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#Copacabana is a touristic town near the Bolivian border with #Peru. The city’s main attraction to foreigners is its access to Lake Titicaca and, while it can’t hold a candle to its better-known counterpart in Rio de Janeiro, it is a perfect jumping off point to visit Isla de la Luna and Isla del Sol. The town’s main hill (Cerro Calvario) is lined with small monuments representing the 14 Stations of the Cross. Pilgrims and locals visit the place for prayer and penance and many tourists climb the hill for its fine views over Lake Titicaca and the city – Copacabana, #Bolivia #rudymareelphotography #laketiticaca #copacabanabolivia

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A rede Pelo Zero, ciente das dificuldades pelas quais passam os servidores públicos do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, vem oferecendo, desde dezembro/2016, um desconto especial de 20% às segundas-feiras. A promoção é válida até 30/jan/2017. Aproveite ! A Pelo Zero Copacabana espera por você !

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