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BURN 1000


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Repost lianeburncoach ・・・ Do you have what it takes to rock a hiit class? Do you want to have fun while you work? If you know you do, send us your resume to - serious candidates only please! . . noexcuses BURNtribe workHardPlayHardBURNharder BURN1000 keepBURNing keepmoving BURNfit BURNstrong fitter faster stronger healthier hiit run weights plyometrics corestability agility joblove thesweatlife activelife goaldigger goalcrusher

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Francesco Maltagliati


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Plank and pushups 💪😎 me allenamento workout workhard sixpacks 6packs plank plankmania planksgiving dedication 30flessioni pushups weightloss 110sec abs corestability muscle happiness passioneplank suconilpancino tartaruga provacostume2017

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Liane Levy-Green


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Do you have what it takes to rock a hiit class? Do you want to have fun while you work? If you know you do, send us your resume to - serious candidates only please! . . noexcuses BURNtribe workHardPlayHardBURNharder BURN1000 keepBURNing keepmoving BURNfit BURNstrong fitter faster stronger healthier hiit run weights plyometrics corestability agility joblove thesweatlife activelife goaldigger goalcrusher

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Comment from BRYCE MCMURRAY:

An often overlooked aspect of training is core stability. Training your core can help you with everything from posture to alleviating low-back pain. Core muscle conditioning through the torso is critically important to sports performance. Poorly conditioned core muscles can lead to technique flaws and inefficiencies that can negatively affect performance and even lead to injury. The next time you are in the gym, give this try-set finisher a go and target that core. 5 rounds for time, with no rest in between. (1) PLANK x 30 SECONDS. The plank is one of the best exercises because it works all of the muscles in your core, including the rectus abdominals, transverse abdominals, internal and external obliques, hips, and back. (2) AB WHEEL ROLL OUTS x 10 REPS. This exercise heavily activates the upper and lower rectus abdominals and the external and internal obliques. (3) UP AND DOWN PLANK x 10 REPS. This exercise is fantastic for strengthening your shoulders and core strength. personaltrainer core abdominals corestability obliques plank conditioning trunk mobility health fitness wellbeing healthylifestyle personaltraining

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Luke Wilson


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Rehab in a nutshell. Thanks ericcressey & testosteronenation so simple, so effective.

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brandon savage


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2 sides 2 every story... 😂😂 biceps chestday legday backday tricep cardio corestability legpress legextension legcurls squats seatedrow benchpress situps calfpress fitness delts fitnessmotivation lunges hacksquats pullups lats jumprope teamsavage shoulderpress abbs bsavagefitness savagefitness

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Leg extension 97.5kg..6 ripetizioni dopo 4 set da 80kg come ultimo esercizio di gambe!!!gym strongman squat fitness fitessmodel squat legs legpress legextension legarms gym motivation motivationlegs stronglegs legstrong alimentation alimentazionesana squat core corestability stabilitycore coretraining corestability

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Erik van der Maat


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Liefde is.... Samen core stability doen . . liefdeis core allesvoordebloemen corestability neverskiplegday marjo.smit

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Michał Rowiński


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straight coretraining corestability situps readyforseason workhard hardwork runner noecxuses

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Dutch Bicycle Centre


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De reeks presentatie avonden van de verschillende fietsverenigingen uit de regio is begonnen. Vandaag guusvonk en fysiokracht met info over bikefitting corestability fietsposititie

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Flying Shoes

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Dziś pracowałyśmy na brazylijskie pośladki - pot się lał, bolało i piekło. Przysiady, wyskoki, wykroki, wznosy - czyli to, co kochamy najbardziej 😁😁😁💪💪💪⚡⚡⚡A na koniec jak zawsze rozciąganie - pamiętajcie jak ważne jest w naszych treningach! Podobnie jak rozgrzewka! 😁😇 Uwielbiam prowadzić treningi - kocham pozytywną energię od dziewczyn. Daje siebie i dostaje mega power na potem. Dziękuje za to laski i mam nadzieję, że będzie bolało 😂❤❤❤ Jesteście super! ...A to wszystko dla ciastków 😂😂😂🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 - niech nam pójdzie w żelazne pośladki 😊 workinprogress workout streetworkoutgirl streetworkout calisthenics corestrength core corestability run running runners bieganie absworkout abs exercise fitfreak healthy motivation squats legday ultra trailrunning cookie happytime streching

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Özcan Berber


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CHEST PRESS WITH CORE ACTIVATION corestability coreactive correctiveexercise naturalmovement movement chesttraining chest abdominal sixpack core fitness crossfit gymnastics workout pilates yoga strength training trainer personalcoach coach personaltrainer fit athlete athletic sports today power mobility stability

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Orhan Civan


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Vipr bilen bilir kolay gozukuradamin canina okur😎👊🏾viprtraining viprexercises corestability lifestyle sports jointstability passion fitnesslifestyle

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3 Exercises to improve your Core Stability which will improve your performance either your Fitness or Sports goals ! 1.- Bear Crawl Plank 2.- Birdog (alternating) 3.- Plank to Single Arm /Leg ( alternating ) Do this one better than me 😜 Choose yours or do all of them , and follow my friend onmytrainingshoes for more great exercises like these ones ------------ 3 Ejercicios para mejorar tu estabilidad en el Core lo cual hará que mejores tu rendimiento ya sea deportivo o relacionado al fitness , escoge uno o todos y no olvides seguir a mi amiga onmytrainingshoes para más ejercicios como estos 🏊🏽🚴🏾🏃🏾! retofast fast8 coachlife personaltrainer core corestrength corestability triathlete triatleta runner strengthforendurance xavifit7 xavifitcoach movebetter movewithpurpose movebetterstudio queretaro mexico runnerworld sportsperformance plank birdog sixpack fitnessgoals swimbikerunfaster

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Nicola Pilia


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Quando sei stanco ma felice, vuol dire che ami ciò che fai. . . ♡♥☆★ workinprogresscorecorestabilitysquatpianoinstabileequilibrioildurolavoropagaepagabenemusclerunningfitnessobiettivolavorotraguardomentalitypositivityfinoallafine

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North Norfolk


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Want to try Pilates Bookings now being taken for term 3. breathing alignment posture stability corestability corestrength flexibility balance. northnorfolk holt kelling thepheasant

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Jane Heath


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Feeling tremendously inspired at the moment. Just spent two days working on my personal practice with Holly Murray at Pi Studios, Battersea, London.

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Jeanique Yoga & Pilates Dubai


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Day 30 control balance, the essence of Pilates. Control and balance is available to everyone, it begins with your mind, get your mind under and the rest will follow. For more details how yo modify this exercise, sign up for the 31daysClassicalMatPilates -Tutorial. dubaipilates pilatesindubai classicalmatpilates classicalpilates matwork corestrength corestability marchmatness marchmatness2017

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