gains fitness grow gainpost fitnessaddict fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation hammerfit aesthetic teamhammerfit

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Will Meddick-Dyson


Comment from Will Meddick-Dyson:

diet prep excuses bodybuilding classicbodybuilding ukbff ifbb nabba fat weightloss contestprep hungry dedicated motivated igfit fitfam instafit instadaily health workethic suckitup butthatsnoneofmybusiness fitspiration

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jennifer varon


Comment from jennifer varon:

I smile like I'm not a sweaty little 💩that's trying to draw the line between being selfish in order to achieve my goals and completely being a selfish piece of 💩 unnecessarily. In my life, especially during prep, bodybuilding comes first. Training, cardio, eating, and even sleeping comes first over everything else. Bodybuilding is an extreme sport and it definitely can consume your life because it is your life. BUT I'm trying to attempt to make time for people and not just fall off the face of the earth until the season is over. So far it's Jen - .5 and 💩 - 3937

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Erin Harding


Comment from Erin Harding:

A year and a half ago I would have looked in the mirror and used the words fluffy or off season. Today I see a healthy balanced athletic physique with a lovely layer of life! I'm not training for anything in specific....just train hard because I love it and enjoying life....and if life looks like an ice cream cone with my daughter or wine with girlfriends or a burger with a co-work then so be it!! Be kind to yourself. As women and competitors we need to choose our words wisely when speaking about ourselves. The mind is a powerful thing and what you focus on, positive and/or negative will come about! bekindtoyourself injafit unleashyourinnerathlete iamINJA teaminja iifym flexibledieting food teamscience metabolism hormonalhealth metaboliccoaching fitness fitspo fitness figure physique bikini contestprep lifestyle wellnesscoaching fitfam instafit fuelvictoria fitspriation instagramfitness publicmyth

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Cindy McDonald


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Anthony Steenson


Comment from Anthony Steenson:

Just a little check on the conditioning as I prep for my first show abs and obliques starting to show finally!! Lol 11 weeks out time to really start getting at it fitfam contestprep lifting jaycfitness kearneynebraska 11weeksout fitness mealprep mensphysique

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Daniel Le


Comment from Daniel Le:

Now accepting applications for somebody to let me dip them😬

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Kevin Henley


Comment from Kevin Henley:

haircandyking cause sometimes you just have to compare shoulderpump npc contestprep pump veins fitness fitcouple goldsgym lockerroomselfie

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IFBB PRO Stephen Mass


Comment from IFBB PRO Stephen Mass:

My man kofykofikofe is ready for the citylimitschampionships in 2 days🔥💯 Checked in with him this morning & took these shots after meal 1. Nothing to do but rest & eat. No carb, water, or sodium depleting here. Matter of fact give us all of it!! Been a pleasure working with this guy. One of the most easy going fellas I know! Can't wait to see him hit the stage Saturday💯💪🏻 teammassthetics npctexas Kofitness mensphysique citylimitspro competitionprep contestprep nutrition coaching dialedin prep weready physique texasbodybuilding txbodybuilding 2daysout

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Amy Battles


Comment from Amy Battles:

legpump after an awesome training session. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 femalebodybuilder femalemuscle girlsthatlift fitness contestprep npc womensphysique wpd

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BOSS Supplements Barrie


Comment from BOSS Supplements Barrie:

Repost lorrie_keaveny ・・・ At LA Fitness north promoting the BOGO 3rd year anniversary sale going on bosssupplements bossbarrie and cygenlabs with stevexfit225 brendabrouillard1 LAFit teamboss cygenlabs bosssupplements fitfam workout contestprep bodybuilding dedicated

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Jenna Summers


Comment from Jenna Summers:

Home for the weekend 💛 I originally drove over to Tampa to for a meeting tomorrow and one Saturday morning, which both ended up being cancelled. My first reaction was to be upset, but than I realized you know what.. I'm going to take these next 2 days to totally unwind and spend a little time catching up on all the things that I've pushed to the side the last 2 weeks ✌🏼🌴☀️

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Caitlin Marra


Comment from Caitlin Marra:

Because throwback Thursday and it's starting to hit me that this weekend is our last normal scheduled weekend together before shift work starts.

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Cody Amey


Comment from Cody Amey:

July 18th 2016, 5 days before nationals! Here was 225lbs and prob my best. Should've stayed here, instead of dropping under 220lbs to make weigh ins. This time no cutting weight. Just be as big and ripped as possible. 🔪 . . . codered contestprep bodybuilding gains fitness gym workout trainhard muscle fitfam training diet compprep npc ifbb cbbf athlete hardwork lift flex competitor beastmode hardcore heavylifting

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Fitness Lifestyle Coahing SK🌾


Comment from Fitness Lifestyle Coahing SK🌾:

1 month into prep paytonphysique17 is already down 11 Lbs with zero cardio and roughly around 3,600 calories a day! ⠀ He is 8 weeks out from his 1st NATURAL inbfcanada show in Calgary! ⠀ SWIPE RIGHT➡️ to see untouched photos!

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Brittany Lombardo


Comment from Brittany Lombardo:

Who said no candy during prep?? 🤔 They must not know about bpi_sports Best BCAA Sour Candy! contestprep candy bestbcaa BPIdemorep supplements bodybuilding bpisports recovery bpi

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