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Yoga Tribe


Comment from Yoga Tribe:

The Light in me honors the Light in you ✨🙏

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Comment from Lloyd:

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Dr. Kirsten Haeusler


Comment from Dr. Kirsten Haeusler:

How to train your dogs on a hot day 😂🐾😉💦💪🐕 hund hunde hundephysio tierphysio balance proprioreception corestability corestrenght dog dogsofinsta dogfitness praxishaeusler ilovemyjob ilovemyteam ilovedog improveyourhealth movementmatters movetostayhealthy moveyourdog

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brandon savage


Comment from brandon savage:

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Pelvic Relief


Comment from Pelvic Relief:

We love HIT training as much as the next person but if you are running to the toilet in-between sets time to make sure your pelvic floor is keeping up. Try EVB sportswear to support and engage your deep core muscles and Elvie for guided pelvic floor training. hittraining starjump burpees corestrength corestability incontinence pelvicfloormuscles pelvicfloorexercises

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Appenzeller Training Systems


Comment from Appenzeller Training Systems:

Ben Hoffman b_hoffman27 working hard here on some Stir The Pots! ATS ATeam BlueCollarMindset AppenzellerTrainingSystems BestGymInSouthJersey BestGymInWestBerlin NJBaseball NJBaseballTraining NJBaseballStrength BaseballStrength101 BaseballStrengthTraining EBD EliteBaseballDevelopment collegebaseball athlete hardwork dedication motivation stirthepots corestrong corestrength corestability

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Chris Tasker


Comment from Chris Tasker:

Another excellent session at thefieldretreat with veganyogatrol tonight, finished by working on head and forearm stands. workinprogress

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Betsy Parker


Comment from Betsy Parker:

Mood....Basic moves in basic black! Goin' back to what always works!😁👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍🤸🏽‍♀️💃🏻💪🏼💪🏼👌🏼👍💕legs upperbodystrength pilates adductors obliques swimsuitseason pilatesbody pilatesworkout pilatesreformer pilatesmoves pilatesgirl core corestrength coremoves corestability coretraining coreworkout sculpt shape tone lengthen strengthen summerbody summerfitness summerworkout

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Alex Vinson, ATC

Comment from Alex Vinson, ATC:

Along with building my experience in personal training, I'm also adding more experience under my belt as a certified athletic trainer (two completely different things). The past 4 days I was lucky to work my first camp as an ATC at Clemson with their basketball camp. I also got my very first athletic training kit in the mail today! I'm so excited to see where both my athletic training and personal training journey takes me!

1 Hours ago

The Critical Bench


Comment from The Critical Bench:

Strengthening your back not only prevents injury but it can help in nearly every other upper body exercise. What do you do to strengthen your back?⠀⠀

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Dr. Trevor Tew


Comment from Dr. Trevor Tew:

If your core isn't firing at the right time, meaning before your prime movers kick in, you are setting yourself up for failure. Don't get caught up doing exercises that don't involve functional movements and movements under load. The core MUST be trained for real world situations, not typical, fluffy gym exercises you see all to often. ------------------------------------------You need to be doing heavy, loaded carries and "anti" movement exercises, such as plank variations. Now, get at it! 💪🏻👊🏼💥 dr2alaska alaskassportschiropractor corestability correctiveexercise planks loadedcarries farmerswalk

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Silvia Philippi


Comment from Silvia Philippi:

Planking is good for you ;).

2 Hours ago

🇬🇧 Personal Trainer


Comment from 🇬🇧 Personal Trainer:

Back by popular demand the next bridgend based Rider Core and Fitness Class horse corestrength corestability core riding horseriding performance training fitness exercise health class fitball equestrian equine wales uk lvrcorefitness

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Jorgen Vandenreyken


Comment from Jorgen Vandenreyken:

Training geven! sportersbelevenmeer corestability goodjob

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FitFaza Maciej Antoni


Comment from FitFaza Maciej Antoni:

lsit group friends przyjaciele training calisthenics corestability gymnastics fatburning sila siła strenght warszawa Warsaw warsaw360 wisła wisla vistula lato FitFaza fitness

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Yvonne's Directions In Dance


Comment from Yvonne's Directions In Dance:

"It doesn't get get STRONGER!" Day 3 at ydidance Completely Centered Course! Beautiful work from everyone! 💙🤸🏽‍♀️👍 yvonnes ydid dance fitness fitnessfordancers dancers dancestudio completelycentered centered core corestability bosu nola batonrouge stjamesparish lutcher pilates theraband crosstraining crosstrainingfordancers stronger

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James Wells


Comment from James Wells:

Another great session david_lloyd_westbridgford working on core strength and stability 💪🏻👊🏻 Core CoreStrength CoreStability Abdominals AbdominalPower Balance Fluidity FloorWipers FloorSweepers Gym StrengthAndConditioning KarateAthlete AthleteLife FeelingStrong

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3 Dimensional Physical Therapy


Comment from 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy:

Diaphragm day for our staff meeting today! Thanks Sarah for teaching pelvic floor and core control pelvicfloorpt diaphragm neverstoplearning corestability 3dpt medford westberlin haddonfield

3 Hours ago

Carol Ann


Comment from Carol Ann:

I had the pleasure of treating lhasaapso Winny again today. Her session today involved massage, laser therapy and active balance exercises. She is such a sweetie. veterinaryphysiotherapist vetphysio veterinaryphysiotherapy physiofordogs physiotherapy rehabfordogs dogtherapy dogs corestrength corestability

3 Hours ago

Daniela Blanco


Comment from Daniela Blanco:

Hoy después de clase de yoga, me sentí con ánimos de entrenar un poco en casa. Este fue mi ejercicio preferido: . . [Nada fácil colocarme yo misma el caucho encima (que además le amarré 6kg como fluyó) y desde el piso, elevar el torso y por supuesto mantener] . . Indicaciones: (si estás solo, si no es una panza 😁😂) . . 👉Timer de la cámara 2min. Mientras te acuestas y colocas el caucho, te da como para esperar 1min en Low plank hasta escuchar el delicioso sonido del obturador, para luego bajar lentamente y apartar tu invento (2da imagen) y repetir varias veces más porque ninguna foto te agradó 😁 Have fun! ✌ • • ° workingout workout nogymnoproblem afteryogaclass engageyourcore corestability lowplank plank trainingathome coremuscles abs plancha tires entrenamientoencasa

3 Hours ago