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Luke Wilson


Comment from Luke Wilson:

Don't discount local fatigue. Eg a very "fit" person could start feeling tight hamstrings 3km into a marathon. Therefore the HS aren't fit enough to run a marathon, even though the heart and lungs are.

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Szilvia Püspök


Comment from Szilvia Püspök:

BUsquat. Önjavító gyakorlat. 16kg, talppal felfelé - ez nekem már elég nagy súly ahhoz, hogy CSAK jó technikával sikerüljön ;) bottomup kettlebelldebrecen kettlebell mik ikozosseg instahun instafit squat BUsquat motorcontrol alignment corestability

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Ladyline Enschede


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Onwijs goede oefening voor corestability ook in de warmtecabines. nubeginnen shape mooi cmkwijt 2x20minuten vetverdwijnt voorvrouwen gezonderleven genieten ladyline

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Terris L. Thompson


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The amazing tagged me for some SDY .. post leg day yoga is always the toughest. Tight hips looking even tighter Would the tagged yogis like to join? yoga yogachallenge SDY strikeapose yogapose yogaposes cuppingtherapy physicaltherapy future physicaltherapist calisthenics bodyweighttraining core corepoweryoga corestrength coretraining coreworkout corestability

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San-Natarajan Kaz


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squadgoals Bring your squad home, let them tickle your mom and bombard her with questions, when she's upside down.😂😂😂 👬👬[CLICK for the sounds] smarttartpilates . . . . . headstand shirshasana sirsasana upsidedown tickletoes inversion corework corestability corestrength balanceiskey shoulderstability pilatesstrong pilatesfit pilatesnerd pilatesaddict fitatfifty strongereveryday strongerthanyesterday strongwomen strongwoman fitat50

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Hila Zur Shitrit


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corestability balance pilatesreformer pilatesismytherapy pilatesisrael foamroll pilateslovers

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Rick rutkowski


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Core stability and neuromuscular training with your kids! Fun and challenging! coreworkout personaltraining agewell corestability abs mma mmashouts mmatraining backpain physicaltherapy personaltraining orthopedics optimumpro specialist spine nospinepain avoidsurgery

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Luke Wilson


Comment from Luke Wilson:

A big complaint from athletes is that doing eccentric hammy exercises makes them sore. But as chrisabeardsley shows here, regular exposure creates an adaptation. Irregular exposure reverses that adaptation. So a few reps per day/few exposures per week means you will get used to the load and stop being sore. Just like acute:chronic workload, little bits often rather than big spikes will get the best overall benefits.

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Yvonne Wang Pilates


Comment from Yvonne Wang Pilates:

Practicing the Rolling like a Ball exercise. Trying hard not to use momentum but the abdominals. pilates pilatesanywhere pilatesbody pilatessingapore pilatesmom fitness workout workoutanywhere coreworkout corestability bodyalignment

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TRXSuspensionTraining trxparaguay teamtrx corestability 18pm

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Cleomar Freire Fotografia


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"Mesmo antes de te conhecer, já é a razão do meu viver." Mamãe e Papai ansiosos pela chegada da Phalloma CleomarFreireFotografia MundoRosa corestability coresvivas Menina gestaçãosaudável gravidez gravidas likesforlikes like4follow

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Kaye Lopez


Comment from Kaye Lopez:

corestability is the name of the game when it comes to economy of movement in endurance sports. Supplement your training regimen with coreexercises to improve your efficiency and performance. coachkayesays fitplusacademy ironmancertifiedcoach janefondamove lateralhipcircuit abspamore corepamore

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jennslivinglitup excellent form coreworkout corestability exerciseisfun

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No_sugar_No sweet


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•Koncentracija•kontrola•centar•fluidnost•mašta•vizuelizacija•intuicija•prirodnost• Uspeh nije konačan,neuspeh nije fatalan-to je hrabrost da nastaviš da se boriš...a mi bodyandmindbeograd možemo pomoći 😉 a ona već uveliko radi 💪🏻 divna katarina_kale pilateschairworkoutmotivationworkoutpilateswundachairstabilitycoreworkoutcorestabilitybodyandmindstudiostottstottpilatesbeograd

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Alex Lopiccolo


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corestability posturalcontrol eyehandcoordination balanceposture on the Southpaw Walrus treatment intervention VIDEO coming soon!

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The Rehab Movement


Comment from The Rehab Movement:

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). If you'd heard of this condition 10 years ago you would have been before your time. Since then, the diagnosis of FAI has been cropping up more and more. FAI is an impingement issue of the hip in which the head of femur or acetabulum becomes irregular in shape. This causes a joint that is no longer congruent (doesn't fit properly). Of course when we then go to move this joint, we get pinching and potential joint and cartilage damage. Our main aggravating movements for this issue are flexion (think squatting, sitting, knee to chest) and internal rotation (think knock knee type position). So how can we exercise through this? Firstly; - avoid deep hip flexion and rotation. - If squatting, this might mean adopt an externally rotated feet out position. - Strengthen our glutes!! - Strengthen our ability to resist hip internal Rotation; eccentric external rotation strength. - Release our posterior capsule and posterior hip. - A tight posterior hip can cause anterior gliding of the head of the femur, further increasing our chances of Impingement. So don't sit around waiting for your hip to stop hurting, get proactive and start to strengthen and gain stability in that hip to maximise your function. oceangrove therehabmovement physio

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Oscar Pelleres


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What camera? Looking good Rabi 😉💪🏾 corestrength personaltrainer speedandagility corestability pelleres pelleresbasetraining functionalfitness corepower tennis rugby athletics hurdles trackandfield boxing strengthandconditioning crossfit swimming zombiemassacre jetts instagramfit instafit exercise fitnessaddict workout fitgirls ThisIsBrisbane

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Hila Zur Shitrit


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corestability pilatesreformer pilatesinspiration pilatesisrael rolerfoamroll pilatesismytherapyarmcircles 2red springs or red&blue

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Parama Kustrapsila


Comment from Parama Kustrapsila:

trainingzoneid X millenniumaquatic99 In the water, core stability become a very important for floating (balance control). Like in the relationship between core strength and potential of propulsion, the stronger your core is the higher the potential of propulsion is, the relationship between a stronger core and float and swim efficiency is the same. For optimal efficiency and effectiveness a swimmer would ideally need a solid core and a seamless streamline, by having this the swimmer would be wasting the least amount of energy. Athlete : joihanif graha.rizky deasalsbp reyhansatriawan wbrianto physicalconditioning strengthandconditioning corestability sportperformance swimming athlete trx trxtraining stopexercising starttraining

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Comment from MaximumPerformanceChiropractic:

Yesterday Dr. Wilson had the opportunity to lead a workshop for the amazing instructors at hbpilates about common low back injuries and how to prevent them from happening! movementisthemedicine corestability hipmobility Repost hbpilates (get_repost) ・・・ Thank you Dr. _courtwilsonn from maxperformchiro for coming out and sharing your never ending knowledge with us yesterday and educating us on the how we can keep our clients safe! knowledgeispower

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