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Art by Recycled Propaganda ✨ . . . Providing customized project and PR services to artists, creatives, nonprofits, corporations and you. ✨ . . . recycledpropoganda tenayacreekbrewery installation art marketing pr curating artists creatives nonprofits corporations producer project specialevents discover teamwork love enjoy life enjoylife lovewhatyoudo artculturepr beart betrue beyou

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We look forward to working with you with your next event, this is one of many services that we offer to our clients!!! HireBelovedOnes bookustoday organizations corporations smallbusiness specialevents meetings conferences galas fundraisers bookrelease dinnerparties banquets socialevents

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Comment from Mymidlifecrisis:

Remember the same banks and bigoil corporations that fund the illuminati elite rothschild rockerfeller... are the same financial organizations that fund the dapl chemtrails you are breathing now and endless wars lowering the earth's spiritual vibrations and the destroyers of nature and all that's still natural on our planet and human defunddapl bankexit now 🙏🏼❤🌎☀

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Event Management/Planning


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We look forward to working with you with your next event, this is one of many services that we offer to our clients!!! HireBelovedOnes bookustoday organizations corporations smallbusiness specialevents meetings conferences galas fundraisers bookrelease dinnerparties banquets socialevents

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Repost darpa with repostapp ・・・ Machines with human-like capabilities have long been the stuff of science fiction. Until now. Meet the world's most advance humanoid robots as they leave the lab, take on real-world challenges, and endeavor to become part of our everyday lives. Go behind the scenes of the DARPA Robotics Challenge tonight, February 24, at 9:00pm Eastern on PBS' NOVA. DARPADRC omgrobots engineering software Shown here: Team AIST-NEDO's HRP2 robot finishes the terrain course at the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

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Comment from Mymidlifecrisis:

Stand up to the powers on the physical dimension as long as you control your body and mind... remember mindless chemtrailed hypnotized minds cannot stand up to nonhuman soulless heartless clones or robots... so let's do it while we still can think and doesn't take long to gas entire cities if these psychos death loving cultists think that's the next best option in their power plays... my mind tells me to defund corporations serving the elite and their nwo chemtrail agenda... as well as protest in masses to bring attention to this issue of chemtrails... 🙏🏼❤🌎☀

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Maple Leaf Politics 🍁


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What's the difference ? -- Senators have a 50% change of becoming a lobbyist after they retire or lose their post. CHECK YOUR POLITICIAN! CASH MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔💶💴💵💸💷💰💰💰💰-------- cash cashmoney middleman specialinterest banks lobbying lobby liberal conservative conversation corruption corporation corporate corporations trump🇺🇸 trump draintheswamp lockherup canada canada🍁 canada🇨🇦 america unitedstatesofamerica unitedstates corrupt SOURCE : HUFFINGTON POST

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John M


Comment from John M:

Think about it !! Why are allowing a clique of international Jewish finances to rule over us ? We're enslaved under a debt driven corporate system. We were registered under this corporation when we're born by our Birth Certificate and given a Social Security number and used as collateral to eventually become microchipped with RFID Chips. Our labor goes to benefit them and NOT us! We work only to give them money that they use to finance their globalist schemes. It's SLAVERY. wakeup corporations evil federal_reserve rothschild federal_government tyranny rfidchip fema_camps irs money illuminati new_world_order debt totalitarianism

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Comment from Mymidlifecrisis:

100 years of corporations modifying weather for profit... now if we nonilluminati want to fight the powers that spray the very air we breathe daily with chemitrails... we have to fight the corporate beast itself... make conscious decisions daily as long as we have a freemind not hypnotized by the chemicals propaganda psyops and hypnosis programs... defunddapl because the same corporations and banks supporting destruction of earth for greed and gluttony are probably the same century old corporations now supporting destruction of life and free thought itself...🙏🏼❤🌎☀

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Her & Hers ➰


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fashion brands price tag logo money corrupt corporations awake

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Patricia Jane


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Bye bye corporate clothing tags! ✂️👚👕👖👗✂️ As I learn more about fashion and textile industries, I feel passionate to remove myself as best I can from all that fast fashion. It wouldn't make sense for me to just give away my current wardrobe, to be replaced with more ethical clothes, and so I have been cutting the clothing tags from all my pieces that I know were unsustainably made. Removing the connection to cheaply made clothes so I can look at the article for what it is in hopes of caring for it the best I know to prolong the life. fastfashion unethicalfashion cheapclothes unsustainablefashion corporations breakthecycle naturalfibres paidworkers safeworkplace chemicals

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Anchor Chiropractic & Wellness


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Mobile Chiropractic means that we come to you. We can come to your home, your work, or even your sorority. Thanks to unlzetaaoii for allowing us to get you adjusted!

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FAS CPA & Consultants


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Axis Marketers & Distributors™


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zerotobillions What's the point of going on a road without even knowing where it will lead you to? Before you start traveling on a road, decide where you want to go. Wandering around aimlessly isn't going to help. Because if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. Follow us amdcorporation Also follow our subsidiary zerotobillions Follow my partner luxequote_ And follow us on Facebook at Axis Marketers and Distributors corporations amdcorporation digitalhub selfawareness travels road

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Cabarete Carnaval


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greatitemsforsale from cabaretecarnaval! Starting the day with this coffeemug not only makes you feelgood about startingtheday, but it makes you feel good about supporting thechildren in our new comparsa (carnivalteam)! corporations can sponsor as well, and the whole world is happy 🙈🎭🎨🎪 contactus to buy merchandise or supportthechildren ❤️👏🎉💕

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Love this🙏🏽❤

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Hey Ninjas, have lunch on us while your taxes get done. Drop them off and go explore DT Santa Ana! 😃 ☎️714-473-8821 taxes dtsantaana friends businesswoman businessman entrepreneur startup taxseason dtsa santaana irvinecostamesa tustin orange anaheim corporations xero quickbooks taxextension taxsmart bookkeeper selfemployed freelancer taxrefund taxpreparer taxsmart

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Jordy Declerck


Comment from Jordy Declerck:

We are made to work, build to be corporated. You go to school 8 hours a day, just like you will work 8 hours a day. You get abused by the society you live in, people disrespecting others for their own good. Corporations controlling us, world leaders creating a diversity among the people. Same rights you say? Reallity says no. People trying to do good for others, but are actually digging their own graves. The world is such a disgrace right now.. the world changes, people change but not in a good way.. Respect others, it would do so much.. story world worldproblems society humans rights respect love hate reality school corporate corporations leaders worldleaders

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When is the right time to break from shackles of modern day slavery? By slavery I mean employment in a dead end job with no potential for growth and reward. In ancient times there was slaves and slave masters, don't be fooled into thinking that things have changed, we haven't really evolved much from that historical level of degradation of previous civilisations. Now we have major corporations and businesses as the new age slave masters, How? You ask, well let me explain: Can you turn up to work when and how ever you want? Can you wear what you want ? Can you walk away and take time off when you want ? Do you have to abide by strict times and behavioural codes ....? Can you just book a holiday when you want without prior permission or give yourself a pay rise ? Well this isn't much different from how slaves had it...yeah some customs have changed some use of language and law and jargon but it's all the same just re-packaged differently. True freedom comes from your own independence and not living day to day on a hand to mouth income. Question you need to ask yourself is am I worth what I'm doing and how much I'm paid for ? Is my value more than a 9-5 that just gets you by? Can I have a better standard of living not constrained by a company or boss.

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