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Club Yoga

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Last nite, we float! Packed with good vibes! sg tryoutsg

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Comment from roxie.m.gilbert:

Aerial Obsessed 🌟🌟 supermanbackbendaerialyogapilatescorestrengthfitaerialyogaobsessedbalancemytrainerisAmazing

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Beast mode at home ... NO EXCUSES gainsathleteshreddingcoresixpackmealprepnutrishopnorthdaleleanmachineigfitnesshomeworkoutnodaysoffcommitmentambitionstayhungryeatcleantraindirtyobliquesinstalikeaesthetichealthylifestyle nutrishopnorthdale_southtampa nutrishopusa shredz virginmillionaire grinders.ambition

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beata lahham personal training


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Total body workout kettlebell kettlebellswing kettlebellsquats lungesshouders lowerabsabscoreworkoutfitnessgympersonaltraining

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Comment from Mitch:

03⋅22⋅17 | 385x5x5 rpe 8

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Comment from julieparadis:

Defy to odds and push for the power🥊💥 17/20 completed- not my best - wifi issues kept stalling my stream but I didn't give up - I eventually moved on to my free challenge group workout, did an 8 min core then went back to power sculpt to complete where I left off till my connection gave up ✅🙌 Biggest thing is we have the knowledge, tools at our fingertips it's up to us to use them towards progressing towards that goal - the results don't happen unless you make it happen!💪 Need an accountability group or partner - come join my virtual group we are motivated bunch that check in, challenge and help reach those goals💕😉we share motivation, recipes and tips to help improve each of our individual journeys Message or comment for details ⬇️⬇️⬇️ journey accomplished challenge accountability fitnessmotivation mom strongisthenewskinny reachyourgoals dothework potential coredeforce core power keepgoing stronger

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Ella Z. Norris


Comment from Ella Z. Norris:

Just finished up my Wednesday night yoga/Pilates class...which pose do you think you could do without hesitation???💁🏾 yoga pilates relaxation fitmom healthylifestyle healthy core

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Ana Maria Amargo 💋🍎


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🔥another💪🏻😈🔥 . . . . . . . . . . homeworkout workout cardio activerest core healthy fit run jog sweat burn sexy fit woman fila energy image photo goals hdr camera vsco exercise botak bodymusic

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We Stole Saturday


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Some pretty cool fanart we got for our demo💜 Check it out, link in bio! Another demo is dropping soon! TimeHasNoLovingHands westolesaturday . . metalcoreposthardcoremetalhardcorespokenwordbandunsignedcorecrabcoredemomusicaskingalexandriasilentplanetdayseekerbeingasanoceanoceansatealaskakingdomofgiantssleepingwithsirenspiercetheveilbandthings

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Aplicativo Foco Saúde


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Sabemos que abdominais e pranchas não tiram barriga e que nem todos querem ter barriga chapada ou trincada. Mesmo assim você tem diversos motivos pra praticar estes exercícios. *Estética *Coluna *Equilíbrio *Mobilidade e muitos outros motivos. Listamos algumas dicas e motivos lá no blog, para vocês entenderem :) focosaudeonline focosaude abs core coretraining app appfocosaude postura pilates pilatesbrasil empreendedorismo pegn vocesa vocesaudavel dicas conteudo personaltraineronline personaltrainer corredoresderua corridaderua emagrecimento emagrecimentosaudavel saude bemestar laboral

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Fernanda Leija


Comment from Fernanda Leija:

hiptwist Strengthen the abs & core marchmatness2017 day 22. By benjamindegenhardt Just for ❤️ of Pilates pilatesathome pilatesmat balance control breathing routine pilatesgirl puertoescondido

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Comment from Jonathan:

awesome post by vinnierehab analyzing the crunch and it's functionality 💡Repost vinnierehab with repostapp ・・・ THE CRUNCH : Analysis + Advice [A+A / CORE] Who hasn't at some point in their life done thousands upon thousands of sit-ups / crunches in hope of having a sculpted midsection? . I remember when I was younger at 🥋karate school, the warm-up at the start of every class was 100 sit-ups and planks till you puked 🤢lol. Ain't going to lie, as much as I don't think it was functional to do that back then, it definitely was a character builder, to push past the pain and keep going 😤 . However, as you grow older, you realize that pushing through bad form and poor exercise programming is a silly idea! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️ . Especially if you suffer from back pain, this exercise does nothing but compress your lumbar spine . This exercise according to some studies can cause hundreds of pounds of compression on the discs of your spine, and the repeated bending can potentially herniate your discs . To fully understand why this is a bad exercise, let's have a look at the function of the abs! . Common misconception out there is that people think ❌the function of the abs is to flex the lumbar spine ✅when really the abs mainly contract eccentrically in functional movement to DECELERATE extension of the spine in the sagittal plane . There is never a point in time in functional movement that your abs are asked to contract CONSCIOUSLY. Your core is meant to react to movement SUBCONSCIOUSLY as you go through life . That is why the crunch doesn't make sense as an exercise functionally because not only does it crush your spine, your body is never asked to do such a movement consciously . So if your goals are more functional than aesthetic, there is much better options out there that will not only get you looking shredded, but will also make you move like a ninja!!! 🔪 .fit fitspo fitness core abs training lifting gym gymlife gains health healthyliving wellness diet nutrition weightloss weightlifting powerlifting crossfit bodybuilding goals motivation work workout active progress muscle strength anatomy

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Neuroser Valencia


Comment from Neuroser Valencia:

¿Por qué se trabaja el puente en fisioterapia? - Este ejercicio fortalece los glúteos y los erectores espinales, esto ayudara a mejorar la postura del paciente - Trabaja la cadena posterior, fortaleciendo los músculos, disminuyendo esto los dolores presentados en rodillas y espalda. - La ejecución de dicho ejercicios es sencillo y trabaja varios músculos - Proporciona mayor estabilidad en el paciente a la hora de caminar. - Ayuda para mejorar la ejecución de otros ejercicios. El uso de este ejercicio en la terapia depende de las necesidades particulares que presente cada paciente. ejerciciopuente fisioterapia fortalecer core mejorpostura

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Ímpeto Pilates e Rpg


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Olha elasss.. Irmãs sabrina_mota7 e vbmota arrasando no Pilates 🙃🙂 pilates pilateslovers ímpeto Ímpetopilatesrpg cadillac invertidos força core vela prancha abdominal

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Comment from Meeeeeeeeg:

I am absolutely exhausted. Not only did I do an hour of cardio this morning, but I had a volleyball intramural playoff game and I was honestly sweating my butt off at some points and then went straight to kickboxing...I'm just sitting on the couch right now and every inch of my body hurts 😖 I burned 1200+ cal today and I'm not complaining but holy god if I can make it to the gym tomorrow morning I'll be surprised 😅 bbg1 transformation running fitspo healthy traindirty eatclean smoothie vegan highintensity kickboxing fattofit core cardio bowflex gymmotivation fitness gym motivationmonday fastedcardio weightlossjourney weightloss bbg bbgcommunity fitnessjourney fitbit fitbitcharge2 vega

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Woodside Detroit


Comment from Woodside Detroit:

Radical compassion begs the question... . Who are you loving this week? . woodsidedetroit churchinthecity CORE

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Marcia Montoya


Comment from Marcia Montoya:

pilates alignment core

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Day To Day Fitness LLC


Comment from Day To Day Fitness LLC:

GO WORK OUT 🏋🏾 IF NO ONE TOLD YOU, YOUR BODY IS YOUR HOME! THE WAY YOU TREAT YOURSELF IS A FORM OF YOUR CHARACTER! ____________________________________________ DTDFITNESS MOTIVATION BROOKLYN follow NYC fitspiration fitnessaddict instafitness WEIGHTLOSS HIIT trainhard CORE abs muscle strength shredding determination Health lifestyle plantbased life yoga Vegan fitfam BodyBuilding fit FATLOSS

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Elle Blackwell✨3x Bikini Champ


Comment from Elle Blackwell✨3x Bikini Champ:

FIT BALL PIKE WITH PUSHUP My Favourite Fit Ball Move ☝🏼️ I've been home in Perth with my beautiful family for the past 10 days. Its been a full 10 days and I have prioritized spending quality time with family over training but have fit in an hour walk with Dad every morning. Today I've jumped on the fit ball at dads. Here's the video breaking down my favorite Fit Ball exercise that I put together as people were asking me how to work up to this exercise. 🔹🔹🔹🔹Work up through each exercise in the video - building up your strength in one exercise before moving on to the next. Once you are able to complete all of the moves you can attempt putting it together into the Fit Ball Pike with Push-up. 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 I'd love to hear how you go with it xx fitgirlelle livingbeauty fitball workoutvideo fitvid strong fit fitness fitballexercise core corestrength fitchicks fitgirls girlswithmuscle fitnessmodel bikinimodel bikinicompetitor abs girlswholift training muscle challenge aesthetic strongwomen dnb dnbgirl move aussiegirl tips

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Pure Health Clubs


Comment from Pure Health Clubs:

Have you met James - our newest PT! About: I've been a personal trainer since 2010. I finished my exercise science degree at QUT in 2014. I specialise in high intensity training, that is safe and modifiable for people of all ages and fitness levels. In my own time, I love Sports such as soccer and cricket, going camping and I also love board games". Call us to book in with James across CBD or Coorparoo 👊

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